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#repost @dawprohackintosh⠀
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Abbiamo scoperto cose che...

#repost @dawprohackintosh⠀
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Abbiamo scoperto cose che nemmeno la stessa AMD dichiarava fosse possibile!

1 Scheda AMD Radeon WX 9100: 4 monitor 4k @ 60Hz + 1 full HD @ 60Hz

Per un totale di 16 out 1080p @ 60Hz

Da DUBAI è tutto, a voi la linea!


La Workstation utilizzata (1 sola GPU) è la seguente:

#extreme #videomapping #DUBAI #AMD #RadeonPro #Intel #i9 #millumin #hackintosh

Pros and Cons of Working as a VJ in Dubai

Par lumenadmin

Pradeep Mohan came from Chennai, India to become one of the moving forces of commercial VJing in Dubai. Working in the big event management company, this guy knows how things work inside out. Keep reading to learn from his experience! Lumen: You’re a video engineer and it sounds extremely cool but could you please describe […]

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