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Scan Converter using a lot of CPU resources

Par 4xStreamer
I am getting about 22-30% CPU usage from Scan Converter on my PC. What can I do to drop the resource requirement? It also has the same level even if I use region capture. I thought this was supposed to only use ~6%.

PC stats:

i7-7700K @ 4.2ghz
GTX 1070
3 - 1080p monitors
1 - 1080p webcam

I'm capturing at 60fps. Also, is there some way to make it only capture from one monitor? ROI doesn't capture the whole screen.

Note: On one of my older computers, which has an i5-2400, it uses 30-40% CPU.

MIX 3 & 4 are missing

Par Muzzman
I have just updated our TC-1 to Build 7-1-200210C and just realized that MIX 3 and MIX 4 are no longer available within the "Source Input" drop down list within the TC1 NDI selection. Only MIX1 and MIX2 are available?
MIX 1 and MIX 2 are needed for recording?
I require the DDR's to return as an Input to use Video Delay for each source (for timing) as all the Audio is being done external through a Yamaha Mixer, including DDRs.
I am able to see MIX 3 and MIX 4 in the Output configuration page where I have selected DDR 1 and DDR 2 but it seems with this Firmware update these are no longer available as described above.
Is this a Bug with this F/W or anything else I am missing as it was fine before this Firmware change.

Video stuttering and audio dropouts

Par davidcbny
I've been working with NDI for awhile, but one persistent issue is video stuttering and/or audio drop out. We have the TC 460, and the Mini-HD-SDI, some PTZ cameras, and two Sparks. The stuttering happens regardless of what combination of hardware. Right now, I'm using my laptop with NDI Tools 4 scan converter and receiving with the TC Mini.

NewTek NDI Camera is not NDI|HX Camera? (IOS)

Par JoLa
I bought NewTek NDI Camera. Now I see only NDI|HX camera in Appstore (IOS). And Appstore want another 235 SEK for that. Has Newtek changed name to be able to charge me again? Or what have I missed?
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Thank you to Newtek.

Par kidgkodiak
Just wanted to give you all a big round of applause and thanks for your hard work to each and every one of the people at Newtek for the latest NDI release today. You guys came at the perfect time and while most of the Newtek staff here are usually hounded by questions, I hope this message gets to your team. Again, thank you for doing all that you are to keep us (and definitely from us working from home) afloat during these hard times.

Cheers to your team, and stay safe folks.

NDI and Avid Media Composer Across VLANS

Par justsomeguy
Hi All,

Here's my problem: I'm trying to give multiple end users the ability to use Studio Monitor to watch down the output of multiple Avid Media Composer's running NDI Open NDI plugin. To be clear, i want them to be able to select from a list of roughly 50 machines, to watch one of them, using the monitor. My network is not multicast nor mDNS enabled. My end users are on different VLANS than the Media Composers. For reference, I'm using MC 2018.12 and NDI Tools v4.0 on monitor endpoints.

1) Avid Media Composer does not seem to have a place to configure the Open i/o NDI plugin in order to point it at a Discovery Server (anyone know of a way?) so i can't use a discovery server implementation.

2) I've resorted to Access Manager on the NDI Monitor end point. Im able to manually add the sources in the access manager for the multiple machines and they all work (hooray).

3) Access manager stores it's config in several places.
ndi-config.v1.json in C:\ProgramData\NewTek\NDI
a registry key called "IPs" in HKEY_USERS\-username-\Software\NDI\Networks where -username- is the Administrative or Power user that last launched the Access Manager app

The last point there is something i need to flag, because its important for the next one. Access Manager can only be ran (on windows 10 anyway) by a user that has Power User or Administrative privileges on that machine. If the end user that needs the monitor is not an Admin or Power user, an Administrator needs to configure the access manager and then their use of Studio Monitor will then reference the config put in by the windows Administrative user that did the setup.

What I've found is that neither of the above Configs actually take any precedent in the "Remote Sources" tab. I've tried to manually add Source IPs (comma,separated) to both the RegKey as well as the JSON file. When I next launch the Access Manager application and update the config, both the JSON file and the Registry Key are overwritten by the application upon closing.

So that got my wheels spinning and I realized there must be another config somewhere. Sure enough, there is. That config is called ndiMemos.xml and lives here: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\NewTek where %username% is again, the Admin or PowerUser that configured the Access Manager. I was able actually to manually modify that file, which is great. But I still have this problem with Access Manager needing to be ran as a Power/Admin user because unfortunately many of my users are not Power/Admin on their own machines.

So, here's my ask 1) In the long term, is there any way Access Manager can be properly signed so any user can run it? 2) Is there an easy way to do this? I'm thinking a webserver inside of my environment that "Catches" all the media composer feeds over NDI and Aggregates them into a WebPage so an end user can simply hit that webserver over p443 and click a Source to view it in the browser (html5 video). Does anything like that exist out there?

