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Future Tree, une structure en béton imprimée en 3D qui rappelle la nature

L’utilisation du béton dans l’impression 3D est en train de révolutionner l’industrie de la construction. Des maisons aux passerelles pour piétons, la fabrication additive offre une grande liberté de conception qui dépasse les limites de l’imaginable. Grâce à sa rapidité…


Interview to Paco Gramaje

This is our interview to Paco Gramaje, art director of the Paco Gramaje Studio in Barcelona.

The studio creates immersive multidisciplinary AV shows, especially focusing on the fusion between projection mapping and dance performance.

We asked Paco a few questions about his background and creative career and also about the new projects he has been cooking up during the quarantine period.

1. When did you start working on the interaction between audiovisual and dance performance, and how did you get involved? What are the aspects that are more appealing to you about working in this interdisciplinary field?

It all begun in 2009. After quitting my job as an engineer I moved to Madrid to study a Master in Motion Graphics while making my first experiences in the world of video art. 

In 2010 I started up several collaborations with art organizations in Madrid and they proposed to me to shoot a dance performance by the choreographer Iratche Ansa.

The performance was going to be held at the Matadero in Madrid. From that recording I put together my first video dance “Comunicación Interpretación Automática” which had a very good reception.

I had discovered the potential of dance from an audiovisual perspective and the inner revelation of what I wanted to do in the next few years.

A few months later I made my first dance pieces with live visuals with choreographer Barbara Fritsche.

Thanks to those projects I was able to work on the musical “Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar” in 2013. In 2014 I directed my first proper theatre show: “Girasomnis”.

Interview to Paco Gramaje
2. You are the creator of “Girasomnis”, an itinerant project that has been traveling around the world. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the inception of this innovative project?

I try to “connect” the visuals with the dancers. Sometimes I encourage the dancers to “connect” or follow my visuals.

In this project I also composed the music. This is very useful as I have better control of the creative process. With this project I tried to evoke feelings in the audience without words: just images, dance and instrumental music.

Paco Gramaje - Audiovisual artist
3. Paco Gramaje Studio recently launched the “Dance Mapping Virtual Tour 2020” which it’s fundraising on Gumroad. This is in preparation for a new cutting-edge AV dance project in 2021 involving a 360 immersive environment . Can you give us some insights about the whole project?

This quarantine caused an abrupt stop in my job, but also gave me time to start imagining something new.

The idea was born during the first week of confinement. At the start, It was simple: I just wanted to publish some of our best projects and make them public. But I also felt a need for a change.

The last 3 years I was quite disconnected from my artistic side due to working mostly on commercial projects. 

I was just focusing on making money to pay my bills and trying to have a stable team for audiovisual production. The outbreak of the Covid-19  has been an absolute shift in our work. We started questioning the possibility of doing our shows as we did before.

Therefore I needed to devise another type of format for the new normal awaiting us: a fully immersive virtual Dance Mapping Show.

As my previous theatre production, without the pressure of a client and using the Girasomnis music.

So, in April I started to visualize and write a synopsis of this new project. I then decided to publish “Dance Mapping Virtual Tour 2020” as a memorandum of all these years of physical shows. 

Now it’s time to go further. I want to gather all the knowledge I gained during the last 10 years and apply it to a virtual reality show, where I can break the limits and make an immersive 360º visual performance with dancers.

This new production is planned to be released in VR and physical 360 projection format in late 2021.

4. When working on a project how do you pick your collaborators? What are the main roles you look for in your team? 

When I have the budget I can work with some powerful audiovisual freelancers from my network of collaborators. Failing that I work alone.

I also work with very talented dancers/choreographers from Barcelona. During the years they started to understand my ideas and transform them in beautiful choreographies. 

5. Can you describe your general creative approach when starting on a new project?

I have mostly 2 ways of work. I compose a music draft and then I work on the visuals and choreography or vice versa: I make a draft of visual content with a draft choreography and I try to match the sounds and music.

Sometimes I give leeway to the dancer, so they can create their own choreography and then I create the visual content following their movements.

In the last few years I also worked with some talented musicians for a faster audiovisual production.

