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NDI Virtual Input and FFMPEG/FFplay issues

Par : DWAM
Hi !

I'd like to use Newtek NDI Virtual Input to feed FFMPEG for live encoding to other protocols but I cannot get it to run smoothly and it results in choppy or slomo video, rtbufsize errors, framedrops and cracking audio.

Here's my context :
- Windows 10 64 Bits
- FFMPEG from Zeranoe (latest stable build 4.3.1)
- NDI feeds come from vMix or OBS or NDI Connect and they all play fine everywhere except with FFMPEG (I have fine results with NDI Tools, other vMix/OBS/VLC or Zoom/Skype/WebRTC, etc... they're all working perfectly)

Here's my commandline for FFplay

> ffplay -f dshow -rtbufsize 512M -i video="NewTek NDI Video":audio="Ligne (NewTek NDI Audio)"

> the console returns "real-time buffer [NewTek NDI Video] [video input] too full or near too full (62% of size: 512000000 [rtbufsize parameter])! frame dropped!" and the playback is not good at all

I have also tried with option "-fflags nobuffer" or with a larger (insane?) values for buffer size (-rtbufsize 1024M/2048M). Also tried to specify more options (which help sometimes) like "-vcodec rawvideo" or "-video_size 1920x1080 -framerate 25" but nothing works... Even the FFPROBE utility which only analyses the input reports rtbufsize errors!

Obviously it does the same with FFMPEG so any further conversion (to SRT in my use case) is terribly bad too.

I have a lot of scripts dealing with DSHOW devices in FFMPEG, it's not always easy, but this time, I feel completely stuck. Am I missing something? Did someone managed to get NDI Virtual Input work when used as a DSHOW device in FFMPEG?

Any help appreciated! Thanks
Guillaume, aka DWAM

Scan converter freezes after 7th PC running it

Par : avmw
Hi - We are trying to do an 8 computer setup using NDI and going into vmix or wirecast. We are good to go on 7 connections but once we turn on scan converter on the 8th pc, that one freezes. We have tried it on various PC and have found it happens on the 8th PC no matter what order we connect the PCs.

is there a standard setting we are missing? Do we need a 10g switch? We have a gig switch in line now.

Any suggestions? Is there a limit to how many computers are using the scan converter option?

Unable to run VLC SyncPlay

New computer AMD Ryzen 3970. I have been unable to get VLC SyncPlayer to install. The rest of the apps load fine. Anyone else have this problem?

NDI Source showing in Studio Monitor but not in TC1

Hi All,

I am working on programming our TC1 out for our first production next week. We are running NewBlue Titler Live for GFX and OBS with NDI for one webbased graphic off of a rack mounted PC. The Rack PC as well as our TC1 are both plugged into a Ruckus 7150 24 port switch.

We are running three NDI outputs from New Blue, and two from OBS from the same rack mounted machine. Both the OBS and NewBlue NDI channels can be seen in Studio Monitor. OBS can be seen in the Tricaster, but the NewBlue channels cannot. The NewBlue channels populate as a source on the input drop down list, but they do not actually pull any content in over NDI. The tally from the TC1 to Titler Live also works so it is both sending and receiving information.

Any ideas?

Rename NDI Tools downloadables

Par : simond83
Please can you rename the downloads, so they're more clear as to what they are. I see there's a recent point update. I've now downloaded "NDI 4 Tools.exe". It would be better to have NDI_Tools_4.5.1_windows.exe.

Thanks :)

- - - Updated - - -

Also, can you add a 'download only' link so that we don't have to fill out the form all the time....thanks!

Bug in NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud prevents video playback in Premiere

Par : PaulSiegel
Hello -

I recently installed the NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud plugin on my OSX machine. The ability to import MOV files recorded by the NDI Monitor tool with timecode data felt extremely promising. However, I discovered the plugin also created a terrible bug in Adobe Premiere. Once installed, the ability to play back video in Premiere consistently breaks.

Pressing the play button in either the source monitor or the program monitor cause the audio to play back correctly, but the video shows nothing and the playhead on the timeline does not advance. I'm able to scrub the playhead on the timeline and see frames of video by moving it around, but it remains stuck at that position when pressing play. The problem occurs in all Premiere projects, regardless of whether they include an imported MOV file from NDI Monitor or not.

I attempted many fixes to this - clearing my cache, deleting Premiere preferences, rebooting -- none of this solved the problem. I then confirmed this was due to the plugin by simply removing this file from my system:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/NDI_Transmit_AdobeCC.bundle

Removing this file immediately resolved the problem. Putting it back caused the problem to reoccur. I'd love to have the timecode data in my Premiere projects, but the bug that comes along with it makes Premiere unusable, which is a terrible shame.