Thanks all

Advanced Edition 3 no longer supports iVGA - Need help

Par isaac2k2
We recently upgraded out Tricaster 8000 to the latest Advanced Edition 3 firmware and we lost ability to display our Easyworship via ivga to traicaster.

I have read about the NDI solution and installed it on the desktop and setup everything but I have facing a challenge with this new system.

The laptop main screen is captured on Tricaster as a feed but no where to force it to display the secondary screen which is where we project our scriptures to external monitors.

The old ivga had a setting that allows you to select which screen but this new one does not have such option hence we are stuck.

Anyone able to assist.


Can't Get NDI Studio Monitor to record a feed with alpha channel

Par avkid6345
I'm struggling with studio monitor this morning with Studio Monitor and IsoCorder. I have titles coming in from ProPresenter with an alpha channel. I can get it to display properly within Studio Monitor with the checkerboard background confirming that the alpha channel is working, but all recordings just have a black background. I can't find a way to get the iso feed from the titles recorded with alpha channel. Any obvious settings I'm missing? Is there a better NDI recording software out there?

NDI HX1 vs HX2

Par DStoneburner
is there an article that shows the improvements of HX2? Thanks in advance.

Powerpoint in Presenter Mode & Full Screen options?

Par Pasnow
Thinking out loud here, and for an external set of eyes & brain to help think something thru. We do conferences in a fairly large auditorium (100-200 ppl) about the size of a high school gym, but professional environment. Previously, we had out laptop at the podium, and speakers would use the clicker to cycle thru the slides. In between speakers tho we have our staff kinda walk up, fumble thru the laptop to close out the PPT and load up either a On Break set of slides, or maybe a promo or video. It's not terrible, but there's talk it looks a bit amatuerish, and we want to control the slides and projectors view from the back. (Also, some less savvy speakers wish to show a youtube video or something and have trouble bringing it up).

We use Wirecast, and have a Connect Spark. We are thinking of using the Powerpoint laptop in to the Connect Spark, and then Wirecast grabs it for our online viewers as Picture In Picture (this we currently do & is A Okay). Then place a laptop up front, and use Studio Monitor for the speaker to view the powerpoint. And from there, HDMI out to the projector.

However, inevitably, some speakers are going to need/want to see their PPT in Presenter View, and see notes about their speech. It is not our auditorium, and we only get in about 6:30am for an 8am start, and we do not have access to the projector from the back, its hanging high up & fixed, with the HDMI input cable at the front. If we send Presenter View to the podium via Studio Monitor, it then outputs Presenter View to the Projector. There seem to be things like Birddog Mini however if the Powerpoint HDMIs out Full Screen to it, likely it will full screen to the podium.

Logistically, can anyone conceive a way to pull this off? We're thinking some form of screenshare (GotoAssist) for the podium to view the PPT Laptops Presenter View screen, while HDMI out is Full Screen to the Monitor. Or, maybe via OBS using NDI.
Lastly, 2 laptops with NDI Scan Converter on would not see each other, right?

NDI Studio no video but has audio

This is a weird one. Reminds me of when we had to change the .ini file to get overlay to work. Computer Specs below
NDI Studio Ver 4 loads the studio and receives audio, but only shows green screen on video. I'm simply trying to display our NDI output on a local computer on the same Gigabit LAN. Could not get VLC to decode, but suspect it has encode and no decode. Maybe someone knows how to get VLC to decode and display.

So Studio has sound and green screen for video
NDI test pattern Ver 4 crashes with the following error:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Application.Network.TestPatterns.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5e45db8b
Fault Module Name: Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 5e45db06
Exception Code: c000001d
Exception Offset: 0000000000bab64a
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 16a6
Additional Information 2: 16a64011e9427dfff697afa4c86d841b
Additional Information 3: a4c8
Additional Information 4: a4c8bb0ef04e858c1479ab66be8c00c1

Tried Ver 3.6 NDI Tools and get test pattern to another machine for 20+ hours, but Studio 3.6 crashes with this error:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Application.Network.StudioMonitor.x64.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5b580b37
Fault Module Name: Application.Network.StudioMonitor.x64.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 5b580b37
Exception Code: c000001d
Exception Offset: 000000000053fdcb
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 1ee0
Additional Information 2: 1ee092440bf7aac5428f9257921782a1
Additional Information 3: b72b
Additional Information 4: b72b6fc4d6af5792c99d216a12a03bf2
Cleaned everything out and tried several things nothing allows it to display the video. Updated all drivers, no virus, no malware, no spyware, nothing unusual, DX updated, very basic setup. Output to one external monitor, not using laptop monitor on Dell D620

System: Win 7 Ultimate SP1 all updates, turned off everything I didn't need. Plenty of HD space, and swap space set to 5Gb on separate partition.
CPU Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7200 @2.0 GHz, 4096 KB cache, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EMT 64, VT-x
CPU 12%, Physical RAM 50%, network .35%
GPU Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M, Memory 128 MB actual; used dedicated 19MB, Dynamic 25MB

RAM 2x 2GB = 4GB
Gigabit Ethernet to a switch to the other PC, running almost the same specs, but RAM 16Gb and CPU i7. Network is empty except for these two devices.

