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Panasonic Commercializes New ZKU Series Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with the Industry's Largest Capacitance

Panasonic will launch mass production of large-capacitance conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors in August 2019. The increased capacitance will enable reduction in the number of capacitors necessary and compact size, contributing to the downsizing of automotive ECUs. ...

Panasonic to Launch Full-scale Mass Production of an Automotive "Board to FPC Connector"

Panasonic has commercialized a connector with a unique structure that allows direct connection between an automotive FPC (flexible printed circuit) [1] and the board. This connector eliminates the need for wire harnesses [2] previously needed for connection, allowing the use of fewer components an...

SPYDR 2.0, Complete Cockpit Domain Control Platform with HUD Integration | #PanasonicCES 2019

SPYDR 2.0 is an industry-leading smart technology platform. Panasonic Automotive recognized the current overcrowded state of most vehicles, and designed a solution that can integrate the brains of IVI, cluster, surround view, ANC, HUD and up to four entertainment displays within one platform. Learn...

CIRRUS by Panasonic Intelligent Transportation Solution | #PanasonicCES 2019

Coming soon to roadways near you, cars will talk to each other - and to roadside infrastructure- automatically, making people safer and roads less congested. CIRRUS by Panasonic is the Intelligent Transportation Solution that helps roadway operators harness and react to the immense amounts of data g...

SPACe_L Autonomous Cabin | #PanasonicCES 2019

An autonomous cabin experience provided by SPACe_L which can be used as a space for a variety of purposes, seamlessly blending in personal life, business and entertainment. Panasonic CES 2019: Newsroom:

Cirrus V2X Network Operations Center | #PanasonicCES 2019

A replica of the network operations center in Denver, demonstrating the real-time information and video data the Colorado Department of Transportation manages and processes. Panasonic CES 2019: Newsroom:

Changing Micro Mobility: New eBike Launched | #PanasonicCES 2019

Panasonic powers new electric assist bicycle to transform micro mobility. Through its first U.S.-based eBike Partnership – with Kent International Inc. – Panasonic is launching systems on three electric-assist bicycle models in the U.S. to meet demands of growing cycling culture Panasonic CES 2019: ...

SPACe_C Modular eMobility | #PanasonicCES 2019

An eMobility concept with a 48V ePowertain Platform that provides a smart, effective way to move people, merchandise or food. Panasonic CES 2019: Newsroom:

LiveWire: The Most Connected Electric Motorcycle Experience Ever | #PanasonicCES 2019

Panasonic and Harley-Davidson bring you LiveWire, the first cellular-connected mass market motorcycle in North America. It features a complete, modern suite of rider technology for connectivity and exciting performance. The most connected Electric Motorcycle experience ever is at CES 2019. Press Rel...

Introduction of SPACe_C, A Scalable eMobility Concept | #PanasonicCES 2019

Panasonic debuts SPACe_C. a scalable e-mobility concept. A 48V lifestyle platform vehicle designed for mobility, commerce and services that delivers more power and more versatility in a smaller package.

Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle | #PanasonicCES 2019

Tech enthusiast Jon Rettinger provides a glimpse of the first Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle called LiveWire with a cellular connection to the telematics control unit utilizing Panasonic’s OneConnect service.

Intelligent transportation service | #PanasonicCES 2019

Autonomous driving safety advocate Peggy Smedley shares how our cars will soon be communicating with other cars on the road in the US with Panasonic's intelligent transportation service at CES2019.

Harley-Davidson's Electric motorcycle Launched at #PanasonicCES

The LiveWire has arrived! Panasonic partnered with HarleyDavidson at CES2019 to create the most connected motorcycle experience ever. PanasonicCES microsite: Press Kit:

VanDessel eBike unveiled | #PanasonicCES Press Conference |

At CES2019 Panasonic unveiled the VanDessel Gravel eBike, designed from the ground up with the new Panasonic GXO motor. PanasonicCES microsite: Press Kit:

Intelligent transport Solution | #PanasonicCES 2019 Press Conference |

Smart transportation is finally here. At CES2019 today we debuted our Cirrus V2X intelligent transportation solution. PanasonicCES microsite: Press Kit:

CES 2019

Press Conference News Videos Photos Related Links Videos Panasonic Booth: LVCC Center Hall #12908, Jan 8-11, 2019 Join us with #PanasonicCES #PanasonicTech #ABetterLifeABetterWorld CES 2019 Panasonic Booth Highlights in 60 Seconds ...

