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DPA USA Welcomes Matt Frazier as Northwest Area Sales Manager

Par D Pagan Communications

LONGMONT, CO, OCTOBER 17, 2019 – DPA Microphones welcomes Matt Frazier as Northwest Area Sales Manager. Reporting to Christopher Spahr, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DPA USA, Frazier, whom has nearly 15 years of experience in product sales and support, is responsible for sales throughout the northwest region of the United States. “We’re ...

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5 Tips to Maximize the iPhone 11’s Filmmaking Capabilities

Par Jourdan Aldredge

The iPhone 11 looks to be a game changer for smartphone videography. Here’s how to truly unleash its filmmaking potential.

Audio Test Kitchen Creates Virtual Mic Comparison Showroom

Par D Pagan Communications

LOS ANGELES, OCTOBER 10, 2019 – Launched by co-founders Alex Oana and Ian Hlatky, Audio Test Kitchen is the world’s first online, unbiased, virtual microphone showroom. In order to provide the most comprehensive sound collection of all large condenser microphones available on the market today, Oana and Hlatky sought a microphone source that could help ...

The post Audio Test Kitchen Creates Virtual Mic Comparison Showroom appeared first on NAB Show News by Broadcast Beat, Official Broadcaster of NAB Show - NAB Show LIVE.

Charger un iPhone en FireWire avec un adaptateur

Par Pierre Dandumont

C’est un sujet que j’ai déjà évoqué : lors des évolutions du connecteur 30 broches (dock), Apple a fait une modification un peu énervante : la charge en FireWire a été supprimée. Mais une solution existe.

Les premiers iPod avec ce connecteur (la 3e génération) ne proposaient que la charge en FireWire, pas en USB 2.0, avec une synchronisation dans les deux modes. Les modèles suivants (la 4e génération et les premiers iPod mini) acceptaient la charge et la synchronisation dans les deux technologies. A partir de la 5e génération d’iPod (et jusque’à la fin), seule la charge était possible en FireWire, pas la synchronisation. Les premiers appareils iOS (le premier iPhone, le premier iPod touch), le fonctionnement est le même : la charge en FireWire est possible. Mais à partir de l’iPhone 3G, de l’iPod touch 2G et de l’iPod nano 4G, le FireWire ne fonctionne plus. J’avais détaillé ça il y a longtemps.

Sur un chargeur FireWire

Ca ne charge pas

Les accessoires uniquement FireWire

Cette absence de charge pose un problème, notamment si vous avez de vieux chargeurs. D’abord parce que le FireWire est plus rapide (la tension est plus élevée, 12 V). Ensuite parce que c’est un peu dommage de devoir racheter des chargeurs. Et il y avait évidemment le problème des stations d’accueil : pas mal de modèles chargaient en FireWire. C’était courant chez Bose, mais l’iPod Hi-Fi d’Apple était dans le même cas.

Mais une société a proposé une solution : Scosche. Elle proposait des adaptateurs de charge (ils sont Made for iPod, donc validé par Apple) capable de réguler la tension, pour passer des 12 V du FireWire au 5 V de l’USB. Le premier est un modèle portable pour les chargeurs FireWire (assez compact), le second, que je me suis procuré, se fixe sur les stations d’accueils. D’un côté, il possède une coque adaptée aux docks universels et une prise femelle, de l’autre un emplacement pour un dock universel mâle (il en existe 20, en fonction de l’iPod utilisé). La marque fournit aussi un adaptateur pour les stations d’accueil Bose, qui possédaient une forme un peu différente.


Avec un adaptateur dock #19

L’iPhone en charge

Est-ce que ça marche ? Oui. Et même si ce n’est pas très esthétique, ça passe assez bien avec un câble classique et un chargeur FireWire. C’est un bon complément à un iPod Hi-Fi, du coup, même si ça surélève encore un peu plus l’appareil.

En charge

Avec l’adaptateur

DPA Microphones’ 2028 Vocal Mic Makes U.S. Debut at AES

Par D Pagan Communications

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 1, 2019 – DPA Microphones will debut its new 2028 Vocal Microphone, which aims to change the live performance landscape with its renowned natural sound, road-ready design and competitive price point, to the U.S. pro audio market at AES 2019 (Booth 633). The company will also highlight its new 4097 CORE Supercardioid ...