Anyway, I just wanted to report the bug. I hope you're able to fix it. If you need any additional information I'd be happy to provide it. Here's some basic info about my system:

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)
OSX: 10.15.6
Processor: 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Graphics: Radeon Pro 460 4 GB, Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB
Adobe Premiere Pro: Version 14.3.1 (Build 45)


Frame rate issues in unreal engine SDK

Par : djevo2
I have noticed that with unreal 4.25 and the compatible NDI sdk I am getting significant frame drops on both inputs and outputs. No matter what framerates I lock NDI and the project to it seems like I am dropping every other frame on the NDI output and inputs. If i compare the main NDI output and the preview in the editor the motion in the editor is smooth wheras the NDI output exhibits this problem. Furthermore, if I create a standalone build of my project the preview as well as the NDI output suffers from this problem. I have attempted running at 1080o and 720p with the exact same result. If I run the same standalone version with no ndi input it runs perfectly fine in the preview window. I am running a 2070 super with an i7 and 16gb ram. This is seemingly isolated to the ndi sdk for 4.25.

Discovery Server (Ubuntu) PULL from source?

Hey folks!

Is it possible to PULL from a source in Discovery Server?

vMix running on Windows (, with Access Manager configured to use Discovery Server (
vMix running on Windows (, with Access Manager configured to use Discovery Server (

With the current scenario, both Windows machines can see all NDI outputs from vMix from both machines - this is working as expected.

New Scenario:
FFMPEG encoder running on Linux (, with no Access Manager (coming soon, it seems) and no option to use a Discovery Server

With the new scenario, is it possible to have the Discover Server ( PULL from an NDI source ( so that the two Windows machines can see the NDI sources from the one Linux machine via the Discovery Server?

I stumbled upon the config file:

    "ndi": {
        "groups": {
            "recv": "\"public\"",
            "send": "\"public\""
        "multicast": {
            "recv": {
                "enable": false,
                "subnets": ""
            "send": {
                "enable": false,
                "netmask": "",
                "netprefix": ""
        "networks": {
            "discovery": "",
            "ips": ""
        "tcp": {
            "recv": {
                "enable": false
            "send": {
                "enable": false
        "unicast": {
            "recv": {
                "enable": false
            "send": {
                "enable": false

I'm curious if that config can be modified to allow what I'm looking for?

NDI video color band

Par : slcf2003
I'm using Scan Converter on one computer as NDI source, and Studio Monitor to check the video quality. I happened to run a monitor gray scale test on the source computer, which basically is a grayscale gradient image. ( It looks smooth on the source computer, but in the Studio Monitor, I can see some color bands in the image. Is it normal? Is this something to do with the color depth?

I attached a screenshot. Hopefully it is visible here.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	grayscale_banding.png 
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Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	grayscale_banding.png 
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ID:	148404  

Recording NDI with Alpha Channel

Par : DanBrennan

I was wondering if anyone has had any success recording an NDI feed with an alpha channel to be either taken into an NLE or for playback at a later time? I've tried the NDI Studio Monitor recording feature but doesn't seem to record with the alpha channel. Ideally, I would like to record some graphics with an Alpha Channel from an NDI source to be brought into premiere pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



KVM Scan Converter Mac

Par : streamteam
Is the KVM feature recently added to Scan Converter (basically Remote Desktop) available on Mac? I can see it on my Windows machine but not my Mac. Need to control PC from Mac.

Have a windows machine running vMix in back of church near where camera feeds come to it. Looking to use NDI and KVM as a low latency way to move the vMix operator to another room in the building so that they can mix the stream audio (X32 console Ethernet control) from an isolated location. But KVM doesn’t seem to be in the Mac toolset which is my second machine.

Scan Converter Mouse Capture

Par : drjliver
Hello everybody,

I have recently installed NDI Scan converter on my home network to do a dual-pc streaming setup for gaming on Twitch. I have everything working properly, but the only thing stopping me from using this setup is that the mouse is not captured properly which makes it very distracting. I have looked into this issue and see that the most recent version of NDI Scan Converter includes a "Capture Mouse Pointer" option, but it artificially turns on the "display pointer trails" setting in Windows. NDI's mouse-capture setting makes it feel slightly sluggish and have a very short trail, and if you tick the Windows pointer-trail setting on and back off again, the mouse cursor is no longer seen through the stream, even though NDI's mouse-capture setting is still enabled. For FPS type games where you dont see the cursor it isn't a problem, but I primarily play Dota 2 and StarCraft where the mouse cursor is essential for the viewers of the stream to see.

