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Weird DJ Gear: the underrated, the odd, and the ones that made history.

Editor’s Note – Over the years, we’ve seen a wide array of attempts to create DJ hardware intended to be the next “big thing”. There was, undoubtedly, much trial-and-error; many companies went for it, with a good idea in mind – and quite a few of them failed. But there are a handful that made an impact […]

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EPOS : créez des storyboards sous Unreal Engine

Par : Shadows

Après un premier aperçu plus tôt dans l’année, la société française Praxinos dévoile une nouvelle vidéo d’EPOS, son plugin Unreal Engine de gestion et création de storyboard.

L’idée sous-jacente : s’appuyer à la fois sur le dessin 2D et les capacités 3D d’Unreal afin d’accélérer et faciliter le processus de storyboarding.

L’équipe Praxinos propose aux artistes et entreprises intéressés de tester l’outil via une beta fermée : un formulaire est disponible sur la future page produit.

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GRIDSPACE is a multimedia entertainment studio specializing in the conception and production of creative environments.

From state-of-the-art temporary installations to permanent locations, physical and digital worlds collide through our signature scenography, motion graphics, set design, and technological innovation.

One of their main projects is Wavv – mood modulator:

Wavv is an integrated multimedia proprietary eco-system that uses light, video and sounds, that transforms space perception and enhances emotions. It can be integrated into various contexts and settings, from gym and yoga classes to public transit areas and corporations.

Their various backgrounds mean they’re not only experienced but inspired to explore original ways of implementing storytelling with technology to bring locations to life.



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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @stephanieledesma_⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Some...

⁣#repost @stephanieledesma_⁣
⁣Some of my projection designs from the world of Chavez Ravine!⁣
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