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How I Play (at home): SHADED gear walkthrough

With the pandemic lockdown leaving artists confined to their home spaces rather than their mainstay nightclubs and festivals, we’re exploring our traditional How I Play videos in a new light: the ways in which artists are performing live sets at home. This week, we sat down with LA-based DJ and Producer SHADED. With releases on […]

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Par : Marco Savo

ADAF is an audiovisual event constantly evolving along with the new creative trends and breakthroughs within the digital arts, without loosing the core vision of its foundation days.

Every year the organisers finetune their artistic program through their open call for audiovisual artists, to keep themselves up to date with the ever-evolving new media art landscape.

From the initial focus on video art, installations and live performances they have been widening their program up to include Virtual Reality experiences (VR), Web Art, Video Games and more.

adaf 2020 - audiovisual event

The Athens Digital Arts Festival has been founded in 2005 and it is the pioneer longest living institution in Greece dedicated to audiovisual culture and digital arts. This year, as other audiovisual events, ADAF is responding to the Covid19 crisis with resilience and creativity.

Their 16th edition ADAF ONLINE| TECHNOTRIBALISM will be accessible to everyone through the internet. More than 5,500 audiovisual art proposals from 100 countries around the world are the source for the ADAF 2020 program selection.

adaf 2020 - open call for audiovisual artists

The 2020 year theme reflects upon our primitive status in the foundations of the new hyper-informational world, where the data-flux is absorbing the entire existence reaching the status of God.

Is technology serving us or we are serving the data-totem by providing our more sensible information, giving up our privacy for a greater good?

Algorithms, already present everywhere in the digital realm, are reading us better than ourselves, better than our friends and siblings and in the name of  optimization of our virtual experience, we are gradually letting them make decisions for us, filter our perceptions predict our behavior, our bio metrics, our emotions.

adaf 2020 - audiovisual event

All manifestations of culture can now be experienced on a digitized basis, translated to a language (code, DNA) and stored for everyone who possess it to experience regardless the circumstances. Markets and Money are transfiguring into intangible algorithmic byproducts. Everything to serve the information flow.

Close your eyes and connect to your data-doppelganger your mirrored algorithmic self to your digital footprint. You are part of techno-tribalism, you are part of ADAF 2020.



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Star Wars: Squadrons, la galaxie a besoin de vous !

Par : Shadows

Electronic Arts dévoile la bande-annonce de Star Wars: Squadrons, futur jeu d’action dans lequel vous piloterez les plus célèbres vaisseaux de la saga.

Après une campagne solo destinée à vous faire prendre en main TIE fighters et autres X-Wings, vous pourrez prendre part à des combats en 5 contre 5 ou vous joindre à d’immense batailles, sur PS4, Xbox One, Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store.

Les fans qui espéraient une version en réalité virtuelle auront la joie d’apprendre que le jeu sera jouable en VR sur PS4 et PC.

La sortie est prévue au mois d’octobre.

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Emerging Digital Artists Award

Par : Marco Savo


The open call is addressed to audiovisual artists resident in Canada within 5 years of their artistic career.

This is a great chance for emerging digital artists to showcase their artworks, expand their networking and further their experimentation within the digital arts.

The Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) is Canada’s award for critical experimentation in digital media. The award consists of $5,000 for the winner, and $1,000 for four finalists, as well as a group exhibition.

Since 2015, the EDAA has been promoting artists working within virtual space, by seeking submissions that push us in new directions, and challenge us to see the world through a different screen.



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Utopia : voyage imaginaire dans l’oeuvre de Le Corbusier

Par : Shadows

Découvrez Utopia, projet qui nous vient tout droit du studio créatif Optical Arts basé à Londres. Une visite poétique au coeur d’un mausolée imaginaire de Chandigarh, la ville indienne dont le plan a été pensé par l’architecte Le Corbusier.