Sound Insight with José Frías

Par D Pagan Communications

With a career that spans back to his days in recording more than a decade ago, Production Sound Mixer José Frías has long-held a love for the audio industry. Although he got his start in music, he’s held many different audio production roles, which has led to his working on projects for high-profile clients, such ...

Comparatif stabilisateurs smartphones : lequel choisir ?

Par Mélodie

Notre comparatif des meilleurs stabilisateurs du marché

Vous êtes à la recherche d’un stabilisateur pour votre smartphone ? Découvrez les modèles phares du moment et suivez nos recommandations pour choisir celui qui conviendra parfaitement à votre besoin. Vous avez découvert notre test du DJI Osmo Mobile 3 récemment sur le blog. Nous avions d’ailleurs parlé de ses deux concurrents directs : le […]

Audio Veteran Relies on DPA for Live Sound and Recording Applications

Par D Pagan Communications

ORINDA, CA, AUGUST 28, 2019 – As the co-founder of Diablo Digital, which provides turnkey live recording systems and services for concert, touring, festival, installation and broadcast applications, Brad Madix has accumulated an impressive resume. He has worked alongside artists such as U2, Shania Twain, Shakira, Van Halen, Rush, Alanis Morissette, Jessica Simpson, Linkin Park, ...

New DPA 2028 Vocal Mic Aims to Change the Live Performance Landscape

Par D Pagan Communications

ALLEROD, DENMARK, AUGUST 22, 2019 – DPA Microphones presents a new addition to its microphone lineup, the 2028 Vocal Microphone. The 2028 delivers DPA’s renowned natural sound, which allows all types of vocals to shine. Perfect for everyone from indie artists to international touring singers, the 2028 mic is ideally suited for live stage performances, ...

Friendly Neighborhood Superhero Gets Perfect Mic Solution for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Par D Pagan Communications

LOS ANGELES, AUGUST 12, 2019 – Award-winning and Emmy-nominated (OZARK Season 2), veteran Sound Mixer Felipe “Flip” Borrero, CAS, has experienced many audio challenges in his 40-plus-year career working on countless movies and television shows. But, there’s always a first for everything. The sound mixer was recently tasked with finding the right mic solution for ...

From Tiny Lavaliers To Award Winning Headsets – DPA Microphones Has Something To Suit Everyone At IBC 2019

Par whitenoise

Hot on the heels of its recent Red Dot Design Awards success, DPA Microphones will be showcasing its incredible 6000 series of Subminiature Microphones at this year’s IBC exhibition in Amsterdam (Booth 8.D70). Since its launch in 2018, DPA’s 6000 series has continued to astonish end users and reviewers because it is so small and ...

From Tiny Lavaliers to Award-Winning Headsets – DPA Microphones has Something to Suit Everyone at IBC 2019

Par D Pagan Communications

ALLEROED, DENMARK, AUGUST 1, 2019 – Hot on the heels of its recent Red Dot Design Awards success, DPA Microphones will be showcasing its incredible 6000 series of Subminiature Microphones at this year’s IBC exhibition in Amsterdam (Stand 8.D70). Since its launch in 2018, DPA’s 6000 series has continued to astonish end users and reviewers ...

The Art of Making the Useful Beautiful Brings Honor to DPA Microphones

Par D Pagan Communications

ALLEROED, DENMARK, JULY 11, 2019 – The world’s best designers gathered at the Aalto-Theatre in Essen, Germany on the night of Monday, July 8, for the official presentation of the 2019 Red Dot Awards. Among them were DPA Microphones’ Project Lead Rune Møller and R&D Manager Ole Moesmann, who received this prestigious award on behalf ...

Dane Cody Chooses DPA Microphones To Capture Crystal Clear Dialogue

Par whitenoise

DPA’s microphones are proving invaluable for Production Sound Mixer Dane Cody who has been using the company’s latest technology on his last two productions. Australian-based Dane Cody used DPA’s new 6000 Series Subminiature Microphones to capture location dialogue for the second season of Harrow, a popular television drama series produced by Hoodlum Entertainment for ABC ...

