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Tutos pour découvrir la Insta360 One R

Par Thomas

Insta360 One R prise en main

Informations de base sur la Insta360 One R Schémas et présentation Voici un schéma qui vous représente les différentes parties que nous retrouvons sur une caméra Insta360 One R. Trois modules sont nécessaires pour faire fonctionner la caméra : l’écran, le capteur et enfin la batterie. En fonction de la version de votre Insta360 One […]

Portal 2222 - A meditative audiovisual journey

This mixed media piece explored the relation between painted elements and projection-mapping visuals. How will the painted areas be affected by the projection and what kind of new shapes will emerge.
The aim was to create a relaxing and mediative atmosphere within a beautiful setting. Spectators enjoyed the 7:47 min long show, diving into a deep state of contemplation and calmness.

This Installation was created 2020 for an exclusive venue and is available for rent now.

Mural painting and Visuals. Philipp Frank
Music: Man of no Ego „The Continuum“

Cast: Philipp Frank

Insta360 GO : notre test complet

Par Mélodie

Insta360, la marque phare dans les caméras 360°, est de retour avec une nouvelle caméra dans un format mini : Insta360 GO. En effet, celle-ci pèse à peine 20 grammes et est à ce jour, la plus petite caméra de ce type sur le marché.La firme chinoise semble vouloir s’attaquer à un marché autre que […]

Insta360 One R 4K comparatif face à la DJI Osmo Action et GoPro Hero8 Black

Par Thomas

Insta360 One R face à la GoPro Hero8 et DJI Osmo Action

L’arrivée de la Insta360 One R avec ses capteurs interchangeables et notamment celui 4K place cette caméra directement face aux GoPro Hero8 Black et DJI Osmo Action. Avec des dimensions légèrement supérieures la caméra Insta360 mettra en avant sa modularité ! Nous vous présentons les trois versions de la Insta360 One R ainsi qu’un comparatif […]

Insta360 One R comparatif des 3 versions

Par Thomas

Comapratif des trois versions de Insta360 One R

Un seul nom, Insta360 One R, mais qui cache trois versions de cette caméra. Cela est possible grâce à la conception modulable de celle-ci. Conservez le corps et la batterie de l’Insta360 One R mais échangez les optiques afin de varier vos utilisations. Pour en savoir plus sur les trois versions de l’Insta360 One R, […]

Insta360 One R pour Révolution ?

Par Thomas

Le début d’année commence très fort chez Insta 360 puisqu’ils nous proposent une caméra modulable appelée Insta360 One R. Modulable ? Et bien oui, vous pourrez changer les modules caméras afin de passer d’une caméra 4K 1″ à une caméra 4K grand angle à une caméra 360° ! Tout ça très simplement et en utilisant […]

Subtiv Live - Summer 2019

Selected footage from Cirque Magique, Natural Highs and Pukkelpop 2019.

Additional visuals by Blub and Trowflox. Additional video by Twan Brooks and Kathryn Cops.

Music by Kenji Kawai - Utai IV Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix) > Buy

Celebrating a decade of mask.

> Software
VDMX (Vidvox), MadMapper (1024 Architecture), Ataaata (Subtiv).

> Hardware
Roland V02HD, Midi Fighter Twister & 3D, Novation Launch Control XL.

Cast: Subtiv

EMBODY (Kaartik + Deltaprocess)

Dance/Live act: Kàartik
Visual/Stage design: Deltaprocess
Music/Sound design: Alexey Grankowsky
Co-production: Contaminazioni Digitali, Invisible Cities Festival

Holographic-visionary performance, mixed with a blend of contemporary dance, physical theatre and performance art.
The story portrays a human embodiment of cosmic energies, earth elements and artcraft machines. Embody blurs the boundaries of dance and spatial arts highlighting their interdependent relationship. Choreography becomes the epicenter of an interdisciplinary installation with powerful video-mapping and light design. A journey between light and darkness, interpreting human body as a shell.

This work is dedicated to our friend Ela, as she gave so much inspiration to all of us, and left -right at the end - when the particles of light abandon the shell and return to stardust.

Cast: deltaprocess

Tags: kaartik, holographic performance, deltaprocess, videomapping, mapping, body projection. and showtex lasertuille

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho · Mutek Montreal 2019

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho Live at Mutek Montréal 2019, 20th Edition.
Motion 1, Les 7 Doigts.

Mask design by Mamifero ·
Photo by Rita Bucatini.
Live painting using Tagtool for iPad.

