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Steve Gerges

Par : Marco Savo

Steve Gerges has developed an impressive portfolio of commercial projects with top-tier brands, delivering powerful audiovisual storytelling across multiple formats and media.

Nevertheless, we can only appreciate his true artistic self through his mesmerizing audiovisual projects, both conceptually profound and technically advanced.

Many audiovisual artists have to balance their design gigs with their artistic work. When companies hire an artist (rather than a mere designer) they gain an unique creative input empowering the whole marketing campaign. But the actual artistic expression is restricted by the brand identity.

When artists are free to work on the concept as they are on the technical implementation, they deliver a much more powerful and meaningful experience to the viewer.

Steve Gerges began to take an interest in Digital Art in 2000 when he created Visual-Delight, the first collective of VJ’s (visual-jockeys) in Luxembourg. This project allowed him to take his first steps in this innovative art form for that time.

Following a trip to Montreal to the Elektra Festival in 2012, he created his first interactive digital artwork entitled LAN 1.0 at the Carré Rotondes in 2014. Here a few projects we felt best showcased his main features as an audiovisual artist.


ONE is a generative art sculpture that develops in real time. The audiovisual totem grows and evolves while progressively revealing its organic essence to the viewer.

One tells us the story of the creation of the universe, from the big bang, to energy flows, creation of planets and humankind.

Steve Gerges


We love this amazing kinetic sculpture that exploits the use of machine programming. Light is the main course of this audiovisual feast. An ethereal force that contours the surrounding space in a beautiful ephemeral moment.


This is an immersive and impressive projection mapping representing the creation of the universe, a recurring them in Steve Gerges work. The audiovisual storytelling features abstract patterns slowly turning into figurative elements.

The viewers is invited to reflect upon the strive of mankind to understand and explore the unattainable complexity of the universe.

There is so much more to explore about Steve Gerges. We strongly invite you to dive deeper into his audiovisual world.



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ARS ELECTRONICA: 9 -13 September 2020, Linz

Par : Marco Savo

Ars Electronica is THE new media arts festival: a core reference for audiovisual events and artists worldwide.

The festival and its audiovisual artists embrace new technology as a tool for artistic expression rather than the main factor of spectacularization.

This critical approach unlock the infinite creative possibilities within new technologies rather than fetishize them, as we have seen happening a lot with projection mapping and more recently with virtual reality.

ars electronica -audiovisual event

The festival was founded in 1979 by cyberneticist/physicist Herbert W. Franke, electronic musician Hubert Bognermayr, music producer Ulli A. Rützel and Hannes Leopoldseder. It has come a very long way since then but it has always kept its main focus on the intersection of art, technology and society.

One of the most appealing elements of the festival is The Prix Ars Electronica: the most prestigious prize in new media arts, with hefty prizes up to 10.000€. Every year the Golden Nica is awarded to the ground-breaking fruits of artistic experimentation from audiovisual artists worldwide.

Prix Ars Electronica - Audiovisual event - open call

Ars Electronica features a wide variety of activities every year: Symposia, exhibitions, performances, concerts and interventions spanning a broad arc from speculative futuristic scenarios to analytical considerations, from provocative actionism to philosophical debate.

Combining amazing artworks with fruitful conversations is the perfect recipe to create a meaningful experience that constantly scans the new media landscape to find the most inspiring projects. The projects are not simply chosen based on their technical realization but most importantly because the social and artistic innovation they incorporate.

The result of this consistent endeavour is the creation of a loyal community of audiovisual artists, researchers and visitors from all over the world that every year reunites in Linz to inspire and get inspired.

 deep space live - fata morgana - audiovisual artists
Deep Space LIVE – Fata Morgana

Since its inception, the festival has been dedicated to develop new themes for each edition and the organizers are also constantly on the lookout for interesting new venues.

Indeed, the ongoing effort to break out of the narrow confines of conventional conference rooms and artistic spaces, and to stage cultural and scientific encounters in the public sphere has become something of an Ars Electronica trademark.

Stay tuned: Ars Electronica 2020 theme will be released soon!



