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Most of Native Instruments’ shares have sold. What could it mean for Traktor?

Par : DJ Glitch
What does the future of traktor hold with NI's ownership changing?

In a new turn of events this year, a massive portion of Native Instruments’ shares have been sold to the Francisco Partners investing firm. It’s been no secret that NI’s higher-ups have been debating reducing their ownerships, ever since Traktor was almost sold to Allen and Heath last year.  This news might sound alarming, it’s […]

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Visualsupport Mapping Reel 2016

We are one of the most experienced companies in Poland specializing in large scale 3D mapping technology spectacles. We create the illusion of giving life to the object, making it dynamic and undergoing amazing and intriguing transformations by designing animation for entire buildings or parts of scenography requiring precision, products, and even entire scenes with the aid of dedicated projectors.
We have an extensive equipment resources enabling us to carry through even the most complex projects. In our offer there are both small multimedia projectors with power of 3000 ANSI, projectors of average power 5,000 – 15,000 ANSI, projectors with 18,000 lumens of light power and the brightest available in the world with 40,000 lumens. We work on professional mediaservers and Watchout program, which allows us precisely correct the image geometry in real time.

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