I have searched recent forum posts and read the manual and I can't seem to find any way to have NDI scan converter stream my mouse cursor and not having it be a distracting trail behind it which makes it very hard to play RTS type games. If anyone has any advice or workarounds please let me know.

My current setup is basically NDI scan converter from my gaming pc -> network -> streaming pc which broadcasts it to Twitch.

NDI Scan Converter for Mac and Zoom

Par : BHenry
New member and long time video engineer here. As you can imagine, I am trying to integrate Zoom calls into an NDI workflow to allow for more polished production for virtual meetings. I am unable to get Scan Converter for Mac to see any Zoom app window other than the main login screen when selecting among the various apps.

In addition, Is there any way to add the ROI feature found on the windows version? I am running multiple monitors on my machines, and don't need to see the entire desktop.


NDI Monitor Mac window issues

Par : shadlx

It seems that on latest Mac OS (10.15.6 for me) there is no way to re-open the NDI Monitor window if it's closed without quitting and re-starting the app, when left open the app still runs happily however does nothing as the window is gone and will not come back. This feels like a bug!



NDI studio - saving layouts

Par : shadlx

I may be being blind but I can't see a method of saving the layout of an NDI Studio session, each time I open it I am back to an empty screen. Is there any way to do this as it's really annoying having to set it all up each time..



NDI® Support and Training - user survey

Par : Gjohannsen
Dear friends of NDI® and users of this forum,

you are warmly invited to share with us your thoughts regarding all aspects of support and training including your experiences so far and opinions around potential future offerings.

Your feedback will help define the future of NDI® Support. Thank you on behalf of the Vizrt Group for taking a few moments to assist us and build a great support organization.

Kind regards, Griet
Head of Training, Vizrt Group

NDI with no internet connection

Par : koubekad
the title pretty much says it all. I am wondering if it is somehow possible to use NDI without an internet connection, only using localhost, because I am trying to make a sort of mobile recording system. When it is connected, the system works fine. Is it possible to somehow work around this? The OS I am using is Ubuntu 16.04.
I am grateful for any suggestions.

local black screens when going fullscreen with NDI monitor on Mac

Good afternoon NewTek Peeps! (First post guys)

We have a foyer TV who's content is being sent by way of an iMac using NDI. We are using NDI Monitor to accomplish this temporarily. However, we find ourselves in a situation where the iMac is completely unusable while we use NDI Monitor to display to the TV. When we place the NDI Monitor app on the display which sends to the TV and click the Full Screen (green button) the video scales to fit the TV as it should, but all displays become overidden by NDI Monitor and displays a black image that must stay in the forefront (rendering the imac into a very expensive distribution box only).

Is there a way to make it so that NDI Monitor on the Mac only absorbs the desired display when going full screen on a Mac?

Currently this Mac is running 10.14.6 due to another application being incompatible with 10.15.


NDI 4.5 scan convertor issues

Par : fgolman

I've been having an issue, which seems that some others have had as well, whereby on a certain laptop NDI 4.5 Scan Convertor will run for a few seconds and then die.

This is on a little older laptop with only Intel graphics chipset (EG, no NVidia secondary).

Please note that the older NDI Portable Scan Convertor runs just fine.

However, I want to take advantage of the internal webcam redirect and this situation is keeping that from happening. BTW, it isn't even if I attempt to set that webcam redirect up, I'll just launch Scan Convertor, which begins working, then in 10-15 seconds it disappears from the system tray and it's dead without doing anything.

I was looking for an earlier version of Scan Convertor, 4.0, to see if this happens. Can anyone direct me to an archive or such? Alternatively, if anyone has had any experience with resolving this, I'd appreciate it. I've looked through the Forum and hadn't seen anything.

FWIW, I think it was running OK up to recently. There may be some potential DLL conflicts? Anyone with experience with that would be helpful.

UPDATE 1: Though not solved, I've been able to replicate the issue and find an acceptable work-around. If other devices are configured to pull the scan convertor stream and they are running, the app will fail on startup. IF, however, there are NO other devices attempting to pull the stream when starting the app, then it will start normally and continue to run ... so it's a matter to configure the pull of the stream AFTER starting the app. If anyone has had similar problem it would likely be good to put this into support as a possible bug?

UPDATE 2: Well, thought I'd gotten a good work-around but the procedure above only holds the connection for a couple of minutes. Strange. Anyone?

UPDATE 3: I installed VMix Desktop Capture and that's working OK. I'll end up using that for the moment until these issues are resolved.


