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Alessandro Cortini - BATTICUORE

BATTICUORE is taken from the forthcoming studio album VOLUME MASSIMO by Alessandro Cortini,
Released on Mute 27 September 2019.

Directors: Alessandra Leone + Emilie Elizabeth
DoP/Camera: Julian Moser
Colorist: Lutz Forster
Dancers: Maurice Jabar Werner + Darwin Stapel
Wardrobe Consultant: Raki Fernandez
Grooming: Carmen Rachel
Special thanks: Johanna Liebl and UY Studio, HvH Studios


Cast: Alessandra Leone

Tags: alessandro cortini, volume massimo, alessandra leone, direction, batticuore and music video

6 min cut of Royal Festival Hall Meltdown Festival show graphics to the Music of Richard Norris.

6 mins of the Motion graphics from a recent show in the Royal Festival Hall at Meltdown Festival to the ambient music of Richard Norris.

Motion graphics by Blue Carbon.

Cast: borez

Installations In-Situ, résidence Espace Culturel, Gurgy

Dans le cadre d'une résidence de création, à l'Espace Culturel de la Ville de Gurgy. “Géométrie mouvante” et “Géométrie spatiale”. Août 2019. Plus d'infos sur

Cast: AILO

Audio Reactive Geodesic Dome - Singapore Night Festival

Had a wonderful time at SNF 2019. My main role was technical director, mapping and show control for 6 interactive and rendered 360 installations wothin the dome by various artists. But I was also invited to perform some realtime visuals for 3 nights of the 10 day festival.

Audio reactive visuals and custom dome 3d mapping tool authored and performed in TouchDesigner.

Cast: Asterix


FESTIVAL VISUAL BRASIL 2019_decimoséptima edición


El Festival VISUAL BRASIL realizará su décimoséptima edición los días 27 y 28 de septiembre de 2019 en el Punt Multimèdia, centro dinamizador de proyectos multimedia y tecnologías digitales, situado en la Casa del Mig del Parc de la Espanya Industrial de Barcelona.

En esta ocasión celebramos juntos con artistas locales e internacionales un encuentro de investigación en el campo del audiovisual contemporáneo: videoarte, mapping, performances audiovisuales, instalaciones y nuevas medias. Una actividad que se enfoca en la producción de vídeo en tiempo real, la cultura de creación libre y nuevos formatos colaborativos.

El Festival Visual Brasil es una iniciativa independiente y tiene la colaboración de varios centros culturales y artistas. Para que este proyecto consiga sus objetivos es necesario el interés de los artistas, que son los motores del festival.

Cast: VJ Eletroiman


Nobody Beats the Drum - Grindin'

Check the making of here:

This stop-motion film is based around an intensely choreographed sequence of 4085 photographs of wooden blocks reacting, or dancing perhaps, in sync with the music.
Made for my own collective, Nobody Beats the Drum

Cast: Rogier van der Zwaag

A.I. 'Second Self'

An artistic collaboration between the international world-class beatboxer – Reeps One and the world-renowned, technological innovator – Nokia Bell Labs. This collaboration is an investigative journey of human communication offering insights into the voice from a scientific, cultural, technological and artistic perspective while using beatboxing as the ultimate exploration of its potential.

We designed the physical representation of this Ai, using projection, laser and pixel mapping. All of this was done in an anechoic chamber, one of the worlds most silent rooms.

