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Sacred geometry is defined as a set of proportions, geometric manipulations and dimensions, as they can be observed in nature and directly transcribed in architectural works or more broadly artistic creations. The human being has been searching for centuries to understand the laws of organization of nature and is inspired by them to add coherence and harmony to his creations. The crystals, the flowers, the fruits, the animals, all these natural elements thus serve as a model for the sacred geometry. Formerly used for the elaboration of religious buildings, this geometry is used here to lay the foundations of a monumental luminous work. His laws, directly inspired by the careful observation of nature, are fertile ground for this artistic research. Indeed, the subliminal pagan evocations here brought to light invite the viewer to serenity and well-being through contemplation.

Cast: Francois Moncarey - MySquare

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho · Mutek Montreal 2019

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho Live at Mutek Montréal 2019, 20th Edition.
Motion 1, Les 7 Doigts.

Mask design by Mamifero ·
Photo by Rita Bucatini.
Live painting using Tagtool for iPad.

Visit for more live painting.

Cast: Rimiyoho

CHILDREN OF THE VOID : Short Film by Strangeloop Studios

Children of the Void is a glimpse into an alternate universe where telepathic children have taken over a small town in America, upsetting the established order which sees the town as threat to civilization.

Illustration & Character Design by 
McKay Felt

illustration Key Frames by
McKay Felt
Evan Shechet

Coloring by
Alex Dascalu Nelson

3D Animation by
Alec Maassen
Aron Johnson
david Gao
Ian Valentine
Nicholas Juister

Additional 3D Modeling by
Taylor Shechet

Score by
David Wexler
Gavin Gamboa

Performing Musicians
Micah Nelson
Jake Bloch
Emily Call

Music Studio Production by
Hen House

Sound Design by
Jonathan Chau

Additional Studio Support
Elan Oatway
Audrey Lane

Produced by Nick Maresh

Executive Produced by
Ian Simon

Written and Directed by

Special Thanks to 
Lewis Kunstler
Harlan Steinberger
Randi Steinberger
Matthew Smith

Cast: Strangeloop Studios

Pause Originals - Cyberpunk Shaihaiching by Lei Alucard

Our ancestors have always believed in gods and demons throughout the time, they named them, remember their deeds and passed down the stories from one generation to another for thousands of years. Those mythical gods and demons could be created by the science and technology. They can divide humankind into good and evil.

Cast: Pause Fest and Lei_Alucard

Tags: pausefest, response, vfx, original and motion

PULSATIONS, Cathédrale De Laon

“Pulsations ”, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Laon

AV Exciters team :
Jeremie Bellot , Anne-sophie Acomat, Josselin Beaumont

AVextended team : Xavier Loebl

Lighting : Nicolas Woehl

Thanks to Cookies Production
Sound : Ena Eno

Cast: AVExciters


R&D with NotchVFX - Real time rendering
Track - JKenzo - Invaderz
// you can download this patch and video via -

Cast: ArminWerx

Tags: Notch, NotchVFX, Notch VFX, Face, Arminwerx, Bass and Displacements


Ari Dykier Visuals at Metro Świętokrzyska in Warsaw. Music: User Friendly

Cast: Ari Dykier

Tags: metro, warszawa, vj, warsaw, animation, work, visuals, art and artist

fantoms in tokyo

Inspired by the skateboard videos and magazines of the 2000s, fantoms is an attempt to merge the authenticity of the skateboard scene with the power of projected light.
Similar to Miyazaki’s forest spirits, the fantoms live a parallel quite life in the boiling city.

With given context, the different poses and movements combined together produce random poetic short stories. The characters freely travel through the city, unite in harmony and watch us from there photonic world.

The process consists of printing and scanning the skaters of my childhood while redrawing them frame by frame. Ghosts come alive and are reprojected on the city walls, stairs and handrails. The projectionist is free to position the fantom according to the live urban scenery.

