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NDI HX camera to Tricaster running AE2

Par : Selld
I downloaded the new NDI HX camera app and I was hoping to use it with my older TC Mini running AE2 Version 5-1 191224, which is the latest version. The Mini recognizes the stream, but I get a message that says "To access the NDI stream, please update the receiver software to a version prepared using the NDI 4 SDK (or better)." I downloaded the latest NDI HX drivers for this machine which is build 200520, which is the latest version. Is there something I can update to allow me to use this NDI source?

Capturing full screen with Scan Converter

Par : slcf2003
I'm totally new to NDI and just trying out the NDI tools. I would like to capture the entire screen area with Scan Converter. The window for configuring ROI comes with a boarder and a title bar, so I can only make the ROI the full screen area minus the title bar. Am I doing it wrong? I'm using Windows 10.

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Multiple IP addresses on a NIC

Par : Ivank0
There's a computer with two IP addresses from different subnets on a single NIC. The first subnet is for a whole LAN. The second subnet is for other equipment and non-routable for the LAN. Other computers with NDI programs see NDI resources on that computer, but show black screen after connection.
So, I armed with Wireshark and found out that mDNS reported the 2nd address to other computers. Therefore, when they could receive nothing because of no route between those subnets.
When I removed the 2nd address everything became fine.

Is there any way to bind NDI to specific IP address?


Second display on Notebooks not showing with ScanConverter

Par : mixmexmax
Hi all!
On a desktop computer with two displays attached NDI Scanconverter broadcasts both reliably. But on Notebooks with the internal and one external display (extended desktop) running, NDI scanconverter just broadcasts the internal display of the notebook. How can I get both displays to be broadcast? Thanks for your suggestions.

Code signing issue with mac NDI virtual input?

Par : hi_im_nate
Starting with NDI Tools 4.5, the macOS version of NDI Tools included a virtual input program. This is supposed to allow NDI video sources to emulate a webcam on macOS so that NDI can be used as an input for Skype/Zoom/Slack video calls. After installing the program, I've been unable to use it for this intended functionality. I can launch the program and select an NDI source from the network, but no program that accepts a webcam input can see the NDI virtual input as a camera option. I looked through the system logs for a message that looked related, and I found these:


default        16:18:36.023089 -0700        Photo Booth        Error loading /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera:  dlopen(/Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera, 0x0106): code signature in (/Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera) not valid for use in process: mapping process is a platform binary, but mapped file is not
default        16:18:36.023180 -0700        Photo Booth        Cannot find function pointer cmioNDIPluginMain for factory <CFUUID 0x6000028312e0> BB86C477-373F-49D9-AA4B-CE86A0E883F1 in CFBundle/CFPlugIn 0x7f9c12f10530 </Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin> (bundle, not loaded)
error        16:18:36.023021 -0700        kernel        Library Validation failed: Rejecting '/Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera' (Team ID: W8U66ET244, platform: no) for process 'Photo Booth(40707)' (Team ID: none, platform: yes), reason: mapping process is a platform binary, but mapped file is not
error        16:21:33.055572 -0700        kernel        Library Validation failed: Rejecting '/Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera' (Team ID: W8U66ET244, platform: no) for process '' (Team ID: BJ4HAAB9B3, platform: no), reason: mapping process and mapped file (non-platform) have different Team IDs
default        16:21:33.055685 -0700        Error loading /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera:  dlopen(/Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera, 262): no suitable image found.  Did find:
        /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera: code signature in (/Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin/Contents/MacOS/NDIVirtualCamera) not valid for use in process using Library Validation: mapping process and mapped file (non-platform) have different Team IDs
default        16:21:33.055741 -0700        Cannot find function pointer cmioNDIPluginMain for factory <CFUUID 0x6000008cce40> BB86C477-373F-49D9-AA4B-CE86A0E883F1 in CFBundle/CFPlugIn 0x7fa03c842600 </Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin> (bundle, not loaded)

This is from trying to use Photo Booth and Zoom, opening the list of possible sources in each application. I looked up this error online, and it appears to be related to an issue with the certificate used to sign the binary. Is it possible that someone from the NDI team signed the VirtualInput application with a normal app certificate and not one that has permission to run as a camera plugin?

