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Improve Your Podcast with Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Par Alejandro Medellin

The key to a successful podcast is establishing a unique-but-consistent image and tone. Here's how royalty-free music tracks can help.

Finding Perfect Music Is Easier and Faster with PremiumBeat

Par Nicolai Yakimchuk

PremiumBeat never stops innovating music search and music discovery. With these new enhanced features, find your perfect music tracks in seconds. Check them out!

Support Your Documentary Vision with a Thoughtfully Considered Soundtrack

Par Scott Porter

What are you trying to say? What do you want them to feel? Bolster your documentary's message and flesh out its mood with the right royalty-free soundtrack.

Raise the Stakes in Your Action Scenes with a Pulse-Pumping Soundtrack

Par Scott Porter

Throwing your actor out of helicopter is just the beginning. Add more "oomph" to your stunt sequences and action scenes in post with Royalty-Free Music.

Power Up Your Gaming Videos and Twitch Streams with Royalty-Free Music

Par Scott Porter

Gamers — ready to get paid for doing what you love? Royalty-Free Music for gaming videos and streams can help!

Fuel Your Audience’s Fears with Eerie Royalty-Free Music

Par Scott Porter

Need to ramp up the creeping dread in your supernaturally terrifying scene? Build a haunting soundtrack with eerie royalty-free music.

Keep Your Customers Engaged with the Right Royalty-Free Hold Music

Par Scott Porter

Nobody likes being on hold — but it doesn't have to be torture! Use the right royalty-free on-hold music to keep your callers sane and satisfied.

Saddle Up With This Royalty-Free Playlist for Westerns

Par Scott Porter

Make the dusty, sun-bleached west your own with this curated playlist of royalty-free western tracks for your next indie project.

Get More Laughs With Royalty-Free Comedy Tracks

Par Scott Porter

If you're aiming for the funny bone, give your gags a boost with this curated playlist of royalty-free comedy tracks from the PremiumBeat library.

Royalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for Vloggers

Par Scott Porter

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for your vlog? We asked our music team for their suggestions — here’s what they said. Vloggers: our hats are off to ...

Sound as Lighting: The Mood-Altering Magic of Atmospheric Royalty-Free Music

Par Scott Porter

You can use the free-form tones of atmospheric royalty-free music to spotlight emotion within scenes in almost any type of project.

Slinky, Smooth, and Slow: A Sensual Royalty-Free Music Playlist

Par Scott Porter

Create intimate ambiance, stir things up, or slow things down in your next project with these sensual royalty-free tracks.

Embrace the Undeniable Power of Sad Music

Par Scott Porter

Activate audience empathy and make your moments matter more with sad royalty-free music. Find out how sad music helps video creators send a strong message.

Choice Cuts: Check Out July’s Best New Royalty Free Music

Par Scott Porter

Energize your creative projects with our favorite new royalty-free tracks to hit our library in July — perfect for all those summer videos.

2019’s Most Important Film Score Trend: Experimental Ambient Music

Par Scott Porter

Use experimental, ambient, royalty-free tracks to put your project in the same category as today's most talked-about films in 2019. Listen now!

Creative Zeitgeist: 2019 Royalty Free Music Trends Playlist

Par Scott Porter

For every visual design trend, there's a royalty-free music trend to match. We combed through our tracks to find the rising sounds that are shaping 2019.

Make Your Cuts Shine with Royalty-Free Transition Music

Par Scott Porter

Give your edit more depth and polish by using royalty-free transition music over your cuts. Find inspiration with this curated transition music playlist.

Creative Royalty-Free Intro Music for Better Viewer Engagement

Par Scott Porter

Hear how your video project can benefit from high-quality royalty-free intro music. Then take a listen to our list of royalty free tracks curated for you.

Pond5 Announces World’s Largest Collection of Royalty-Free Editorial Video Featuring Content from Reuters and Other Leading Global News Organizations

Par Zazil Media

New York City, NY – June 19, 2019 – Pond5, the world’s largest royalty-free video marketplace, today announced the launch of its industry-disrupting, royalty-free Editorial collection, featuring timely footage from the worlds of current events, sports, and entertainment, plus a wealth of video from citizen journalists, who are able to capture unique footage in the ...

Fresh Tracks: Hear June’s Best New Royalty Free Music

Par Scott Porter

Electrify your footage with our music team’s favorite new royalty free tracks. Have a listen to the best royalty-free tracks in June.

Royalty Free Music for YouTube: What You Need to Know

Par Robbie Janney

Worried about getting a copyright strike on your YouTube channel? Make sure you're using the right copyright-free music and following these rules.

Rococo Romance: Give Your Video a Classical Cinematic Sound

Par Darin Bradley

We’ve curated a royalty-free playlist to match one of this year’s rising creative trends — rococo. Stay on top of the trend with these classical tracks.

How Audio Waveforms Can Help Your Music Editing Process

Par Logan Baker

Our latest update to PremiumBeat's royalty free music library will save you precious time once spent scrolling through song after song for your edit.

In the Shadows: The Changing Nature of Horror Music

Par Darin Bradley

Modern horror composers really know how to get under your skin. Find out how they do it, then elevate your Halloween projects with our handpicked royalty-free tracks.