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Dejero LivePlus Mobile App Revolutionizes San Diego’s KFMB-TV Emergency Reporting

    KFMB-TV anchors, reporters, producers tap Dejero’s mobile app on smartphones to deliver live high quality broadcasts on the move, from breaking news scenes and from home Waterloo, Ontario, June 30, 2020 — Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide Emmy® award winning video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote ...

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Par : Marco Savo

DEADLINE: 15/07/2020

We love to discover and share juicy opportunities for audiovisual artists such as this open call promoted by Photon Foundation in Krakow.

Their hybrid solution is an effective response to the uncertainty of our current situation and a great compromise. We are sure audiovisual artists worldwide will massively appreciate their effort!

Photon Foundation is pulling off a great home edition this year. The organizers of Patchlab Festival are giving the chance to three selected artists to create a 360 second long rendered audiovisual projects, specifically designed for the projection system at the Gallery 360°.

The audiovisual installation will be recorded and publicly presented online as the culmination of the residence. Later on, when audiovisual events will kick back on the projects will be actually presented in the 360° Gallery with participation of the audience.

Open call for audiovisual artists

The 360° Gallery features a mind-boggling set up with 10 projectors displaying images with 16910×1080 pixels resolution. That opens up immense creative opportunities to generate a fully immersive environment.

During the 31-day #home edition residence, between 15/09/2020 – 18/10/2020, the selected audiovisual artists (or artistic groups) are going to work in their home or studio on their own audiovisual project.

The selected artists will have remote contact with the organizational and technical team and co-residents, as well as the possibility of conducting 2 remote attempts to display the work on the projection system in the 360° Gallery in order to check the accuracy and allow for possible corrections.

The following criteria will be taken into account in the selection of the winning projects:

  • artistic values ​​of the concept (e.g. originality, ingenuity)
  • consistency and accuracy in preparing the project concept
  • project feasibility according to the technical specification of the 360​​° Gallery projection system
  • artistic portfolio


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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @joan_____giner⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Abstract...

⁣#repost @joan_____giner⁣
⁣Abstract waves 01 #videomapping #sculpture #digitalart #lightdesign #contemporaryart #interiordesign #visualart #kineticart #multimediaart #art #lightart #digitalinstallation #videoprojection #experiment #waves #millumin2 #aftereffects #motiongraphics #insitu #installation #abstractart #geometricart #triangles #stripes #hypnotizing #artwork #fold #geometric

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @ex_lumina⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣It’s alive...

⁣#repost @ex_lumina⁣
⁣It’s alive again! 😍🥳 The #interactive #laser defence turret #game powered by #millumin, #arduino, #leapmotion, built of a recycled scan #light inspired by #portal game 👍👊⁣⁣
⁣⁣#interactiveart #arduinoproject #circasismic #besancon #cyberpunk #recycledart #servo #diy #projectionart #sensoryplay #artinstallation #creativity #automation #robot #robotics #makers

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @metteursenpieces⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣À...

⁣#repost @metteursenpieces⁣
⁣À demain 18h ! #mapping #citizenlights1030 #millumin #metteursenpieces #schaerbeek #starodyssey #space #color #painting #paint #visualart #visualprojection (at Église Saint-Servais)

COSMOLIGHTS – Open Call for Projection Mapping

Par : Marco Savo

DEADLINE EXTENDED: 10 July 2020 20 July 2020

The new kid on the block of the open calls for projection mapping. Cosmopolis Festival invites all audiovisual artists to submit their mapping proposals for the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse of Kavala in Northern Greece.

The building was erected in 1910 and features a ottoman neoclassical design style. The purpose of the open call is to highlight the architectural patterns of the facade and the history of the building through audiovisual techniques

The 3 Finalists of the competition, who will be selected by audience and the festival curators, will each receive a prize.

The winner of the contest will receive the Grand prize of 1500€. The second and third place will receive 1000€ and 500€ respectively.


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Ubisoft et Zero Latency sortiront une expérience VR en free-roaming

Par : Sitraka R
zero latency

Ubisoft annonce un partenariat avec le géant de la réalité virtuelle hors domicile Zero Latency pour adapter en expérience VR de type free-roaming une de ses franchises.

