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An interactive visual experiment for the track ‘Deserve’ by Bruzed. Live input mode allows the user to play any audio with limited visuals.
Download the OSX application:
Made with OpenFrameworks and Blender

Cast: Nick Hardeman and Bruce Drummond

Tags: OpenFrameworks, Audio Visualizer, Music Video and Blender


We study the way to maximize the impact of three-dimensional space using laser beam and projection.

In the past, it was hard to project complicated forms with laser due to the limit of scanning speed. So it became one of our challenges. 

In this research, we synchronized multiple lasers to project one image, and something amazing happened. Not only the projection is much clear and sharp, but also it created spectacular slight. When the laser beam and video projection sync perfectly on the surface, it almost looks like a three-dimensional hologram in the viewer’s perspective.

For the mapping, We used two of 10,000 ANSI projectors and eight laser projectors on the painted wall. Also, the video is originally documented in the studio place without any computer graphics. The automobile in the video is designed only for the research.

Cast: Binder-a

At the Door : un clip animé et rétro pour The Strokes

Par Shadows

Découvrez le nouveau clip du groupe The Strokes, signé Mike Burakoff. At the Door nous invite dans un voyage nostalgique et évocateur, empreint de références allant de Watership Down à Métal Hurlant.

Derrière les différentes trames entremêlées du projet, on retrouve de nombreux artistes déjà évoqués sur 3DVF : Ugo Bienvenu, Kelsi Phung, Agathe Leroux, … Des talents bien employés qui ont su créer une oeuvre manifestement appréciée : le clip récolte pour le moment plus de 98% d’avis positifs sur Youtube.

DIRECTED BY Mike Burakoff
PRODUCED BY Mike Burakoff & Benjy Brooke
Lagan Sebert
Benjy Brooke & Adam Henderson
Benjy Brooke
Adam Henderson
Mathieu Bétard
Adam Sillard
Kelsi Phung
Pete Sharp
Victorin Ripert
Benjy Brooke
Peter Lowey
Maxime Jouniot
Adam Henderson
Adam Sillard
Jose Luis Rosado
Tyler DiBiasio
Tucker Klein
Ryan Plaisance
Joao Monteiro
Gaurav Wakankar
Shane Dering
Camille Guillot
Pedram Taghavi
Giulia Riva
Julia Lama
Tamerlan Bekmurzayev
Jose Goyo Moreno
Mike Burakoff
Agathe Leroux
Pablo Gostanian
Agustin Valcarenghi
Diego Polieri
Pablo Gostanian & Diego Polieri
Florencia Cruz
Diego Polieri
Diego Polieri
Fernando Toninello
Israel Giampietro
Lisandro Schurjin
Adrian Peralta
Facundo Garcia
Agostina Salvemini
Lisandro Schurjin
Eugenia Beizo
Sebastian Garcia
Facundo Brunella
Yazmin Hanna
Ivan Olszevicki
Nahuel Sagarnaga
Ailen Sbrizza
Facundo Brunella & Mateo Vallejo
Ugo Bienvenu
Ugo Bienvenu
Ugo Bienvenu
Felix Kerjean
Hugo Lemonnier
Ugo Bienvenu

L’article At the Door : un clip animé et rétro pour The Strokes est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Zimoun : 51 prepared dc-motors, 241m rope, cardboard sticks 25 cm, 2019

51 prepared dc-motors, 241 m rope, cardboard sticks 25 cm
Zimoun 2019

Installation view: Museum of Contemporary Art MAC, Santiago de Chile.


Compilation video:

Next exhibitions:



«The sound sculptures and installations of Zimoun are graceful, mechanized works of playful poetry, their structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing interplay between the «artificial» and the «organic». It‘s an artistic research of simple and minimalistic systems to generate and study complex behaviors in sound and motion. Zimoun creates sound pieces from basic components, often using multiples of the same prepared mechanical elements to examine the creation and degeneration of patterns.» Tim Beck

«Zimoun creates complex mechanical sound sculptures by arranging industrially produced parts according to seemingly simple rules. Using motors, wires, ventilators, etc.., he creates closed systems that develop their own behavior and rules similarly to artificial creatures. Once running, they are left to themselves and go through an indeterminable process of (de)generation. These quasi autonomous creatures exist in an absolutely synthetic sphere of lifeless matter. However, within the precise, determinist systems creative categories suddenly reappear, such as deviation, refusal and transcience out of which complex patterns of behavior evolve.» Node10


Cast: Zimoun

Tags: zimoun, sound sculpture, sound architecture, sound installation, sound art, physical generated sound, contemporary art, sound of materials, simplicity, minimalism, artificial, reduction, reductive concept, generative system, studio zimoun, installation, complexity, switzerland and organic

Arc de Triomphe 2020

In the heart of the French capital, nearly 400,000 people gathered on the “most beautiful avenue in the world” to celebrate the New Year. An introduction with a playful representation of original city statistics, followed by the TEMPO show, which celebrated Paris as a musical capital, creating a parallel between symbols that make up the city’s identity and the world of musical instruments. Five major sets were represented: percussion, piano, voice, strings and wind in order to recreate the Parisian symphony. A representation of the effervescence of the French capital, its mix, the Seine as an emblem, its culture and architecture. The final countdown was graced by a dazzling pyrotechnic show that filled the Place de l'Etoile with wonder.

