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“六月球兒 June Orbs"是一複合光結構的audiovisual裝置與表演。取雷射強烈極端的光,與投影相對柔和且具畫面感的特性,表現光的結構與解構,鏈結聲音頻率的數位音像球體雕塑為主要概念。為了紀念六月在台東泰源國小畢業典禮首演而得名。準備這個首演的過程是一則單純美好的創作旅程。


"June Orbs” is an audiovisual live performance and installation made by compositing multiple animated lighting structures. Taking the extremely intense lighting texture of the laser, and by contrast, mild and imagery feature of the projection, to present the main concept of the audiovisual spherical sculpture that showing the structure and deconstruction of the light. It was named to remember the premiere in the graduation ceremony of Taiyuan Secondary, Taitung in June. A purely creative journey.

Due to the performance characteristics of its sound and light, digital art always gives the impression of coldness and distance. The creators expect to add emotional and warmth to the logical and minimalist visual senses by placing emotional elements in the voice and text.

Laser, projection visuals and video edited by aka_chang 張方禹
Sound art and audio composed by Jez Fang 方宜正
Cover photographed by Han ChengYe 韓承燁

Cast: mwva

Tags: projection, audiovisual, ableton, touchdesigner, mapping and laser