Jusqu’ici, Ubisoft était plutôt connu pour des attractions VR spécifiques à un lieu telles que Prince of Persia : The Dagger of Time. On ne sait pas encore laquelle des franchises dont le studio a les clés bénéficiera du traitement en free-roaming. Toutefois, si l’on regarde du côté de Zero Latency, ce dernier sort généralement des FPS. De ce fait, il faudra peut-être s’attendre à un titre de ce genre, par exemple une déclinaison de Tom Clancy.

Avec les restrictions liées à l’épidémie de covid-19, Zero Latency a dû fermer la plupart des salles où l’entreprise propose ses expériences VR hors domicile de type free-roaming. Néanmoins, elle ne relâche pas ses efforts et mise sur l’avenir en nouant des partenariats comme celui avec Ubisoft. Parallèlement, elle introduira de nouvelles mesures pour opérer sans mettre en danger la santé de ses employés. Par exemple, elle a pour la première fois installé des systèmes à distance, guidant simplement les clients durant le processus.

  • 81,74 €
  • 30,00 €
  • KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN Exhibition: Online

    Par : Marco Savo

    Virtual Reality and gaming tools are rapidly becoming the essential vehicles of expressions for audiovisual artists during the Covid-19 imposed restrictions on public events.

    We know, we know: no virtual experience can substitute the actual audiovisual event. But that is not the point. The point is experimenting and evolving beyond boundaries accordingly to the contingencies we face in a particular given time.

    Audiovisual art as every form of art expression is driven by the tools available, the internal factors such as time and budget, and the external ones, such as venue restrictions or the total lack of them.

    Now a lot of digital artists are facing the same problem and they are responding in different ways. The Russian audiovisual art collective VOLNA decided to turn their first solo exhibition: KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN into a virtual reality experience using Unreal Engine.

    Keep Yourself Clean Exhibition - Audiovisual Event

    The video gaming tool is being widely use in audiovisual art and virtual events. It allows you to simulate real-time scenes and lighting effects.  Exhibition visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the surroundings of each installation and can move freely in the room and choose any observation point.

    The following works were reconstructed for the exhibition: the audiovisual installations NEUBAU (2016), Powerline (2017) and Rotor (2018), the light installation Octave (2018), the installation Vague (2019), and two kinetic light installations, Duel (2019) and Nymphéas (2020).

    Rotor - audiovisual installation
    Neubau -audiovisual installation

    Despite the site-specific nature of the works, the overarching artistic principle behind all of them is the search for a universal language of pure forms. These forms, which correspond to the abstract subjects of the installations, are refined during an extensive detailing process, minimalist in their expressiveness and often even have a functional nature.

    The eight installations generate intimate spaces where the viewers sits in contemplation of the structural semiotic elements that compose them: light, sound, movement. Each room triggers different emotions slowly revealing themselves while we explore the space and embrace its unique atmosphere.

    Duel -audiovisual installation

    The primary expressive element in VOLNA’s work is light and its various characteristics, its interaction with space, as well as its movement, the rhythm of chiaroscuro and the way chiaroscuro scenarios unfold in relation to time. Some works include synchronized sound, created to interact closely with the light’s dramaturgy.  

    The virtual exhibition space itself is hetero-topic and at the same time proportional to the original exhibition locations. The model exhibits displayed inside it are as close as possible to their real prototypes and preserve the original structural details, including the nature of the lighting and scenarios behind each of the live installations.

    The original sound design and ambient sound environments are reproduced, and each work’s context and theme are discussed in an accompanying text.

    Powerline -audiovisual installation
    Octave - audiovisual installation

    In conclusion the exhibition Keep Yourself Clean attempts to embrace all the real and virtual layers of information that make up each of the works, and then let the works themselves become the determinants of perception.

    Each of the contexts will “re-sort” in the virtual world, rethink and obey the laws of perception, and each work, in turn, will become an experience of sensory contemplation.


