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NDI stutter

Par imryh

We have a large NDI setup with a new TC Mini 4K in the middle of it. All camera sources (6) are coming into the TC Mini 4K using BirdDog Studios.

Every single camera source is coming up on the TC Mini has a light video stutter every 10-12 seconds.

Any ideas why, and how to fix it?

All on a local network. Lots of bandwidth.


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Powerpoint & presenter view

Par dveldhouse
This one seems strange to me, so hoping someone has an idea why. When I connect my laptop to my Mini for recording a PPT, we can't seem to make it work correctly with the presenter view. The standard presentation looks fine on the laptop, but on the Mini and on the pass-through to a projector, the slides are squished top and bottom. The display drivers are fine and are set correctly as far as I can see. There is no problem with the standard presentation view, but some people really like to see their notes when talking. Any thoughts or am I missing something simple?


Checkout Hypertec’s Solutions At 2020 NAB Show Exhibit

Par Andres Benetar

  To live in the information age is to live in a time of substantial innovation and constant evolution. Nothing sums up this notion more than the 2020 NAB Show, which is all about progression and the evolution of the broadcast industry. With over 90,000 professionals who specialize in media, content, and technology attending, then ...

The post Checkout Hypertec’s Solutions At 2020 NAB Show Exhibit appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.

Qligent Will Launch All-in-One Compliance Monitoring System at 2020 NAB Show

Par Andres Benetar

  Earlier this month, Qligent amplified its value proposition for broadcast compliance monitoring with a new all-in-one solution that addresses regulatory requirements for local TV stations, alongside its core quality-oriented proficiencies. This new solution will be unveiled at the 2020 NAB Show. Qligent’s Vision Compliance Monitoring system unlocks a centralized portal to monitor the three ...

The post Qligent Will Launch All-in-One Compliance Monitoring System at 2020 NAB Show appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.

tvONE Will Showcase Magenta Pathfinder at 2020 NAB Show

Par Andres Benetar

  tvONE, a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment, has just announced the Magenta Pathfinder. The Magenta Pathfinde is ultimate KVM solution with zero mouse latency. It is now shipping, and it will be showcased at the 2020 NAB Show. Magenta Pathfinder provides a scalable, zero-latency, KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse ...

The post tvONE Will Showcase Magenta Pathfinder at 2020 NAB Show appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.

tvONE Will Showcase CORIOmaster2 Video Wall Processor at 2020 NAB Show

Par Andres Benetar

  This upcoming 2020 NAB Show, tvONE will be showcasing the new CORIOmaster2, an all-in-one, multi-window video processor delivering unprecedented processing power with more pixels than you will ever need. CORIOmaster2 supports more windows with higher quality than ever before with uncompromised 4K60 and 8K ready performance. Standout features of CORIOmaster2 include its exceptionally high ...

The post tvONE Will Showcase CORIOmaster2 Video Wall Processor at 2020 NAB Show appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.

NDI Version Release Notes

Par rlsafran
I just downloaded the latest NDI Tools and always compare the file size to see if anything has changed. If you go to "C:\Program Files\NewTek\NDI 4 Tools\Scan Converter", for example, right mouse and look at properties -> details tab - you'll see a version number. The last version I downloaded was 4.1.4 and the latest is 4.1.6. It would be great if there was a readme file next to the download page link or in the NDI 4 Tools directory where you can find out what has changed, been fixed or is still a pending issue.


NDI Connect Update Compatibility with TC1 build 2020-01-16?

Par bwood
I recently updated my TC1 systems to the latest software (2020-01-16) and found today that it no longer works properly with the NewTek Connect application (19-07-03), going NDI to SDI. The output seems to be about 1 or more frames per second, instead of the 29.97 I am expecting (I'm in 1080i). Other sources (PTZ, Scan Converter, NewTek Connect on other system) are all still functional, just the newly updated TC1 systems are acting funny in Connect.

Is there a new version of NewTek Connect planned or available that works with the latest NDI package?


