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NDI Virtual Input for Mac works with Zoom but not with Skype

Par : mikaelb
Thanks so much for the free tools for the Mac and iPhone!

I am using NDIHXCamera on my iPhone and NDI Virtual Input 1.0 on my Mac (OS v10.15.5). Zoom can see and use my iPhone as a camera and microphone, but Skype (v8.62.0.85) cannot see the camera. It can only see the microphone. FaceTime can also only see the microphone and not the camera.

I've also installed NewTekNDIHXDriverForMac.pkg.

Any help would be appreciated!

Mikael Behrens
Austin, TX

NDI multicast or unicast

Par : abo
Having trouble with NDI unstability issues I am suspecting the network switch.
Sometimes some NDI sources disappear, sometimes the NDI video disappear from NDI Studio Monitor.
Most probably it is a multicast handling problem but I am not sure.
I know that NDI source auto discovery uses multicast UDP. This may explain that sometimes some source disappear.
But for video data flow ???
I am not a network expert nor a NDI expert.
Is there a way to know the type of NDI traffic used for a given source (multicast/unicast/..., UDP/TCP) ?
NDI analysis tool does not provide such information.
Is there a way to enforce the type of NDI traffic ? I am using NDI HX Camera and OBS NDI plugin.
All sources and consumers are connected to the same subnet. Is it becessary to configure something wit NDI Acess Manager ?

Many thanks for your help.
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Confine NDI to a designated NIC

Par : MajoMedia
At this moment, i'm a bit disappointed.

Already in 2017 people pointed out that the way NDI taking every NIC in the system causes problems in certain setups.
Newtek answered this was understood and were working on this, even though it wouldn't be as easy as it seems.
I did speak with Kane at IBC about it and he told me it was on the todo list.

Now we are 3 years ahead from that point, and I still cannot use NDI in my setup, because this issue is still actual.

Problems using NDI on same network as dante:

A 2017 thread on this, the solution there is not working for me, as blocking bonjour would also block Dante:

So please, make me happy again by giving this some more priority.

Virtual Input/Scan Converter Causing Odd Monitor Behavior (Windows 10)

Par : Brotuulaan
I just swapped out our broadcast computer at my church for the new one we ordered, and now there's some odd behavior going on.

The streaming computer has OBS running along with Virtual Input so we can import the lyrics from our other computer, which has Scan Converter running. This is the same setup that we had on our old computer, but no for whatever reason, any time there's an NDI connection change on our streaming computer, the lyric monitor on the OTHER computer is affected.

When this status changes, the monitor in question zooms to something like the top-left 1/3 of the original image. Sometimes it stays that way and sometimes it fixes itself after a few seconds. Other times it requires me clicking around some on that computer to which it belongs. I'm unsure how resolution may be tied to zoom in the process, but the computer seems to show that the resolution does not change. I'm not sure whether Windows updates the resolution listing immediately or if it only updates upon refreshing the settings window.

Sometimes instead of zooming in, the screen just flashes and stays at the same zoom level.

This behavior has popped up in various situations but is now being inconsistent thus hard to list. Initially, it happened when opening/closing OBS while VI is running, sometimes (but not always) when changing scene collections in OBS between collections which do not both have VI set as a source, and when at least closing VI while OBS was running (possibly starting as well, but I'm not sure now that it's inconsistent).

Any thoughts as to why this is happening and how I might stop it? The only thing I can think of is that Scan Converter is doing something funky with the display driver on the host computer, but I don't know enough about display drivers or NDI to say for sure. We're expecting our other computer to come in any day now, so I'll be swapping that computer out as well. I very much hope this inconsistent behavior doesn't become consistent behavior with the new pairing.

NDI Central Management for Private Content Live Streaming Online

Par : MylesOSS
We have successfully managed to get NDI working on Zoom by sending the output from an offline Avid Media Composer system to a streaming pc running Zoom. Great solution for people wanting to preview their content during a meeting. :) Audio isn't so great though, even with 'Original Sound' active, it still sounds kind of underwater, as if Zoom is up to some sort of signal processing we have no control of.