The show was a success, a unique moment full of emotions, a memorable entry into the year 2020.

Many thanks to all those involved in the creation and production of the TEMPO show.

Client : Mairie de Paris
Production : Cookies production
Concept and scenario : Holymage & Spectre Lab
Artistic direction and direction : Holymage & Spectre Lab
Holymage 2D / 3D Creative team : Antoine Géré, Xavier Mailliez, Hoon Kwon, Ouri Levin, Vadim Androussoff, Samuel Frezoul
Spectre Lab 2D / 3D Creative team : Marc Vidal, Jerome Serane, Philippe Granier, Roxane Peuvrier, Mathieu Rouquié
Arrangement, sound Design, mix : Guillaume « Mani2 » Le Dain - Delacroix Studio
Mastering : Simon Caponi - Basalte Studio
System operator : Baptiste Jazé
Technicals means : Magnum
Pyrotechnics : Fêtes et feux
Laser : Europe événement
Light design : Jeff Freeman
Media Server : Modulo Pi

Cast: Holymage

Tags: video, design, projection-mapping, show, spectacle, chantilly, horse, cheval, histoire, culture, arc de triomphe, paris, new year, holymage, tempo, music, musique, video-mapping and history


The artist proposes to bring the stars back to the center of Espace Palettes, to rise together. The installation questions our relationships with the worlds around us, in a constantly changing city, hyper-stimulating and often disconnected from nature. Both saving and disturbing, Konstellation virtually recreates our lost paradise, stimulating interrogation while arousing wonder.
Led & Anim by Félix

Cast: Francois Moncarey - MySquare

A dance performance by Modulo Pi featuring real-time tracking, projection mapping and generative content

Modulo Pi presents a dance performance featuring real-time tracking, projection mapping, and generative content.
The whole show relies on our Modulo Kinetic media server, and our KineMotion optical tracking module.
More info:


A dance performance by Modulo Pi - Making of

Discover how Modulo Kinetic and KineMotion are working together to power a dance performance featuring real-time tracking, projection mapping, and generative content.
More info:


Apologue 2047 in Beijing, China By Director ZHANG Yimou

APOLOGUE 2047, directed by Zhang Yimou, premiered in the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Beijing, China, presented integration of Chinese traditional music and technological media art. Binder-a was part of Apologue 2047 and created a stage about Chinese civilization collaborating with Chinese traditional orchestra, western drummers, and Beijing opera performers. The installation applied the same technique from original piece Saltation Part II Rosetta, combination of projection mapping, laser, and kinetic stones synchronized to the projection.

Cast: Binder-a

Tags: art, projection, mapping, mediaart, kinetic, installation, laser and laserart

Resident Advisor twenty four/seven London at FOLD

An audiovisual installation with SPEKTRA for Resident Advisor’s twentyfour/seven party in FOLD’s new room 2 with El-B, Leif, Objekt B2B Elena Colombi and Blasha & Allatt.

Thanks to Kyle from Neuron Pro Audio for the footage.

Cast: Joëlle

Tags: #realtime, #audio reactive, #audiovisual art, #audiovisual, #generative, #motion graphics, #vdmx, #quartz composer, #lemur, #2-vp, #live visuals, #performance, resident advisor and fold

Visual System - OPIUM - Thailand

For the third year, Polygon Live has invited Visual System to create a futuristic art piece and create a new world for the unique 360 degree dome stage. When night falls at Wonderfruit, a ten minute synchronised sound and light show called “Opium” will descend, moving emotions in a hypnotic reveal using space and echo.

This is a collaborative project between Visual System and the two talented composers Thomas Vaquié & Alexandre Bouvier.

Visual System.

Cast: Visual System

Tags: polygon, wonderfruit, opium, visualsystem, visualsystem paris and audio reactive

2020 Realtime VFX Reel

MUSIC: Take Five & Curfew - Kalahari

Realtime vfx Done with unreal 4 , houdini and substance designer

Cast: Mathieu Martin

Tags: Demo reel

Happy Spacejumpers

Music composed, recorded and produced by Arthur Stammet. The Soundtrack is an electronic study realized at CNR in Metz (F) during 1988.

The movie, based on Mandelbulb 3D and SpaceEngine animations, has been created by Arthur Stammet in October 2019.

3D fractals and digital art created with:
Mandelbulb 3D:
Space Engine:

Cast: Arthur Stammet

Tags: Animation, Mandelbulb, Space, Fractal, Mandelbulb 3D, Digital Art, Voyage and Universe


Is a component for TouchDesigner, create for projection mapping.
Get it here :
Select some parts of your video and distort them on the projection.
You will need to plug in PICMA your Pixelmap (reference image grid of your video), and your video file.
With PICKER you can :
Create Rectangle and Triangle, and duplicate them.
Snapping and precise position with arrow keys.
With MAPPER you can :
Output and work directly on your projector view.
Subdivide mesh resolution (not like Resolume)
Use Bezier deformation, Use Get Picker Mesh after activate Bezier Mode (not work anymore if deactivate, sorry but you will need to do all the process again)
It’s free and come with a lot of bugs : deselection point when you switch between projector and ui, layers position (do it at the end).
Tell me if it’s useful for your project !