Visit for more live painting.

Cast: Rimiyoho

PULSATIONS, Cathédrale De Laon

“Pulsations ”, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Laon

AV Exciters team :
Jeremie Bellot , Anne-sophie Acomat, Josselin Beaumont

AVextended team : Xavier Loebl

Lighting : Nicolas Woehl

Thanks to Cookies Production
Sound : Ena Eno

Cast: AVExciters

1mpar Color Music LIVE @ CRJ BH (teste vídeos)

trechos da performance 1mpar color music ao vivo no evento Ocupar Espaços, no CRJ, em BH. 17/10/2019
[filmagem: fabiano fonseca e Brayhan Hawryliszyn]

Cast: vj 1mpar

Tags: live, visual music, moog, 1mpar, dawless, electribe, DMX, korg, EHX, light design, improvisation, electronic music, idm, techno and glitch

AI report

D’une oreillette est retraduit le vocabulaire climatique intimé par une gorge artificielle.
Plus que des prévisions balbutie ici une ingénierie du climat tout aussi capable de d'anticiper que de provoquer les changements atmosphériques d'un quotidien “militaro-humanitaire”.

Le société moderne sont des communautés qui discutent du climat dans la mesure où un système officiel d'information climatique place dans la bouche des citoyens les thèmes de leurs entente sur les condition climatique en vigueur.

Ecumes, Sphères II, Peter Sloterdijk

Cast: obpr

Tags: imovie


The loop cycle of death is a phantasmagoric interpretation of classical 30’s cartoons.

I’ve always been fascinated by the strange old movies from Fleischer Studios.
I hope you’ll enjoy these spooky visuals through this mesmerizing short film.
It’s my way to celebrate my favorite pagan tradition, Samain a.k.a Halloween !

Design & Animation : Ben Sludge
Sound Design : RSTD /
Music : Archie Bleyer

Cast: B. Sludge

Tags: Animation, Motion Design, Motion graphic, Cartoon, Skeletons, Halloween, Spooky, Dungeon, Loop, Loop Cycle, Mograph, Satisfying, Phantasmagoric, Fantasy, Haunted, Tombs, Cemetary, Mesmerizing and Skull

Conduite algorithmique

Algorithmic Drive and Manœuvres. Conduite algorithmique solo exhibition at MA, musée d'art de Rouyn-Noranda. October 2019. Curator : Eric Mattson.

Conduite algorithmique et Manœuvres. Exposition Conduite algorithmique au MA, musée d'art de Rouyn-Noranda. Octobre 2019. Commissaire : Eric Mattson.

Cast: François Quévillon

Tags: autonomous, computer vision, vision par ordinateur, AI, driverless, generative, procedural, road, car, drive, interactive, vehicle, art, performance, art numérique and media arts

Modulo Kinetic and its real-time tracking module on Dixit bt Béjart Ballet Lausanne

To pay tribute to its creator, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne worked with Marc Hollogne to write and direct Dixit, a show that combines dance, acting, and video projection to tell the story of Maurice Béjart’s life and work. To bring this show to life, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne used Modulo Kinetic, Modulo Pi’s media server solution, as well as KineMotion, its real-time tracking module.
More info:



“六月球兒 June Orbs"是一複合光結構的audiovisual裝置與表演。取雷射強烈極端的光,與投影相對柔和且具畫面感的特性,表現光的結構與解構,鏈結聲音頻率的數位音像球體雕塑為主要概念。為了紀念六月在台東泰源國小畢業典禮首演而得名。準備這個首演的過程是一則單純美好的創作旅程。


"June Orbs” is an audiovisual live performance and installation made by compositing multiple animated lighting structures. Taking the extremely intense lighting texture of the laser, and by contrast, mild and imagery feature of the projection, to present the main concept of the audiovisual spherical sculpture that showing the structure and deconstruction of the light. It was named to remember the premiere in the graduation ceremony of Taiyuan Secondary, Taitung in June. A purely creative journey.

Due to the performance characteristics of its sound and light, digital art always gives the impression of coldness and distance. The creators expect to add emotional and warmth to the logical and minimalist visual senses by placing emotional elements in the voice and text.

Laser, projection visuals and video edited by aka_chang 張方禹
Sound art and audio composed by Jez Fang 方宜正
Cover photographed by Han ChengYe 韓承燁

Cast: mwva

Tags: projection, audiovisual, ableton, touchdesigner, mapping and laser

Excerpts from Sony Playstation Videostore Interactive Projection Mapping (2011)

Excerpts from 2011, projection mapping a living room space with head (or camera) tracking for dynamic perspective (all content realtime 3D), with real props, live puppetry, interaction between the virtual and physical worlds, a mixture of hi-tech and lo-tech live special effects, a little bit of pyrotechnics and a lot of late nights, good times.