6. In 2015, Paco Gramaje Studio won an award at the International Mapping Festival in Girona for the Micro-mapping category. Could you share with us your thoughts about the concept of “Micro-mapping”? 

This was a concept from Roman Torre. In 2015 I shared a space with him and we collaborated together on a video mapping of a rotating stone. It was a nice project called Liquid Series.

In the video mapping area I also tried to develop innovative concepts, differing from the typical big projection on a building facade. 2 Years ago I started to develop the concept of “Holomapping”. I am planning to finish it next year as well.

7. We are aware you regularly teach courses and masterclasses of video mapping applied to performing arts, in Spain and Latin America.

What specific training would you recommend for digital artists who have just started their career and why? Which are the countries with more opportunities for audiovisual arts, in your opinion?

Nowadays, it is possible to learn a lot following digital online courses, but it is always better if somebody guides you. As with everything in life the best way to learn is practice, making mistakes and improving. 

Spain is not the best country for arts, I would say. As far as I know French artists or from other European countries have more grants and support from their governments, but everything is possible if you are passionate about your work.


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Vimeo | YouTube

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I’m...

⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣
⁣I’m so proud of being part of this new mapping with my original music written for the casino Viage in Bruxelles played by night during full december. ( Boulevard Anspach 1000 Bruxelles )⁣
⁣Visual Artist : Simon Lebon ⁣
⁣Music and sound design : Geraldine Kwik ⁣
⁣Place : Grand Casino Brussels Viage⁣
⁣ ⁣
⁣#bruxelles ##brussels #casino #viage #casinonight #videomapping #loomprod  #originalsountrack #musicforpaintings  #mapping #composer #frenchcomposer #musicscore #ambient #composingmusic #sound #sounddesign #art #visual #millumin #madmapper #motiondesign #aftereffects #design #architecturalmapping #projectionmapping #movingimage #digitalartist #night (at Brussels, Belgium)

How to Render and Export in After Effects

When you're just getting started in After Effects, the program can be daunting. Here's a quick guide to exporting your project.

Signiant Awarded Patent for its Intelligent Transport Architecture

August 04, 2020 Signiant Inc, today announced, that it has been issued patent number 10,735,516 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its invention titled “Cloud-Based Authority To Enhance Point-To-Point Data Transfer With Machine Learning.” The patent describes methods and systems that incorporate machine learning to evaluate anonymized historical transfer information collected by its ...

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Cosmic Lab

Par : Marco Savo

Cosmic Lab is a multimedia studio formed by audiovisual artists and creators based in Osaka, Japan.

They combine art and technology to develop powerfully immersive audiovisual experiences.

We discovered this amazing collective thanks to ADAF 2020 and we fell in love straight away.

Cosmic Lab possibly represent the archetype of the audiovisual artist, rooted in the art world and the underground clubbing scene.

As many Japanese new media artists they are not afraid of experimenting and mixing up techniques and styles. As far is it’s punchy, alluring and visually stunning they will use it in their performances.

From immersive VJ sets to operatic projection mapping, from AV live graffiti to cutting-edge interactive installations. Cosmic Lab always achieves to captivate the audience and mind-blow even the more AV experts.

Here our top picks from their impressive portfolio of audiovisual projects:

Live Paint Showcase: “Magnetic”

Cosmic Lab - Audiovisual artists

As we said: no fear of experimenting. Here we see a very interesting fusion between hip hop and audiovisual culture.

At the opening event of MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109 “ShibuGekiSai”, Cosmic Lab and Doppel collaborated on a performance combining live painting and video projection.

The 3D video cubes are animated in motion graphics by the audiovisual artists guiding the graffiti artists on the patterns they will fill with their spray cans.

The DJ spins tunes throughout the performance linking graffiti and projection through the overall hip hop groove.

Buddhist Chant and Light Performance

An audiovisual feast and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate the Koyasan’s 1200th anniversary (The center of Shingon Buddhism).

We see something truly remarkable and unique: a fusion among the vibrating tones of the Buddhist chant, Japanese drums and an elaborate projection mapping.

Under the musical inputs and the AV latest technologies the great Pagoda comes alive. The result is spectacular, mesmerizing and sumptuous to honor the ancient tradition of Japanese Buddhism.


