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MEMORIES - remake at AMURAL FESTIVAL 2019 / Brasov - Romania

visuals: László Zsolt Bordos
sound: Ondřej Skala / JTNB
title typography: Adam Slowik
laser scanning: Ionut Pascu
pointcloud modeling: Dániel Szalkó
technical director: Silviu Bratosin

Cast: Bordos.ArtWorks / LaszloZsBordos


Viernes 28 y Sábado 29 de septiembre de 2018 _ Punt Multimedia, Barcelona.
Videoarte, mapping, performances audiovisuales, debates y nuevas medias.
Un encuentro de mas de 40 artistas y colectivos locales e internacionales, trabajando el concepto de interculturalidad en las investigaciones contemporáneas, tales como: videoarte, mapping, performances audiovisuales y trabajos con nuevas medias.
El Festival Visual Brasil es un evento gratuito que pretende acercar las nuevas tendencias del mundo del audiovisual al publico en general, potenciando la red internacional de intercambio, conocimiento y reflexión entre Europa y América del Sur.
Celebra su 16 edición en la ciudad condal, desarrollando sus actividades en el Punt Multimedia, centro dinamizador de proyectos multimedia y tecnologías digitales, situado en la Casa del Mig del Parc de l'Espanya Industrial de Barcelona, los próximos Viernes 28 y Sábado 29 de septiembre de 2018
Video: Tklab

Cast: VJ Eletroiman

Tags: BRASIL, VISUAL, FESTIVAL, 2018, edición16, Videoarte, mapping, performances audiovisuales, debates and nuevas medias


Machine drawn digital artworks based on nature itself. Originally created for the 1st Antarctic Biennale “Levitate” is an artwork visualising and interpreting natural phenomenons and systems, capturing the beauty and complexity of nature.
Visual data captured around the globe forms the inspiration and foundation of each unique artwork.

“Levitate” is a symbiosis between computer and human. A collaboration outsourcing the craft of drawing using dedicated, human made tools in both soft- and hardware.

Besides the creation of the algorithm (the DNA) the role of the artist is equally defined by his consideration from an aesthetic point of view evaluating where the machine delivers inspiring results worth exploring and where it doesn’t.

The COPPER edition is a fragment of the “Levitate” visuals - representing a single moment in the ongoing series and the artists quest for seeking beauty and inspiration between time and space, science and nature.

Made with Objective-C++ and Processing
02:30 min Loop

Edition: 500
Price: USD $90

Futura Epsis 1

Exhibited next to the forbidden city in Beijing China, the Kremlin in Moscow and across Shakespeares Hamlets castle in Denmark.

Published from Bloomsbury and Computer Arts to Wired the 1986 born German artist A. Rothaug explores visual aesthetics, transforming data like light, sound or movement into artificial systems that produce stunning experiences and cutting edge graphics.

Cast: FE1

Tags: Computational, Digital Art, Art, Processing, Generative, openFrameworks, visualisation, Abstract art and video art

Film Annonce PSYCHOMAGIE d'Alejandro Jodorowsky - au cinéma le 2 octobre

Si chacun d’entre nous a un héritage génétique, il possède aussi un héritage psychologique qui se transmet de génération en génération.
Alejandro Jodorowsky, cinéaste et artiste multidisciplinaire convaincu que l’art n’a de sens profond que s’il guérit et libère les consciences, a créé la Psychomagie. Au moyen d’actes théâtraux et poétiques s’adressant directement à l’inconscient, cette thérapie permet de libérer des blocages.
Psychomagie, un art pour guérir est le document le plus complet sur l’évolution de l’oeuvre créative et thérapeutique d’Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Cast: Nour Films

Tags: film annonce, film, documentaire, jodorowsky and psychomagie

GOGBOT 2017 Aftermovie

GOGBOT festival is the annual showcase for creative technology, electronic music and contemporary art. The festival has been running since 2004 and it lasts for four days and nights. GOGBOT’s mission is to provide an inspiring platform for the most original, the most visionary and the most avant-garde artists active today. Innovation in digital creativity is key and the festival creates a sonic space for this. The festival offers a stimulating rendez-vous for artists, professionals and visitors.

