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Hier — 18 juin 2019Renderosity Magazine

Using Maya LT’s 2019 Quick Rig Feature

Par Sergio Rosa
Maya LT has an interesting feature that might be useful in some scenarios, the Quick Rig tool. Quick Rig is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily create a skeleton to be used for HumanIK animat...
  • 17 juin 2019 à 23:00

Chaos Czech Releases Corona Renderer 4 for Cinema 4D

Par Press Release
Chaos Czech released its second major update in two weeks, bringing the power of one-click caustics to Cinema 4D. Now, artists and designers can render lighting effects from surfaces like glass and wa...
  • 17 juin 2019 à 22:09

Google and Binomial Contribute Basis Universal Texture

Par Press Release
Google and Binomial announced that they have partnered to open source a sophisticated texture compressor and a high-performance transcoder for Binomial’s cross-platform Basis Univers...
  • 17 juin 2019 à 11:30
À partir d’avant-hierRenderosity Magazine

How to get IN your comfort zone

Par Barbara Din
There's that phrase, "Get Out of Your Comfort Zone," that is repeated, posted, explained, talked about and quoted every day, everywhere, pressuring you until you feel you're going to explode. There's...
  • 14 juin 2019 à 21:08

All Eyes on the Video Game Industry as E3 2019 Comes to a Close

Par Press Release
E3, where the world gathers to see and shape the future of the video game industry, concluded Thursday, offering millions of gamers around the globe a look into the future of the $135 billion industry...
  • 14 juin 2019 à 17:00

Remove Objects from a Video with Blender

Par Ricky Grove

Great Blender tutorial from CGMatter. His youtube channel is filled with original and well-prouced Blender tutorials. In this blender 2.8 tutorial we go over how to remove 3D objects from your shot...

  • 13 juin 2019 à 19:42

How to use PoolManager for Unity to increase game performance

Par Sergio Rosa
If you are working on a game that constantly creates and destroys objects, you may find some performance issues, specially on lower-end hardware. That is not to say high-end hardware may not have iss...
  • 13 juin 2019 à 19:00

Using ZBrush ZRemesher to Cleanup CC3 Topology

Par M.D. McCallum
Reallusion's Character Creator 3 is a great tool for creating characters and for providing base meshes that can be exported to 3D apps like ZBrush for further refining or complete overhauling. The on...
  • 13 juin 2019 à 17:00

Six Weeks with Character Creator 3 Pipeline: Week 3

Par Ricky Grove
For a period of 6 weeks, I’ll be learning and creating with Reallusion’s Character Creator 3 Pipeline. I’ll be starting out fresh, learning the basics and working on a few creative...
  • 13 juin 2019 à 05:23

Krita 4.2 - a Huge Release

Par Nick Charles
Announced at the end of last month, Krita 4.2 was officially released...and what a release it is! With over a thousand bug fixes, and plenty of new and enhanced features, you simply must give it a try...
  • 13 juin 2019 à 02:03

Tuesday at E3: Final Fantasy Remake announced and Snoop Dogg-approved headset introduced

Par Michelle Willard
E3 opened its doors Tuesday with a slew of news from the Los Angeles Convention Center as thousands of industry professionals and fans; millions of excited video game enthusiasts around the world gath...
  • 12 juin 2019 à 19:00

Here are the 60 new games Xbox announced at E3

Par Press Release
Xbox showcased a blockbuster lineup of 60 anticipated games for both console and PC in its Xbox E3 Briefing and shared a glimpse of the future with Project Scarlett, which launches alongside "Halo Inf...
  • 12 juin 2019 à 16:04

Making an infinite runner: Part 7

Par Sergio Rosa
You now have a fully functional game, but there are a few things you could do. In this article, I would like to share a few ideas that can make your game more interesting. Spawning particles when a c...
  • 11 juin 2019 à 17:00

How PC Game Enthusiasts Can Enjoy Immersive 3D Sound

Par Submitted
VoltEdge, LLC, a new developer of high-performance game accessories and Dysonics a leader in 3D sound and spatial recognition has announced that it will launch the new 3D Gaming Audio Array at E3 2019...
  • 11 juin 2019 à 15:00

Missing link of photorealism is now only a click away for designers

Par Press Release
Chaos Czech brings a simple, yet powerful approach to caustics, building an essential element of realism into Corona Renderer 4 for 3ds Max. Now artists and designers can render lighting effects from...
  • 11 juin 2019 à 00:30