Here Cosmic Lab went a few steps ahead by reinventing the way of making AV live performances through a new tool called QUASAR.

It loosely reminded us of the Reactable Machine, developed in Barcelona in 2003 to make music through physical interaction.

In this next-generation AV instrument, each musical measure is not interpreted in a linear fashion, but as an endless loop.

Also the tangible interface gives a physical structure to the AV content making possible to build rhythm and layers in all new intuitive physical way. Impressive!

Cosmic Lab - Audiovisual artists



Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Vimeo | YouTube

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XCY M1T : un minuscule PC sous Celeron N4100

6.2 cm de côté sur 4.2 cm d’épaisseur, le XCY M1T est une vraie minimachine proposant des compétences tout à fait classiques et adaptée à un usage Web, multimédia et bureautique. 

Le XCY M1T est équipé d’un Celeron Gemini Lake N4100, une puce très employée sur ce segment des MiniPC parce que répondant efficacement à beaucoup des besoins actuels tout en offrant un prix abordable et une dissipation thermique facilitée. La puce propose 4 cœurs et 4 threads cadencés de 1.1 à 2.4 Ghz avec 4 Mo de mémoire cache.


Son circuit graphique Intel UHD 600 est capable de décoder des contenus UltraHD H.265 sans soucis et le processeur permet aussi bien de réaliser des retouches photos que de lancer des outils bureautiques ou des sessions web. Le processeur dégage 6 watts de TDP et la marque semble a  choisi de préférer l’usage d’un ventilateur pour en venir à bout plutôt qu’une solution de dissipation passive. Probablement pour préserver la taille ultra-compacte de l’engin. Comme souvent je me demande dans quelle mesure un de ces engin ne peut pas être facilement modifié pour fonctionner en silence via un dissipateur passif. 


L’engin est équipé avec 8 Go de mémoire vive ce qui est largement suffisant pour une flopée d’usages différents. Son stockage de base est un SSD M.2 2242 SATA de 128 Go qui pourra évoluer vers des solutions plus importantes. Je ne suis pas sur que cela soit utile sur ce genre de machine de passer à 256 ou 512 Go de stockage interne mais c’est en tout cas une bonne chose de ne pas avoir de stockage eMMC figé en interne.

Un lecteur de cartes MicroSD est également présent pour ajouter des capacités de stockage à l’engin. La marque ne précise pas qu’il s’agit d’un MicroSDXC mais je doute qu’ils limitent cette option à un MicroSDHC et aux 32 Go maximum de stockage que cela imposerait.


Le reste de la connectique est assez complet au vu de la taille de l’engin. On retrouve par exemple une sortie HDMI 2.0 ce qui permettra de sortir un signal UltraHD en 60 images par seconde pour en faire un MiniPC orienté multimédia ou simplement piloter confortablement un écran. On retrouve également deux ports USB 3.0 Type-A, une sortie audio et micro combinés au format jack 3.5 mm et pour finir un port USB Type-C qui ne servira que d’alimentation.


Pas de port Ethernet donc et si il sera possible d’utiliser un adaptateur USB pour en proposer un à l’engin, il pourra également recourir à un Wifi5 et du Bluetooth 4.2 pilotés par un circuit Intel 7265AC.


le MiniPC est livré avec un adaptateur secteur et un câble HDMI mais malheureusement sans adaptateur VESA pour le coincer derrière un écran. Au vu du format de l’engin je doute même que cela soit possible facilement.

Le XCY M1T est en vente sur AliExpress à 150.04€ grâce au coupon proposé par le vendeur sur sa page. Ce n’est pas le meilleur prix jamais rencontré pour ce type de machine mais un tarif très correct pour ce type d’engin à la destination précise. A noter qu’il est livré sans système mais devrait fonctionner aussi bien sous Linux que Windows.

Source :

XCY M1T : un minuscule PC sous Celeron N4100 © 2020.

A Quick Guide to Showing Text Messages on Screen

With text message integration onto the big screen becoming the big norm these days, here are a few ways filmmakers can make this a little more interesting.