GOGBOT offers a playground of convergence. Drawing participants from all over the world are presented, in order to profit from a context of active discovery. We are proud to present the outstanding talents from the Netherlands, supporting this by having the Awards for the best of art and creative technology graduates.

GOGBOT initiator PLANETART Medialab is expanding with a series of activities beyond the core festival. This includes the GOGBOT Café events, and its other annual 5 day festival, since 2014: TEC ART ROTTERDAM

Wanna shock your senses? Go GOGBOT!

Cast: yolande willink

Tags: art, music, creative technology, festival, enschede, the netherlands and GOGBOT

live electronic - interactive visuals by Klaus Obermaier

Short part of a 45-minute performance at TRANSDISCIPLINA #14,
Contenedor Cultural UMA, Málaga, Spain – April 25, 2019
Recorded with iPhone XS.

Live electronic with real-time rendering of interactive visuals.
All sounds generated and played with VCV Rack – Open-source virtual modular synthesizer.
Live camera into MaxMSPJitter and Vsynth package for visuals and interaction.
Controller: MIRA iPad Pro, Midi Fighter Twister, Sensel Morph. /
VCV Rack – Open-source virtual modular synthesizer:
– for real-time generated interactive visuals.
– center for connection and manipulation of interactive data.
MIRA for iPad:
– build your custom flexible control surface for Max (sounds and visuals).
Sensel Morph:
– 3D touch controller and keyboard.
Midi Fighter Twister:
– 16 quality push encoders in 4 banks (sounds and visuals).

Cast: Klaus Obermaier

Tags: VCV, Max 8, Vsynth, live electronic, interactive visuals, live cinema, Max MSP Jitter, VCV Rack, modular synthesizer, av performance, audiovisual, music and visuals and music performance

Mamos Beer - Collage Animation Campaign

We had the amazing opportunity to pitch, design and produce the relaunching campaign of Mamos Beer.
The hero spot tells the beautiful real story of Petros Mamos, a Greek brewer and entrepreneur that built his own label and factory from scratch. Foss Productions came to us asking for some animations with collage technique, Tigrelab designed a brand-friendly style with simple compositions and minimal color palette. We played with images adding vintage pictures into fantastic environments with a pinch of contemporary elements and collage extravaganza.


Client: Mamos Beer
Production company: Foss productions
Executive Producer: Michael Alexakis

Advertising Agency: Soho Square Athens
Creative Group Head: Kallina Kyratsouli
Creative Director: Alex Esslin
Associate Creative Director: Gianna Katopodi
Art Director: Vicky Kalafati
Digital Design Director: Nestoras Kechagias
Business Unit Director: Fani Papadopoulou
Account Director: Theodore Kechaidis
Account Manager: Yiannis Exarchos
Innovation Strategy Director: Yannis Christopoulos
Music: Lefteris Sampson
Sound design: Rabbeats
Tigrelab team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Antonio Nieto
Camila Araujo
Guillaume Caron
Lucía Suarez
Carlos Arandia
Daniel Gomez
Michelle Planes
Andrea Stinga
Felipe Mejía

Cast: Tigrelab


I played with reflections completing and augmenting patterns for the ENTER THE WOODS event in Johannesburg. Playing with the ripples and distortions of the reflections because of water has long fascinated me. It was such fun to see that people interacted with the installation beyond what I had imagined… immersing themselves completely in the projections and filming and photographing away, splashing water and jumping around. Playing with light and water…so great.

Cast: Inka Kendzia

100% Chair – Designing for Algorithmic Landscapes

Par Filip Visnjic
100% Chair – Designing for Algorithmic Landscapes
Created by Radical Norms, 100% Chair is an exploratory project speculating on on the near future where humans and smart machines live, learn and work together. The project explores a design processes that consider Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as a collaborator and a stakeholder. In the first of series of explorations, the team are looking at […]