Cast: Bertie Sampson


Friday 6 Sep 2019 - KitKatClub - Berlin
Mutants* are the puking monsters in the era of self-optimization.
Just as “natural selection” and marriage policy once had to guarantee genetic and economic success, evolution design now extends to your own life span. Whether through genetic tests, fetoscopy, earlobe reduction or gym, whether through biohacking or socially required self-perfection. The expansion of apparent biological limitations is particularly popular in the LGBTIQ community.
But the individual reasons for the alteration of one’s own body are quite diverse: wanting to liberate oneself from the tiresome visual and hormonal two-gender hegemony pursues a different logic than merely being dissatisfied with one’s own body features or even having to conform to external pressures of a certain aesthetic ideal. Nevertheless, all these ego transformations aim at the fulfillment of a defined idea of what the self is or should no longer be. In contrast, a MUTATION has no predefined result at all. You don’t even know if it occurs at all, and when it does, you often don’t know how it will express itself, whether it makes you sick or happy. It has no intention. MUTATION can be understood as a radical practice of possibilities in which our bodies realize unforeseen futures through uncontrollable chemical combinations. They force us to incorporate a non-determined future, to experience social institutions as sites of randomness and to disrupt our expectations towards ourselves. Embrace these hopeful monsters. Be a biopunk and show us your mutations.
Gegen Mutation.

Sonico (Techsound / Naked Lunch / Klan Club, CO)
Mareena (Unrush / Tresor, DE)
Maxx Rossi (Polymeric / Primate / Suspected, UK)
Groove daniel (Lounge Squatt / Berlin Invasion, IT)
Mar/us (Gegen, DE)


Codex Empire (live) (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, A)
Philipp Strobel (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, DE)
Vercetti Technicolor (Giallo Disco, UK)
Alhek (Mechanical Thoughts, Gegen, ITA)
fivequestionmarks (ITA)
Visuals: FRY (FR)


Eric Bloom (Harder, NYC)
Leonard de Leonard (Leonizer Records / Bottom Forty / Gegen, FR)
Laura de Vasconcelos (Gegen, DE)


Yam Bataller (Hot Box / Gegen, DE)
Beefträger (Schwuz, Unshaved, Einraumdisco MELT, DE)





Cast: Alessandra Leone

VR data gloves for molecular manipulation

mixed reality demo of our open source VR data gloves for interactive molecular dynamics in virtual reality!

Cast: david glowacki


Viernes 28 y Sábado 29 de septiembre de 2018 _ Punt Multimedia, Barcelona.
Videoarte, mapping, performances audiovisuales, debates y nuevas medias.
Un encuentro de mas de 40 artistas y colectivos locales e internacionales, trabajando el concepto de interculturalidad en las investigaciones contemporáneas, tales como: videoarte, mapping, performances audiovisuales y trabajos con nuevas medias.
El Festival Visual Brasil es un evento gratuito que pretende acercar las nuevas tendencias del mundo del audiovisual al publico en general, potenciando la red internacional de intercambio, conocimiento y reflexión entre Europa y América del Sur.
Celebra su 16 edición en la ciudad condal, desarrollando sus actividades en el Punt Multimedia, centro dinamizador de proyectos multimedia y tecnologías digitales, situado en la Casa del Mig del Parc de l'Espanya Industrial de Barcelona, los próximos Viernes 28 y Sábado 29 de septiembre de 2018
Video: Tklab

Cast: VJ Eletroiman

Tags: BRASIL, VISUAL, FESTIVAL, 2018, edición16, Videoarte, mapping, performances audiovisuales, debates and nuevas medias


MACHINE HALLUCINATION- LATENT STUDY : MARS is a synesthetic reality experiment deploying machine learning algorithms on a dataset of over 1.5 million images of NASA’s The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera, the largest ever carried on a deep space mission for Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) which is a multipurpose spacecraft designed to conduct reconnaissance and exploration of Mars from orbit.

For this experiment machine generates a data universe of geographical hallucinations in 512 dimensions, it begins to explore the ways in which knowledge can be experienced spatially. Mars Hallucinations challenges the conventional definition of “space” as the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events possess a position and direction relative to each other, instead exploring the space in the mind of a machine, limitless in its dimensions and the information it holds.

Hallucination -
An experience involving the apparent perception of something not present
A profound distortion in a person’s perception of reality, typically accompanied by
A powerful sense of reality.
3. A perception in the absence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception.

