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Hier — 16 octobre 2019Renderosity Magazine

Review: Free and easy 3d modeling with Dust3D

Par Sergio Rosa
3D modeling has earned a reputation of being difficult, and I am not going to say it is easy, because it's not. However, every now and then, there's a new 3D application that aims to make 3D modeling...
  • 16 octobre 2019 à 17:00

How to Create a Coloring Book from Your Family Photos

Par Press Release
  Adult coloring books are more popular than ever. They have even shown positive effects on mental health! The act of coloring relieves stress and improves focus, a...
  • 15 octobre 2019 à 18:27
  • 14 octobre 2019 à 20:04
À partir d’avant-hierRenderosity Magazine

Gallery: The Gathering by dollmommy

Par Ricky Grove
The Gathering by dollmommy is one of several wonderful works in this talented artists Renderosity gallery. The use of color and the framing of the scene sets just the right tone and look. The scene ha...
  • 12 octobre 2019 à 19:41

How AI Helps Create Photorealistic Digital Humans

Par Submitted
Meet DigiDoug, the first digital human to give a TED talk in real time. DigiDoug is the virtual version of Dr. Doug Roble, senior director of Software R&D at Digital Domain, the aw...
  • 11 octobre 2019 à 21:00

Focus Unreal Engine: Progress and Frustration

Par Ricky Grove
Focus: Unreal Engine is a series of posts where I’ll share my experience and discoveries working with Epic’s free Unreal Engine 4 for video game creation. There will be no set time...
  • 11 octobre 2019 à 18:14

Creating NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker - part 4

Par Sergio Rosa
Adding AI to your NPCs could also be used for scenarios where you need to deal with friendly NPCs. If you have played Half Life, you may remember how cool it was when you could "lead" NPCs to differe...
  • 11 octobre 2019 à 17:00

Motion Weekly 33

Par Nick Charles
The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may b...
  • 11 octobre 2019 à 04:49

Time to Prep for NaNoWriMo!

Par Nick Charles
With Halloween right around the corner, that means the month of November is soon to follow, and for many that means one thing - NaNoWriMo! Yes, November is National Novel Writing Month. So, the t...
  • 11 octobre 2019 à 03:00

Review: 'Automatic Unfold' UV Unwrapper

Par M.D. McCallum
In a recent article, I mentioned unwrapping and a tool I use in 3DS Max, PolyUnwrapper, which saves a lot of time and aggravation. One thing worse than skin weighting is unwrapping so your shiny new 3...
  • 10 octobre 2019 à 17:00

La Boca on illustrating The Folio edition of Ubik

Par Ricky Grove
Joining The Man in the High Castle and the tête-bêche edition of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? & A Scanner Darkly, Ubik is an unmissable Folio edition for fans of one of science...
  • 10 octobre 2019 à 11:30

Review: Painter Essentials 7

Par Barbara Din
After the release of Corel Painter 2020 this year, it's time for the new Painter Essentials 7, which was just released. This is Corel's software aimed at digital painting beginners in terms of both bu...
  • 9 octobre 2019 à 23:00

Gallery: On His Honour by BlackTalonArts

Par Ricky Grove
On His Honour by BlackTalonArts is an evocative image that looks like a classical painting. It's filled with the kind of warm light you see in many 19th century works. The theme is fantasy, but it als...
  • 9 octobre 2019 à 19:31

Motion Designers Community is accepting entries in its annual contest

Par Press Release
The Motion Designers Community is conducting a competition until the end of November, 2019, with the theme "Cult." The rules are simple: Produce an animation that's at least 5 seconds long with a reso...
  • 9 octobre 2019 à 19:00

Fast and easy body editing with PortraitPro Body

Par Sergio Rosa
PortraitPro Body is another software photo manipulation by Anthropics, a company that also offers PortraitPro and LandscapePro, two applications I've already covered. PortraitPro Body is an applicati...
  • 9 octobre 2019 à 17:00

Artist of the Week: Kordouane

Par Ricky Grove
Our artist of the week is kordouane. This artist is very popular at renderosity. One glance at their gallery and you can see why: kordouane has a real skill in both digital scene creation and in photo...
  • 8 octobre 2019 à 20:49

