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Cinegy announces TURBOCUT – Making Editing with Adobe Premiere Faster than Ever

Munich, Germany, 28 May 2020 – Cinegy today announced TURBOCUT, a new Adobe CC plug-in which significantly accelerates the editing of H.264/HEVC by utilising the NVIDIA GPU’s hardware decoder. This announcement coincides with Adobe releasing version 14.2 of Adobe Premiere with several new features added, but still missing NVIDIA hardware accelerated editing and using the NVIDIA ...

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9 FREE After Effects Templates

These free After Effects templates include over 100 free elements and options for you to use in any project. Combine these projects for even more options!

Proxy Textures : travaillez plus efficacement sous 3ds Max

Par : Shadows

Spline Dynamics présente Proxy Textures, un plugin 3ds Max qui vous permettra de créer automatiquement une version basse résolution de vos textures. De quoi améliorer les performances du viewport avec des scènes lourdes et abaisser la consommation mémoire.

L’outil sert aussi lors du rendu : s’il est évidemment possible de le paramétrer pour utiliser les versions pleine résolution, Proxy Texture peut, si besoin, être utilisé pour faire un rendu avec une version réduite des textures utilisées très loin de la caméra. Enfin, abaisser la définition de toutes les textures peut être utile pour vos rendus de test.

Proxy Textures est payant, avec une version d’essai disponible mais limitée à 10 jours.

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Sonarworks Reference 4: Can A Plugin Improve Your Mixdowns?

As a music producer, there are few parts of your process more crucial than your mixdown phase. No matter what genre you’re in, properly balancing each element in your original productions can mean the difference between a club killing track and a dancefloor flop. We were highly intrigued to hear about a plugin that claims […]

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Review: ERA’s Simple-to-Use Audio Repair Plug-ins

Audio repair tools are always in demand. The ERA 4 Bundle audio repair plug-ins claim to be simple and fast. So, let's put them to the test.

Resolume 6 Preset – 3D Text Clips

Par : docoptic

Resolume 6 Custom 3D Text Clips |

11 animated, custom 3D text clips for Resolume 6 created by the DocOptic team. These Resolume text presets were made using a technique to fake 3D depth with the Linear Cloner effect. Since these were made with Resolume built-in sources, they are fully customizable and editable. This composition is compatible with Resolume Arena and Avenue version 6.1.3 and above. To learn how to create 3D text in Resolume, see our tutorial: Resolume 6 Tutorial: Animate 3D Text.

↓ Download DocOptic 3D Text Clips Composition for Resolume Arena & Avenue 6

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Resolume Vj Software team support !

Par : bazik

Just some words to say thanks to Resolume team that support and promote Bazik 🙂

Bazik was create as a visual plugin for this type of vj software, and it’s really cool to have some feedback and support.

“We just had an excellent time playing around with Bazik. All of the fun of generative visuals, with a simple interface that was designed with performance in mind. Well worth your time !” Resolume team