Studio Monitor Crashing on All Platforms

Par lonseidman
I downloaded the current version of NDI Tools to my Mac and two Windows PCs. Studio Monitor is crashing on all of them - is this a bug in the currently available version? Strange that two separate Windows PCs and a Mac will exhibit the same behavior.

UPDATE: Also it appears virtual input is crashing too. The Windows PCs are both running with Nvidia GPUs if that makes any difference.

Here is the error I'm seeing on the Mac:

Application Specific Information:
abort() called
terminating with uncaught exception of type Processing::NDI::Plugins::Lib::URL::parser::build_ error: Port defined, but host is empty

updating firmware on NDI-enabled Panasonic camera

Par rwzahora
We have an NDI-enabled Panasonic AW-HE40S that was installed by a vendor. The firmware for the camera is 1.82. Since the installation Panasonic has released two firmware updates, one of which may be useful to us.

Can we install the latest firmware without effecting the NDI capability or is new firmware from NewTek needed?

NDI - Native recording

Par Malapati

could anyone point me in the right direction where I could read up more on TriCaster's new NDI native recording?

Some of the tech data aswell as what the additional "metadata" files that get recorded for each .mov clip, particularly on the TriCaster, are used for.

Thanks in advance.

NDI over VPN

Par adebeau
Hi team,
I have a specific event where I will have 2 different locations at 800m in a city, and I could not have a fiber or cable between the 2 sites.
The only thing I have is 2 x Internet Fiber boxes. So I am assuming having 200M between the 2 sites in VPN.

I am thinking about using NDI on a L2 VPN, but the 1st tests I have done are not positive ( I am using access manager to avoid discovery issues).
So I have a NDI SOurce ---VPN ---INTERNET ----- VPN ---- NDI Monitor

The result is that NDI monitor cannot play the source.

Is there anything mandatory in addition to full TCP/UDP access between NDI Source & Monitor ( I m not talking about broadcast IP for auto-discovery).

Any MTU issues ?

Will it work with a L3 VPN - without autodiscovery - ?

Is there any network spec on NDI protocol somewhere ?

many thanks,
PS: Of course can help, but as the 2 internet boxes are on the same city :)

NDI Connect App - embedding audio

Par chrisaby
I installed the ndi connect app on my computer trying to embed a local audio source (mikrofone) to an ndi video source (NDI PTZ Camera).
I can see the local audiosource on the meter beside the video window, but when I want to control the embedded audio with ndi monitor I can't hear anything.
When trying the same thing with a local camera (not ndi) everything works fine... Is it possible that embedding audio only works with local video interfaces but not with incoming ndi sources?
Is that only possible with NDI Connect Pro?
I use the free NDI Connect App.


M for Media installs GB Labs FastNAS intelligent storage

Par Manor Marketing

Aldermaston, UK, 10 February 2020 – GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, today announced that M for Media, an Abu Dhabi-based media production house that produces TV shows and adapts international formats for the GCC and MENA region, has installed GB Labs’ FastNAS shared storage system. ...

The post M for Media installs GB Labs FastNAS intelligent storage appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.

NDI Discovery Outside of Router

Par imryh

Due to some issues, we've had to move our TC Mini and all connected BirdDog Studios to a small local router.
Everything is fine inside the router. Everyone discovers everyone.

I'm trying to get the TC Mini NDI to appear outside of the router too. So that other NDI devices on the bigger network can see it.

I've set up port forwarding on the router for ports 49152 - 65535. But still nothing.

Any ideas how to get that to work?



Tools 4 Access Manager question and comment

Par marksctv
In preparation for a cross subnet W10 PC to PC NDI connection for production this summer, I downloaded NDI Tools 4 and started experimenting. I have VLC/NDI running on one PC with the receiver on a different subnet being StudioMonitor. It's working well. But I noticed that even after reboots of both PC's, I no longer need to run Access Manager. Can I get an explanation of where the path info is saved on the receiving PC. Also, the Access Manager executable needs to be signed to avoid the "unknown publisher" message. If the user is running as a Windows user rather than administrator, the user needs to enter an administrator's userid and password which is not allowed in our installation.