Music - Pierre Millanvois
Concept, Animation, Projection, Camera, Editing - Philippe Dubost

Cast: Philippe Dubost

Tags: ghost, city, mapping, tokyo, projection and skateboard

Fractalicious 8


music: Max Cooper - Symmetry (Hidden Orchestra Remix)

Contains footage from the PY1 experience “Through the Echoes”
by Silent Partners Studio Montreal
Creatures created by Bloc D

all fractals rendered in Mandelbulb3D

Cast: Julius Horsthuis

Tags: fractal

Vanishing Quasars . AV Live

Boris Chimp 504 performing the new AV Live “Vanishing Quasars” at Criatech Festival, Aveiro 2019.
A quasar is an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus, but some have been noticed to be vanishing… rapidly. Boris follows up his quest on exploring the vastness of the universe, and heads to the coordinates of the quasar WISE J1052+1519 in order to explore this event. The most recent data suggests that this phenomenon might be related to shape-shifting changes of the Quasar’s accretion disk, around the stellar supermassive black holes.
Boris Chimp 504 - Miguel Neto (Sound) and Rodrigo Carvalho (Visuals & Interactive Systems) - tells the tale of Boris 504, a chimpanzee sent to the moon by the soviets in 1969 getting stuck in space forever. Since then he has been exploring the space-time continuum, jumping between several dimensions of the universe. With this starting point, Miguel & Rodrigo have been exploring the relation between sound & image since 2010 mixing techno, psychedelia and noise, along with audio-reactive visuals generated in real time, creating an immersive voyage strongly influenced by science fiction, interspersing with the most current scientific discoveries and merging reality and fiction into a narrative of its own.

Camera by Nuno Barbosa.

Cast: visiophone and Boris Chimp 504

Tags: borischimp504, avlive, avshow, live performance, visuals, vdmx, vuo and realtime

Julian Jeweil + Carte Blanche Prod

Julian Jeweil + Carte Blanche Prod
Performance Live Art Vidéo et LED
Dimanche 10 novembre
L'Autre Canal Nancy

Dj : Julian Jeweil

Informations sur la soirée :

Cast: vj no

1mpar Color Music LIVE @ CRJ BH (teste vídeos)

trechos da performance 1mpar color music ao vivo no evento Ocupar Espaços, no CRJ, em BH. 17/10/2019
[filmagem: fabiano fonseca e Brayhan Hawryliszyn]

Cast: vj 1mpar

Tags: live, visual music, moog, 1mpar, dawless, electribe, DMX, korg, EHX, light design, improvisation, electronic music, idm, techno and glitch

VJ Suave 2019

VJ Suave Reel 2019
Music by Chancha via Circuito - Sueño en Paraguay (Remix by Psilosamples)

Cast: VJ Suave

Rave On You ² vers 02h40

à partir de 02h40
Performance Live Art Vidéo
avec La Chapelle des Pixels et Pretorius

Samedi 13 juin 2015
dans un fort autour de Nancy

En savoir plus :

Cast: vj no

Tags: vj, audiovisual, visual, modul8, electro, techno, vjing, video, vjay, performer, vjno and artvideo

First edition of the Immersive Art Festival Paris with Modulo Kinetic

Modulo Pi was pleased to be a partner of the first edition of the Immersive Art Festival Paris. Dedicated to immersive digital design, the festival featured exclusive creations of 11 French and international artistic collectives at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris - France.
Atelier des Lumières is a digital art center offering more than 3,000 sqm of projection surface using 140 x Barco video-projectors, 50 x Nexo speakers, and 35 x Modulo Kinetic media servers from Modulo Pi.
More info:


AI report

D’une oreillette est retraduit le vocabulaire climatique intimé par une gorge artificielle.
Plus que des prévisions balbutie ici une ingénierie du climat tout aussi capable de d'anticiper que de provoquer les changements atmosphériques d'un quotidien “militaro-humanitaire”.

Le société moderne sont des communautés qui discutent du climat dans la mesure où un système officiel d'information climatique place dans la bouche des citoyens les thèmes de leurs entente sur les condition climatique en vigueur.

Ecumes, Sphères II, Peter Sloterdijk

Cast: obpr

Tags: imovie


The loop cycle of death is a phantasmagoric interpretation of classical 30’s cartoons.

I’ve always been fascinated by the strange old movies from Fleischer Studios.
I hope you’ll enjoy these spooky visuals through this mesmerizing short film.
It’s my way to celebrate my favorite pagan tradition, Samain a.k.a Halloween !

Design & Animation : Ben Sludge
Sound Design : RSTD /
Music : Archie Bleyer

Cast: B. Sludge

Tags: Animation, Motion Design, Motion graphic, Cartoon, Skeletons, Halloween, Spooky, Dungeon, Loop, Loop Cycle, Mograph, Satisfying, Phantasmagoric, Fantasy, Haunted, Tombs, Cemetary, Mesmerizing and Skull

Third Practice - FeatherSilk by ShowTex

A mesmerising performance with floating sheer fabrics that makes you hear dance and see music.