Any ideas on how to get Studio monitor 4 to display the video?

Scan Converter closes during use

Par tellusmuseum
I am running a PowerPoint on a Windows 10 machine through scan converter into a Tricater TC-1. The two are connected through a local Gigabit switch along with a NCIO, worksurface, and five Newtek PTZ cameras. I am getting freezing through the NDI input every once in a while on the Tricaster. The screen isn't frozen on the Windows 10 machine, just the input into the TC-1. Today, when I checked, the scan converter plug in must have had closed during the PowerPoint. I restarted the plug in, and once again I could see the PC.

Any thoughts?

A way to build with FFmpeg?

Par sneakyjoe
I've recently got interested in building my server with NDI-Nginx-FFmpeg transcoding for my stream. I learned that around a year ago FFMpeg stopped NDI support.
It also looks like FFmpeg even of older versions won't build with NDI SDK? (I also assume I may have been doing something wrong)
Is there a static build of FFmpeg to use on ubuntu or even in Windows, or a way to build FFmpeg myself for personal usage?

NDI stutter

Par imryh

We have a large NDI setup with a new TC Mini 4K in the middle of it. All camera sources (6) are coming into the TC Mini 4K using BirdDog Studios.

Every single camera source is coming up on the TC Mini has a light video stutter every 10-12 seconds.

Any ideas why, and how to fix it?

All on a local network. Lots of bandwidth.



Powerpoint & presenter view

Par dveldhouse
This one seems strange to me, so hoping someone has an idea why. When I connect my laptop to my Mini for recording a PPT, we can't seem to make it work correctly with the presenter view. The standard presentation looks fine on the laptop, but on the Mini and on the pass-through to a projector, the slides are squished top and bottom. The display drivers are fine and are set correctly as far as I can see. There is no problem with the standard presentation view, but some people really like to see their notes when talking. Any thoughts or am I missing something simple?


NDI Version Release Notes

Par rlsafran
I just downloaded the latest NDI Tools and always compare the file size to see if anything has changed. If you go to "C:\Program Files\NewTek\NDI 4 Tools\Scan Converter", for example, right mouse and look at properties -> details tab - you'll see a version number. The last version I downloaded was 4.1.4 and the latest is 4.1.6. It would be great if there was a readme file next to the download page link or in the NDI 4 Tools directory where you can find out what has changed, been fixed or is still a pending issue.


NDI Connect Update Compatibility with TC1 build 2020-01-16?

Par bwood
I recently updated my TC1 systems to the latest software (2020-01-16) and found today that it no longer works properly with the NewTek Connect application (19-07-03), going NDI to SDI. The output seems to be about 1 or more frames per second, instead of the 29.97 I am expecting (I'm in 1080i). Other sources (PTZ, Scan Converter, NewTek Connect on other system) are all still functional, just the newly updated TC1 systems are acting funny in Connect.

Is there a new version of NewTek Connect planned or available that works with the latest NDI package?


Studio Monitor Crashing on All Platforms

Par lonseidman
I downloaded the current version of NDI Tools to my Mac and two Windows PCs. Studio Monitor is crashing on all of them - is this a bug in the currently available version? Strange that two separate Windows PCs and a Mac will exhibit the same behavior.

UPDATE: Also it appears virtual input is crashing too. The Windows PCs are both running with Nvidia GPUs if that makes any difference.

Here is the error I'm seeing on the Mac:

Application Specific Information:
abort() called
terminating with uncaught exception of type Processing::NDI::Plugins::Lib::URL::parser::build_ error: Port defined, but host is empty

updating firmware on NDI-enabled Panasonic camera

Par rwzahora
We have an NDI-enabled Panasonic AW-HE40S that was installed by a vendor. The firmware for the camera is 1.82. Since the installation Panasonic has released two firmware updates, one of which may be useful to us.

Can we install the latest firmware without effecting the NDI capability or is new firmware from NewTek needed?

NDI - Native recording

Par Malapati

could anyone point me in the right direction where I could read up more on TriCaster's new NDI native recording?

Some of the tech data aswell as what the additional "metadata" files that get recorded for each .mov clip, particularly on the TriCaster, are used for.

Thanks in advance.