Fritz Golman
Museum of Broadcast Communications

NDI Virtual Input for Mac works with Zoom but not with Skype

Par : mikaelb
Thanks so much for the free tools for the Mac and iPhone!

I am using NDIHXCamera on my iPhone and NDI Virtual Input 1.0 on my Mac (OS v10.15.5). Zoom can see and use my iPhone as a camera and microphone, but Skype (v8.62.0.85) cannot see the camera. It can only see the microphone. FaceTime can also only see the microphone and not the camera.

I've also installed NewTekNDIHXDriverForMac.pkg.

Any help would be appreciated!

Mikael Behrens
Austin, TX

NDI multicast or unicast

Par : abo
Having trouble with NDI unstability issues I am suspecting the network switch.
Sometimes some NDI sources disappear, sometimes the NDI video disappear from NDI Studio Monitor.
Most probably it is a multicast handling problem but I am not sure.
I know that NDI source auto discovery uses multicast UDP. This may explain that sometimes some source disappear.
But for video data flow ???
I am not a network expert nor a NDI expert.
Is there a way to know the type of NDI traffic used for a given source (multicast/unicast/..., UDP/TCP) ?
NDI analysis tool does not provide such information.
Is there a way to enforce the type of NDI traffic ? I am using NDI HX Camera and OBS NDI plugin.
All sources and consumers are connected to the same subnet. Is it becessary to configure something wit NDI Acess Manager ?

Many thanks for your help.

Confine NDI to a designated NIC

Par : MajoMedia
At this moment, i'm a bit disappointed.

Already in 2017 people pointed out that the way NDI taking every NIC in the system causes problems in certain setups.
Newtek answered this was understood and were working on this, even though it wouldn't be as easy as it seems.
I did speak with Kane at IBC about it and he told me it was on the todo list.

Now we are 3 years ahead from that point, and I still cannot use NDI in my setup, because this issue is still actual.

Problems using NDI on same network as dante:

A 2017 thread on this, the solution there is not working for me, as blocking bonjour would also block Dante:

So please, make me happy again by giving this some more priority.

Virtual Input/Scan Converter Causing Odd Monitor Behavior (Windows 10)

Par : Brotuulaan
I just swapped out our broadcast computer at my church for the new one we ordered, and now there's some odd behavior going on.

The streaming computer has OBS running along with Virtual Input so we can import the lyrics from our other computer, which has Scan Converter running. This is the same setup that we had on our old computer, but no for whatever reason, any time there's an NDI connection change on our streaming computer, the lyric monitor on the OTHER computer is affected.

When this status changes, the monitor in question zooms to something like the top-left 1/3 of the original image. Sometimes it stays that way and sometimes it fixes itself after a few seconds. Other times it requires me clicking around some on that computer to which it belongs. I'm unsure how resolution may be tied to zoom in the process, but the computer seems to show that the resolution does not change. I'm not sure whether Windows updates the resolution listing immediately or if it only updates upon refreshing the settings window.

Sometimes instead of zooming in, the screen just flashes and stays at the same zoom level.

This behavior has popped up in various situations but is now being inconsistent thus hard to list. Initially, it happened when opening/closing OBS while VI is running, sometimes (but not always) when changing scene collections in OBS between collections which do not both have VI set as a source, and when at least closing VI while OBS was running (possibly starting as well, but I'm not sure now that it's inconsistent).

Any thoughts as to why this is happening and how I might stop it? The only thing I can think of is that Scan Converter is doing something funky with the display driver on the host computer, but I don't know enough about display drivers or NDI to say for sure. We're expecting our other computer to come in any day now, so I'll be swapping that computer out as well. I very much hope this inconsistent behavior doesn't become consistent behavior with the new pairing.

NDI Central Management for Private Content Live Streaming Online

Par : MylesOSS
We have successfully managed to get NDI working on Zoom by sending the output from an offline Avid Media Composer system to a streaming pc running Zoom. Great solution for people wanting to preview their content during a meeting. :) Audio isn't so great though, even with 'Original Sound' active, it still sounds kind of underwater, as if Zoom is up to some sort of signal processing we have no control of.

