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2019 NAB Show New York Profile: Kelley Slagle

Par Doug Krentzlin

Kelley Slagle (source: Roy Cox Photography) 2019 NAB Show New York Profiles are a series of interviews with prominent professionals in the broadcasting industry who will be participating in this year’s NAB Show New York (Oct. 16-17). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kelley Slagle is a video producer and editor of training, industrial, and documentary content for corporate and ...

Audio Reactive Geodesic Dome - Singapore Night Festival

Had a wonderful time at SNF 2019. My main role was technical director, mapping and show control for 6 interactive and rendered 360 installations wothin the dome by various artists. But I was also invited to perform some realtime visuals for 3 nights of the 10 day festival.

Audio reactive visuals and custom dome 3d mapping tool authored and performed in TouchDesigner.

Cast: Asterix

Latent Space | Fulldome AV Performance | SAT Montréal

Audiovisual Fulldome Performance by MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl) at SAT Montréal (Société des arts technologiques).

In Latent Space, fine lines weave virtual spaces around the viewers. The architecture that manifests is highly fragile — the space grows, shrinks, collapses.

Duration: 25 minutes

May 30, 2019 – iX Symposium, SAT Montreal
June 11 – June 15, 2019 – Elektra Festival SAT Montreal

Filmed by Alexandre Eidelvein, Johannes Hucek, Pippa Parragh


Tags: Latent Space, MONOCOLOR, Fulldome, Dome, SAT, Société des arts technologiques and Marian Essl


Over the years, lots has changed at All of it Now. What started as a group of VJs providing visuals for clubs and local events has evolved into a full blown creative agency, crafting custom content and sophisticated system designs for larger and larger clients. We take pride in our humble beginnings, but we’re well past beginning now, and we wanted something to inspire awe in our SF office in the same way we aim to inspire awe with every job we take.

Strata is a large-scale site-specific installation designed and housed at the AOIN studio. Each pane in the triptych was cut using a CNC router and projection mapped with custom animated content.


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