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5 Things I Learned From My First Time Shooting 16mm Footage

From loading the camera to adapting old Canon lenses, here's what you need to know about shooting on Kodak motion picture film.

Gimbals: The Ultimate Smartphone Filmmaking Accessory

Discover why smartphone gimbals are the top relatively low-cost phone accessory that can help you capture smooth, professional shots.

Filmmaking Gear Highlights of 2020 – Indie Edition

Like most industries, the video gear market was inundated with new gear this year. Here are some select highlights to consider.

A Guide for Choosing the Best Lenses for “Talk to Camera” Videos

From YouTube to vlogging, let's dive into the technical side and basic aesthetics of "talk to camera" video lenses.

5 Small, Budget-Friendly Lights for Any Camera Setup

Proper lighting can vastly improve the quality of your video. Upgrade your kit with these affordable diffused LED lights.

DJI Levels Up the Stabilizer Game Again with the RS 2 and RSC 2

Par : Mike Maher

Two new camera stabilizers for you to drool over as you debate on which one to get. Let’s take a look. DJI has released two new camera ...

How and Why to Cycle Through Video and Camera Gear

Shifting from camera to camera. Brand to brand. Is it a nauseating curse or simply enjoyment of the technology? Let's find out how to choose video gear.

Exploring Panasonic’s Holy Trinity: Is It Fit for Video?

Lumix made the headlines with the introduction of a new camera and lens ecosystem. But, are their L-mount lenses a good choice for filmmakers?