DEADLINE: 31 August 2020

Carulla Foundation wants to support experienced audiovisual artists affected by the health and social crisis.

During these tough times we praised organizations across the world promoting local and international open calls aimed at tackling the current Covid-related situation.

This is an open call for artists of all nationalities resident in Catalonia. The foundation offers 20 scholarships worth 4000€ to support artistic creations in public space.

Carulla Foundation is looking for specific proposals addressing the effects of Covid within the Catalan Society. The main aim is to offer the necessary conditions to showcase artistic creations designed to be implemented in public space.

Carulla Foundation

The foundation supports creative processes that encompass all cultural and artistic expressions or manifestations understood from a wide point of view.

They are looking for new artistic creations addressing the impact that Covid-19 is having on Catalan society and the challenges arising from it.

The artwork must have a clear transformation goal and must be developed in the public space, also incorporating a digital alternative to face possible new periods of lock-down.

Creators with a minimum career of two years and with residence in Catalonia are encouraged to submit their proposals.

One scholarship will be awarded per project and creator. Several creators cannot present the same project to be developed within the framework of a group.

All projects will be scrutinized during the month of September. The development process will take place between October 2020 and January 2021.

At the end of January the artists will be required to present a memoir reflecting the process and the creative proposal.

Until the 31st of July and from August 24 to 31 there will be a dedicated phone line for any arising questions: +34 932 090 948. The foundation can also be reached via email.




Facebook| Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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Pandemic reinforces value of partnerships

Aldermaston, UK, 29 July 2020: Having completed a number of projects in recent months despite the constraints of the global pandemic, SI Media and GB Labs reflect on the underrated value provided by global and regional partnerships. Based just north of Venice, Italy, SI Media is an international broadcast software solution provider – including its proprietary ...

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost...

⁣#repost @delight_lab_oficial⁣
⁣Intervención lumínica de anoche sobre la Torre Telefónica en apoyo al pueblo de Palestina y rechazo a la anexión que se le quiere imponer. Chile es el país con mayor población de palestinos fuera de su territorio, mandamos desde acá un gesto de apoyo y resistencia al pueblo de Palestina y a su gente que vive acá y en el resto del mundo. Compartimos un poema palestino de Casey Cadao del 2016. ⁣
⁣Sueño de Libertad⁣
⁣Acuéstate conmigo⁣
⁣y escucha mi canción⁣
⁣De amor y pérdida⁣
⁣De mal terrible⁣
⁣Una tierra de aceitunas⁣
⁣Una tierra de cidra⁣
⁣Una tierra de naranjas y limones⁣
⁣Acuéstate en mis brazos⁣
⁣Hij@ de bendiciones⁣
⁣Sueño de nuestra tierra⁣
⁣con un profundo deseo⁣
⁣Suelo rico, agua clara⁣
⁣antiguo como los olivares⁣
⁣Mientras tenemos hambre y sed⁣
⁣recuperar nuestros recuerdos⁣
⁣Todo para ti hija⁣
⁣Nuestro hogar robado.⁣
⁣A Light intervention last night on the Telefónica Tower in support of the people of Palestine and rejection of the annexation. Chile, the country with the largest population of Palestinians outside their territory, we send a gesture of support and resistance to the people of Palestine. We share a palestinian poem by Casey Cadao from 2016.⁣
⁣Freedom Dream⁣
⁣Lie here with me⁣
⁣and hear my song⁣
⁣Of love and loss⁣
⁣Of dreadful wrong⁣
⁣A land of olives⁣
⁣A land of citron⁣
⁣A land of oranges and lemons⁣
⁣Lie in my arms⁣
⁣child of blessings⁣
⁣Dream of our land⁣
⁣with a depth of wishing⁣
⁣Rich soil, clear water⁣
⁣ancient as the olive groves⁣
⁣As we hunger and thirst⁣
⁣call up our memories⁣
⁣All for you daughter⁣
⁣Our stolen home.⁣
⁣#savepalestine #noalaanexion #freepalestine #palestinalibre #caseycadao #palestinalibre #palestina #chiledesperto #annexation #palestino #chile #politicart #artepolitico #videoprojection #videomapping #lightart #lightintervention #chileayudapalestina #savepalestine #kufiyya #hattah #trap #millumin #confinamiento #pandemia #covid19 #chile #poesia #poetry (at Chile)

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @u.machine⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Deformation...

