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Aujourd’hui — 18 janvier 2021Renderosity Magazine

Reallusion Soft Cloth Physics to Unreal Tutorials

2-part tutorial on taking soft cloth physics object (hair) from iClone to Unreal Engine. 

FILTER FORGE 10 is now available.

Filter Forge 10, a fantastic Photoshop plug-in, is now available! 

The Last of Us Part II (Naughty Dog) Sets Record 24 NAVGTR Nominations

The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers have announced their nominations for best games of 2020. 

Freeze frame by Soetkin Verstegen

Experimental stop-motion animated film from Danish director Soetkin Verstegen

Adobe Fresco for the Desktop: First Look

When I first heard about Adobe Fresco I got really excited, only to find out it was only for mobile devices. Since then, I’ve been waiting for the desktop version and now it’s finally here...

Comic Book Review: Here Comes Calico by Sigma Comics

gToon reviews the first issue of the new, hard-hitting comic series: Here Comes Calico

Unreal Engine Free Stuff: January 2021

As every month, the Unreal Marketplace is offering some assets for free. If you are an Unreal Engine user, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the Marketplace every month, as there may be stuff you wi...
À partir d’avant-hierRenderosity Magazine

Artist of the Week - JESSAII

Our Artist of the Week for January 11, 2021, is the Renderosity Artist Jessaii

Epic Games acquires RAD Game Tools

Last week, Epic Games acquired RAD Game Tools. RAD Game Tools is a developer that has created a variety of tools being used on videogames for quite a few years. Among their software you can find Bink...

Rebelle 4 is here!

Is there anything that can replace traditional painting materials and techniques? The award-winning painting software Rebelle 4 could be the replacement artists are looking for. The latest version off...

Getting Started in Cinema 4D for Designer With Tomasz Opasinski

This beginner's guide for designers aims to break down the barriers that are often faced when incorporating 3D elements into graphic design projects following on from Tomasz Opasinski's Understanding...

Introduction to Actorcore MoCap Library

Back on December 3rd, I wrote about Reallusion releasing their Actorcore Motion library, which is filled with quality, studio-level, motion capture. The library has basic, everyday motions to hardcore...

How to Make Low Poly Nature scenes in Blender

Ryan King takes us through the process of creating low poly nature models/scenes in Blender

Blender unfolds 2021 Roadmap

Let's leave 2020 behind and look forward to a new year, and new projects at Blender.  To recap: in 2020, Blender saw huge developments, both technically and creatively. There were no less than f...

Lost Crypt Webinar: Explore Unity's new 2D features

Join a special Unity webinar on building 2D games in Unity!

Planetside Software Ships Terragen 4.5

Metal material with GGX specular model     Render by Martin Huisman with ACEScg colour space    Terragen 4.5 release builds are now available. Default Shader updates...

January 1, 2021 is Public Domain Day: Works from 1925 are open to all!

The following article originally appeared on the Duke Law Center for Studies in the Public Domain web page On January 1, 2021, copyrighted works from 1925 will enter the US public domain where t...

Happy New Year!

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us over this trying year. Please have a great holiday season and a much, much better New Year!   Happy New Year from Ricky, Michelle, Barbara, Serg...

Nick Charles Shares Top News Stories from 2020

In our third and final article, veteran writer Nick Charles shares his top stories for 2020

M.D. McCallum Shares Top Computer Graphics Stories from 2020

Second in our top stories of 2020 series featuring M.D. McCallum's take on last year. 

Meerkat Demo (UE4)

Recently, Epic Games released Unreal Engine 4.26, which includes a variety of new features (which I will cover in a future article). One of those features is a revamped hair and fur renderer and, as a...

Surfshark - First Service I've Canceled Early

When you freelance you have a lot of reasons to use a VPN as there are a lot of different interests that need to be protected. Even info not that sensitive needs to be treated like it is if it belongs...

Our Writers Share Top Computer Graphics Stories from 2020, Part 1

First of a series of articles where our staff writers share their top computer grapics news stories of 2020. 

Goodbye 2020 and thanks for all the CG

I think everyone can agree that 2020 has been an “interesting” year, to put it kindly, with different things happening around the world, and a virus that has caused a lot of problems. Howe...

Artist of the Week - ARTDREAMER

Our artist of the week for December 28 2020 is the excellent ARTDREAMER

Akeytsu 2020.3 Release Highlights

We deliver a first pass on the Space Switching ie Dynamic Parenting constraint with version 2020.3 right on time for Christmas. This comes together with a unified timeline experience to facilitate m...