Cast: Memo Akten

Tags: projection mapping, openframeworks, unity3d, unity, syphon, transformers, xmen, pirates, sony, playstation, pirates of the carribean and videostore

Le palais où le cheval est roi

“Le palais où le cheval est roi”. Un son et lumière, vivant équestre & monumental lors des Journées européennes du patrimoine pour les 300 ans des grandes Ecuries de Chantilly. Holymage réalise la direction artistique du vidéo-mapping de 30 minutes sur plus de 2500 m2 de surface historique.

Production : Les Amis d'Alain Decaux
Conception, scénario et co-direction : Frédéric Nancel
Direction artistique et co-direction : Marie-Alix Doutrebente
Scénario, mise en scène, texte : Bertrand du Fayet
Direction artistique vidéo : Holymage
Musique originale : Alexandre Chaigniau
Création & mixage audio : Elgolive / Loïc Gourbe
Technique : Novelty

Cast: Holymage

Tags: show, video, projection-mapping, design, video-mapping, cheval, chantilly, history, horse, spectacle, culture, holymage and histoire

Ultravioletto - Sonic Arms at RomaEuropa Festival

A dance of robotic arms, lights and images, Sonic Arms is a choreography based on a generative music score in which soundscapes and robots’ movements are inextricably linked.

In this era, in which technological development proceeds at exponential rates, human-machine interaction and its repercussions at a social and ethical level raise a reflection: can human beings understand all aspects of this revolution and guide it? Between experimentation and research, the work by Ultravioletto investigates the wide spectrum of robotics applications in the creative field and the machines’ impact on digital culture.

The studio enhances the robots’ human side to disrupt the antithesis between man and technology: in the industrial setting of a former slaughterhouse (Mattatoio) in Rome, four robotic arms nimbly float, performing an ethereal dance.

The 30-minute performance consists of four overlapping narrative levels: the robots’ bright terminals, the arms that reproduce the choreography, a wall of high-resolution synthetic video images created in real time, and an iridescent backlight that defines the space. Guided by the sound component, the different elements are generated by algorithms that interpret and amplify the original score, giving it new meanings.

Shooting and video production by “So What Pictures”

Cast: Ultravioletto


The city center has always been a place of gathering, celebration, trade and culture.
We wish to pay tribute to these gatherings by evoking the dynamic of convergence towards the central monument of the city : the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Laon.

This show offers a colorful and playful vision of these gatherings, emphasizing their universal and timeless character.

A projection mapping show onto Notre-Dame of Laon Cathedral - France
Duration : 10min

Design and Direction : Holymage
Music : Guillaume Le Dain - Studio Delacroix
Production : Cookies Production

Cast: Holymage

Tags: cathedral, 3d, mapping, laon, projection mapping, light, drone, projection, video design and notre dame

Sonar Flux | Ars Electronica 2019

Sonar Flux by Kaoru Tashiro (Piano) and MONOCOLOR (Visuals) at Ars Electronica Festival 2019, Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Center Linz, Austria.

Filmed by Pippa Parragh and Stepha Farkashazy.


Tags: MONOCOLOR, Ars Electronica, Marian Essl, Sonar Flux, Kaoru Tashiro, 2019, AEC, Ars Electronica Center, Audiovisual, Deep Space 8K, Piano, TouchDesigner and Generative Visuals


Contenidos audiovisuales para piezas del Museo Internacional del Barroco, en esta caso la pieza es:

- Cúpulas del mundo

En colaboración con Oscar Testón.

Cast: Romera Diseño e Infografía S.L

Desert+Desilence _ Sonar 2019

Desert is the duo comprised by Eloi Caballé and Cristina Checa, a pair of Spanish composers/producers who have been slowly picking up attention from across Spain, Europe and USA. Their often complex, but hypnotic sounds are a perfect example of their prospective musical and unique creative universes. They are versatile and magnetic so they are open to participate in different fields such as the audiovisual, videogame or tech sectors.
Desert and Desilence join forces to create an inmersive, otherwordly and inspiring new audiovisual live show. Premiered at this year’s Sonar festival, it is expected to mutate as it spreads.

Cast: Desilence

Tags: livevisuals, sonar, concert and sonar2019