Cast: Refik Anadol


Machine drawn digital artworks based on nature itself. Originally created for the 1st Antarctic Biennale “Levitate” is an artwork visualising and interpreting natural phenomenons and systems, capturing the beauty and complexity of nature.
Visual data captured around the globe forms the inspiration and foundation of each unique artwork.

“Levitate” is a symbiosis between computer and human. A collaboration outsourcing the craft of drawing using dedicated, human made tools in both soft- and hardware.

Besides the creation of the algorithm (the DNA) the role of the artist is equally defined by his consideration from an aesthetic point of view evaluating where the machine delivers inspiring results worth exploring and where it doesn’t.

The COPPER edition is a fragment of the “Levitate” visuals - representing a single moment in the ongoing series and the artists quest for seeking beauty and inspiration between time and space, science and nature.

Made with Objective-C++ and Processing
02:30 min Loop

Edition: 500
Price: USD $90

Futura Epsis 1

Exhibited next to the forbidden city in Beijing China, the Kremlin in Moscow and across Shakespeares Hamlets castle in Denmark.

Published from Bloomsbury and Computer Arts to Wired the 1986 born German artist A. Rothaug explores visual aesthetics, transforming data like light, sound or movement into artificial systems that produce stunning experiences and cutting edge graphics.

Cast: FE1

Tags: Computational, Digital Art, Art, Processing, Generative, openFrameworks, visualisation, Abstract art and video art


A personal short film about an intervening period of time.

Illustration and Animation: Terence Ginja-Martinho
Sound Design: QB Sound

Cast: Terence Ginja-Martinho and QB SOUND

Film Annonce PSYCHOMAGIE d'Alejandro Jodorowsky - au cinéma le 2 octobre

Si chacun d’entre nous a un héritage génétique, il possède aussi un héritage psychologique qui se transmet de génération en génération.
Alejandro Jodorowsky, cinéaste et artiste multidisciplinaire convaincu que l’art n’a de sens profond que s’il guérit et libère les consciences, a créé la Psychomagie. Au moyen d’actes théâtraux et poétiques s’adressant directement à l’inconscient, cette thérapie permet de libérer des blocages.
Psychomagie, un art pour guérir est le document le plus complet sur l’évolution de l’oeuvre créative et thérapeutique d’Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Cast: Nour Films

Tags: film annonce, film, documentaire, jodorowsky and psychomagie

BACH Improvisation - Soundtrack by Paul Kayser

This movie, created by Arthur Stammet in August 2019, uses an organ improvisation recorded at Brno, kostel santa Augustin (Czech Republic) on June 10th 2015. This musical masterpiece uses the four-note theme BACH (Bb-A-C-B) which is a perfect fractal cellula under the fingers and feet of my organ playing friend Paul.

This movie tries to illustrate the minimalism and the fractal base of this musical track, I got from Paul in order to add visuals to it.

Cast: Arthur Stammet

Tags: Animation, Digital Art, Mandelbulb, Mandelbulb 3D, Fractal, Water, Voyage and Octopus

Live Paint-Mapping with Oliver Vernon & Damon Soule - O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2019

This is the result of a a live mapping session on Oliver Vernon’s & Damon Soule’s remarkable improvisational painting at the Ambyss floor in O.Z.O.R.A. Festival.

Done with Madmapper
Music: Caterina Barbieri

Cast: Jacques-André Dupont

Tags: mapping, live painting, digital art, new media art and art

batchass - s.o.s

batchass - s.o.s

composition: MisterX - Bruce Lane
mix - arrangements - production: NKDM

Cast: Bruce Lane

Infinite Space / Machine Memoirs Teaser - Artechouse

Infinite Space / Machine Memoirs Teaser - Artechouse

How to perceive or imagine infinity has always been one of the central questions of representation in art. Our lives are framed by a sense of finitude: the sense that everything that we perceive will cease to exist one day. But if finitude is the only absolute truth in life, how can we imagine structures and patterns that repeat themselves into an imperceivable horizon? How do we frame imagined realities that represent something beyond our perception of life and of linear time?

