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Witbe And Sofrecom Now Partners As They Support Customers In Indonesia With QoE Technologies

Par Andres Benetar

  Last October, Witbe (Euronext Growth – FR0013143872 – ALWIT), the leader in Quality of Experience Monitoring, proudly announced a new partnership with PT Sofrecom Indonesia, a consulting and engineering firm specializing in telecommunications. This partnership will take place at the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas. It will allow Sofrecom to offer support and ...

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Test des interrupteurs Friends of Hue de NodOn

Par Pierre Dandumont

C’est un problème que j’avais déjà évoqué : quand on s’équipe avec des ampoules connectées (Hue, mais pas que), le problème des interrupteurs se pose vite. J’avais expliqué mon problème il y a quelques mois, en montrant une solution : les modèles Friends of Hue, plus spécifiquement les Vimar, assez onéreux (comptez 65 à 70 €). Depuis, NodOn a sorti un modèle vendu moins cher.

Le NodOn vaut seulement 35 €, ce qui semble un peu plus abordable. La conception de base est la même que tous les autres interrupteurs Friends of Hue un mécanisme EnOcean à énergie cinétique, avec quatre boutons. En gros, il faut pousser de façon assez forte, ce qui va générer l’énergie nécessaire à la communication. J’ai le Vimar dans mon bureau, ça fonctionne dans 95 % des cas, et de temps je dois poussez plus fort/une seconde fois. Truc à savoir aussi, les boutons s’enfoncent mais reprennent la position initiale : la programmation s’effectue donc en double : une action pour le haut, une action pour le bas.


Le NodON fonctionne comme le Vimar : ça se configure dans l’application Hue, puis il suffit de l’ajouter à HomeKit (si on veut). Maison donne accès aux boutons, on peut programmer ce qu’on veut, c’est efficace.

En fait, le problème de l’interrupteur NodOn, c’est un peu la qualité. Il arrive dans une pauvre enveloppe matelassée, sans accessoires, avec un flyer mal imprimé. Et si la partie externe de l’interrupteur (sa structure) est dans un plastique correct (vaguement brillant), les boutons sont dans un plastique plus granuleux, qui fait un peu bas de gamme. Par rapport au Vimar, qui vaut le double, la différence de qualité reste notable. Ce n’est pas horrible, je ne parle pas de chinoisium qui va casser en cas de forte pression, mais tant visuellement qu’au toucher, le NodOn est un cran en-dessous. Au passage, aussi, il y a du double-face 3M sous les interrupteurs, mais dans une zone un peu enfoncée : donc impossible de les coller au mur directement.

L’emballage cheap

On voit (un peu) la différence de qualité

Reste que pour 35 €, c’est assez honnête : ça remplace bien les télécommandes Philips Hue.

Nina Verhagen

Par Nina Verhagen

film-aestheticNina Verhagen a twenty-one-year-old translating student. I’m a writer and a film enthusiast.

Fascinated by music, video, photo, and film- I dive into everything regarding audiovisual that interests me or sparks my interest. Same thing.

Social media is amazingit is a way to connect and speak to people all over the world. One image can go through so many countries. It’s fascinating!

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LBI Media Inc.’s KBUE-FM: The Number One Los Angeles Radio Station

Par Andres Benetar

  LBI Media, Inc., is a leading vertically integrated, multi-platform, Spanish-language media company that operates across all of the top U.S. Hispanic markets. On an annual basis, LBI Media, Inc. produces over 2,500 hours of original TV programming at the Empire Burbank Television Studios. This media company is among the largest U.S. producers of Spanish-language ...

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Python : apprenez à créer des applications avec interface graphique

Par Shadows

Thibault Houdon dévoile une nouvelle formation Python de près de 10 heures.

Au menu, la création de cinq applications avec Qt for Python (PySide2) : outil de prise de notes, explorateur de fichiers, convertisseur d’images, gestionnaire de tâches.
En outre, vous découvrirez comment packager ces outils avec le module fbs pour créer un exécutable quelle que soit la plateforme (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

Comme à son habitude, Thibault Houdon propose une réduction pour les premiers clients issus de 3DVF : 94% de réduction à l’aide de ce lien [Mise à jour : la promotion est désormais terminée, le nombre de clients issus de 3DVF pouvant en bénéficier étant dépassé]. Vous trouverez aussi le sommaire détaillé de la formation.

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Megahertz Wins Large-Scale IP infrastructure Project for Major US Broadcaster

Par Caroline Shawley

  Megahertz to provide design and integration services to international news network as part of competitive tender win for new all-IP production facility   London, UK, 22 May 2019: Megahertz Ltd, the trusted partner for systems integration with years of experience in delivering cost effective, imaginative designs and solutions for fixed and mobile applications, has ...

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Audiovisual City interviews L’Aubaine

Par Nina Verhagen

Audiovisual City met up with L’Aubaine and interviewed her.

This is how it went down.

The article about L’Aubaine is here.

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Audiovisual City at WE LIVE IN AN OCEAN OF AIR

Par Nina Verhagen

‘We live in an Ocean of Air’ is a virtual reality experience where the invisible connection between plant and human is revealed through breath. It was created by Marshmallow Laser Feast.

