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We Will Kaleid - Lingual (official video)

Stream & download “Lingual”:

Performance: Loby Lam (Kahbam)
Forklift Operator: Jasmina de Boer
Drummer: Lukas Streich
Director: Bennet Seuss
DOP: Benjamin Weu
Music Production: we will kaleid
Lyrics: Jasmina de Boer
Mix / Master: Lukas Streich
Special thanks to Sinus Event-Technik GmbH

Cast: Sinnbus

Visual System - OPIUM - Thailand

For the third year, Polygon Live has invited Visual System to create a futuristic art piece and create a new world for the unique 360 degree dome stage. When night falls at Wonderfruit, a ten minute synchronised sound and light show called “Opium” will descend, moving emotions in a hypnotic reveal using space and echo.

This is a collaborative project between Visual System and the two talented composers Thomas Vaquié & Alexandre Bouvier.

Visual System.

Cast: Visual System

Tags: polygon, wonderfruit, opium, visualsystem, visualsystem paris and audio reactive

2020 Realtime VFX Reel

MUSIC: Take Five & Curfew - Kalahari

Realtime vfx Done with unreal 4 , houdini and substance designer

Cast: Mathieu Martin

Tags: Demo reel

Happy Spacejumpers

Music composed, recorded and produced by Arthur Stammet. The Soundtrack is an electronic study realized at CNR in Metz (F) during 1988.

The movie, based on Mandelbulb 3D and SpaceEngine animations, has been created by Arthur Stammet in October 2019.

3D fractals and digital art created with:
Mandelbulb 3D:
Space Engine:

Cast: Arthur Stammet

Tags: Animation, Mandelbulb, Space, Fractal, Mandelbulb 3D, Digital Art, Voyage and Universe

Excerpts from Sony Playstation Videostore Interactive Projection Mapping (2011)

Excerpts from 2011, projection mapping a living room space with head (or camera) tracking for dynamic perspective (all content realtime 3D), with real props, live puppetry, interaction between the virtual and physical worlds, a mixture of hi-tech and lo-tech live special effects, a little bit of pyrotechnics and a lot of late nights, good times.

Cast: Memo Akten

Tags: projection mapping, openframeworks, unity3d, unity, syphon, transformers, xmen, pirates, sony, playstation, pirates of the carribean and videostore