I'm using macOS 10.14.6, NdiVirtualInput 1.0 from NDI Tools 4.5

Has anyone else been able to get the NDI Virtual Input application to work correctly on macOS?

Networking for NDI

Par : MartyATS
I.T. is asking for a network administrator's document for NDI. Does anything exist that better than the KB articles?

OSX Video Monitor Tabs/Multiview

Par : timboxyz
OSX Video Monitor has a View option to show the tab bar and one to show all tabs. However I can find no way to add tabs and therefore "show all" is greyed out.
I am therefore wondering how to add tabs, or alternatively launch multiple copies of the Monitor. Trying to launch a second copy only directs you to the already open one.

Scan Converter Duplicating Streams (OBS or NDI problem?)

Par : 4xStreamer
I am using scan converter to send video to a capture computer. In the OBS scene collection there are multiple references to the same source. It seems each reference is using individual streams from scan converter, each about 150Mb. The number of references I have is causing my network link to DDoS, because scan converter is going over the capacity of the GbE link. It occasionally shows it using 900Mb+. Is this an OBS or NDI problem? If the same source is being requested, shouldn't NDI send it a reference?

How to overlay NDI stream with alpha channel

Par : Adrian Cho
Can anyone advise how I can overlay an NDI stream with animated graphics onto an existing video signal? I know I can do this in software using something like OBS but would prefer a hardware solution. I know there are hardware NDI to HDMI or SDI converters but I’d still have to get the overlay to happen and I’m also not sure whether this would require having the NDI output split into separate key and fill feeds. Thanks.

Is AVX used at all for NDI decoding?

Par : paulreimer
For dedicated NDI receiver PCs, I would like to make sure I am buying CPUs with the optimal feature set for NDI decoding, but I'd also like them to be as cheap as possible since I'll be using a lot of them.

So my question is:
Is x86 AVX acceleration used at all, for pure decoding applications? The monitor apps appear to work on older CPUs with only SSE3 support. (Some other NDI apps just crash immediately if AVX is not supported by the CPU).

When AVX is not available but an NDI app still runs, is it still decoding optimally? I don't want to leave any performance on the table, but I am also interested in pursuing the smallest/cheapest dedicated receiver PCs.

Feature Request to Zoom on NDI integration

Just to let users of NDI and Zoom know, there is a feature request to Zoom on its native NDI integration on the Zoom Developer Forum. If you find this feature may be helpful to you, please upvote it and provide some comments there

(If there are any NewTek engineers here, can you please reach out to Zoom on suggesting such integration as well? It would be amazing if Zoom can implement NDI as like, or more than, Skype does.

New to NDI on iPhone

Par : Phaetos
I recently found Newtek NDI for using my iPhone as a webcam in OBS and it works great, except for the delay, but oh well. I have a question on it's use though. Sometimes the frame on the screen is Red, sometimes it's Blue. What do those colors indicate?

Is it possible to use NDI HX to connect an iPhone to a PC by cable?

Par : Thresher

I'm a newbie to NDI HX. I downloaded it to try to use an old iPhone 6 as a webcam with my Win 10 PC (older Dell with Intel i5).

After much trial and error I was successful in using the phone as a webcam with Google Meet. The issue is there is significant lag between the audio and the video; the latter is way behind.

I am sure the issue is related to my network setup: the iPhone is using WiFi to connect to my home LAN, while my PC is connected via Ethernet. The PC does not have WiFi capability.

When I turn off WiFi on the phone, and connect it to the PC via a Lightning to USB cable it no longer works. The PC still sees the drivers, and the NDI app on the phone still runs, but they do not communicate.

Is there a way to connect the iPhone directly to the PC and still have NDI HX function? I am hoping that if I can do this, I will lose the lag.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



This ambitious duo of A/V architects and toolmakers cook up mind-altering experiences in generative art that require expertise in math, coding and the science of sound.

By creating mesmerizing digital matter of frighteningly porous frontiers exclusively through TouchDesigner and modular gear, they push back the limits of footage and sample-free language that is opulent and breathtakingly singular.