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    ATHENS DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL: 10 July – 10 September 2020 ONLINE

    Par : Marco Savo

    ADAF is an audiovisual event constantly evolving along with the new creative trends and breakthroughs within the digital arts, without loosing the core vision of its foundation days.

    Every year the organisers finetune their artistic program through their open call for audiovisual artists, to keep themselves up to date with the ever-evolving new media art landscape.

    From the initial focus on video art, installations and live performances they have been widening their program up to include Virtual Reality experiences (VR), Web Art, Video Games and more.

    adaf 2020 - audiovisual event

    The Athens Digital Arts Festival has been founded in 2005 and it is the pioneer longest living institution in Greece dedicated to audiovisual culture and digital arts. This year, as other audiovisual events, ADAF is responding to the Covid19 crisis with resilience and creativity.

    Their 16th edition ADAF ONLINE| TECHNOTRIBALISM will be accessible to everyone through the internet. More than 5,500 audiovisual art proposals from 100 countries around the world are the source for the ADAF 2020 program selection.

    adaf 2020 - open call for audiovisual artists

    The 2020 year theme reflects upon our primitive status in the foundations of the new hyper-informational world, where the data-flux is absorbing the entire existence reaching the status of God.

    Is technology serving us or we are serving the data-totem by providing our more sensible information, giving up our privacy for a greater good?

    Algorithms, already present everywhere in the digital realm, are reading us better than ourselves, better than our friends and siblings and in the name of  optimization of our virtual experience, we are gradually letting them make decisions for us, filter our perceptions predict our behavior, our bio metrics, our emotions.

    adaf 2020 - audiovisual event

    All manifestations of culture can now be experienced on a digitized basis, translated to a language (code, DNA) and stored for everyone who possess it to experience regardless the circumstances. Markets and Money are transfiguring into intangible algorithmic byproducts. Everything to serve the information flow.

    Close your eyes and connect to your data-doppelganger your mirrored algorithmic self to your digital footprint. You are part of techno-tribalism, you are part of ADAF 2020.



    Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo | Instagram | Youtube

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    Crowdfunding : un artbook pour le concept artist et storyboarder Sylvain Despretz

    Par : Shadows

    S’il a commencé son parcours en France, Sylvain Despretz est rapidement parti exercer ses talents d’artiste du côté de la Californie. Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton, David Fincher, entre autres, ont fait appel à lui en tant que concept artist et/ou storyboard artist.

    Il dévoile désormais un ouvrage de 400 pages revenant sur 20 années de carrière. L’ouvrage contient de nombreuses illustrations, peintures, photos, textes ou encore storyboards issus de son évolution dans le milieu, qu’il s’agisse de projets devenus célèbres, ou de films n’ayant jamais vu le jour. Il y propose aussi des réflexions sur le cinéma.

    Le livre fait l’objet d’une double campagne de financement participatif sur Kickstarter et KissKissBankBank. La seconde vous permettra de choisir la langue (anglais ou français). Il vous en coûtera une cinquantaine d’euros pour soutenir le projet et acquérir l’ouvrage, avec comme toujours la possibilité d’opter pour des dons supérieurs, si vous préférez une version dédicacée ou de luxe (avec bonus variés).
    Il vous reste environ deux semaines pour participer ; la livraison est prévue pour le mois de novembre, et l’ouvrage devrait donc, sauf retard, pouvoir arriver à temps pour faire un beau cadeau de Noël.

    Comme toujours dans le cas d’un financement participatif, nous vous invitons évidemment à vous intéresser aux risques potentiels, même s’ils sont ici réduits : les éditions Caurettes précisent que le livre est finalisé et prêt à partir à l’impression, et que seule une météorite « détruisant toute vie sur Terre » pourrait désormais empêcher la sortie de l’ouvrage.

    L’article Crowdfunding : un artbook pour le concept artist et storyboarder Sylvain Despretz est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    The Light Bringer : rencontre mystérieuse au fond des bois

    Par : Shadows

    Valentin Ambrosini, Olivier Boudet, Baptiste Collay, Christine Cyr, Cyril Desoubrie et Augustin Pelisson dévoilent leur court de fin d’études à Isart Digital : The Light Bringer.