NDI over VPN

Par adebeau
Hi team,
I have a specific event where I will have 2 different locations at 800m in a city, and I could not have a fiber or cable between the 2 sites.
The only thing I have is 2 x Internet Fiber boxes. So I am assuming having 200M between the 2 sites in VPN.

I am thinking about using NDI on a L2 VPN, but the 1st tests I have done are not positive ( I am using access manager to avoid discovery issues).
So I have a NDI SOurce ---VPN ---INTERNET ----- VPN ---- NDI Monitor

The result is that NDI monitor cannot play the source.

Is there anything mandatory in addition to full TCP/UDP access between NDI Source & Monitor ( I m not talking about broadcast IP for auto-discovery).

Any MTU issues ?

Will it work with a L3 VPN - without autodiscovery - ?

Is there any network spec on NDI protocol somewhere ?

many thanks,
PS: Of course can help, but as the 2 internet boxes are on the same city :)

NDI Connect App - embedding audio

Par chrisaby
I installed the ndi connect app on my computer trying to embed a local audio source (mikrofone) to an ndi video source (NDI PTZ Camera).
I can see the local audiosource on the meter beside the video window, but when I want to control the embedded audio with ndi monitor I can't hear anything.
When trying the same thing with a local camera (not ndi) everything works fine... Is it possible that embedding audio only works with local video interfaces but not with incoming ndi sources?
Is that only possible with NDI Connect Pro?
I use the free NDI Connect App.


NDI Discovery Outside of Router

Par imryh

Due to some issues, we've had to move our TC Mini and all connected BirdDog Studios to a small local router.
Everything is fine inside the router. Everyone discovers everyone.

I'm trying to get the TC Mini NDI to appear outside of the router too. So that other NDI devices on the bigger network can see it.

I've set up port forwarding on the router for ports 49152 - 65535. But still nothing.

Any ideas how to get that to work?



Tools 4 Access Manager question and comment

Par marksctv
In preparation for a cross subnet W10 PC to PC NDI connection for production this summer, I downloaded NDI Tools 4 and started experimenting. I have VLC/NDI running on one PC with the receiver on a different subnet being StudioMonitor. It's working well. But I noticed that even after reboots of both PC's, I no longer need to run Access Manager. Can I get an explanation of where the path info is saved on the receiving PC. Also, the Access Manager executable needs to be signed to avoid the "unknown publisher" message. If the user is running as a Windows user rather than administrator, the user needs to enter an administrator's userid and password which is not allowed in our installation.

NDI Scan Converter ignores screen orientation.

Par Nardella
So, I have encountered an amusing issue. If I rotate my display 180 degrees using windows settings, then I broadcast using Scan Converter the transmitted image will be upside down. This doesn't cause me any significant issues, but I thought you'd like to know.

NDI SDK licensing

Par abo

I am new on this forum.
English is not my native language and the legal terms in the NDI SDK license are unclear to me.
Google translate provides an even more obscure translation :mad:
Anyway I understand that the license seems extremely restrictive.
I know that NDI is already integrated into GNU license opensource applications like OBS studio.

My question is simple: do we have the right to freely use the NDI SDK in an open source software under GNU license?
if yes : Good ! Question closed :)
if no : What must be done step by step to be able to use the NDI SDK in the application as for the obs-ndi plugin in OBS studio?

Thanks for your help.

Scan Converter makes mouse cursor disappear in some apps.

Par Nardella
Hello, in Galcon 2 and some versions of minecraft if Scan Converter is running with "show mouse cursor" on then the mouse cursor is only visible on the NDI feed and not the host system when using certain apps.

Scan converter always set to silent when starting.

Par Nardella
Whenever I launch Scan Converter it is set to silent, how can I fix this?

Livetext 3.0 and Live Only Output to Tricaster 410

Par jaeger33
High School teacher here and about to stream an 8 game basketball tournament. Had a 455 Tricaster before this year and loved iVGA and our external graphics operator on a seperate Win machine running LiveText and the way it came in as a NET input on the 455.

Having now upgraded to an NDI capable machine I am struggling with getting Just the visually pleasing scoreboard part of Livetext 3.0 to show up on the 410 machine. I can get the entire desktop of the computer running Livetext to show up as an input (Using Scan Converter) but I don't want to see the entire LiveText program on screen I just want the scoreboard. I know I could work around by cropping and keying out parts of the livetext screen but it was really slick on the older version where the NET input gave you the option of either mirroring the whole screen or just the LiveText live output. I think I am probably just missing a step somewhere but haven't' been able to find any answers so I turn the question to you all.

Thanks for your help

Virtual input got mirrored

Par Benjisite
Hi !
I try to get virtual input work with a webinar software called "bluejean".
But when the vidéo show in this app, it's all mirrored.
Have you any tips/trick please?
Thanks !