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Steve Gerges

Par : Marco Savo

Steve Gerges has developed an impressive portfolio of commercial projects with top-tier brands, delivering powerful audiovisual storytelling across multiple formats and media.

Nevertheless, we can only appreciate his true artistic self through his mesmerizing audiovisual projects, both conceptually profound and technically advanced.

Many audiovisual artists have to balance their design gigs with their artistic work. When companies hire an artist (rather than a mere designer) they gain an unique creative input empowering the whole marketing campaign. But the actual artistic expression is restricted by the brand identity.

When artists are free to work on the concept as they are on the technical implementation, they deliver a much more powerful and meaningful experience to the viewer.

Steve Gerges began to take an interest in Digital Art in 2000 when he created Visual-Delight, the first collective of VJ’s (visual-jockeys) in Luxembourg. This project allowed him to take his first steps in this innovative art form for that time.

Following a trip to Montreal to the Elektra Festival in 2012, he created his first interactive digital artwork entitled LAN 1.0 at the Carré Rotondes in 2014. Here a few projects we felt best showcased his main features as an audiovisual artist.


ONE is a generative art sculpture that develops in real time. The audiovisual totem grows and evolves while progressively revealing its organic essence to the viewer.

One tells us the story of the creation of the universe, from the big bang, to energy flows, creation of planets and humankind.

Steve Gerges


We love this amazing kinetic sculpture that exploits the use of machine programming. Light is the main course of this audiovisual feast. An ethereal force that contours the surrounding space in a beautiful ephemeral moment.


This is an immersive and impressive projection mapping representing the creation of the universe, a recurring them in Steve Gerges work. The audiovisual storytelling features abstract patterns slowly turning into figurative elements.

The viewers is invited to reflect upon the strive of mankind to understand and explore the unattainable complexity of the universe.

There is so much more to explore about Steve Gerges. We strongly invite you to dive deeper into his audiovisual world.



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INFINITE SPACE – Miami Artech House: 13 June – 6 September 2020

Par : Marco Savo

We have put feelers out fetching information about audiovisual events happening in physical spaces, to understand how venues and organisers are coping with the social distancing guidelines.

A lot has been happening virtually since the Covid 19 outbreak but very few actual events have taken place with plenty of cancellations, endangering the already fragile audiovisual culture ecosystem.

Well, Miami Artech House is kicking off with a bang, showcasing the art exhibition of one of the most recognized audiovisual artists worldwide: Refik Anadol.

Refik Anadol immersive installations allow us to leap into an universe of data, featuring a matrix that swallows everything around until there is nothing left outside of it.

His overwhelming data sculptures foresee a post-digital architectural future in which there are no more non-digital realities. A world where man and machine are embedded within each other.

Infinite Space is the first major retrospective of the work of award-winning, Los-Angeles-based, Turkish-born artist Refik Anadol. The immersive data installation invites visitors to open their senses to the endless transformation and infinite possibilities at the intersection of man and machine.

Refik Anadol - Audiovisual Artist

One of the greatest eighteenth-century English artists William Blake famously said, “if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.”  Infinite Space is a collection of works that revisits Blake’s statement and seeks to cleanse the doors of perception with the tools available to twenty-first-century artists.

The exhibition explores memories and dreams through the mind of a machine by using data sets ranging from human memories, photographs of Mars, cultural archives and sea surface activity as data sculptures and digital paintings.

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Inspiration : Minitel, colibris, océans et jeux de lumière

Par : Shadows

La rubrique inspiration est de retour, avec son lot de trouvailles pas forcément liées à la 3D mais qui pourront vous donner quelques idées.

  • le duo Ausstellung, qui mêle musique électronique et arts visuels, nous présente son nouveau clip : La fille du minitel, réalisé par Antoine Vienne.
    Composé de deux infographistes de formation (issus de Supinfocom), le duo nous donne quelques détails sur ce projet :

Ce morceau est un ode aux liaisons épistolaires à l’ère du numérique. Plusieurs références nous ont particulièrement marquées pour ce projet : Elli et Jacno, Mylène Farmer et Isabelle Adjani pour ne citer qu’eux. Profondément rétro-futuriste, nous restons fascinés par l’objet minitel ainsi que sa symbolique, à sa forme géométrique simple soulignant notre intérêt pour le courant artistique du Bauhaus. Nous considérons ce morceau comme un hymne aux nouvelles technologies d’hier, à l’high-tech antique, aux piles de VHS entassées dans le grenier.