    Après avoir été rejeté d’une taverne, un nain va s’enfoncer dans la forêt accompagné de sa lanterne qui faiblit…Qui faiblit jusqu’à s’éteindre et le laisser seul avec l’obscurité. Il fera alors une surprenante rencontre.

    L’article The Light Bringer : rencontre mystérieuse au fond des bois est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    Chine-USA : Blender au service d’un documentaire

    Par : Shadows

    Jean-Julien Pous nous présente son dernier projet : le générique du documentaire Chine-USA, la bataille de l’OMS, qui s’apprête à être diffusé sur Arte.

    Le journaliste Pierre Haski, qui a réalisé le documentaire, y évoque la crise du Covid-19 et celle l’OMS, la première ayant été un révélateur de la seconde : l’OMS a notamment été accusé d’avoir fermé les yeux sur les responsabilités chinoises, et d’avoir aidé la Chine à minimiser l’ampleur du problème au début de l’épidémie.

    Pour le générique, Jean-Julien Pous a choisi de mettre en scène des symboles forts en lien avec cette double crise : virus, cellule, Donald Trump et Xi Jinping, villes, etc.

    Epaulé par d’autres artistes (dont Antoine Delacharlery, Jean Delaunay pour la 3D, Mathias Lavergne au montage), Jean-Julien Pous nous précise que le projet a été une expérience assez riche pour l’équipe, qui a travaillé sous Blender, Eevee et Tyflow, en télétravail et avec un délai serré.

    3d artists: Antoine Delacharlery, Jean Delaunay
    Editing: Mathias Lavergne
    Music: Jochris Gomez

    Voici également la dernière bande démo de Jean-Julien Pous :

    L’article Chine-USA : Blender au service d’un documentaire est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    INFINITE SPACE – Miami Artech House: 13 June – 6 September 2020

    Par : Marco Savo

    We have put feelers out fetching information about audiovisual events happening in physical spaces, to understand how venues and organisers are coping with the social distancing guidelines.

    A lot has been happening virtually since the Covid 19 outbreak but very few actual events have taken place with plenty of cancellations, endangering the already fragile audiovisual culture ecosystem.

    Well, Miami Artech House is kicking off with a bang, showcasing the art exhibition of one of the most recognized audiovisual artists worldwide: Refik Anadol.

    Refik Anadol immersive installations allow us to leap into an universe of data, featuring a matrix that swallows everything around until there is nothing left outside of it.

    His overwhelming data sculptures foresee a post-digital architectural future in which there are no more non-digital realities. A world where man and machine are embedded within each other.

    Infinite Space is the first major retrospective of the work of award-winning, Los-Angeles-based, Turkish-born artist Refik Anadol. The immersive data installation invites visitors to open their senses to the endless transformation and infinite possibilities at the intersection of man and machine.

    Refik Anadol - Audiovisual Artist

    One of the greatest eighteenth-century English artists William Blake famously said, “if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.”  Infinite Space is a collection of works that revisits Blake’s statement and seeks to cleanse the doors of perception with the tools available to twenty-first-century artists.

    The exhibition explores memories and dreams through the mind of a machine by using data sets ranging from human memories, photographs of Mars, cultural archives and sea surface activity as data sculptures and digital paintings.

    Book Tickets


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    Par : Marco Savo

    One of the main aspects we love about audiovisual culture is its diversity of concepts and aesthetics, spread across a variety tools and techniques.

    What struck us immediately about the audiovisual artist Rafael are his powerful messages conveyed through conceptually dense live cinema performances.

    Rafael manages to deliver delicately intense artworks where the audiovisual narrative and a strong political message are constantly shaped and kept in balance throughout the performance.

    Rafael - Audiovisual Artist

    Rafael has been living in Asia for 10 years where he merged his own European artistic and sociocultural background with the Asian aesthetics and political issues, especially within South Korea.

    His phography academic background heightened his sensibility towards the image, with special reference to the body within the space.

