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American Society of Cinematographers Presents Student Awards

Par Ignite Strategic Communications

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) announced this year’s Student Heritage Award winners at an event at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood on October 12. Three student filmmakers were chosen from 12 nominees for demonstrating exceptional cinematography skills in their submitted work. The 2019 winners are: Richard H. Kline Student Heritage Award – Graduate Category: ...

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Lieux Ordinaires (Ordinary Places) – Surveillance as a storytelling medium

Par Filip Visnjic
Lieux Ordinaires (Ordinary Places) – Surveillance as a storytelling medium
Created by Anouk Zibault at ECAL, 'Lieux Ordinaires' (Ordinary Places) is a project that explores new narratives of public space framed by surveillance – an alternative perspective and a medium with a power to 'document'.

Exploring the Emotion and Beauty Behind Uplighting

Par Rubidium Wu

Uplighting is a great tool in any DP or gaffer's tool kit. Let’s look at the main ways uplighting gets used (and misused) in cinematography.

Interview: Composer Brian H. Kim Talks BH90210 and More

Par Paula Goldberg

Premium Beat sat down with Brian H. Kim of BH90210, Hello, My Name is Doris, and G.B.F. to gain a unique perspective on working in these transverse ...

Exciting New Prospects for Lighting Your Future Set

Par Rubidium Wu

In the wake of the multiple announcements at this year's IBC, let's look at some of the newest and craziest lights about to hit the market.

Top Alternatives to Premiere Pro in 2019 — Free and Paid

Par Robbie Janney

Hesitant to throw down $50 a month to pay for an Adobe membership? Here are all the NLE alternatives that you have available to you — both ...

Industry Insights: Production Designer Malchus Janocko

Par Paula Goldberg

PremiumBeat talked with this versatile designer about the process and people involved in creating the look and feel of very different properties.

Do Creative Agencies Need a Creative Director of Video?

Par Tanner Shinnick

Find the digital frontier's new direction with three ways a creative agency can benefit from having a Creative Director of Video.

Tips for Getting the Smoothest Handheld Footage

Par Rubidium Wu

Today we check out a few tools and methods you can use to capture the smoothest handheld footage possible for your next project.

A Cheap Trick for Lighting a Daylight Interior Car Scene

Par Lewis McGregor

Here are a few techniques to master the subtleties of lighting a car interior in daylight — without breaking your budget.

Key Concepts for Incorporating Game Theory into Filmmaking

Par Rubidium Wu

In this roundup, check out some useful strategies from the world of game theory that apply to the decisions many filmmakers face.

2019 NAB Show New York Profile: Kelley Slagle

Par Doug Krentzlin

Kelley Slagle (source: Roy Cox Photography) 2019 NAB Show New York Profiles are a series of interviews with prominent professionals in the broadcasting industry who will be participating in this year’s NAB Show New York (Oct. 16-17). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kelley Slagle is a video producer and editor of training, industrial, and documentary content for corporate and ...

Three Quick Tips for Filming in the Midday Sun Without Diffusion Tools

Par Lewis McGregor

Here's some advice on how to use natural light when shooting various exterior (and interior) scenes either low- or no-budget.

The Many Different Ways to Use the Crop Effect in Premiere Pro

Par Logan Baker

Here are six ways the crop effect in Adobe Premiere Pro will improve your filmmaking workflow — and yield more satisfying results.

7 Ways to Stay Safe and Avoid Injuries on Video Projects

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Here are seven tips to keep in mind while on set to avoid injury — or developing unsafe and unsustainable filmmaking habits.

2019 NAB Show New York Profile: Amy DeLouise

Par Doug Krentzlin

Amy DeLouise (source: Joseph DiBlasi) 2019 NAB Show New York Profiles are a series of interviews with prominent professionals in the broadcasting industry who will be participating in this year’s NAB Show New York (Oct. 16-17). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Amy DeLouise is a highly respected and in-demand speaker, author, story teller, and creative director. I recently had ...

Post-Production Tips: How to Create a Split-Field Diopter Effect

Par Rubidium Wu

Using a split-field diopter used to be much more common, but it's still an effective tool. What is it, and how can you create the effect yourself?

Merlot : un petit chaperon rouge animé et alcoolisé

Par Shadows

Giulia Martinelli et Marta Gennari dévoilent Merlot, un court-métrage réalisé en 2016 dans le cadre de leurs études à la CSC National Film School située à Turin, en Italie.