Millimeter Waves Blaze a New Trail for "Safe Mobility"

Smart devices have become more and more commonplace, and at the same time, wireless data transmission technologies have continued to evolve. Most noteworthy may be the millimeter wave technology, which can transmit large volumes of data (wavelength ranging from 10mm to 1mm, frequency from 30GHz t...

Panasonic Showcases Its Wide-range Products and Solutions at China International Import Expo in Shanghai

Shanghai, China - From November 5 to 10, 2018, Panasonic Corporation of China showcased a booth at the first China International Import Expo. This exhibition was advocated and hosted personally by President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping and is the world's first national...

Panasonic Steering Middle East Businesses to the Forefront of Digital Competence at GITEX 2018

Innovation and technology was the highlight of Panasonic's 'past, present and future' showcase Dubai, the United Arab Emirates - Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) introduced its latest range of business solutions at GITEX Technology Week 2018, which was held from Octo...

Five Ways Mobility Will Change the Future

Tomorrow's vehicles will not only enable a safe and efficient commute, they will offer entertainment and better services, say industry experts at Panasonic's Cross-Value Innovation Forum 2018.

From Keeping the Elderly Active to Emergency Response - How Future Mobility Will Shape Communities

With advances in flying vehicles, automation, and electrification come the possibility of more convenience, enriching experiences, and major societal questions.

[中文] The Future of Mobility | Symposium | #Panasonic100th

PANASONIC CROSS-VALUE INNOVATION FORUM 2018 Leader Session: "The Future of Mobility - Future Transportation and Distribution Changes Along with the Evolution″ Featuring: Mr. Haruo Ishida Professor Department of Transportation Systems Engineering Nihon University Mr. Yoshiro Tsuruhara Representat...

The Future of Mobility | Symposium | #Panasonic100th

Panasonic Corporation is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the Cross-Value Innovation Forum 2018, Oct 30-Nov 3 in Tokyo, Japan. Leader Session: "The Future of Mobility - Future Transportation and Distribution Changes Along with the Evo...

[中文] 移动方式变革——未来的汽车、城市与生活 | #Panasonic100th

移动方式变革——未来的汽车、城市与生活 PANASONIC CROSS-VALUE INNOVATION FORUM 2018 Featuring: Mr. Yoshio Ito Executive Vice President CEO, Automotive & Industrial Systems Company Panasonic Corporation Mr. Masahisa Shibata Senior Managing Executive Officer Senior Vice President, Automotive & Industrial Syst...

Mobility Revolution | Symposium | #Panasonic100th

Panasonic Corporation is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the Cross-Value Innovation Forum 2018, Oct 30-Nov 3 in Tokyo, Japan. Business Session: "Mobility Revolution - Future of Vehicle, Town and Life″ Featuring: Mr. Yoshio Ito Exe...

Panasonic Launches Brand Campaign along with Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa - Panasonic held a new brand campaign, "Follow Panasonic with Siya Kolisi", in conjunction with its sponsorship of the Tokai University Solar Car Team competing in the Sasol Solar Challenge 2018, South Africa. Panasonic supplies the team with its high-capacity li...

Panasonic Celebrates 100 Years of Worldwide Innovation, 40 Years of Presence in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico - September 13, 2018 - In parallel, Panasonic Corporation celebrates the centenary of its foundation and Panasonic of Mexico celebrates its first 40 years of operation in the country. Both anniversaries are celebrated with an exhibition that travels ...

Panasonic to Showcase Booth at 25th ITS World Congress 2018 Copenhagen

Introducing a wide range of Panasonic's ITS business initiatives from transportation infrastructure to automotive terminals Copenhagen, Denmark - Panasonic Corporation will showcase a booth at the 25th ITS World Congress Copenhagen, Denmark, September 17-21, 2018. ...