Taking as starting points their most irrepressible fascinations with death, the unknown and the cosmos, they craft thrilling, precise, painterly code-art that broaches big philosophical questions and provides mesmerizing though highly speculative answers. Kristina and Aleksandr create modern generative art and innovative tools that raise the bar on the synergistic possibilities of visuals and sound.

They participated in many international festivals and exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Indonesia, USA, Peru. Including MUTEK festival, GAMMA festival, Electric Castle festival, LACMA, Moscow Planetarium, Orpheum Theatre LA e.t.c. 404’s works were selected by Japan Media Arts Festival and awarded by Genius Loci Weimar Festival, IMAP festival.


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NDI Working on one Machine but not the other.


I am really at loss with how to proceed here, so asking for a little help as it beyond my ability to find a solution.

My setup is machine One with AMD 2600x CPU, 16g Ram and, Radeon 580 GPU.

Machine Two is AMD 3700x Cpu, 32g Ram and Nvidia 1080ti GPU.

I am trying to stream from one PC to another, I have Cat 6 cabling with a non managed switch between them. They can log into each other and see each other on the network and ping each other. Both are Running Windows 10, and I have installed NDI runtime and NDI Tool kit on both and Restarted both machines many times in install.

Here is weird thing, I am using Virtual Input and Scan Converter, When I run Scan Converter on Machine Two it works and I can see it on the Virtual Input on both Machine One and Machine Two, but when I run Scan Converter on Machine One, I cannot see it either Machines Virtual Input. So it can't even see it's self running on the machine, Which has me utterly confused. I have checked the firewall and Anti virus/Malware settings, and disabled them all to see if that was problem which it was not. I have created exactly the same firewall rules for Machine One has I have for Machine Two. I have uninstalled and Reinstalled Tools and Runtime Serval times, Restarted many times and tried everything i can think of. I have disabled my Router Firewall just incase to check but nothing seems to fix the problem.

I am really confused to what is causing the problem and why Machine Two works perfectly fine to Machine One, but Machine One won't work at all and I have done nothing different. My thoughts are its something to with GPU? All my drivers are up to date, including motherboard, GPU and Windows and using the latest version of both Tools and Runtime, Does anyone have any suggestions to why its not working? or workarounds I can do? thanks

EmberGen disponible en beta : une vidéo pour prendre en main l’outil

Par : Shadows

Après une annonce puis un lancement en alpha l’an passé, l’outil de simulation de fluides EmberGen arrive en beta.

Capable de simuler feu, fumée et explosions, il se distingue par son approche temps réel et permet d’exporter flipbooks, séquences d’images et volumes VDB. A ce stade, il cible essentiellement les secteurs du jeu vidéo et du cinéma.

L’outil est évidemment payant, mais une offre d’essai est proposée. Pour en profiter au mieux, l’éditeur vient justement de mettre en ligne une vidéo de lancement avec un peu plus de deux heures de contenu : de quoi prendre en main l’outil et faire vos premiers pas afin, par la suite, d’avoir une bonne idée des capacités du produit et de savoir s’il correspond à vos besoins.

L’article EmberGen disponible en beta : une vidéo pour prendre en main l’outil est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

HELP! - NDI TOOLS for Streaming/Twitch

I have a 2 PC setup using NDI tools to stream my games etc.

Issue : It seems that after a period of time after streaming music etc letting it sit, when I check my stream it has started to skip or sound freezes or all freezes. So when I go back to my main gaming PC and close out NDI tools and re open it, it will reset everything and start working again smoothly.

Is there something I am doing wrong or is there a fix for this so I can trust and leave my computer and not have to worry about keep checking & closing out the NDI tool & restarting it?

My set up is like below :

1. PC 1 Gaming PC - I open NDI tools on this computer.(Pics added)
2. PC 2 Streaming PC - This is where I am running Streamlabs to capture my gaming or streaming on. I typically do not open NDI tools on this one as it works without having to open it but I have it installed on this PC as I was instructed.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Desktop Screenshot 2020.05.02 - 
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Name:	Desktop Screenshot 2020.05.02 - 
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Name:	Desktop Screenshot 2020.05.02 - 
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ID:	147602   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Desktop Screenshot 2020.05.02 - 
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ID:	147603  

NDI Test Patterns

Par : maniacpony
Using the NDI Test pattern generator in NDI Tools creates a 1080 test signal at 29.97fps. Can the output be forced to 10808i50, PAl or other settings for UK workflow use? There's no controls in the app.