⁣#repost @u.machine⁣
⁣Deformation #Umachine #digitalart #dance #mapping #videoprojection #art #picoftheday #instadance #audiovisual #installation #umachine #artist #audiovisualperformance #show #interactiveart #generativeart #madewithsmode #millumin #realtimevideo

SAP ‘Sapphire Now’ Conference Transports Workforce to Virtual Worlds with disguise xR

disguise supported partners Live Legends and Purple to build a customised xR experience for remote edition of SAPs annual conference – disguise xR technology (Extended Reality) has helped deliver the virtual edition of the ‘Sapphire Now’ conference, hosted by worldwide enterprise application software company SAP, who offer tools to enable easier virtual working for users. ...

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Using Motion Graphics Templates for More than Lower Thirds and Titles

There's more to mogrts than lower thirds and titles. In this round-up, see how to implement motion graphics templates in new ways.

Une maison de 90 mètres carrés construite en quelques jours grâce à l’impression 3D

En Belgique, une maison de deux étages vient d’être érigée grâce à l’impression 3D : à partir de l’imprimante 3D béton BOD2 développée par COBOD, l’entreprise Kamp C a pu imaginer une structure de 90 mètres carrés, construite en trois…


The Colonie’s Remote Capabilities Ensure State Farm Spot Delivers Its Timely Message During COVID-19 Crisis – Easing Financial Burden

Par : SJ Golden

The Colonie’s remote capabilities were tapped by The Marketing Arm for a State Farm® broadcast spot with a timely message to customers facing financial burdens during the current pandemic. With production not an option, the company edited, color graded and finished the live-action spot remotely. Its team rallied, pulling volumes of stock shots, user generated ...

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Mo-Sys introduces the one-stop 4K virtual studio

London, UK, 16 July 2020: Mo-Sys, a world leader in precision camera tracking solutions for virtual studios and augmented reality, has brought virtual studio production within reach of everyone with StarTracker Studio, the world’s first pre-assembled production package. The system is scalable to any size production, and can support 4K Ultra HD. Critical for virtual studio ...

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Wooden Camera Announces Accessories for RED® KOMODO™

  July 15, 2020 (DALLAS) -​ Wooden Camera is excited to announce a full range of RED Approved​ accessories compatible with the much-anticipated RED KOMODO camera. These products are currently available for pre-order with an expected ship date in early August. The Accessory Kits range from Base, Advanced, and Pro and include all new RED ...

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An Incredible Adventure : un court-métrage enneigé et décalé signé CG-Animation

Par : Shadows

Basé à Annecy, le studio CG-Animation se spécialise dans les prestations de rig et animation 3D. L’équipe a récemment mis en place un nouveau pipeline de production GPU à base de Redshift, et souhaitait l’éprouver afin de vérifier son efficacité : CG-Animation a donc lancé un projet interne.

Le résultat : An Incredible Adventure, un court-métrage qui nous fait suivre deux alpinistes escaladant les pentes d’une montagne enneigée un peu particulière…

La réalisation est signée Manon Carrier, Johan Cayrol, Etienne Fagnère, Pauline Grégoire et Ludovic Habas.

Voici également un aperçu de projets sur lesquels a travaillé CG-Animaton :

L’article An Incredible Adventure : un court-métrage enneigé et décalé signé CG-Animation est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.


New agribusiness channel launched with the combined power of Pebble Marina automation and Dolphin integrated channel technology WEYBRIDGE, UK, 16 JULY 2020: Leading playout automation and channel in a box specialist, Pebble Beach Systems, today announced that Brazilian broadcaster TV Bandeirantes (known as Band) has launched its new Agro+ channel with Pebble’s Marina and Dolphin ...

