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Pliant Technologies’ Showcases Latest CrewCom Wireless Intercom System at IBC 2019

Par D Pagan Communications

AMSTERDAM, AUGUST 13, 2019 — Pliant Technologies will feature the latest firmware update for its CrewCom wireless intercom system along with its newly enhanced SmartBoom series of headsets at IBC 2019 (Stand 10.F29). Pliant will also be showcasing new accessory products including its new Drop-in Charger, Fiber Hub, and FleXLR gender adapter, which provide a ...

TSL Products Presents Latest Developments to New SAM-Q Audio Monitoring Platform at IBC 2019

Par D Pagan Communications

AMSTERDAM, AUGUST 6, 2019 – TSL Products, a leading designer and manufacturer of broadcast workflow solutions, continues to evolve its audio offerings to meet the changing needs of its customers and the transition towards IP workflows. At IBC 2019 (Stand 10.B41), TSL will highlight a new range of modes for its SAM-Q audio monitors. The ...

NUGEN Audio Highlights Loudness Toolkit’s Netflix-Ready Workflows at IBC 2019

Par D Pagan Communications

AMSTERDAM, AUGUST 1, 2019 – NUGEN Audio’s Netflix compliance is making quite a splash with post-production audio teams across the globe. Among the many Netflix-focused solutions is its Loudness Toolkit 2.8, which will be presented at IBC 2019 (Pod F.P37). The company will also feature its Halo Upmix solution for stereo to 5.1, 7.1 and ...

From Tiny Lavaliers to Award-Winning Headsets – DPA Microphones has Something to Suit Everyone at IBC 2019

Par D Pagan Communications

ALLEROED, DENMARK, AUGUST 1, 2019 – Hot on the heels of its recent Red Dot Design Awards success, DPA Microphones will be showcasing its incredible 6000 series of Subminiature Microphones at this year’s IBC exhibition in Amsterdam (Stand 8.D70). Since its launch in 2018, DPA’s 6000 series has continued to astonish end users and reviewers ...

Amsterdam Light Festival (2019-2020) – Call for concepts

Par volatil

El Amsterdam Light Festival es un festival que se celebra anualmente en invierno en los Países Bajos y que se presenta como un festival de arte que busca la máxima calidad con la luz como protagonista. Los canales, lugares históricos, fuentes, se vestirán de luz con las obras seleccionadas para ofrecer una experiencia única a los visitantes.

Desire – UxU Studio (Amsterdam Light festival 2018)

La 8ª edición del festival tendrá lugar del 28 de noviembre de 2019 al 19 de enero de 2020 en el centro de Ámsterdam. Un jurado internacional, junto al equipo curador del festival, revisará los conceptos y seleccionará cerca de 30 artistas para presentar sus obras.

Fecha límite para presentar propuestas: lunes 21de enero 2019.
Bases para presentar propuestas.

El festival invita a creativos de todo el mundo, desde artistas a diseñadores, ingenieros, arquitectos, profesionales o estudiantes, a presentar un concepto para una obra de luz.

All the light you see – Alicia Eggert (Amsterdam Light festival 2018)

Para su 8ª edición, el festival está buscando interpretaciones artísticas y originales del tema “interrumpir”, entendido como perturbar o desordenar. Una interrupción generalmente se considera un inconveniente, pero también puede ser positiva y, a veces, esencial para desencadenar la necesidad de que se produzcan cambios. Desafían a los artistas a crear esculturas o instalaciones de luz que exploren este tema.

El Amsterdam Light festival busca tanto obras diseñadas para el agua como obras que puedan estar en las calles y con las que se pueda interactuar.

Absorbed by Light – Gali May Lucas (Amsterdam Light festival 2018)

A.N.N. – Koros Design (Amsterdam Light festival 2018)

Action>Reaction 2.0 – Sjimmie Veenhuis (Amsterdam Light festival 2018)

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Daan Brinkmann

Par Nina Verhagen

A fond believer of the concept of Homo Ludens, Daan’s interactional works are always based on the expressive potential of the spectator. The audiovisual elements within such a piece are used as a means to achieve a new kind of social experience.

Other pieces strive to be perceptual explorations. Light, sound & kinetics flood the senses, to see what remains.

His work has been shown at renown art places such as the Stedelijk Museum, but it can just as well be found in public space or at techno parties. His work has been shown at venues in Amsterdam, London, São paulo, Monaco, Paris, Berlin, Ghent, Warsaw, Ljubljana and Bucharest. He has received grants and prizes from the Dutch Institute for Media Arts, Stroom, the Foundation for Visual Arts and the City of The Hague.



Daan Brinkmann




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Sonic Acts

Par Nina Verhagen

sonic-acts-2-2018AMSTERDAM, 21-24 February 2019

Sonic Acts was founded in 1994. Over the years, it has established itself as a thematic festival with a strong focus on contemporary and historical developments at the intersections of art, technology, music, and science.

Each festival edition explores the chosen theme by means of an international conference, a wide range of concerts and performances, exhibitions and screenings, and embraces a broad spectrum of fields, practices, and disciplines.

Sonic Acts has developed into an organization for the research, development, and production of works at the intersection of art, science, and theory. It also commissions and co-produces new works, often in collaboration with international festivals, arts organizations, funders, and other partners.

Recent projects include the three-year art, research & commissioning project Dark Ecology, predominantly taking place in the Arctic region, and its globally touring programme Vertical Cinema.


Sonic Acts

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Sonic Acts






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