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August 2019 TOP 5 Engagement

Our August highlights are reflective of our innovative technologies that are creating social values in education, mobility, provision of clean water, etc.

The Challenge - Panasonic's Legacy for 2020 and Beyond

Panasonic is the proud sponsor of 17 Olympic and Paralympic events, following a tradition that extends back to 1988. The company established its Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Enterprise Division (formerly Tokyo Olympic Enterprise Division) in April 2014. In October of that year, Panasonic concluded a...

Tanzania and Thailand Won the Grand Prix in Panasonic KWN Global Contest 2019

KWN Global Awards Ceremony was held in Tokyo Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation held the awards ceremony for the Kid Witness News (KWN) Global Contest 2019 on August 2 at Panasonic Center Tokyo. This year the Grand Prix in the Primary Category was won by "Ordin...

Conserve Marine Environment through Its Corporate Cafeterias - Panasonic's Challenge to Propagating Sustainable Seafood

The world's marine resources are in a critical state. Desiring to conserve marine resources for the children of the future and energize the sustainable seafood movement, Panasonic became the first Japanese company to regularly serve sustainable seafood at its cafeterias. With support from food ser...

National Winners from 12 Countries selected for Panasonic KWN Global Contest 2019

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation has completed the final judging process for the Global Contest 2019 of "Kid Witness News (KWN)", an educational program designed to support the video production of elementary, junior high and high school students around the world. ...

Protect Marine Life with Corporate Cafeterias - Sustainable Seafood Initiatives

In just the last 50 years, the world's population roughly doubled. However, seafood consumption increased 5-fold, far outpacing the catches fishermen pull from the sea. The gap between supply and demand is made up with aquaculture. Given the situation and wanting to help "conserve and sustainably u...

JDA and Panasonic Partner to Co-Innovate on Integrated Digital Supply Chain Technology Solutions

Global leaders combine leadership in software and hardware technologies to co-develop solutions that optimize factory, warehouse and retail digital supply chain operations NRF Big Show, New York, Osaka, and Scottsdale, Ariz. - January 13, 2019 - JDA Software, Inc. and Panasonic Corporation tod...

DECEMBER 2018 TOP 5 Engagement

Finish the year on a high with our last TOP 5 most engaged posts of the year for December 2018.

CES 2019

Press Conference News Videos Photos Related Links Videos Panasonic Booth: LVCC Center Hall #12908, Jan 8-11, 2019 Join us with #PanasonicCES #PanasonicTech #ABetterLifeABetterWorld CES 2019 Panasonic Booth Highlights in 60 Seconds ...

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Corporate Video Production Projects

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Looking to add more value to your corporate video projects? Here are five ways to give your clients more bang for their buck.

How Japan's Biggest Bookstore Chain Reinvented Itself For the Digital Age

Retailers can survive in the 21st century by being "lifestyle navigators" and providing an experience not possible online, says Culture Convenience Club (CCC) CEO Muneaki Masuda.

Balenciaga – SS19 Paris Fashion Show

Par yannickkohn

Balenciaga – SS19 Fashion Show

September 2018, Cité Du Cinema – Saint-Denis, France


  • Set design & production : La Mode en Images
  • Director : Jon Rafman
  • Integration and rendering : Spectre Lab

What Makes a Smart City of the Future, and Who Will Create It?

As Panasonic continues investing in 'Sustainable Smart Town' planning, implementation, and evolution in Japan, a group of panelists at the company's Cross-Innovation Forum 2018 in Tokyo contemplate how any city can become 'smart.'

Beyond 2020: Creating a New Kind of Sports Legacy

Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 is an opportunity to foster innovation surrounding sports as well as changes in attitudes.

Cloudbees / Jenkins World – 2018

Par yannickkohn

Cloudbees / Jenkins World – 2018

Sept 2018, San Fransisco, CA, USA – Oct 2018, Nice, France

For its 2018 Jenkins World Tour, CloudBees gathered a large community of developers from all
over the globe in two locations: San Francisco (USA) in September, and Nice (France) in October.
For these major rendezvous bringing together 2,500 attendees, a wide and neat video projection
with mapping was created using Modulo Kinetic, a powerful video solution by Modulo Pi.