    Suggesting the movements and space exploration within his photos pushed him to experiment with videos and eventually with VJing tools such as Resolume, in order to enhance the interaction with his artworks. Transforming the still images into audio and video performance.

    This is an extract of a live performance named “BOM” which is part of an ongoing day-by-day project made in Korea: KYOULBOMYOELEUMGAEUL.

    The performance took place at the SEMA: Seoul Museum of Art. KYOUL means Winter in Korean, BOM is Spring, YOELEUM is Summer and GAEUL is Autumn.

    The four season piece is a video reportage of Rafael experience in South Korea, presented in chronological order throughout different audiovisual mediums such as Live Cinema performance, Installation and screening.



    Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

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    Stephane Soubiran, FX Artist

    Par : Shadows

    Découvrez la dernière bande démo de Stephane Soubiran, artiste FX dès à présent disponible.
    Il travaille notamment sous Houdini, Maya, Realflow, et est passé dans des studios tels que Superprod, Mikros MPC Advertising, Digital District.

    L’article Stephane Soubiran, FX Artist est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    SKZ : de Star Wars aux zombies, une course contre la montre sans merci

    Par : Shadows

    Nous poursuivons la couverture de la nouvelle promotion Isart Digital avec SKZ, un projet qui s’inspire à la fois de Star Wars, King-Kong et World War Z. Une bonne occasion pour toute l’équipe de montrer ses talents avec des cas concrets :

    Dans un futur proche, un homme se prépare pour une course acharnée. De portails en portails, d’univers en univers, il va traverser de nombreuses épreuves impitoyables. D’un conflit spatial à un Paris infecté de zombies en passant par une jungle hostile, il va tout faire pour survivre.

    Réalisation : Léa ROGET, Marie-Solène MATHIEU, Angela MIKRUT, Andrea OLOVCIC, Liliane CHU & Eloi VIDAL-FOULON
    Equipe Support : Xianhui WANG
    Music & Sound Design : Xianhui WANG, Thomas LANZA, Louis DEJEAN & Alexandre TOURNEUR

    L’article SKZ : de Star Wars aux zombies, une course contre la montre sans merci est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    Jack and the cursed crystal : un court-métrage Isart Digital très meta

    Par : Shadows

    Antoine Catillon, Emma Champion, Aurélie Gondouin, Maxime Guillaumin, Samantha Martin & Florian Roger (avec le soutien de « l’équipe support » composée de Christel Javellot, Xianhui Wang & Whitney Atanley) dévoilent leur film de fin d’études à Isart Digital.
    Un projet qui ne se contente pas d’utiliser les effets visuels, mais joue avec leur usage :

    Jack est le personnage principal d’un film d’aventure. Nous suivons ses péripéties pendant que Michelle, la réalisatrice et Jean, son producteur, se disputent à propos du scénario, créant ainsi le chaos dans la vie de Jack.

    En proposant un film qui s’appuie sur les négociations entre la vision d’une réalisatrice et les contraintes imposées par le producteur, l’équipe nous propose finalement une réflexion humoristique sur leur futur métier (voire même sur la création d’un court étudiant, si l’on remplace les finances par le temps avant la fin de l’année). Une idée plutôt intelligente que nous vous invitons à découvrir en application :

    L’article Jack and the cursed crystal : un court-métrage Isart Digital très meta est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    Margaux Végreville, environment artist junior

    Par : Shadows

    Jeune diplômée issue de l’école Brassart, Margaux Végreville nous présente son portfolio. Elle recherche un poste de type environment artist junior, et est mobile sur l’ensemble de la France.

    Outre son portfolio, n’hésitez pas à consulter son profil LinkedIn.

    L’article Margaux Végreville, environment artist junior est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    SHARJAH LIGHT FESTIVAL: 05 -15 February 2020

    Sharjah Light Festival illuminates the Emirate once a year showcasing local talent and internationally renowned audiovisual artists.

    The audiovisual event features eye-opening displays of colors, images and lights inspired by a variety of subjects such as beauty, science, creativity and knowledge. 

    The yearly festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and takes them on a tour of cultural heights, music, artistic ingenuity and technical skills. Projection mapping artworks and lighting installations illuminate the beautiful architecture of Sharjah.