NDI over Wan

Par : maniacpony
Hi All,
Newbie question - Just getting started with NDI, although can't get very far working from home(!), so mostly theoretical up to now. I'm aware of tools such as Sienna Cloud for NDI for NDI over a public network, and appreciate how useful this is. However, in a basic setup, where you may have the odd remote source on a different subnet or an external connection, what's to stop you just using NDI Access Manager to manually add the IP address of the remote device?

For example if have a remote rooftop camera for a skyline view on top of another building, so want to bring in an NDI HX feed from a different subnet. This would have a fixed IP, and can ask IT to unblock any required ports.

If I had a similar single source from an external IP address (NDI or NDI HX), again assuming I'm not concerned about DHCP IP Addresses possibly changing, can this be manually added via Access Manager as well?


Can't read video file recorder with Studio Monitor

Par : acasabon
Hello, it used to work fine, but now, on two different computers, If I record with studio monitor, no matter the source (tried a camera on a Decklink, Scan converter, etc), I can't play the file with anything.

1st. Is there some kind of recovery tool?
2nd. Any idea?

Ndi & aws

Par : jvphobic
AWS doesn't support multicasting in their VPCs (private networks). I would love to know if there is another way we can get NDI working between 2 PCs in my AWS VPC. I would like to virtualize my LiveU setup with Vmix PCs.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

Scan Converter 4.5 not working in Windows10

Par : DA_NDIuser
On one of our PCs (i3 intel 2.10gHz graphics 3000) Scan converter 4.5 stopped working, it was working in previous versions and in this release too, but without any warning it just stopped appearing as discoverable. Test Patterns works perfectly on the same machine.

By the way this computer has dual graphics (one is inactive) but it was working before.

Can you please help me?

NDI on Mac to TriCaster *Black Screen*

Hi, I am running ProPresenter 7 and sending a feed using it’s NDI output feed on my Mac and when looking at Video Monitor on our TriCaster machine, we are able to see the output. However, when connecting to the Mac within the TriCaster software, all that is visible is black.

Also, when using Scan Converter to send an output, it works but with low FPS. Anyone have any solutions to this?

Scan Converter - Resolution settings

Par : simond83
I can't find anything in the documentation. I can see the frame-rate options, but not the resolution. If my PC is plugged into a HD monitor and i capture that screen, do i get 1920x1080? What about the ROI? Is that pixel for pixel? Are there any scaling options? So 1920x1080 to UHD 3840x2160?

Import for Adobe CC via NDI

I'm looking for how this is touted but how does this actually work? What am I missing? I can send NDI Out and In in my personal network at home...but can't get anything...nor instructions on how to do the importing and what that actually means? Is it live capture? Or is it recorded files and can import that way?

Curious to see this is action.

10bit NDI options

Par : simond83
The official documentation around NDI is very vague.

"NDI fully supports all resolutions, frame rates and video streams, with and without alpha channel. In practical terms, resolution and frame rates will be determined by the capabilities of endpoint devices. The most common implementations are expected to utilize 8-bit UYVY and RGBA video, however support for 10-bit and 16-bit is available. The internal pipeline of the codec is maintained entirely at 16-bit or better."

It's based on 16bit, or 16 bit is available? 16 bit or better? So it's 32bit now?? What 10bit options are currently available (i know BirdDog has released their 10b encoders) but how does this fit into the SDK? Is 4.5 10b, 16b or 32b?!

NDI display as extended desktop (Windows)

Newer to NDI and first time posting. Programs like OBS, Easy Worship, and V Mix have the option to send its display directly to an NDI display. I think Power Point is working on a similar option. Is there any way to do this natively in Windows? Or do you know of an effort working on this functionality. Like adding and configuring an additional display (like a projector), but the display is actually a networked NDI display.