Moving forward I would like to achieve the following:

- Centralize all NDI Outputs to a single live streaming device
- Host multiple live streams simultaneously from the streaming device
- Ability to view the live streams within a web browser from anywhere

I'd be interested to hear about free, low cost and also the premium solutions that can handle this. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Mac Virtual Input .pkg missing from NDI Tools installation bundle

Par : masieroi
I've downloaded the Mac NDI Tools package from but when I open the .dmg file I can't find the Virtual Input .pkg inside it. See Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Schermata 2020-07-02 alle 00.35.43.png 
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Can anyone confirm that?
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Schermata 2020-07-02 alle 00.35.43.png 
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ID:	148271  

Avid Media Composer to Streaming PC to Zoom

Par : MylesOSS
Hi All,

I am very new to NDI, and so far cannot see a way to get the audio from Avid Media Composer routed into Zoom via a streaming PC. On the editing PC, I have the HW/SW button on the avid timeline broadcasting over OpenIO_NDI, and the streaming PC receives A/V through NDI Studio Monitor without issue. However, Virtual Input seems to only allow the video to go out onto zoom. Is it possible for Virtual Input to also do the same for the audio? Choosing to run 'Audio Only' in Studio Monitor and then sharing the audio in Zoom results in out of sync issues.

The only options I have within Virtual Input are:
Audio Only
NVIDIA Quadro K2200 1

username@hostname.AVID is what i use to get Studio Monitor working perfectly on the streaming PC, but i simply cannot get the both video and audio out onto Zoom via Virtual Input. I can only get video only. Am I missing something?

Big thanks to all who are involved in what is clearly a brilliant piece of software.

NDI Scan Converter with WIrecast Not seeing extended desktop

Par : tjh0422
I am using Scan Converter to send PPT graphics from my MAC laptop in to Wirecast running on my desktop machine. The connection does get made, but instead of seeing the full screen PPT graphic (which should be going to my extended desktop as I am running in Presenter View) I am seeing the primary screen. I have chosen Powerpoint in the NDI settings as that's what I want the Scan Converter to see, right?

Thank you.

Studio Monitor - Black Video from Multicast Streams (Win10)

Par : muzicman82
I posted this on the NDI Facebook Group, so if you've seen this already, I apologize.

Brand new clean Win10 install (it's an Intel NUC8). All drivers up to date.

With NDI Tools installed (downloaded today, so 4.5), I get just a black screen for either of two multicast streams on this network... but they work fine on another system on the same switch (Netgear M4300).

In Wireshark, I can see the IGMP membership reports and leave messages, and all of the UDP packets the same as on the working system. I can also see the querier messages.

Win10 firewall is all disabled.

Just for kicks, the multicast prefixes are different for two BirdDog P200 cameras.

I can get NDI Test Patters from working computer over to the NUC, but that isn't multicast. I can also get Test patterns from the NUC to the working PC... also not multicast.

The NUC does not have any other network connections active... Bluetooth and WiFi are disabled. The Ethernet connection is set to a Private Network. I disabled EEE and low power modes on the driver.

It doesn't matter if I close Studio Monitor on the working system.

The IGMP snooping table for the Netgear M4300 switch shows the same things for both clients.

BirdDog Multiview shows the streams perfectly fine! If I run Studio Monitor at the same time, I don't get extra membership reports in Wireshark, and closing one of them doesn't give a leave group message.

I also installed OBS with the NDI plugin. The multicast streams show up there just fine as well.

As another exercise, I set a BirdDog decoder to decode one of the multicast streams, and hooked the HDMI output to the HDMI input on a BirdDog encoder set to transmit multicast. That stream opens just fine on the working PC but not the other. But, the decode/encode cycle tells me multicast is working OK.

Unicast streams open in Studio Monitor just fine.

I also set up a 3rd PC today and that one also just gives black screen. What am I missing here?

No video from NDI scan converter on TC8000

Tried to connect Power Point computer via NDI to TC8000. 8000 has 3.8 and I tried the latest version of NDI on a Win10 laptop, I also tried a different laptop and used the NDI 3.7 portable. I can see the computer in the TC input menu but no video just black. I'm lost on why I can't see the video but I can see the computer name. Thank you in advance.

Premiere Pro NDI vs Scan Converter


1) I have been using the Adobe Premiere Pro NDI output and it works well except of the audio portion in my situation. I may be doing something wrong, but it seems that I need to make a choice of sending the audio to the NDI stream or sending it to my studio monitors. Below are the two choices I have:

Premiere Pro Audio Hardware Preferences
Audio Output Mapping > Adobe Desktop Audio > Focusrite Audio Interface > Studio Monitors
Audio Output Mapping > NDI Output > NDI Stream

Could someone clarify if there is a way to output to both locations simultaneously? I am on the MAC platform and I would prefer not to have you use another virtual mixing app like Voicemeter or Soundflower etc.