What happens is that the cutting-edge technology illuminates the invisible connections between the human and nature world. What you’ll see when the installation starts, is the giant Sequoia tree. You’re being transported into a world that’ll leave your jaw on the ground and eyes wide open- wanting to capture every detail you’re seeing. And as time passes, the scenery changes as well.

Breathe in and out and you’ll see you’re right in the installation. The color changes and you can even move it around as you breathe out. It’s done with breath and heart sensors that are tracking your real-time breathing and essentially put it in the virtual reality. Making it even more immersive than it already was.
It’s a magical world you’re stepping into and time will feel as none-existant.

The installation will embolden you to reflect on the reality that we, as human beings, aren’t the only thing on this planet. We share our planet with other organisms and it’ll make you cerebrate about the responsibility that we carry. And reflect on our dependence.

It is a great experience and it stays in your mind even when it’s over. Overwhelming and impressive! We need more installations like this.

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Par Nina Verhagen

Mowgli has been passionate about all things creative since a very young age. He’s always painted and made things and he had the fortune of having DJ as his first ever job after finishing school. Mowgli graduated in Scientific and Natural History Illustration in 1996, a field in which he worked on a freelance basis for a short time.

Since then he had worked using a vast range of media. He completed an apprenticeship in the ancient crafts of Cordoban and Guadameci in 1997 after which he worked for Arte 2 on interior design projects incorporating the craft while also co-founding MIX, a Madrid based workshop and shop specialized in the upcycling of furniture and decorative objects, an endeavor that was way ahead of its time as the term “upcycling” wasn’t even in use then.

Mowgli started Vjing in 2004 alongside the band Detwiije, this led to more VJ gigs and visual creation for world-class artists and festivals including Above & Beyond, Astrix, Roisin Murphy, Infected Mushroom and Greg Wilson. He was classed amongst the top 8 European VJs in 2008 at the London International Music Show.

Soon after and as a natural progression from Vjing, Mowgli developed an interest in audiovisual performance which he’s been developing since 2010 when the show MAYA was created with producer Silverio Funk. It was premiered at the BFI Southbank as part of Dark Fibre and has since been performed at several venues in London and Rome. During this time he also developed a piece for the Musion holographic projection system which was screened at Kinetika Art Fair in London.

Throughout his career, he’s been involved in organizing and promoting various music and arts events including Stylistik, Sound on Vision, The Nozzle and AV Depot while also being a director of VJ London, a community-focused monthly event dedicated to the diffusion of audiovisual and technology based art forms.








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Par Nina Verhagen

L’Aubaine (Laurie Bender) VJ, a visual artist from Geneva-based in London.

L’Aubaine started performing live visuals in 2005 while studying a master in Digital Arts in Barcelona. From her study, she got interested in real-time performances and exploring different forms of narrative.

All elements she uses in her work are self-produced, mixing different techniques, analog and digital, as hand-drawn animations, 2D and 3D animations, graphical elements, photography, and videos. Her creations have that handmade feel, imperfect, bold and very colorful. Laurie crafted her unique style over the years by superimposing layers, interlinking shapes, and colors, mixing elements from different techniques in an unusual and elegant way.

Her VJ sets are evolving compositions, audio-reactive, created live and flowing with the crowd and the music. Each set never look the same, she shares emotions, playfulness and she feels like a painter and his canvas. She is since 2015, part of  VJ London, organizing monthly meet-up & showcase and bigger events with interactive installations and AV performances with artists based in the London area and international.









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AV Link Jam / BYOB Event in London

Par Nina Verhagen

AV Link Jam / BYOB was organized by Crux, the hub for learning, experimenting, collaborating and entertaining, on Thursday, November 15th, 2018. It was their second edition and free for everyone who wanted to join.

When you entered the space, it all seemed very open and chill. People were drinking beer, talking to each other, walking around and admiring the people’s work. Almost every wall had a beamer projection on it. It was very diverse which made it refreshing. You weren’t looking at the same thing at every wall. Every minute it’d change so even if you’d be watching the same projection, you wouldn’t look at a video that was on a loop.

Because it was a free event, the genuinely passionate artists show up. It looked like a community, people know each other and talk about the same topic. When you would talk to the artists about their projection, you could see the fierce enthusiasm they had for it.

The soundtrack worked really well with the atmosphere. Many different things were going on at the same time but the music helped to keep you focused.

All and all, it was quite mesmerizing and hypnotic. It kept your eyes stuck on the all the projects you were seeing. It all moved fast, had bright colors, and had recurring movements. It’s a very fun night where you can chat and check out new and different artists. A good concept!

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Golden Wolf Launches New York Studio

Par lumenadmin

From the release: Sept. 4, 2018, New York, London—Award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf, headquartered in London, is pleased to announce the launch of its first stateside location in New York City. The expansion comes on the heels of an exciting year for the studio, which in May aligned with renowned animation/VFX/live-action studio Psyop, a minority investor […]

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HeavyM signe le nouveau décor du Mixmag LAB London

Par HeavyM

  La musique, comme vous le savez, occupe une place privilégiée dans l’activité et les centres d’intérêts de HeavyM. Depuis qu . . .

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