    The festival fuses all the components of beauty, art, culture, education, innovation and higher thinking into one glorious event. 

    It includes rich programmes, grouped into clusters based on up to 20 locations with new highlights every year showcase the architectural splendour of Sharjah and the beauty of its buildings.

    Utilising creative and innovative light technology and specifically curated music, the architectural landmarks of the emirate, such as Al Noor mosque, Al Hisn Fort, Sharjah University City Campus as well as others can literally be seen in a new light.

    Many of the designs are poetic and inspired by local culture, stories and traditions or incorporate nature and space, some are based on more modern art and design, all are beautiful and thought provoking.

    The Sharjah Light Festival extends to the east coast towns of Dibba, Khorfakkan and Kalba. The 2019 edition featured well known artists and curators such as Larent Langlois, Cindy Lo, Studio Halpeji and Group F


    Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

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    SubtitleNEXT Version 5.6 features new Smart Text Assist

    Par : RadianceC

    New Smart Text Assist in SubtitleNEXT provides efficiency for text editing and live subtitling For immediate release – 16 June 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria  – PBT EU is delighted to announce the release of SubtitleNEXT Version 5.6, with the focus on a brand new centralised Smart Text Assist feature designed for editing and live subtitling scenarios.  ...

    The post SubtitleNEXT Version 5.6 features new Smart Text Assist appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.

    Course galactique et mortelle dans un court Isart Digital

    Par : Shadows

    Valentin Boesch, Julien Bouvier, Mathieu de Brun, Yann Duplouye, Robinson Fostier, Marc Lourenço, Florian Piechta, Olivier Renard dévoilent leur court de fin d’études à Isart Digital : Race.

    Un projet qui ne manquera pas de vous rappeler une célèbre saga se déroulant dans une galaxie lointaine, et qui nous invite à suivre une compétition acharnée entre pilotes de haut niveau :

    À l’occasion de la finale d’une compétition galactique, un laser est tiré sur une planète désertique pour la détruire. Au coeur du chaos, quatre vaisseaux rivalisent dans une course contre la montre. Les pilotes devront éviter des pièges mortels. Un seul survivra.

    Music & Sound Design : Emmanuel DOUBLIER, Victor SIMARD & Josselin TANGE

    L’article Course galactique et mortelle dans un court Isart Digital est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

    Star Wars: Squadrons, la galaxie a besoin de vous !

    Par : Shadows

    Electronic Arts dévoile la bande-annonce de Star Wars: Squadrons, futur jeu d’action dans lequel vous piloterez les plus célèbres vaisseaux de la saga.

    Après une campagne solo destinée à vous faire prendre en main TIE fighters et autres X-Wings, vous pourrez prendre part à des combats en 5 contre 5 ou vous joindre à d’immense batailles, sur PS4, Xbox One, Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store.

    Les fans qui espéraient une version en réalité virtuelle auront la joie d’apprendre que le jeu sera jouable en VR sur PS4 et PC.

    La sortie est prévue au mois d’octobre.

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    Face Nature – Future of the head and sensory apparatus

    Face Nature – Future of the head and sensory apparatus
    Created by Madeline Schwartzman, "Face Nature" is a series of experiments produced within the context of See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded (SYX), a recent publication by Madeline that looks at human perception and the sensory apparatus and questions what will be the physical future of the head and the sensory apparatus in fifty years time.

    Memo Akten

    At Audiovisual City, it’s always a pleasure to discover new audiovisual artists, and sometimes even artists that we should already know, but that we discover late, like Memo Akten.

    I stumbled upon Memo’s work in my investigations and learnings of the well-known VJ software, VDMX (which is to put it quite lightly – VDMX is a very powerful visual creation tool).

    Memo Akten describes himself as:

    “an artist and researcher from Istanbul, Turkey. He works with emerging technologies as both a medium and subject matter, investigating their impact on society and culture – with a specific interest in the collisions between nature, science, technology, ethics, ritual and religion.”