Choreographer Tero Saarinen:
“These voluminous fabrics represent a continuation of both the movement and the singing, playing their part in enhancing the lightness, flexibility and suppleness of the piece.”

Discover FeatherSilk:

Cast: ShowTex

Fête de l'anim' 2019 : bande-annonce

15e édition
22 novembre > 1er décembre 2019


Projections, masterclasses, rencontres, activités ludiques et pédagogiques, réalité virtuelle… Plongez au cœur du film d’animation dans l’atmosphère conviviale qui caractérise la Fête de l’anim’ !

Cast: Rencontres Audiovisuelles

Conduite algorithmique

Algorithmic Drive and Manœuvres. Conduite algorithmique solo exhibition at MA, musée d'art de Rouyn-Noranda. October 2019. Curator : Eric Mattson.

Conduite algorithmique et Manœuvres. Exposition Conduite algorithmique au MA, musée d'art de Rouyn-Noranda. Octobre 2019. Commissaire : Eric Mattson.

Cast: François Quévillon

Tags: autonomous, computer vision, vision par ordinateur, AI, driverless, generative, procedural, road, car, drive, interactive, vehicle, art, performance, art numérique and media arts

Alienscapes+ (2019)_"Hairscape"

Alienscapes+ (2019)_“Hairscape”
© 2019 Thomas Valianatos.
New media art (Live Visuals, AV Live Performance, Music Visualization).

The artwork “Hairscape” is performed live. In this video (was recorded in real time, by Obs software), i play live electronic sounds and live visuals, at the same time. The live visuals depict my tiny details of my skin and hair. These details perceived as weird & surreal landscapes. The used interactive filters are searching for analyzing the edges and the structure of these “landscapes”. The “Alienscapes+” is an expansion of the ongoing work “Alienscapes & Paintscapes” started in 2016: PAINTSCAPES- The Aesthetics of Nature & AlienScapes_The aesthetics of moving fractals. It’s an artistic research concerning nature’s fractals and fractal expressionism, as the new abstract painting. The “Hairscapes” project uses new media art and various devices for achieving its goals. In this video, the movement of the microscope camera follows up my live sound play. Basically here, I am looking for an imagery could be made by scratch. My attempt was to make a music visualisation video, based on live footage that was streamed by multimedia devices, such as a microscope camera (100x optical zoom, 300 digital zoom), webcams and synthesizers.


Cast: Thomas Valianatos

Tags: audiovisual, live visuals. vj, live electronics, sounds, hair, AV performance, skin, live visuals, vj, audio reactive, musicvideo and skin live

Modulo Kinetic and its real-time tracking module on Dixit bt Béjart Ballet Lausanne

To pay tribute to its creator, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne worked with Marc Hollogne to write and direct Dixit, a show that combines dance, acting, and video projection to tell the story of Maurice Béjart’s life and work. To bring this show to life, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne used Modulo Kinetic, Modulo Pi’s media server solution, as well as KineMotion, its real-time tracking module.
More info:



A passion project that pays tribute to classic anime movies, while honing Tendril’s unique in-house art style.

Full project + Behind The Scenes + Credits here:

Cast: Tendril and C Y P H E R

Tags: character design, gaming, gaming cinematics, 3d, 3d animation, character animation, design, original and short film

5 Tips to Maximize the iPhone 11’s Filmmaking Capabilities

Par Jourdan Aldredge

The iPhone 11 looks to be a game changer for smartphone videography. Here’s how to truly unleash its filmmaking potential.

CONVERGE - Sensitive Installation -

Création Originale
Installation sonore & visuelle
O Cavalié / Insula-prod 2019
Regard atomisé, intérogatif, introspectif, peinture organique d'une époque épique. Converge intérroge, laisse la place … (O Cavalié )


Mediaproxy to demonstrate 8k capability, interactivity features and exception-based monitoring at NAB Show New York 2019

Par Page Melia PR

Melbourne, Australia – 1 October 2019 – Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, is bringing the latest version of its LogServer IP logging, monitoring and analysis system to the NAB Show New York from 16 to 17 October on booth N550. NAB Show New York has established itself as an important exhibition ...