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Plusieurs fois repoussé, le nouveau film Bob L’éponge trouve enfin sa place

Par : Shadows

Initialement prévu pour le mois de mai aux USA et début août en France, Bob l’éponge, le film : Eponge en eaux troubles a fait partie des nombreux films devant faire face à la pandémie.
Repoussé deux fois, le long-métrage avait finalement annulé sa sortie cinéma aux USA, avec l’annonce d’un lancement directement en vidéo début 2021 (VOD puis accès via le service de streaming CBS All Access). On restait toutefois sans nouvelles des dates de sortie hors USA.

Variety a pu en savoir plus : selon ses sources, Netflix a acquis les droits mondiaux. L’accord exclut toutefois la Chine (la raison étant ici, tout simplement, que Netflix n’est pas disponible dans le pays). Le Canada a de son côté droit à une clause spécifique : une sortie cinéma y est toujours espérée, et Netflix devra attendre cette dernière avant de mettre le film à disposition.

Netflix et Viacom se sont refusés à commenter la fuite auprès de Variety, mais le média a pu apprendre que Netflix n’est pas contraint par la sortie en streaming aux USA pour le reste du monde : le film pourrait donc potentiellement être disponible en France sans attendre 2021.

Toujours selon Variety, les différents accords avec Netflix et CBS All Access auraient d’ores et déjà permis à la Paramount, qui a produit le long-métrage animé, de récupérer sa mise de départ. Le changement de stratégie ne se solderait donc pas par une perte sèche.

Réalisé par Tim Hill, Bob l’éponge, le film : Éponge en eaux troubles a fait appel au talent des artistes de Mikros Animation.

L’article Plusieurs fois repoussé, le nouveau film Bob L’éponge trouve enfin sa place est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

HDR Evie+ (Enhanced Video Image Engine) Offers Fully Automated, Segmented Dynamic HDR > SDR Conversion

Par : DM

greenMachine HDR Processing for Combining HDR & SDR into a Single Production Workflow LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces that HDR Evie+ is now available for its greenMachine® platform. LYNX Technik’s HDR Suite of Processing Solutions (HDR Evie+, HDR Evie, HDR Static) for the greenMachine® platform addresses the challenge that broadcasters and ...

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Le leader de la prévisualisation met un pied en Chine

Par : Shadows

The Third Floor, studio spécialisé dans la visualisation au sens large (previs, postvis, techvis…) a annoncé l’ouverture de son premier site chinois, à Beijing/Pékin.

La nouvelle ne surprendra pas les personnes qui nous lisent régulièrement, puisque le dirigeant du studio, Chris Edwards, nous avait brièvement confirmé ce projet lors d’une interview réalisée en début d’année au PIDS (il était aussi revenu sur la série The Mandalorian et les nouveaux pipelines de l’entité). Edwards nous avait précisé qu’il travaillait sur le développement de ce marché depuis plusieurs années déjà.

Maggie Lu

En pratique, le nouveau bureau sera dirigé par Maggie Lu, habituée aux collaborations entre la Chine et l’Occident dans le secteur du divertissement.
L’entité ciblera essentiellement le marché local. L’équipe sera pour le moment constituée d’une vingtaine de personnes, en grande partie formées à la fois en Chine et à Los Angeles durant l’année écoulée. Une petite équipe, donc, notamment à cause de la pandémie qui a influé sur les plans de croissance du studio.
A ce propos, Variety souligne que la prévisualisation pourrait être encore plus attractive pour les studios dans les mois à venir, puisqu’elle permet d’optimiser la planification et donc la taille des équipes et les déplacements.

The Third Floor précise que l’équipe de Maggie Lu compte notamment le directeur créatif Joker Huang (anciennement chez Pixomondo Pékin) et le superviseur de visualisation Martin Ma.

Les locaux de la nouvelle entité de The Third Floor

L’article Le leader de la prévisualisation met un pied en Chine est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

The Making of Mac Miller’s Posthumous “Good News” Video

Tim Clapham, Luxx’s founder/creative director, and digital artist Jon Lutjens talk about their process and experience with Mac Miller’s "Good News" video.

Un pont imprimé en 3D pour les piétons à Rotterdam

À Rotterdam, aux Pays-Bas, le premier pont pour piétons imprimé en 3D est en cours de construction et devrait être installé avant la fin de l’année 2020. Actuellement, il s’agit d’une passerelle en bois qui existe dans le Kralingse Bos,…