One of the greatest eighteenth-century English artists William Blake famously said, “if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.” Infinite Space is a collection of works that revisits Blake’s statement, and seeks to cleanse the doors of perception with the tools available to twenty-first-century artists. The exhibition explores memories and dreams through the mind of a machine by using data sets ranging from human memories, photographs of Mars, cultural archives and sea surface activity as data sculptures and paintings.

MACHINE MEMOIRS – an exploration of celestial structures through the mind of a machine. This immersive installation aims to combine past explorations and dream of what may exist just beyond our reach. Using machine intelligence to narrate the “unknown,” and a generative neural network trained on images of the Earth, Moon, Mars and the Galaxy, taken from ISS, Chandra, Kepler, Voyager, and Hubble observations, this installation imagines an alternate universe, perhaps providing further texture to the fabric of our own.

Cast: Refik Anadol

Liminal Spaces

David Campbell, Carla Chan, Matthias Härtig, Johannes Hucek, Martin Kusch, Marilou Lépine, Armando Menicacci, Marie-Claude Poulin, Audrey Rochette, Ruth Schnell, Alexandre St-Onge, Nikola Tasic, 2015

Nous sommes constitués de couches, membranes, tissus, peaux, et surfaces, non seulement physiques mais d’histoires, de traditions, d’images, de paroles : des strates de sensations et accumulations de signifiants. Comment donner de la cohérence, quelles sont les stratégies de subjectivation de tant de matériaux hétérogènes? Comment faire pour les faire respirer? Comment faire bouger leurs lignes? Comment habiter le seuil intermédiaire entre deux états, sur le fil des conditions, à la limite des régions; le transitoire, l’indéterminé. Abritant des couches de performance, d’images et d’interactivité, de son et de texte, le dôme devient la membrane intermédiaire entre l'intérieur et l'extérieur, explorant les confins des espaces palpables.


We are composed of layers, membranes, tissue, skin, and surfaces, not only physical but also of traditions, images, words: layers of sensations and accumulations of signifiers. How to provide coherence, what are the strategies of subjectification of so many heterogeneous materials? How to make them breathe? How to move their borders? How to inhabit the intermediate threshold between two states, on the edge of conditions, at the limit of regions; the transient, the undetermined. Harbouring layers of performance, images, and interactivity, sound and text, the dome becomes the intermediate membrane between interior and exterior, exploring the confines of palpable spaces.


Ce projet a bénéficié du support du programme de création d'oeuvres de la SAT
This project received the support of the creation program of works from the SAT

Infos :

Cast: Society for Arts and Technology

Cashmere Cat 'Emotions' | Behind The Scenes

Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Rauri Cantelo

Production: Mill+
Director of Photography: Rauri Cantelo

Cast: The Mill

Controlling Ableton Live and Notch with a MIDI Controller

Controlling Ableton Live and Notch with a MIDI Controller.
I converted midi to osc in Ableton using connection kit. And then sent the osc to Notch.

Cast: Tetsuya Kubota / Chef Grafixx

Tags: Notch, Notch vfx, Real-time and Motion Graphics

Volumen - Genius Loci Weimar 2019

Volumen (Latin word for volume – quantity of three-dimensional space) is an audiovisual installation that revolves around three-dimensional forms contained in a defined space. Their nature and behavior unfold through the fusion made of light and sound, generating optical illusions and unknown spaces that play with the perception of the viewer.
Using the technique of projection mapping this installation aims to break the connection between real and virtual space and create a uniquely immersive experience.

Cast: Filip Roca and Relja Cupic

Tags: space, av, installation, sound, light, 3d, projection, mapping, optical illusion, projection mapping, op art, filip roca, regis, regis original, media and media art