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A quick way to add stutter/cut FX in Ableton Live

Par : Dan White

Today we’re joined by a guest educator to DJTT, Stranjah – who’s hosting a live drum and bass/jungle production class starting next week. In this video, he shares a clever plugin that he uses for both production and live performance purposes. The plugin is called Shaperbox 2 (by Cableguys), and to some, it might feel […]

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Resolume 6 Preset – 3D Text Clips

Par : docoptic

Resolume 6 Custom 3D Text Clips |

11 animated, custom 3D text clips for Resolume 6 created by the DocOptic team. These Resolume text presets were made using a technique to fake 3D depth with the Linear Cloner effect. Since these were made with Resolume built-in sources, they are fully customizable and editable. This composition is compatible with Resolume Arena and Avenue version 6.1.3 and above. To learn how to create 3D text in Resolume, see our tutorial: Resolume 6 Tutorial: Animate 3D Text.

↓ Download DocOptic 3D Text Clips Composition for Resolume Arena & Avenue 6

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