Cast: Fred TRÉTOUT

Tags: touchdesigner, mapping, edit, picma, projection, madmapper, resolume and arena

Le Silence de la rue, un clip envoûtant de Marie Opron

Par Shadows

Réalisé l’an passé à l’occasion de la sortie du nouvel album de François Poitou, Le Silence de la rue nous emporte dans un cycle oscillant entre libération et oppression citadine.

Réalisé par Marie Opron, le projet s’appuie sur de l’animation 2D pour proposer un univers changeant autour de son personnage principal.

Animation : Marie Opron, Morgane Bader
Musique : François Poitou (contrebasse), Bastien Ribot (violon), Aude-Marie Duperret (alto), Maxime Berton (saxophone soprano), Federico Casagrande (guitare)

© Yovo Music & Miyu Productions

L’article Le Silence de la rue, un clip envoûtant de Marie Opron est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Learn Clip Creation From Actus Digitial at The 2020 NAB Show

Par Andres Benetar

  The broadcasting industry is growing as many creative elements continue to help expand what is surely a vast digital ecosystem of rich and vibrant content. For anyone who works within or looking to enter the broadcasting industry should visit the Actus Digital exhibit at the 2020 NAB Show. This April at the 2020 NAB ...

The post Learn Clip Creation From Actus Digitial at The 2020 NAB Show appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE.


Découvrez le JAMION, notre dispositif de projection mobile unique en Europe, inventé et breveté par l'Atelier ATHEM.


Future Sound of Aveiro

Future Sound of […]” is a site specific interactive installation which explores the audiovisual landscape of a specific city.

The inhabitants of [insert city] are invited to enter in a dark room where the characteristic sounds of their city life. Through the exploration of the space, they may find changes in the space-time continuum that will modify these sounds, transforming them [or not] in hypothetic sounds of the future of [insert city]. Could these [new] sounds draw their future?

This installation has been presented at :
Festival Som Riscado 2016 / Future Sound of (Loulé);
Centro de Artes Águeda 2017 / Future Sound of (Águeda).
Palácio Landal, Santarém 2019 / Future Sound of (Santarém).
Criatek, Aveiro 2019 / Future Sound of (Aveiro).

Cast: visiophone

Tags: audiovisual, installation, audioreactive, borischimp504, live, kinect, livevisuals, av and tracking

Earthsatz - AV show

Teaser of the 2020 version of Earthsatz AV show.

The world, as it is shown to us by Google Earth, is intriguing… The shapes’ imperfections, the textures’ distorsions, the suspended time, are all attributes of a new kind of universe, an hybrid one, looking more like an algorithmic fiction than our tangible reality. Earthsatz tries to amplify the cold and oppressive poetry generated by this « pocket world », where life doesn’t exist and particules are replaced by pixels. Maybe we should try to contemplate it for what it really is : a fictional universe that mimics the one we are living in, developing its own autonomy.

With photogrammetry, we scanned some parts of the Google-generated world. We built 3D landscapes from them and tried to highlight their surreal caracteristics, playing with mysterious lights, impossible distortions and moving points of view. Earthatz is a ride in this corrupted world, celebrating all its fictional, articificial and irrational aspects. As the landscapes are desintegrating and recomposing themselves, their roars are embodied in distorded and mechanical sounds. These heavy synth pads extand the figurative universe, being its intense echo in the spectator’s perceptual space.

Cast: Dylan Cote

Tags: 3D, digital art, av show, audiovisual and photogrammetry

Very Noise : un clip décalé signé Meat Department

Par Shadows

Nous avions déjà eu l’occasion de vous présenter le travail de Meat Department, collectif d’artistes composé de Kevin Van Der Meiren, David Nicolas et Laurent Nicolas. Le trio avait notamment présenté le pilote de série Black Holes (visible plus bas) en 2017.

Cette fois, c’est un clip que Meat Department nous dévoile. Réalisé pour Igorrr, ce projet très décalé et spontané ne vous laissera pas indifférent.
Au niveau technique, l’équipe s’est appuyée sur ZBrush, Substance, Photoshop, Lightwave, Mixamo, Octane Render, TurbulenceFD, After Effects et Premiere.

L’article Very Noise : un clip décalé signé Meat Department est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.


Digital Grid is an interactive surface.
The grid detect human movement and react with physics simulation.
Digital grid is an experiment to create new digitaf space.

Music: Alwa by Odaka

Cast: Vision Nocturne

Atelierkonzert LUX und DEZIBEL Silvester 2019

After tremendous art projects last year it was a pleasure and a joy to entertain friends and audience for new years eve …

Cast: kurt laurenz theinert