2) Related to #1, would it be better to just use NDI Scan Converter as that seems to solve the audio issue from #1. What am I losing by going this route? I'm guessing any alpha channel information, but that is not needed in my scenario.

Thanks in advance

NDI and mix minus

Par : photogguy
I have a question. We've been doing Zoom meetings, which I then live stream to the world.

Today, I need to play videos, and the Zoom host wants to talk during the video (which has audio).

Is there a way to feed mix minus audio into the Zoom meeting? I know I can send audio, just looking for a way to send mix minus audio.


Sony NDI camera?

Par : Matsu
Can we use the NDI and RTSP stream from Sony NDI Camera simultaneously?

Discreet Graphics?

Par : Brotuulaan
I'm putting together a recommendation for new streaming and projection computers for my church, and it occurred to me that NDI might work better on discrete or integrated graphics. Some searching brought up an article on Scan Converter ( which said it requires integrated graphics rather than discrete.

1) The article lists Scan Converter 3.5, but I have NDI Tools 4.5on our current system. Do the versions of individual utilities match the tools suite, rendering this article irrelevant to my situation?

2) If so, how can I find out how SC and the other tools will interact with discrete vs integrated graphics?

I want to make the best recommendation I can for this upgrade, and we use NDI regularly to add lyrics to our live stream (currently SC and an NDI plugin to pull it into OBS with VI as a backup). We also plan on using an NDI output from OBS to feed several stations from the sanctuary, so we'll be using various NDI features by that point.

Livetext 3 output not showing up over NDI

Par : IUPtech
I have a PC running Livetext 3 in my control room and I can't see my graphics over NDI. I have a TC1 which sees the computer by name and Livetext CG showing when adding as a source for a channel. When I select it, the screen is black. The same thing happens on my office PC running NDI Monitor over the same subnet. I have a laptop we use for sports running Livetext 3 and it works fine. At the top right, it shows as "disconnected" on the suspect unit. My laptop shows as "connected" when connected to NDI Monitor. What would cause Livetext to show as disconnected when it's selected as the source for NDI Monitor? If I close Livetext and put up an NDI test pattern from NDI tools, it shows up.

NDI Access Manager - Unable to add recieve/send sources?

Par : kidgkodiak
Hi all,

I've tried to uninstall + reinstall NDI several times on one machine, but seems like I cannot define any remote + send sources via NDI's Access Manager. The fields are all blank, and each time I've tried to add a source/send it still appears blank in NDI's Access Manager.

This is only happening to one device on my network, not the other PCs. Wondering if there would be a conflict or another program that would have hijacked my ability to add/send? This is using the latest instance of NDI tools (4.5) and have no other NDI SDK tools or other NDI tools installed of that sort.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ndiaccess.jpg 
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ID:	148201

Is there a way to delete a config file or somehow reset my send/receive locations so I can get this working again?

Thanks in advance!
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Name:	ndiaccess.jpg 
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Studio Monitor not recording overlay

Par : pixelplow
I've got an NDI-based video network with multiple cameras and a presentation computer. I'm trying to record the NDI feed from my switcher with an overlay from the presentation computer. They both show up in Studio Monitor like I want, but when I record, only the switcher output is recorded. The overlay isn't recorded separately or as displayed in Studio Monitor. Is that by design, or is that a bug? Anyone know how to record a merged feed + overlay in Studio Monitor?

NDI Test Pattern not working - 4.5 version

Par : Pavithra
Hi Team,

I installed NDI TOOLS 4.5 in Windows 10 Pro laptop system. I uninstalled it as Test pattern generator stopped generating NDI streams.
After that, I had downloaded again 4.5 tool for windows and installed again.
After reinstallation, I could observe that NDI Test pattern is not generating NDI and hence its not captured in NDI studio monitor or in NDI Analysis tool.
Please let me know how to make it operational.

NDI Scan Converter only sending video to Wirecast, no audio at all

Par : adweidar
Hi guys, my laptop is only sending video through NDI scan converter with no audio. I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling, still no luck. I downloaded VB cable and still doesn't work. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I have different laptops in my setup and all work fine. I have scan converter set to capture system audio.

Laptop details:

Dell G7 7790
Windows 10
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

NDI Virtual Input Not Working

Par : BrianK
I've installed the NDI Virtual Input app and am not seeing a virtual camera show up in FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.

