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Trois vidéos de gameplay pour Half-Life: Alyx, la VR selon Valve

Par Shadows

La licence Half-Life est enfin de retour, avec une nouveauté : le prochain opus sera uniquement proposé en réalité virtuelle.

Compatible avec tous les casques SteamVR (à commencer par le propre casque de Valve, le Valve Index), le jeu proposera plusieurs modes de déplacement. Quel les personnes facilement malades en VR se rassurent, la téléportation entre points statiques fait partie des options retenues. Un déplacement plus naturel est aussi prévu, et il devrait être possible de basculer d’un mode à l’autre.

Côté scénario, le jeu se situera entre Half-Life 1 et 2 et vous proposera d’incarner Alyx Vance. Il vous faudra combattre une menace extraterrestre, le Cartel.
Trois vidéos donnent une idée du gameplay. Interactions avec l’environnement, énigmes, combats seront au rendez-vous.

Sortie prévue le 23 mars sur Steam.

L’article Trois vidéos de gameplay pour Half-Life: Alyx, la VR selon Valve est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Getting Hired for a Video Production Company Job

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Find your dream job. Let’s take a step-by-step journey through the entire process of getting hired by a video production company.

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Here’s...

⁣Here’s #Embody - our show with the performer @kaartiklive - mixing holograms with projection mapping on the body⁣.⁣
⁣Music by @grankowsky ⁣#deltaprocessvisuals #deltapods #vjlife #millumin #madmapper3

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @spunkyddog⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣You’re...

⁣#repost @spunkyddog⁣
⁣You’re looking at a screen setup where I’m outputting seven 4K screens. That’s 26K x 2K. From a laptop and eGPU. Could do more, but need another eGPU. 😁 #vivacreative #agencylife

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @rvnsabharwal⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Work zone...

⁣#repost @rvnsabharwal⁣
⁣Work zone for today at @ramojifilmcity ⁣
⁣Saaho Pre Release Show starring @actorprabhas ⁣
⁣Event by Shreyas Media⁣
⁣#led #stagedesign #12000sft #ledmapping #millumin #server #vjlife #resolume #workmode #ultramusic

Des HE40/UX180 au Kenya, en plein nature

Par Webmaster Panasonic

Pour la première fois, des caméras PTZ Panasonic ont été utilisées pour filmer la migration des animaux au Kenya. “Wildearth” production et “LiveSafari” TV ont en effet utilisé des HE40H et des UX180 pour la production. Les avantages, côté PTZ:
– La robustesse
– La longueur de focale énorme
– La possibilité d’alimenter les caméras et de les contrôler via un seul câble.
– La qualité d’image.
On vous laisse découvrir le témoignage:

Côté UX180:
– La qualité en 4K
– Le grand angle
– La robustesse
– Et la longueur de focale
ont été déterminants dans le choix du matériel:

Pour en savoir plus sur les HE40, c’est ici. Et pour les UX180, c’est par là.

Back to the project

Par bazik

After one year far of the project, it’s time to work again on this fantastic software.

After one year far from the project, it is with pleasure that I am going to rededicate time to this great software. Thanks to all those who help me, thanks to them returns and thanks to every happy users of Bazik.

I try hard to answer all the questions and to propose the best possible experience.

It is time to work on improvements to Bazik, and work will start soon.

Get in touch !

Project showcase & demo @ LPM – Rome

Par bazik

Project showcase & demo performance @ LPM Live Performers Meeting – Rome

Thanks to the LPM team for this event and all people in the place 🙂 And thanks to my friend Vincent for the pictures and the walk.



_A1A0206_A1A0223  _A1A0230_A1A0236  _A1A0226


Version 1.10 for Mac & PC

Par bazik

Users can not imagine how Bazik has evolved with this new version. A totally new architecture to be fully cross-compatible.

Yes, now it’s done, Bazik is running on Windows. And the new version 1.10 is available for Mac & Pc, direct to the homepage. No demo version, with this version you can activate directly after buy by enter the license key. Copy & Paste key has been added to be more friendly.

Windows addict can enjoy Spout integration, as Syphon for OSX. You can hide the render window if you share it with an other app (hit “h” key). And everyone can now use the Warp output option, an integrate 4 points warp engine for help you quickly set-up in any case.

bazik windows compatible

Bazik Live 1.10 is available now and includes a number of bug fixes. It is recommended that all Bazik users upgrade to this version. Use the direct link on the homepage to download the last current version.

Bazik Live can be purchased online for 99€.

Bazik Demo // Steeven B – Theorie

Par bazik

Theorie is a techno party mixed by Steeven B at Studio Saglio / Strasbourg / France.
Bazik is running all night long stand alone and generate visual in real time, projected on a semi transparent screen for a really fun hologram effect.

PC / Windows version beta

Par bazik
After several weeks of work, you can finally test the first PC version of Bazik.

We also need some VJ Software to have some visuals at our performances so here goes the Bazik software for PC. I have nothing against Windows, but I assure you adapt a Windows application is not the easiest thing in the world. There is more work to do, but the essential is there : an app for easily visualize his music during a show, a concert or dj set, Windows compatible.

Spout and GLSL preset are coming soon.

Download and feedback, please use the forum board.

Resolume Vj Software team support !

Par bazik

Just some words to say thanks to Resolume team that support and promote Bazik 🙂

Bazik was create as a visual plugin for this type of vj software, and it’s really cool to have some feedback and support.

“We just had an excellent time playing around with Bazik. All of the fun of generative visuals, with a simple interface that was designed with performance in mind. Well worth your time !” Resolume team