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VVG – Geely Atlas mapping

Видеомэппинг на автомобиль Geely Atlas и сценические декорации 10×4м.

Geely Atlas car videomapping. Stage 10×4 m

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JAGUAR XJ / video mapping installation

This project was the first video mapping installation on a car in Azerbaijan! We are grateful for the opportunity to have created a project with one of the world’s finest British car manufacturers: JAGUAR! This installation was shown at the opening ceremony of the new showroom, “Crystal Motors”.
Thanks to “SS Production” for organizing this event.

project authors:
Javid Guliyev
Orkhan Huseynov

Organized by “SS Production”

Anar Qurbanov
Anfisa Bessonova
Artur Abdullayev

31.01.13 / Crystal Motors Opening / Baku / Az

Web –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Vimeo –


+1 713 822 9370

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Evoque (Projeção Mapeada / Video Mapping)

Cliente/ Client: Land Rover (Tata Motors)
Agência/ Agency: Front360
Produção-Executiva/ Executive Production: Pix Post

Produção e Pós-produção do Filme/ Production Company and Post FX: Pix Post e/and Vagalume Animation Studios
Plus: Projeção Mapeada/ Video Mapping

Audio: DaHouse Audio | Plus: Dolby 5.1
Projeção/ Projection: Formentera
Duração/ Duration: 1:45 min

Para lançamento do seu Range Rover Evoque em São Paulo, uma das cidades escolhidas para receber o carro, a Land Rover encomendou à Front360 um evento especial com direito a projeção mapeada, famosa técnica para projetar videos que se adequam a curvatura da superfície que o recebem. Com intenção de ousar a Pix/Vagalume foi convocada para missão que contou com o auxílio da Formentera para realizar a projeção.

In order to launch its Range Rover Evoque at São Paulo, one of the choosen cities that received the car, Land Rover asked for Front360 a special event marked by the use of the mapping video technique, known for projecting videos over any kind of surface, following its limits. Daring was the mission accepted by Pix/Vagalume that asked for Formentera to help with the projection matters.


Client: Land Rover (Tata Motors)
Agency: Front360

Audio and 5.1 mastering: DaHouse Audio

Projection, pre-warp and equipment facilities: Formentera (Manolo Moran/ Frank Morais)

Executive Production: Pix Post
Executive-producers: Fernando Rocha, Marcelo Romero and Marcus Tornovsky

Production Company: Pix Post and Vagalume Animation Studios
Cities: Sydney, Paris and New York
Pix Post director: Fernando Rocha

Vagalume Animation Studios Credits:
Cities: Sydney (dolphins and water), Shanghai, London and São Paulo
Production facilities: Renato M. Schneider

Director and 3D Lead: Heber Conde

Modelers: Bruno “hakk” Coimbra and Sólon da Geb

Rig and Skinning: Heber Conde, Felipe Ventura and Ricardo Jost

Lead Animation: Heber Conde and Ricardo Jost
Animators: Heber Conde, Leandro Thiago de Oliveira and Ricardo Jost

Fx artist: Heber Conde

Lighters and Rendercare team: Maurício Alvarenga, Felipe Ventura and Yohann da Geb

Main Compositor and Editing: Heber Conde

Vagalume Motion graphic artists: Heber Conde, Patrick Haraguti, Thiago Almeida and Yohann da Geb

Additional post-production and mesh warps (live warps and polish): Yohann da Geb

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Euro NCAP / Video mapping installation by Radugadesign

On 13 June at the Autoworld in Brussels, Euro NCAP is organizing an event on the safety benefits and availability of Autonomous Emergency Braking systems. Radugadesign produced a videomapping installation about technology for the opening of the event.
Client: Euro NCAP
Concept and production by Radugadesign:
Motion design:Anton Novosad,Anton Bolgachenko,Ilya Shinkarenko,Mikhail Egoshin.
Stage design: Vadim Mirgorodsky
Art-direction: Ivan Nefedkin, Vit Shytnev
Producer: Andrey Morozov, Alexander Polonsky
Sound design: Andrey Zots

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Mercedes Car Mapping

3D-Videomapping im Rahmen der Fahrzeugpräsentation

Unsere Dienstleistungen:
Entwicklung des technischen Setups
Technische Durchführung

Kunde: RTT AG
Lead Agentur: Stein Communication

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Volvo S90

We surround ourselves with what we truly appreciate, with something that fulfills our life. The main value – is the human being. Swedish concern Volvo develops the idea of its philosophy “Designed around you”. This key aspect inspired Radugadesign studio to create a visual concept for the summer presentation called “The Birth of Excellence” for the premiere of Volvo S90 in Russia.

With the help of holographic projections we created an illusion of a protective dome all over the car, which reflected the company’s values – safety and comfort. And also we managed to transmit the technological features and ideas that inspired the creators of the Volvo S90 model.
This project was implemented in collaboration with the Avantgarde agency.
PS. 100% CGI

Мы окружаем себя тем, что ценим. Тем, что делает нашу жизнь наполненной. Главная ценность –– это человек. Шведский концерн Volvo развивает идею своей философии “Designed around you”. Этот ключевой аспект вдохновил студию Radugadesign на создание визуальной концепции для летней презентации “Рождение совершенства” в рамках российской премьеры флагманского седана Volvo S90.

С помощью голографической проекции мы создали иллюзию защитного купола над автомобилем, отражающего ценности компании – безопасность и комфорт. А также рассказали о технологических особенностях и идеях, которые воодушевили создателей модели Volvo S90.
Проект выполнен совместно с агентством Avantgarde.
PS. 100% CGI

Creative directors: Mikhail Kabatov, Ivan Nefedkin
Producer: Tanya Sopp
CG production director: Roman Goobanov
Concept artist: Sergey Voronov
Lead CG Generalist: Elen Elkiev
CG Generalists:
Artur Zhamaletdinov
Dmitry Kulikov
Sound FX: Veniamin Rayev
Technical director of the show: Vitaliy Erzikov

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Lamborghini Urus | Kinetic Projection Show

The multimedia performance was produced in collaboration with Departament agency for the Russian launch of Lamborghini Urus. The event took place on February 15, 2018 in the Museum of Moscow. We presented a unique mix of multimedia technologies, including projection mapping on voluminous kinetic arrays. The main technological innovation of the show was a specially developed software algorithm that calculated the movement of all 56 kinetic triangles: for this purpose, we used data obtained directly from the design software. The creative visual content of the show was seamlessly connected with the technical part so that all the involved surfaces – kinetic arrays, rows of concrete columns and a screen on the background – formed a striking conjoint picture for the viewer.

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