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Hier — 16 août 2019Renderosity Magazine

Epic Games opens new studio in Germany

Par Press Release
Epic Games announced Thursday, Aug. 15 the opening of its newest studio located in Cologne, Germany, according to a press release. Led by the founders of Factor 5 – creators of the Turrican and...
  • 15 août 2019 à 17:00

Do You Make Things Harder Than They Have To Be?

Par M.D. McCallum
In my world of 3D content creation, there is a personality that sticks out more than it probably should. It doesn't necessarily represent the majority of 3D artists, but it does have its fangs in quit...
  • 15 août 2019 à 17:00

Focus: Unreal Engine - Download and Installation

Par Ricky Grove
Focus: Unreal Engine is a series of posts where I’ll share my experience and discoveries working with Epic’s free Unreal Engines for video game creation. There will is no set time f...
  • 15 août 2019 à 11:30

Review: ArtRage 6 'makes for a breezy creative workflow'

Par Barbara Din
I've been watching ArtRage grow since it first started. I've said to myself time and time again I wanted to give it a go, but never got around to do it. Now that I write reviews for Renderosity Magazi...
  • 14 août 2019 à 18:31

VEGAS Creative Software and FXhome collaborated to create VEGAS POST

Par Press Release
VEGAS Creative Software announced Tuesday, Aug. 13 the immediate availability of VEGAS POST, a powerful new suite of video editing, VFX, compositing and imaging tools for video professionals, edi...
  • 14 août 2019 à 17:00
À partir d’avant-hierRenderosity Magazine

How VFX Legion created visual effects for 'The Food That Built America'

Par Press Release

VFX Legion recently completed a complex mix of visual effects for History Channel’s new docudrama mini-series, "The Food that Made America." The Burbank-based company worked on every phase of t...

  • 13 août 2019 à 22:00

Chaos Group shows future of real-time ray tracing in new video

Par Press Release

Chaos Group previewed Tuesday, Aug. 13 major features coming to Project Lavina, its groundbreaking application for 100% ray tracing in real-time. Project Lavina can fully ray trace massive 3D scenes...

  • 13 août 2019 à 20:12

The 2019 CorelDRAW International Contest is Running Now

Par Nick Charles
The 2019 CorelDraw International Contest is open and ready for your submissions! This is Corel's biggest annual contest, and the prizes are seriously HUGE! The contest started on August 1st, and runs...
  • 13 août 2019 à 05:00

Artist of the Week - ChrisJohnson

Par Ricky Grove
We are starting a new series at Renderosity Magazine: the Artist of the Week. For some time we've been posting in this series on our Facebook page, but now we'd like to bring it to our readers here at...
  • 13 août 2019 à 04:54

Here are the Big Announcements from Substance Day at Siggraph 2019

Par Ricky Grove
Substance Painter: Multi-channel Painting Across UV Tiles is a Reality A big leap forward for the UDIM workflow in Substance Painter! We revealed our very first demonstration of painting acro...
  • 12 août 2019 à 17:19

Light Field Lab raises $28M to build holographic ecosystem

Par Press Release
Light Field Lab, Inc., a company developing holographic display technologies, announced Monday, Aug. 12 the close of a $28 million Series A led by Bosch Venture Capital and Taiwania Capital...
  • 12 août 2019 à 16:38

AMD Radeon ProRender at SIGGRAPH 2019

Par Press Release
Source: AMD At the world’s largest and most influential computer graphics conference, SIGGRAPH 2019, we’ve announced some exciting updates to AMD Radeon™ ProRender, including new in...
  • 9 août 2019 à 16:00

Cheap Tricks | Game of Thrones VFX - Part 1

Par Press Release

 In the next few episodes of Cheap Tricks, Hashi a.k.a. Action Movie Kid will show you how to recreate many of the effects seen on the show using the VFX Suite and a ton of great tools and tech...

  • 9 août 2019 à 15:45

Game review: Descent into Flight Sim Madness

Par M.D. McCallum
Even though I've been away from flight sims for years, I've always liked them. This dates back to green and black CRT screens and Microsoft's first flight simulator. The only problem was I couldn't fl...
  • 8 août 2019 à 17:00

Scenes from a Brain by Jason Poley

Par Ricky Grove

Scenes from a Brain from Jason Poley on Vimeo. Sound by Justin Cavenagh Pictures by Jason Poley A very personal, personal project. An attempt to visualise some of the raw emotions experienced...