Maxon to Showcase New Cinema 4D Release 21 at 2019 NAB Show New York

Par Press Release
At the 2019 NAB Show New York, MAXON, the leading developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, will spotlight the innovative features of its latest 3D software s...
  • 8 octobre 2019 à 16:14

Easy video creation with Clipchamp

Par Sergio Rosa
Clipchamp is an online video-editing application aimed to make it easy to produce video, be it for blogs, social media, promos, or pretty much anything you want. The easiest way to describe it for me...
  • 7 octobre 2019 à 17:00

Hinge Studio: Exploring new possibilities with Xsens and Toonami's The Forge

Par Press Release

Adult Swim is Cartoon Network's late-night programming block for edgy, experimental animation—and Toonami is Adult Swim's own sub-brand for action-packed shows, including popular anime series su...

  • 4 octobre 2019 à 18:01

Corona Renderer 4 for Cinema 4D is available for download

Par Press Release
Maxon announced recently that Corona Renderer is now available for Cinema 4D R21. Corona Renderer 4 for Cinema 4D users can now download the latest version, which supports Ci...
  • 3 octobre 2019 à 19:00

A Deeper Look Into Nuke 12.0

Par Ricky Grove
Additional Performance Improvements in Nuke 12.0 Take a deeper look at some of the more subtle performance optimizations in Nuke 12.0, including OpenEXR read and write speeds, and script loading time...
  • 3 octobre 2019 à 18:20

With New Tools Low Poly is Still a Mindset

Par M.D. McCallum
Two of the dominating factions of 3D usage sit firmly at each end of the spectrum. On one end you'll find the high-poly world of image rendering for various uses from advertising to hobbyist. Poly cou...
  • 3 octobre 2019 à 17:00

Interview with Film Director, Al Lougher, on the Horror Short, The Dollmaker

Par Nick Charles
With Halloween right around the corner, I've been indulging in short films in the horror genre of late. My favorites are always those that are so genuinely creepy and well-written that they stick with...
  • 3 octobre 2019 à 05:45

How to create NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker - part 3

Par Sergio Rosa
Now the question is "what else can I add to my NPC?" It really depends on what you want to do. Say you have a roaming NPC, and that you want your NPC to chase your player character after it "sees" it....
  • 1 octobre 2019 à 17:00

Artist of the Week: AureliusdeMercoeur

Par Ricky Grove

Our artist of the week is AureliusdeMercoeur, a stylish and imaginative digital artist. If you like the eight works featured in this video gallery check out this artist's website.

  • 30 septembre 2019 à 23:56

Review: The Novel Factory Software makes developing a novel less painful than getting a shot

Par Lynn Czerniawski
Designed by a writer, Novel Factory was created to streamline the writing process. Users can build their story's blueprint, develop characters, write, and track submissions all in one place. Novel Fa...
  • 30 septembre 2019 à 17:00

How to create NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker - part 2

Par Sergio Rosa
Last time we used PlayMaker to make an NPC that would “patrol” between a series of different points, and then we also made an NPC that would follow the player. Right now we will explore ho...
  • 24 septembre 2019 à 17:00

Focus Unreal Engine: Level Design Phase

Par Ricky Grove
Focus: Unreal Engine is a series of posts where I'll share my experience and discoveries working with Epic's free Unreal Engine 4 for video game creation. There will be no set time for the series...
  • 28 septembre 2019 à 21:08

Gallery: Emily 12 by randalthor2

Par Ricky Grove
Emily 12 is part of a series of portraits by Renderosity artist randalthor2. He's using Daz|Studio's G8 character as a base and slowly making changes to the model in addition to creating new poses and...
  • 28 septembre 2019 à 19:51

Tips: AAA Texturing for the Masses

Par M.D. McCallum
Without AAA texturing a model is just a mesh… and meshes are a dime a dozen. A lot of us can make meshes but can we texture them? Not so much for some of us. Maybe even a lot of us. I have alw...
  • 26 septembre 2019 à 17:00