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LYNX Technik Announces New 12Gbit Dual Channel SDI Fiber Transmitter with CWDM

Par : DM

LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces its new yellobrik 12Gbit Dual Channel SDI fiber transmitter with CWDM technology. To address rising bandwidth demands, higher-speed connections, and higher quality imagery and content, media facilities are looking to continuously update their fiber infrastructure cost-effectively and flexibly. LYNX Technik’s new yellobrik (model: OTT 1442) reduces ...

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Touchdesigner Experiment creating infinite traveling landscapes with FBX animated characters and particles simulations

Holymage Showreel

Holymage Showreel : Video design, Projection mapping, Immersives experiences.
Many thanks to all our partners, agencies and clients.
Music : Worakls / By the brooks - Album Orchestra
Thanks to Hungry music;

Tags: show, video, video-mapping, design, cheval, projection-mapping, spectacle, chantilly, history, culture, horse, holymage, immersive, histoire, immersif and experience


“Call For Dreams” takes part in official selection of Cannes Art Film Festival and will be streaming free here during May 21-22
Don’t miss ✨no registration. share.

In the scene: Oleg Levin, Olga Kurkulina, Mami Shimazaki
Music: Greenmachine

PASSAGE - Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of PASSAGE movie.

PASSAGE is an artistic short movie involving elements of dance and new technologies. The first of its kind, it has been shot with a special mixed reality technique developed specifically by THEORIZ studio. In this movie, we follow the journey of two individuals uploading their minds in surreal worlds and getting lost in the layers.

Watch the movie :

Creative Direction
David-Alexandre Chanel

Technique Direction
Jonathan Richer

Oob - Exocé Kasongo
Félicia Dotse

Art Direction
Julien Rivoire
Mathieu Courbier

Film Direction
Simon Pierrat

Camera operator
Joris Fleurot

Camera assistant
Pierre-Marie Charbonnier

R&D Direction
David-Alexandre Chanel

Tech lead
Benjamin Kuperberg

Creative engineers
Félix Cote
Alex Bourgeois
Olivier Meyer

Rodolphe Martin

Mathieu Courbier

Aude Jeanneau

Simon Pierrat

Color grading
Baptiste Noyé

PMGN - Thomas Blanc

Thanks to

Gwendoline Jacquemin
Maëva Moreau
Juliette Planche
Camille Roy
Denis Kuperberg
Fabrice Bounin
Paul Pagès
Julien Dragon
Alban Delacourt
Yves Richer
Sophie Rossi
Arnaud Douchet
Dominique Lassarat
Tom Duchêne
Baptise Moizard
Pôle Pixel

This video was shot using a new mixed reality technology developped by THEORIZ Studio.

Shot in Studio Pagès
Video equipment provided by Compose it Prod
Crane provided by Locacine
Lighting equipment provided by Fa musique and Transpalux
Beamers provided by Panasonic, Alabama-media and Les grands Ateliers
Computers, performer tracking technology, Beamers provided by THEORIZ Studio


Fa Musique
Studio Pagès
Lumières & associé
Les grands Ateliers
Compose it Prod
Lumières numériques


Tags: passage, theoriz, mixed reality, mr, vr, ar, behind the scenes, making of, digital, art, movies, tracking, unity, real time, film, augmenta, augmented and mixed

Isolated Pixels - Projeto Falando pelas paredes

The Isolated Pixels are a projection mapping that happens every night during this quarentine. Working as an antenna of good vibes reception, where the pixels gather in a wall in the middle of Sao Paulo, Brazil to transmit positives messages, information and an artistic relief of the solitude in this isolation.
Co-created with Juliana Cretella @jucretella
Soundtrack: Adachi @ad4chi

Tags: ficaemcasa, fica em casa, stay home, stayhome, covid, covid 19, falandopelasparedes, quarentine, corona virus, corona, sao paulo and brazil

Geo_Abyss (FRAMED Preview)

Sound art by Han ChengYeh 韓承燁
Viusal art by aka_chang 張方禹
“GEOS: Audiovisual Sculpture Collaboration Project” is a series of audiovisual works created by media artist aka_chang and different sound artists. Based on the geometrical visual elements such as the circular sphere and block-shaped cubic structures. Artist aims to make the three-dimensional objects that are constantly rotating themselves are structured and particleized by analyzing and quantifying the values of audio volume, pitch, and high low spectrum, then deconstruction and re-structured with audio in advance. To achieve the point of balance between chaos and order, and try to create a simple visual sculpture series that chained with the sound.

Cast: mwva

JW WINCO: Standing Strong

  JW Winco’s standard machine components are strong and they will be even stronger at the 2020 NAB Show this April. Machine feet, articulated feet, leveling feet, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and elegant forms: The range of leveling feet available in the JW Winco portfolio is extensive. And it continues to grow because the requirements only ...

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