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Physicalising a Pixel – LED Matrix Display Tutorial / Document 1. Workshop

Par Filip Visnjic
Physicalising a Pixel – LED Matrix Display Tutorial / Document 1. Workshop
This past March, CAN joined forces with UAL Creative Computing Institute to present the first in a series of events that examine new forms of cross-disciplinary art and design practice. Entitled Document 1., the event was comprised of a workshop, seminar, and symposium, and took place at UAL’s newly refurbished Camberwell College of Art in London.

Visuaal – Creative Booking Agency

Par marco


Founded in 2010, Visuaal is an artistic agency which supports and promotes visuals, digital, stage designers and artists.
Our agency is the link between artists, curators, artistic directors and locations.

They diffuse and spread different and multiple creations artistic process and forms such as stage design, lights installation, audiovisual live, video mapping, interactive installations and visual performances…

In a digital world without borders, Visuaal agency selects aesthetic and affirmed aim projects in order to make them perceptible on French and European territory. Their action is growing by the variety of artistic meetings to infuse energy and necessary resources for projects developments.

Festivals, concert halls, musical and cultural events organizers, regional and local authorities and companies already benefit from our know-how, skills and advices in digital art. A permanently watch upon evolution of new trends in digital art, Visuaal agency guarantees one of the most relevant selection of works and installations to start together new artistic adventures.

Since early 2017, Visuaal has expanded its artistic booking field, related to digital arts, with the opening of a hub dedicated to visual artists and musicians who are creating audiovisual lives and performances.


Visuaal – Creative Booking Agency

France, Lyon








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