Le projet a été rendu en 4K, n’hésitez donc pas à le visionner en pleine résolution et plein écran. Nous vous invitons également à faire un tour sur la page du projet chez Optical Arts ; l’équipe du court y explique son choix d’une vue en coupe pour explorer le bâtiment jusqu’à découvrir la tombe cachée en son coeur. Outre la collaboration avec un architecte afin de proposer un bâtiment crédible et fonctionnel, il a fallu intégrer la lettre « U » au coeur de l’architecture pour la frame finale. Le tout, en conservant un ensemble lisible malgré les détails et la complexité. Créé sous Houdini, le projet a évidemment demandé plusieurs itérations ; une approche procédurale a facilité le travail sur la géométrie très changeante du projet.

Creative Direction & Production: Optical Arts
Art Direction & Design: Fabrice Le Nezet
Architect: Gabriel Hill at Waugh Thistleton Architects
Audio: Sonjay Prabhakar
3D Team: Valentine Arles, Luke Howell, Ollie Harris
Animation: Pascale Bories
Style Frames: Liam Waters

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Gnoumagbée Camara, environment artist

Par : Shadows

Découvrez les travaux de Gnoumagbée Camara, jeune artiste 3D en recherche de stage. Issue de la formation ATI à Paris VIII, elle utilise Unreal Engine, Blender ou encore Substance Designer et souhaite s’orienter vers des projets typés environment artist ou généraliste 3D.

Au-delà de ce stage, elle recherche également une entreprise pour une alternance d’un an en tant qu’artiste 3D, à partir d’octobre.

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @ecmstagram⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣EXO/ENDO...

⁣#repost @ecmstagram⁣
⁣EXO/ENDO from six years ago. Still one of our favorite projects ever and some of the best music we’ve been able to work with from the amazing @andrelizyoung. Haunting, dark, and brooding just like we like it. We got to encase the entire ensemble in pods of scrim and projection while we went down a tunnel, through the trees, into the fire, and through the ash fall. Exothermic and endothermic reactions of sound and light. #productiondesign #projectiondesign #projection #videodesign #destruction #layers #noise #experimental #doom #metal #music #live #liveperformance #calarts #openframeworks #millumin

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @isyet⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Letters From...

⁣#repost @isyet⁣
⁣Letters From Home, the show that started my year and now ends it too 🌈🌈🌈 feel so blessed ✨⁣
⁣With dream team @thenewwild @cambocombo @coaster02 Mark, Beryl and Chu-Hsuan .⁣
⁣#2020herewecome ⁣
⁣#videoprojection #projectiondesign #theaterprojection #theaterlife #projectionmapping #millumin #projectionart #calarts #calartsmafia #vscocam #theaterproduction #videodesign

CMD: Experiment in bio-algorithmic politics

CMD: Experiment in bio-algorithmic politics
Created by Michael Sedbon, 'CMD' is an apparatus designed to explore how our technologies and ecosystems interact and what narratives and politics do they serve. The project questions what sort of ecological and social logic should be implemented in the design of automated infrastructures and algorithms.

Maestro – Sharjah Light Festival 2017

For a second year in a row, we were invited by Nomada to participate at the Sharjah Light Festival 2017.
For this occasion we introduced Maestro, a new interactive video mapping, controlled by the user through a futuristic illuminated console.

The installation was set up on a half kilometer long building with 19 video projectors of 20,000 lumens and 8 sky-tracers.
The users were offered to choose between three original Mappings: SAND, MOSAIC and ORGAN.

To complete this creative and technological challenge, Tigrelab teamed up with great talents: Hand Coded was in charge of the generative visuals and sounds, our technological partners ProtoPixel took care of the creative technology and the lighting control, Thomas Aussenac from SoundBox created the Music and Sound Design, and Joan Molins and Roger Amat were in charge of the Motion Design and Animation.

This project has been rewarded during the Sharjah Light Festival 2017 for “Best Installation”.


Original concept, Creative direction and Animation: Tigrelab

PM, concept, generative visual-audio Development: Hand Coded
Creative technology and lighting control: Proto-Pixel
Motion Design and Animation: Joan Molins, Roger Amat
Music & sound design: Thomas Aussenac – Sound Object
Making Of: Felipe Mejia
Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Nagyb Cedeño
Sergio Garcia Arribas
Julie Herbert

Sharjah Light Festival 2017
Organized by Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority
Produced by Nomada Les Arts Nomades Cie

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