Netflix Film Paddleton Takes a Unique Approach to Sound

Par D Pagan Communications

LOS ANGELES, JUNE 26, 2019 – With a unique improvisational acting style at the heart of the Netflix original film, Paddleton, capturing audio was of paramount concern for Sound Supervisor Daniel S. McCoy CAS, owner and operator of ToneMesa, Inc. Taking into consideration that renowned comedian Ray Romano is in the starring role, McCoy seized ...

Luma Touch Launches Highly-Anticipated Upgrade

Par Kevin Bourke

LumaFusion Now Supports 12 Tracks of Video/Audio, External Monitor Support, Markers, and More   Delivers the Most Powerful, Professional, Definitive Video Editing App for iOS on the Market   Sandy, UT (June 17, 2019) – Luma Touch ( today announced the immediate availability of a dramatically enhanced new version of its signature video editing application ...

Microvision announced its financial results for Q3 2017

Par pico

Microvision new logoMicrovision announced its financial and operating results for Q3 2017. Revenues were $6.1 million (and up from $4 million in Q3 2016), whih is Microvision's highest ever. Operating loss was $5.2 million (up from $4.1 million in Q3 2016) and the net loss was $5.2 million as well.

Cash used in operatings during the quarter was $5.7 million (up from $3.8 million in Q3 2016). As of September 30, 2017 backlog was $15.8 million and cash and cash equivalents were $25.3 million. Given time to market adjustment of the interactive display engine, Microvision anticipates to be at the lower end of its revenue guidance of $30 million to $60 million by January 2019.

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Control Bazik with Touch OSC

Par bazik

What is TouchOSC ?

TouchOSC is a mobile app for iOS and Android. You can use it to control compatible softwares via your iPad or your iPhone. Your device become a cool remote for your desktop app.

What can I do with ?

As Bazik supports OSC, it allows you to control Bazik without being in front of your computer. In this tutorial, I’m using an iPhone, but it’s working with an iPad.

Select a color bank, modify parameters, shift, switch, break and play with preset pads. Get a complete control of effects part and active or unactive automation.


How to setup TouchOSC ?

It seems tedious, but it’s worth it !

1. First, be sure your computer and your iPhone are on the same Wifi network. If you don’t have one around you, create it from your computer.


2. Please install the TouchOSC app on your device.

3 .Download the special layout below.

bazik_osc_iphone 01

4. Copy this layout on your iPhone with iTunes. Get help on TouchOSC website.


5. Launch TouchOSC, then choose this layout.


6. Go to Connections / OSC and edit the Host adress.


Your Host adress must be your computer adress on the network. To find it, go to your Network preferences and check your IP address. Be sure it’s your IP address in the same network than your device (wireless).


7. Now launch Bazik, and open the Options panel.


8. Copy the TouchOSC’s “Local IP address”…


… and write it into Bazik’s OSC first big field.


Now insert Ports Outgoing and Incoming (generally 5000 & 5001) in the small fields.


9. Click “setup OSC” and go to the Controls panel. Try to change a parameter in Bazik or in TouchOSC : Now you can control Bazik with your Iphone !

Maybe Bazik is going to prevent you about incoming connexions. Please Allow that, so TouchOSC can send data to Bazik.

Why I can not make it work ?

You don’t have to be a expert, but run TouchOSC requires time and patience. Follow the steps quietly and you will succeed.

When I change something directly in Bazik, the remote is not update, why ?

OSC remote work in both directions. If you change a Fx value directly in Bazik, the remote must be update in realtime. If not, it’s probably a error with the remote adress in Bazik (check step 8).

Can I use TouchOSC in a place without WIFI access ?

Yes, you simply have to create a local network from your Mac and connect your device directly on it.

I have enter each address several times but it does not work, wtf ?

First, be sure your computer and your device are on the same network. And be sure you use the good IP address from your computer in this network.
With TouchOSC, sometimes, the Local IP address need time to be update if you just change your network preferences. Try to relaunch the app and check if the address has changed.
If you have a doubt with your Bazik configuration, try to use TouchOSC with another software and come back when it’s work, so you can understand what is the problem and solve it.

You can find more help on the TouchOSC website.