NDI Scan Converter ignores screen orientation.

Par Nardella
So, I have encountered an amusing issue. If I rotate my display 180 degrees using windows settings, then I broadcast using Scan Converter the transmitted image will be upside down. This doesn't cause me any significant issues, but I thought you'd like to know.

NDI SDK licensing

Par abo

I am new on this forum.
English is not my native language and the legal terms in the NDI SDK license are unclear to me.
Google translate provides an even more obscure translation :mad:
Anyway I understand that the license seems extremely restrictive.
I know that NDI is already integrated into GNU license opensource applications like OBS studio.

My question is simple: do we have the right to freely use the NDI SDK in an open source software under GNU license?
if yes : Good ! Question closed :)
if no : What must be done step by step to be able to use the NDI SDK in the application as for the obs-ndi plugin in OBS studio?

Thanks for your help.

Scan Converter makes mouse cursor disappear in some apps.

Par Nardella
Hello, in Galcon 2 and some versions of minecraft if Scan Converter is running with "show mouse cursor" on then the mouse cursor is only visible on the NDI feed and not the host system when using certain apps.

Scan converter always set to silent when starting.

Par Nardella
Whenever I launch Scan Converter it is set to silent, how can I fix this?

At CES, ATSC 3.0 home gateways enabled NextGen TV capabilities on standard TV sets

Par Josh Gordon

Seoul South Korea; January 31, 2020: At CES 2020, NexGen TV sets that can receive ATSC 3.0 signals were introduced by many of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, including Samsung, LG, and Sony. While this is a huge boost for NexGen TV, it will take time before most US households own one of these new TV sets. ...

The post At CES, ATSC 3.0 home gateways enabled NextGen TV capabilities on standard TV sets appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.

Livetext 3.0 and Live Only Output to Tricaster 410

Par jaeger33
High School teacher here and about to stream an 8 game basketball tournament. Had a 455 Tricaster before this year and loved iVGA and our external graphics operator on a seperate Win machine running LiveText and the way it came in as a NET input on the 455.

Having now upgraded to an NDI capable machine I am struggling with getting Just the visually pleasing scoreboard part of Livetext 3.0 to show up on the 410 machine. I can get the entire desktop of the computer running Livetext to show up as an input (Using Scan Converter) but I don't want to see the entire LiveText program on screen I just want the scoreboard. I know I could work around by cropping and keying out parts of the livetext screen but it was really slick on the older version where the NET input gave you the option of either mirroring the whole screen or just the LiveText live output. I think I am probably just missing a step somewhere but haven't' been able to find any answers so I turn the question to you all.

Thanks for your help

The Welcome Chorus – The voice of a community

Par Filip Visnjic
The Welcome Chorus – The voice of a community
Created by Yuri Sizuki (Pentagram) in collaboration with Fish Fabrications and Counterpoint, 'The Welcome Chorus' is an interactive installation that brings together sound, sculpture and artificial intelligence.

Virtual input got mirrored

Par Benjisite
Hi !
I try to get virtual input work with a webinar software called "bluejean".
But when the vidéo show in this app, it's all mirrored.
Have you any tips/trick please?
Thanks !

Bird Dog vs. Spark

Par imryh

Since our new Tricaster Mini 4K doesn't have any physical video inputs and outputs, we've been looking into expanding our mobile NDI converter fleet.
We currently have 6 sparks, which we've used over the last 2-3 years, and have been happy with.

We're looking to get 8 more devices. Either from Newtek or BirdDog.
Does anyone have any opinions on the matter?
I realize the difference between NDI and NDI|HX. But, beyond that.

Is the BirdDog Studio any good? Should we bother getting that, or wait until their 4K line is out?



access manager

Par alonso
Hi can someone explain me how access magaer works? i read the manual but dont figure out how it works.

I need conecct a cellphone with ndi camera that IP is

with a PC with NDI monitor with IP . both devices comunicate well i make a ping from PC to cellphone and it works.

i understand that acces manager help me with that kind of connection.