My physical camera is working fine - it's connected through OBSLink, and shows up in the Video Monitor, so I know I'm getting a good NDI stream.

I'm using a MacPro running Catalina 10.15.5.

Any suggestions?



NDI with dual NICS

Par : sacarmic
we recently had an NDI issue pop up I wanted to run by you all to see if you have have some advice. We have a TC460 with a Talkshow and two other PCs running CG software. We use NDI to have the TS and two PCs feed the TC. The two PCs and TS are using a dual Nic, one for the internet, one for a private closed network with the TC. This has worked great for 2+ years without problem. Without warning last week, the TC stopped receiving audio/video over NDI from the TS and two PCs. It "Sees" them as sources but doesn't receive audio video. Nothing was updated on the TC or TS and the two PCs get the regular Win 10 updates.

If I disconnect the internet network from the TS or two PC's, TC gets audio/video from them over NDI. IF I temporarily put the TC on the internet, it sees audio/video over NDI. But it can't be on the internet long term because of the Windows 7 issue. The TS and and two PCs see each other if I use NDI tools. I tried prioritizing the network adapters on all of them but that doesn't seem to help.

Newtek's official support response is NDI doesn't support dual NIC so they can't help. I said the TS ships with dual NICs but received no response from this. They did have me updated all the TC software, but no change. It is surpassing in the day and they have no way for NDI to deal with more than one NIC.

Anyone else run into this or seen a solution? Any input is appreciated.


Thomas Colin, généraliste 3D en recherche de poste

Par : Shadows

Découvrez les travaux de Thomas Colin, artiste généraliste actuellement disponible en région parisienne. Il dispose de compétences en modélisation, texturing, rigging, animation, rendu, compositing, tracking, rotoscopie.
Il est notamment passé chez Microbe Studio, MyCloud3D ou encore One More.

L’article Thomas Colin, généraliste 3D en recherche de poste est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

NDI Blinking Issue Upon Input

Par : saxman1815

I'm not sure if this is an NDI issue or a ProPresenter issue, so I'm starting here. I have an NDI input to our new Tricaster Mini-SDI model to bring our slides from ProPresenter into the TC. The image looks great and there is very little lag.

The problem: every so many slide changes, there is a brief flicker (or more like a blink) as the slide changes. The frequency seems to depend on how often slides are changing. If there's some time in between, it seems to happen every fourth slide (approx.). If we're changing more quickly, it happens more frequently.

Here's a bit more info: We're using NDI Syphon to send the image over, but have also tried using NDI Scan Converter (the most current version as of this week) and we have the same issue. The TC is up to date as of 3 weeks ago. We are "hard wired" using CAT. 6A through a gigabit switch, which contains only the TC and the Macbook Pro (2018, I believe).

Thanks in advance for your help,

NDI on second network card (lan)

I was trying to keep separated the NDI traffic from my main network. For this reason I added a second network card on an address 192.168.1.x while the primary network card is on 172.26.1.x.
This second network card have a static io address that I also gave to my NDI encoders (Connect Spark). The second card and the encoders are connected via a dedicated switch. I can ping the encoders from my pc (mac) but when I open my streaming software (this happen both in Wirecast and Obs ) I cannot see the NDI sources. If I connect this dedicated switch to the main switch and assign dhcp to my second card (in this case will get a same address in 172.26.1.x and as well the encoders when I open OBS I can see the NDI sources. I think I will still have benefits having a second network card connected to the same switch of the encoders (NewTek spark) but I was hoping to be able to do it with separated lan to avoid NDI traffic in the main lab. Any suggestion where I’m missing something ?

NDI use as a webcam in Adobe Character Animator

I thought I read this is possible but I can't figure it out.

I want to use Adobe Character Animator to make a few promo videos for work. Since I am working from home now I can't be with the person that will be animated like at the office. The plan was for them to sit in front of a webcam at my office and use character animator to create the animation as she read the script.

I thought I read where you can use NDI with Character Animator so it sees the NDI feed as the webcam that the program is using to animate the character. This would allow me to have her send me a video file of her reading the script looking into a camera. Then use NDI to feed the webcam on Character Animator and the puppet would animate based on the recognized facial movements and mouth from the video I am feeding via NDI.

