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⁣#repost @labnove⁣
⁣RIDE (Movie 2018, Italy)⁣
⁣The main scene of the movie was shot in the Piedicastello galleries, Trento. Inside, two triangle-shaped mirrors have been placed, joined by a mounted American, to which 5 projectors have been attached in a vertical position.⁣
⁣Director: @jacoporondinelli ⁣
⁣Production: @luckyred; ⁣
⁣Distribution: Lucky Red⁣
⁣Software: @millumin2 ⁣
⁣In collaboration with @jack_de_luca_visual⁣
⁣#rideilfilm #luckyred #timvision #cinema #videomapping #scenography #director #rideordie #bike #downhill #trentino #trento #galleriepiedicastello #tunnel #museum #labnove #milano

Interview: Learan Kahanov, DP of “Madam Secretary”

Par Charles Yeager

Learan Kahanov talks about his journey to becoming the DP of "Madam Secretary" — and where he continues to look for inspiration.

Do Creative Agencies Need a Creative Director of Video?

Par Tanner Shinnick

Find the digital frontier's new direction with three ways a creative agency can benefit from having a Creative Director of Video.

“Blinded by the Light” Director Gurinder Chadha Joins Bully Pictures

Par Artisans PR

LOS ANGELES — British director Gurinder Chadha, best known for films including Blinded by the Light and Bend It Like Beckham¸ is entering the U.S. advertising market for the first time via Bully Pictures. The Los Angeles-based production company will pursue commercials, branded-content and other advertising-related projects for Chadha, whose films have garnered more than ...

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⁣#repost @benoit_benichou⁣
⁣Friday Nights with Yury Revich « Mythen und Legenden »⁣
⁣Wiener Konzerthaus⁣
⁣Schubert Saal ⁣
⁣Yury Revich, Violin⁣
⁣Sunnyi Melles, Reading⁣
⁣Liudmila Konovalova, Dance⁣
⁣George Harliono, Piano⁣
⁣Yuliya Draganova, Piano⁣
⁣Duo So & So⁣
⁣Benoît Bénichou, Visuals⁣
⁣My Sounds Ensemble⁣
⁣#vienna #stagedirector #projectionmapping #projectiondesign #projectiondesigner #music #touchdesigner #millumin

Paul Kanyuk, Lead Technical Director chez Pixar, explique les coulisses de son métier

Par Shadows

Alexander Richter présente une interview en compagnie de Paul Kanyuk. Ce dernier, en poste depuis 14 ans chez Pixar, a notamment travaillé sur Ratatouille, Cars, Wall-E, Là-Haut, Rebelle, Le Monde de Dory.

Au menu :
1:24 – Historique et évolution de Paul Kanyu au sein du studio ;
10:42 – TDs en soirée, ou la difficulté de décrire ce métier à des personnes non liées au secteur 3D (Paul Kanyu se décrit simplement comme animateur) ;
12:36 – Le rôle concret d’un TD ;
17:31 – La journée typique d’un TD ;
22:51 – Scripting, Python ;
30:05 – Bref résumé ;
32:22 – Leadership, soutien d’autres personnes dans l’équipe ;
34:32 – Conflits et succès ;
36:06 – Une anecdote mémorable ;
39:29 – Postuler chez Pixar ;
42:05 – Résumé.

L’article Paul Kanyuk, Lead Technical Director chez Pixar, explique les coulisses de son métier est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Filmmaking Insights: The Hidden Power of Director’s Commentary

Par Jourdan Aldredge

From camera selection to personal relationships behind the scenes, discover what you can learn from a director's commentary.

The Hennegan Brothers Join ONE TWENTY NINE FILMS

Par Artisans PR

Documentary filmmakers behind “The First Saturday in May” join bi-coastal production company for advertising, branded content, docs and other projects. SAN FRANCISCO— One Twenty Nine Films has signed acclaimed sports documentary filmmakers the Hennegan Brothers to its directorial roster. Under the agreement, One Twenty Nine Films will represent the directing team for work in advertising ...

Densitron appoints Simon Jones as Managing Director

Par Page Melia PR

Kent, UK, 18 June 2019 – Densitron, global market leader in Human Machine Interface and display technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Jones as Managing Director. Jones’ appointment is a critical part of parent company Quixant plc’s ongoing strategic development of the business. Jon Jayal, Quixant’s CEO stated “Simon brings the focus ...

Alkemy X Signs Director Anthony Pellino

Par Artisans PR

NEW YORK CITY— Director Anthony Pellino has joined Alkemy X for exclusive representation for advertising and branded content. With credits including work for Nike, Reebok, Lexus and Uber, among others, Pellino has earned high marks for the raw, emotional power of his work and an innovative style of visual storytelling, especially for sports-related projects. His ...

Derby Adds Director Emily Elizabeth Thomas

Par Artisans PR

New York City— Continuing to expand its creative roster with unique and emerging talent, Derby has signed writer/director Emily Elizabeth Thomas for advertising, branded content and music videos. Originally from Texas, Thomas is best known for her narrative work, including the award-winning short film Lola: Girl Got a Gun. The new venture, which marks Thomas’ ...