Immersive, a cutting-edge production company based in San Francisco, was in charge of the
entire show for the 2018 Jenkins World Tour in the United States, and France.
The main stage used for keynotes consisted in two wide screens, plus a third screen with a globe
shape in front of them.

In San Francisco, 5 x Christie Boxer 30K were installed to feed the screens on a 135 feet (41
meters) stage. To deal with the challenges of this show, Sean Mason, Founder and CEO of
Immersive, decided to opt for the Modulo Kinetic media server solution: “We work with Modulo
Pi’s systems for all our projector mappings now. Modulo Kinetic is bulletproof, powerful, and
versatile. It has everything in it.”

For both events, Modulo Kinetic was used in a configuration with two Kinetic Vnode servers, both
controlled through one Kinetic Designer. The show was designed to offer maximum flexibility,
with any source that could be routed to any location. Four opening videos were
played, composed of two videos on the side screens and one on the front globe, playing
simultaneously. Immersive teams could also route the PowerPoint presentations on the walls, or
on the globe.

Immersive worked in close collaboration with CGI Interactive, the company in charge of creating
the introduction videos and PowerPoint presentations for the event. Creative teams developed all
content on a template created by Immersive.

An Ascender 32 mixer by Analog Way was in line to do all the switching for the 6 x MacBook and 6
x PCs. The outputs of the Ascender 32 were sent to the Kinetic Vnode servers in charge of playing
the content for stage left and stage right.
Sources also included 2 x cameras for IMAG, and an SDI matrix recording the laptops, mixer, and
camera feeds sent to Modulo Kinetic.

Facing the challenge of adapting the show made in San Francisco to a new venue in France, Sean
Mason and his teams could rely on Modulo Kinetic’s powerful 3D engine for show simulation: “We
were coming to a place that that we’ve never been to before. You have a floor plan and that’s it.
For this reason, we 3D modeled the entire space, and could place our projectors, making sure we
would have the correct coverage.”

The simulation study also turned out to be helpful to project on the globe screen: “In this case,
Modulo Kinetic saved us because if we shot straight on, then the globe got a big shadow. In the
projection study, we had to move the projectors all the way to the side and shoot at an angle to get
behind the globe.”

The stage in Nice being 85 feet (25 meters), Immersive had to redesign part of the show and adapt
the content. The simulation done using Modulo Kinetic also helped select 7 x Barco 30K
projectors. Sean Mason explains: “Projection study is something we always had trouble with in
the past. There’s plenty of time when we’ve done it with other software. It looks good in the
software, but when you get to the site, it’s just not working. This is not the case with Modulo
Kinetic. It includes a library with exact specifications for every projector. Even the lens choice is
accurate. We used to bring two sets of lenses, but now we don’t have to do that anymore. It actually
saves a lot of money.”

Warping and mapping over the globe were done on site, using Modulo Kinetic’s mobile remote
application. “Warp remote is a great attribute, says Mason. Thanks to it, we’re able to get right
next to the projection, and do all the fine-tuning.”
The multi-user remote control software helped save time by working simultaneously on warping
and show encoding.

All show encoding and control was done through Kinetic Designer. Around 40 tasks were created
for the show, as well as custom panels using the system’s UI Designer.

Thanks to the panels, all tasks could be triggered live using Modulo Kinetic’s iPad application.
Creating tasks through Modulo Kinetic allowed to easily deal with last minute changes in the
show, being able to add anything, programming fade outs or loops in the timeline,… “Modulo
Kinetic’s software is very easy to use. It’s very fast to write your cues and make your interface for
the iPad”.

The event that was Immersive’s first international show was a success. The company will work
on the 2019 Jenkins World Tour that will be held in San Francisco and Lisbon next year.

About Immersive:
Immersive is a cutting-edge company that creates dynamic environments for events. They specialize in corporate audio visual (AV), projection mapping, custom content creation, architectural projection mapping, sculptural projector mapping, lighting, audio, staging and rigging. Last year alone, Immersive executed over 180 events in the US. The company was founded in 2012 by Sean Mason. Some of their most iconic work are architectural projections whether on building facades and interior architecture such as The Old Mint in San Francisco, San Francisco City Hall, and Samsung Semiconductor HQ in Santa Clara.


  • Content Design and Creation: CGI Interactive
  • Technical Production: Immersive
  • Photos : Sean Mason

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