I can not get the Character Animator to pick up the webcam/NDI feed in the recording window. I am on windows 10 and I have the NDI Tools latest release installed on both the playback computer and the Character Animator computer. I can use Scan Convertor and Studio monitor between the computers and see the video playing so I know NDI is talking on the network. Is there a way to make this work?

I see lots of tutorials to use the output of Character Animator to be a webcam but I want to do the opposite. I was character animator to see a webcam that is being fed via NDI.


NDI corrupting synchronous RTMP streams

Par : kgoodyer
I have a rather strange set up.....

I use a NVIDIA QUADRO K2000 Graphics/GPU card. The reason for this is my CDN insists I provide him with multiple bitrate feeds. The K2000 had unlimited simultaneous NVENC h.264 stream which I use to encode 8 x streams at different resolutions and bit rates. It is driven by FFMPEG taking its video input from the Direct Show output of vMix. This works perfectly, and doesn't miss a packet.

However if I use NDI Studio Monitor on a remote PC the RTMP streams start to corrupt, and packets aren't making it to the CDN.

The system is well withing parameters. CPU@40%(avg) MEMORY 4Mb of 8Mb , GPU 3D@80% (peak), NVENC@30% (avg), NVDEC@5%(peak) and about 1Gb of the 2Gb GPU RAM

Gbit Ethernet, Running at about 2mbps RX, and 20mbps TX without NDI and 55mbps with Remote NDI Studio Monitor.

Signal passes through 2 fully managed Layer 2 switches, multicast NOT enabled (Well I have never configured all the Multicast stuff on the switches - who does?). There is no bandwidth issues on any of the segments. All ports are operating correctly at 1000mbps full duplex. I have 10 workstations configured exactly the same, and the RTMP streams on each of them ONLY collapses when I try to view their respective vMix NDI output using NDI Studio Monitor on a remote PC. So the issue is VERY repeatable.

Oh, the NDI Remote Feed is perfect, no corruption or indication of signal loss. RTMP is typically on port 1935, so shouldn't cause any issues with NDI.

Any Ideas?

Switch Options with 10Gig / NBASE-T

Par : muzicman82
Hi all,

I'm an AV Integrator and I'm putting together a small NDI network. I've posted about this elsewhere but thought I'd get some ideas from this forum too.

The system is going to have 3x BirdDog P200 cameras, a few computers with NDI output, and a couple BirdDog SDI encoders. The switcher here is going to be a Panasonic AV-HLC100.

I will likely need to connect some NDI sources to one network switch and uplink that to a second switch with decoders and the AV-HLC100. I realize that the uplink should be 10G.

Where else might I need/want a link that's more than 1Gig? I realize the BirdDog equipment and the switcher only have 1Gig NICs in them, so it's not beneficial there. I will have a PC that is running BirdDog MultiViewer, and I'm thinking NBASE-T here may be good, although my understanding is that this uses the NDI proxy streams?

As far as switch choice goes, I'm looking at the Netgear MS510TXPP since it has POE+, 10G uplink, and the other ports offer 5G or 10G speeds. I looked at the Cisco SG350X, but the mGig options don't have PoE, and I don't need a 24-port switch. What are you using where you have a 10G need?


NDI Scan Converter - Virtual Desktop - Google Cloud

Par : simond83
So, i've got a cloud cluster setup with various NDI machines running and working. I'm taking a video call (Google Meet) and using the Scan Converter app to capture the audio and video. On another machine, running vMix, i get that NDI feed coming in no problem. However, when i close my remote connect to that machine (either PCoIP or RDP), the video seems to freeze and stop. Virtual display is turned on. As soon as i log back in, everything is fine. Everything points to the Scan Converter app and the Microsoft basic render driver. If there's no one logged in, is the render driver working? Is there a way to force this on? Any other ideas?

NDI iOS app crashing

Par : rjwerth
I have been trying to use the free NDI app on an iPhone 10r but the app will not run for more than 5-10 minutes without it just closing. No errors or anything. We've tried reinstalling the app, using a static IP, and of course, soft resetting the phone.

Ubiquity network, very little outside network activity. NDI stream is going to a laptop running VMix. Other sources include a TBS2603se encoder streaming NDI and/or RTSP. I saw another discussion where and RTSP device was messing with the NDI plugin for OBS and crashing...could this be a similar issue?

Robert Wertheimer

NDI Capture cant work on iphone6s

Par : ivanchang
NDI Capture cant work on iphone6s
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Name:	ndica2.jpg 
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my iso 13.5.1
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Name:	ndica1.jpg 
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