ShaderFrog: An online shader creation tool

Par Sergio Rosa
With the web becoming more powerful, more and more web applications are showing up, with various results. ShaderFrog is a small web tool that lets you create shaders out of some pre-defined shaders....
  • 10 juin 2019 à 23:20

Gallery: Kalea Oleander by Gogger

Par Ricky Grove
Gogger is a talented Renderosity artist with a large gallery at I came across gogger's art while putting together a gallery of the week selection. I was struck by how stylish and evoc...
  • 10 juin 2019 à 20:01

Free HDRI'S for your 3D Project

Par Ricky Grove
HDRI Haven is where you can find high quality HDRIs for free, no catch. All HDRIs here are CC0 (public domain). No paywalls, accounts or email spam. Just download what you want, and use it...
  • 9 juin 2019 à 17:15

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Particle Streams

Par Ricky Grove

How to create particle streams between objects in Cinema 4D. This is a free videotutorial from our training "Cinema 4D XPresso Thinking Particles". In this series of tutorials, which offers you more...

  • 6 juin 2019 à 19:41

Worldwide FX UK taps Conductor to create 'Hellboy' prologue

Par Submitted

Worldwide FX has crafted cinematic illusions since 2001, handling visual effects for more than 70 feature films and commercial projects to date. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, the midsize studio e...

  • 7 juin 2019 à 17:00

Go Ahead Amazon... Listen to my Alexa Conversations

Par M.D. McCallum
I don't know why the two richest men in the world must pick on some of us technology users so much. Don't they have other things to do? You know what I mean… Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, separa...
  • 6 juin 2019 à 21:00

AR Foundation support for ARKit 3

Par Press Release
Unity has been working closely with Apple throughout the development of ARKit 3, and the company is excited to bring these new features to Unity developers.  Here is a deeper dive...
  • 6 juin 2019 à 19:00

Epic Games CTO talks virtual production, digital humans, and what’s next

Par Submitted
Kim Libreri, CTO at Epic Games since 2014, is something of a legend in the visual effects industry, with a career spanning more than two decades and two Sci-Tech Awards among his many accolades. His f...
  • 6 juin 2019 à 17:00

Apple WWDC keynote features Maxon and Redshift

Par Michelle Willard
During the June 3rd 2019 Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif., Maxon was recognized in the company's keynote address for its exceptional support of the performance enhancements c...
  • 5 juin 2019 à 21:05

6 Weeks with Character Creator 3 Pipeline: Week 2

Par Ricky Grove
For a period of 6 weeks, I'll be learning and creating with Reallusion's Character Creator 3 Pipeline. I'll be starting out fresh, learning the basics and working on a few creative projects that I hop...
  • 4 juin 2019 à 23:10

NVIDIA Kicks Off Computex, Supercharging Computers for Gamers and Creators

Par Submitted
Gamers and content creators were the focus Monday as NVIDIA kicked off Computex, Asia's largest annual technology trade show, which runs all week in Taiwan, the heart of the global PC ecosystem. In a...
  • 4 juin 2019 à 23:00

Game development tools: Babylon.js

Par Sergio Rosa
There are different game development engines out there, and I've covered some of those in the past. Babylon.js is not like those engines, because it can be tested directly within your intern...
  • 4 juin 2019 à 21:47

Making an infinite runner: Part 6

Par Sergio Rosa
Welcome to part six of this tutorial. Right now, we have a fully functional infinite runner game where you avoid obstacles. You can leave it like this and just add a routine that keeps track of the t...
  • 4 juin 2019 à 17:00

A 6,000 sq. ft. Augmented Reality Experience will debut at E3 2019

Par Press Release
The Entertainment Software Association and Onedome today announced "The Unreal Garden @ E3," an evolved version of the San Francisco-based augmented reality experience with new scenes and content bein...
  • 3 juin 2019 à 22:00

Varjo Announces XR-1 VR Headset Developer Edition

Par Press Release
XR-1 Delivers Photo-realistic Visual Fidelity in Full Field of View, Resulting in True Mixed Reality Indistinguishable from the Real World; Volvo Cars Investing After a Groundbreaking First Applicatio...
  • 3 juin 2019 à 19:54