  • 8 août 2019 à 12:45

More Details on Maxon's R21 Release and New Pricing Structure

Par Ricky Grove
Maxon has announced Cinema 4D Release 21 (R21), the next generation of its professional 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software solution. R21 introduces powerful new capabilities including...
  • 8 août 2019 à 11:30

Synaptik Digital leverages Conductor to meet tight animation deadlines

Par Press Release
From depicting drug interactions down to the molecular level to the latest surgery techniques, Synaptik Digital Senior Medical Illustrator Julio Batista and his team translate complex biolog...
  • 6 août 2019 à 21:00

The Colonie honored with 2 Telly Awards for Porsche ad

Par Press Release
The Colonie's work on the Porsche vertical advertising campaign, 'Curves,' was recognized by this year's Telly Awards with silver wins in the Social Media category for 'Use of the Vertical Format' as...
  • 6 août 2019 à 18:25

Fyusion Unveils New 3D Imaging Technology for Digital Marketers

Par Press Release
At the ACM SIGGRAPH conference last week, Fyusion showcased groundbreaking advances in light field technology that make it possible for marketers to quickly and easily create 3D photo-realistic view...
  • 6 août 2019 à 12:00

Reallusion Unveils New Real-Time Technology at Siggraph

Par Ricky Grove
REALLUSION UNVEILS HEADSHOT AI, ICLONE UNREAL LIVE LINK AND NEW DIGITAL HUMAN SHADER AT SIGGRAPH 2019 New realtime technology driving virtual production, movies, games, AR/VR and motion capture came...
  • 5 août 2019 à 18:35

Siggraph 2019 Wrap-Up

Par Ricky Grove
Siggraph 2019 in Los Angeles was outstanding. I met with computer graphics companies like Maxon, Autodesk and Epic Games. I attended panels and demonstrations and visited many booths in the Exhibiti...
  • 5 août 2019 à 05:27

Wednesday at Siggraph 2019

Par Ricky Grove

Scooters are everywhere in downtown Los Angeles. After coming in via the L.A. subway, I grabbed a scooter and drove to the convention center. During the day I came across several Siggraph friends on...

  • 1 août 2019 à 07:16

Rusty Hazelden Launches The Art of V-Ray Vol. 1

Par Nick Charles
Visual effects artist Rusty Hazelden has released an in-depth 4 part V-Ray tutorial series on YouTube. "The Art of V-Ray, Volume 1" is a practical guide to mastering the V-Ray rend...
  • 1 août 2019 à 05:06

SIGGRAPH 2019 News, July 31: Exploring Disney's Second VR Short, plus news from Unreal and NVIDIA

Par Michelle Willard
A combination of classic hand-drawn animation and the latest innovations of virtual reality bring us director Bruce Wright's "a kite's tale" from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Throughout the week, SI...
  • 31 juillet 2019 à 22:00

Give Your Photos Some Magic with Flame Painter 4

Par Barbara Din
If you read Renderosity Magazine, you know there is a new version of Flame Painter. Here's the review Nick made, in case you missed it and want to know what you can do with it and what's new (hint: it...
  • 31 juillet 2019 à 21:00

Why So Many CC3 Characters Look Alike

Par M.D. McCallum
The other day I was searching the web for something on Character Creator 3 when I came across an answer to a great question about CC3. Why do a lot of CC3 characters look the same? Reallusion's answer...
  • 31 juillet 2019 à 17:00

Interview with Director/Animator, Natalia Ryss

Par Nick Charles
Natalia Ryss is an artist, animator, and director from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, currently residing in Haifa, Israel. With her deep appreciation for German expressionism, folklore, horror, and the abstra...
  • 31 juillet 2019 à 04:14

Tuesday at Siggraph 2019

Par Ricky Grove

The day began awkwardly. Tickets for the VR Theater were sold out by the time I got to the ticket booth just before 9 am. They went on sale at 8:30 am. I had the same problem trying to get into the...

  • 31 juillet 2019 à 07:02

SIGGRAPH 2019 News, July 30: Cinema 4D Release 21; Bifrost for Maya

Par Michelle Willard
SIGGRAPH is always a wealth of news and 2019 is no different. Here's the top news from July 30. Maxon announces release 21 of Cimema 4D   Maxon announced Cinema 4D Release 21 (R21), the n...
  • 30 juillet 2019 à 21:00

Monday at Siggraph 2019

Par Ricky Grove

Monday at Siggraph 2019 started with a bang at the Keynote presentation by Sebastien Deguy at the opening of Substance Days. Since Adobe's acquisition of Substance (a suite of ap...

  • 30 juillet 2019 à 07:58