Moving forward I would like to achieve the following:

- Centralize all NDI Outputs to a single live streaming device
- Host multiple live streams simultaneously from the streaming device
- Ability to view the live streams within a web browser from anywhere

I'd be interested to hear about free, low cost and also the premium solutions that can handle this. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Mac Virtual Input .pkg missing from NDI Tools installation bundle

Par : masieroi
I've downloaded the Mac NDI Tools package from but when I open the .dmg file I can't find the Virtual Input .pkg inside it. See Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Schermata 2020-07-02 alle 00.35.43.png 
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Size:	56.2 KB 
ID:	148271
Can anyone confirm that?
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Schermata 2020-07-02 alle 00.35.43.png 
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Size:	56.2 KB 
ID:	148271  

Avid Media Composer to Streaming PC to Zoom

Par : MylesOSS
Hi All,

I am very new to NDI, and so far cannot see a way to get the audio from Avid Media Composer routed into Zoom via a streaming PC. On the editing PC, I have the HW/SW button on the avid timeline broadcasting over OpenIO_NDI, and the streaming PC receives A/V through NDI Studio Monitor without issue. However, Virtual Input seems to only allow the video to go out onto zoom. Is it possible for Virtual Input to also do the same for the audio? Choosing to run 'Audio Only' in Studio Monitor and then sharing the audio in Zoom results in out of sync issues.

The only options I have within Virtual Input are:
Audio Only
NVIDIA Quadro K2200 1

username@hostname.AVID is what i use to get Studio Monitor working perfectly on the streaming PC, but i simply cannot get the both video and audio out onto Zoom via Virtual Input. I can only get video only. Am I missing something?

Big thanks to all who are involved in what is clearly a brilliant piece of software.

NDI Scan Converter with WIrecast Not seeing extended desktop

Par : tjh0422
I am using Scan Converter to send PPT graphics from my MAC laptop in to Wirecast running on my desktop machine. The connection does get made, but instead of seeing the full screen PPT graphic (which should be going to my extended desktop as I am running in Presenter View) I am seeing the primary screen. I have chosen Powerpoint in the NDI settings as that's what I want the Scan Converter to see, right?

Thank you.

Studio Monitor - Black Video from Multicast Streams (Win10)

Par : muzicman82
I posted this on the NDI Facebook Group, so if you've seen this already, I apologize.

Brand new clean Win10 install (it's an Intel NUC8). All drivers up to date.

With NDI Tools installed (downloaded today, so 4.5), I get just a black screen for either of two multicast streams on this network... but they work fine on another system on the same switch (Netgear M4300).

In Wireshark, I can see the IGMP membership reports and leave messages, and all of the UDP packets the same as on the working system. I can also see the querier messages.

Win10 firewall is all disabled.

Just for kicks, the multicast prefixes are different for two BirdDog P200 cameras.

I can get NDI Test Patters from working computer over to the NUC, but that isn't multicast. I can also get Test patterns from the NUC to the working PC... also not multicast.

The NUC does not have any other network connections active... Bluetooth and WiFi are disabled. The Ethernet connection is set to a Private Network. I disabled EEE and low power modes on the driver.

It doesn't matter if I close Studio Monitor on the working system.

The IGMP snooping table for the Netgear M4300 switch shows the same things for both clients.

BirdDog Multiview shows the streams perfectly fine! If I run Studio Monitor at the same time, I don't get extra membership reports in Wireshark, and closing one of them doesn't give a leave group message.

I also installed OBS with the NDI plugin. The multicast streams show up there just fine as well.

As another exercise, I set a BirdDog decoder to decode one of the multicast streams, and hooked the HDMI output to the HDMI input on a BirdDog encoder set to transmit multicast. That stream opens just fine on the working PC but not the other. But, the decode/encode cycle tells me multicast is working OK.

Unicast streams open in Studio Monitor just fine.

I also set up a 3rd PC today and that one also just gives black screen. What am I missing here?

No video from NDI scan converter on TC8000

Tried to connect Power Point computer via NDI to TC8000. 8000 has 3.8 and I tried the latest version of NDI on a Win10 laptop, I also tried a different laptop and used the NDI 3.7 portable. I can see the computer in the TC input menu but no video just black. I'm lost on why I can't see the video but I can see the computer name. Thank you in advance.

Premiere Pro NDI vs Scan Converter


1) I have been using the Adobe Premiere Pro NDI output and it works well except of the audio portion in my situation. I may be doing something wrong, but it seems that I need to make a choice of sending the audio to the NDI stream or sending it to my studio monitors. Below are the two choices I have:

Premiere Pro Audio Hardware Preferences
Audio Output Mapping > Adobe Desktop Audio > Focusrite Audio Interface > Studio Monitors
Audio Output Mapping > NDI Output > NDI Stream

Could someone clarify if there is a way to output to both locations simultaneously? I am on the MAC platform and I would prefer not to have you use another virtual mixing app like Voicemeter or Soundflower etc.

2) Related to #1, would it be better to just use NDI Scan Converter as that seems to solve the audio issue from #1. What am I losing by going this route? I'm guessing any alpha channel information, but that is not needed in my scenario.

Thanks in advance