  • Le photographe Steve Benjamin est un habitué de la photo animalière, mais ses sujets sont généralement sous-marins. En raisons des contraintes liées au confinement en Afrique du Sud, il ne pouvait plus exercer son activité classique et a décidé de jeter son dévolu sur d’autres animaux : des colibris.
    Avec un peu d’imagination, du bricolage et de la pratique, il a pu obtenir une magnifique série de clichés visibles sur son site ; vous en trouverez un aperçu ci-dessous, ainsi qu’une vidéo des coulisses. Comme il l’explique, un des défis a été de progressivement habituer les oiseaux à une lumière continue, le flash les faisant fuir.
  • Le Schmidt Ocean Institute nous présente de très belles vues sous-marines capturées près de la côte Ouest de l’Australie. Au menu, de surprenantes créatures dont l’anatomie parfois improbable pourra vous inviter, pour vos prochains concepts de créatures extraterrestres ou venues du fond des âges, à sortir des sentiers battus.
  • Le sculpteur Felipe Pantone dévoile sa nouvelle sculpture, composée de trois panneaux translucides pouvant être manipulés, créant ainsi des motifs hypnotiques…

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⁣PRISM - Macao Light Festival 2019⁣
⁣Full video: link in our web site⁣
⁣Not so many countries have so dramatic a history as Macao has had. Though tossed about in churns of historical currents of interventions from other countries, the people have waded through the currents with their flexibility and steeled conviction. This conviction materialized, in December in 2019, in the form of her celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region.⁣
⁣To show our respect for the turning point of the 20th celebration, we created a projection mapping artwork to project to her landmark building, The St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church. This seminary was established by the Jesuits and became the hub of their mission activities in Asia. Its baroque architecture is adorned with the complex structure generating its beauty and diversity, which can tell us in turn a lot about the winding road of her history and culture. In this artwork, we used 20 LED poles and laser beams. Seeing the strength of the harmony emanating from the seemingly chaotic structure of the building, we introduced some uncontrolled random insertions into our artwork on purpose so that these unpredictable insertions will give rise to the chaotic periods of her history and then again be harmonized in due time, and lastly be solidified as one in the picture of the present day of Macao. Our hope and endeavor in this tiny challenge of our artwork may give a little help that Macao will grow in strength and prosperity from now on as well⁣
⁣Many thanks to @althealao for the invitation and the incredible venue, to @nebastudio for their support, and to the best partners in crime @yoshiiketoshiki , @cryo9 (software development ), @makotoshozu (music) , @mplusplus_official (LED equipments)and SOLUMEDIAGE inc (laser equipment )⁣
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⁣#indecision #light #laser #landscape #lost #art #stream #nature #sculpture

Why Would You Want to Picture It – On being a vector inside a neural network

Why Would You Want to Picture It – On being a vector inside a neural network
Created by Philipp Schmitt, "Why Would You Want to Picture It" is a sculpture and sound installation engaging with opacity of ‘black box’ machine learning algorithms.

Planet Triage Leverages Projection Mapping to Raise Awareness of Climate Change

Par : lumenadmin

Planet Triage Planet Triage is an immersive, projection mapping installation created by Cody Healey-Conelly at the Wageningen University artist in residency program in conjunction with its 100th year anniversary celebration. Using computer-generated imagery, projection, and sculpture, Planet Triage creates a space for dialogue between artists and scientists with the hope of inspiring new ideas and ways to […]

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iOTA _ Live Data Sculpture Installation

Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (
Sound Design: Audiofil

In mathematics, the inclusion map of one space into another is denoted by the lowercase iota. Light is the single element which can be perceived by the eye. Iota is a led installation inspired by light physics and a research to find the origin of geometry. Corresponding to the focus of the observer, the nature of light and its different phenomena can be seen beyond the perceptivity of the human mind and attempts to translate them into a unified, non-spatial form.

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