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Tips for Getting the Smoothest Handheld Footage

Par Rubidium Wu

Today we check out a few tools and methods you can use to capture the smoothest handheld footage possible for your next project.

Quick Tip: Fixing Rolling Shutter Flash with Opacity Blends

Par Caleb Stephens

The rolling shutter in CMOS chips can cause flash frames. Here's how you can fix them and get your project back on track.

Post-Production Tip: Quick and Dirty Noise Reduction Without a Plugin

Par Caleb Stephens

Need to clean up some noise in your footage, fast, but you don't have any plugins on hand? We've got you covered with this technique.

Industry News: The Clean Cache Lawsuit Against Adobe

Par Caleb Stephens

Adobe's Creative Cloud has suffered a number of bugs and stability problems with each update. One bug, though, could get expensive.

How Pixar Saved Toy Story 2 from Almost Complete Deletion

Par Caleb Stephens

Proper data protection during production is critical, and Pixar almost learned this the hard way with Toy Story 2. Here's the story.

New to Filmmaking? Here’s Why You Should Keep Your Discarded Footage

Par Lewis McGregor

Are you new to the world of filmmaking? Here’s why you should keep your initial footage, even when you feel is isn't up to par with the ...

Revive Your Footage With Resolve 15’s Automatic Dirt Repair and Dust Buster Tools

Par Lewis McGregor

The imperfections are part of the charm of archival footage. However, sometimes they can be a bit much. Resolve has the solution.