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Dejero Supports World’s First Human Hologram over 5G at Romanian Rock Concert

Par Caroline Shawley

    Musion 3D, Dejero, and Hawthorn join forces to deliver a successful and spectacular 5G live experience for Vodafone Romania   Waterloo, Ontario, June 4, 2019 — Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide Emmy® video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, assisted Musion 3D, a leader in ultra-realistic, ...

First-Time Filmmakers: Finding No-Budget Locations for Your Production

Par Lewis McGregor

Your location can make or break your film project. Here's how to find the perfect spot to shoot when you don't have a budget.

Production Tips: What You Should Bring Your First Day on Set

Par Caleb Stephens

You know the lingo, you landed a gig, and you're ready to work. So what do you need to bring with you for your first of film ...

Production Tips: What to Expect on Your First Film or Video Set

Par Caleb Stephens

There are many unspoken rules and best practices for working on a film or video set. Here's what you need to know your first time out.