Dans une forêt de conte de fées, une grand-mère perd une bouteille de vin. Un détail anodin qui déclenchera une série d’évènements…

Le court vaut notamment pour son usage atypique des cadrages, avec lesquels jouent les personnages.

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Top Equipment Investments for Working Filmmakers

Par Zach Ramelan

When it comes to working as a filmmaker for a living, what are the best gear investments to make money rather than lose it? Here are a ...

5 Steps to Finding (and Closing) Video Production Jobs

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Let’s take a look at the five steps to help you find — and more importantly close — jobs and clients for consistent work you can count ...

How to Develop and Shoot Memorable Character Introductions

Par Rubidium Wu

Filmmakers use various ways to introduce their heroes (and their villains) by shaping the audience's subconscious judgment.

Learn Francis Ford Coppola’s Signature Dolly Move

Par Rubidium Wu

Let's take a look at the dolly Francis Ford Coppola developed for some of his most revered films — and how it affected the overall aesthetic.

The Video Camera Trends Currently Re-Shaping the Industry

Par Jourdan Aldredge

A look into how digital cameras are continuing to change the landscape of the film and video industry, both nowt and into the near future.

How to Shoot a Training Montage for a Sports Film

Par Rubidium Wu

Training montages are central to every sports film. In this video tutorial, we find out what goes into shooting a great one.

Director Nora Mandray on Using History to Understand the Present

Par Lyndsay Knecht

We spoke with director Nora Mandray about contextualizing history and keeping a complex political timeline vibrant and legible in short form.

L’éditeur Boris FX annonce deux nouveaux rachats

Par Shadows

L’éditeur Boris FX (Mocha Pro, Sapphire, Continuum…) poursuit sa politique d’expansion. Après Imagineer Systems en 2014 puis GenArts en 2016, l’entreprise annonce désormais le rachat de SilhouetteFX et Digital Film Tools.

Silhouette est une solution de rotoscopie/paint largement employée. L’outil a notamment été utilisé sur Avatar, Le Hobbit, Wonder Woman, Avengers: Endgame.

Les produits Digital Film Tools, de leur côté, sont constitués à la fois de produits standalone et de plugins. Ils ciblent la création photo, vidéo, le montage et la colorimétrie avec par exemple des effets optiques, ou la simulation d’objectifs ou de films argentiques.
Les plugins supportent Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro ; Apple Final Cut Pro X et Motion ; Avid Media Composer ; et enfin les produits compatibles OFX comme Nuke et DaVinci Resolve.

Boris Yamnitsky, président et fondateur de Boris FX, explique dans l’annonce que Silhouette complémente Mocha et ses fonctions de tracking/suppression d’objets. Les produits Digital Film Tools, ajoute-t-il, on une clientèle fidèle derrière eux.

Marco Paolini, Paul Miller et Peter Moyer, les fondateurs de Silhouette, conservent leurs postes et continueront donc à travailler sur Silhouette et d’autres produits. Les produits Silhouette et Digital Film Tools seront désormais vendus sous la marque Boris FX avec mises à jour annuelles, support annuel et possibilités de souscription.

Notez enfin, si vous comptez vous rendre à l’IBC (du 13 au 17 septembre à Amsterdam), que Boris FX y présentera un aperçu de Silhouette 2020, prévu pour le mois d’octobre prochain.

L’article L’éditeur Boris FX annonce deux nouveaux rachats est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Essential Advice on Producing Your Own Short Film

Par John Francis McCullagh

The producer plays an important role in the filmmaking process. In this article, we'll take a look at the benefits of a dedicated producer.

American Society of Cinematographers Selects 2019 Student Heritage Award Nominees

Par Ignite Strategic Communications

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) has chosen 12 nominees in three categories of the 2019 Student Heritage Awards. Recognizing exceptional work by cinematography students, the organization designed the ASC Student Heritage Awards to encourage and support a new generation of visual artists. Winners will be announced on October 12. The ASC Student Heritage Awards ...

Is Autofocus Finally Ready to Take The Filmmaking Field?

Par Rubidium Wu

Autofocus has long been a part of documentary filmmaking, at every budget level, since they often lack the budget for a dedicated focus puller.

Miller Launches CiNX, New Line of Cinema Fluid Heads, at IBC

Par D Pagan Communications

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 — At IBC 2019, Miller Tripods Ltd., a leader in the production of innovative camera support solutions, will introduce its new line of CiNX Fluid Heads. Available in three variations (CiNX 3, CiNX 5 and CiNX 7), the lightweight and durable fluid heads are packed with features designed to meet all ...