    Artificial Intelligence

    His work goes much further your average visual artist, as he specialises in Artificial Intelligence, works with algorithms and large-scale responsive installations with image, sound and light. In AV culture’s layman terms he’s an audiovisual jack-of-all-trades and a true techy, oh and he’s studying for a PhD in AI as if that wasn’t enough. Here you can see a selection of his work in the very accurately named video, ‘Selection of work in 3 minutes’ (2017).

    Audiovisual awards and prizes

    Akten received the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica – the most prestigious award in Media Art – for his work ‘Forms’ in 2013. He has exhibited and performed internationally at exhibitions including The Grand Palais’s “Artistes & Robots” in 2018 (Paris FR), The Barbican’s “More than human” in 2017 (London UK) and the Victoria & Albert Museum’s landmark “Decode” exhibition in 2009 (London UK). He has shown work at venues such as the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow RU), Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum (Shanghai CN), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo JP), Royal Opera House (London UK), Lisbon Architecture Triennale (Lisbon PT), Itaú Cultural (Sao Paulo BR) and many others.

    Creative Collaborations

    He has collaborated with celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, U2, Depeche Mode and Professor Richard Dawkins, and brands including Google, Twitter, Deutsche Bank, Coca Cola and Sony PlayStation. Akten’s work is in numerous public and private collections around the world.

    Alongside his practice, Akten is currently working towards a PhD at Goldsmiths University of London in artificial intelligence and expressive human-machine interaction, to deepen collaborative creativity between humans and machines and augment human creative expression. Fascinated by trying to understand the world and human nature, he draws inspiration from fields such as physics, molecular & evolutionary biology, ecology, abiogenesis, neuroscience, anthropology, sociology and philosophy.

    Photo credit:

    Marshmallow Laser Feast

    Memo hasn’t just emerged on the scene by any means. In 2007 Akten founded The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company (MSA Visuals), an art and tech creative studio. For some of those who have been following audiovisual culture since before even Audiovisual City was born, then they’ll recognise the name Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) – the evolution of MSA Visuals in 2011. In more recent years and a lot of success, Akten is now focusing on his own work and research, though his contribution to audiovisual culture and performance, must not go unmentioned. I strongly recommend that you explore his exceptionally wide and varied body of artwork and scientific investigations, as it takes you on a socia cultural journey that goes beyond audiovisual art.


    Instagram | Vimeo


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    SUAT: behind the DJ who walks for miles carrying and mixing on an XDJ-RX

    Par : Dan Cole

    Take your livestream outside, on the move with the UK’s top-trending artist. When the UK introduced lockdown measures to curtail the spread of COVID-19, it immediately brought an end to the country’s nightlife and entertainment industry. It also forced people to limit the amount of time they could spend outdoors. For most DJs and musicians, […]

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    Natalia Stuyk

    Natalia Stuyk is a self taught video artist, famous for her colourful surrealist landscapes and vivid digital fantasy worlds.

    Think how things would look if you dreamed in digital formats. Her creative work as audiovisual artist is generally split between personal projects, which later feed her portfolio to get commissioned projects, generally in the world of fashion.

    She has performed live VJ sets, for example at Mira Festival, and has also been known to dabble in sound for her digital art pieces (see the ‘Visitor’ project below).

    In her more recent work, she took her fantasy world to a physical space in the form of an installation at Galeria Melissa in New York City for her project ‘Paradise’. You can hear her talk about the whole project here.

    Her latest project can be found on Vimeo (below).


    Instagram | Vimeo


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    Emerging Digital Artists Award

    Par : Marco Savo

    DEADLINE: 15 JUNE 2020

    The open call is addressed to audiovisual artists resident in Canada within 5 years of their artistic career.

    This is a great chance for emerging digital artists to showcase their artworks, expand their networking and further their experimentation within the digital arts.

    The Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) is Canada’s award for critical experimentation in digital media. The award consists of $5,000 for the winner, and $1,000 for four finalists, as well as a group exhibition.

    Since 2015, the EDAA has been promoting artists working within virtual space, by seeking submissions that push us in new directions, and challenge us to see the world through a different screen.



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