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NAB 2022: Samsung’s New Shielded T7 SSD

Perhaps the most significant, earth-shattering announcement at this year's NAB? Samsung's release of their new "shielded" SSD external drive.

NAB 2022: CORE SWX Customizes Battery Power for ATOMOS Devices

Battery and charging specialist CORE SWX announced that they were designing power units customized for ATOMOS products. Let's take a look.

NAB 2022: Aputure Tease with the MC Pro

At NAB 2022, Aputure gives us a preview of what is to come for the slim, pocket-sized line with the prototype version of the Aputure MC Pro.

NAB 2022: Skyglass App for Virtual Production

Skyglass’ App uses iPhone’s LiDAR sensor for real-time virtual production. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this new filmmaking prospect. NAB is so big that …

NAB 2022: Atlas Lens’ New Wide 21mm Anamorphic Lens

Next up from NAB, Atlas Lens Co. announced the release of their new ultra-wide 21mm anamorphic lens. Let’s take a look. One of the fastest-growing cinema lens …

NAB 2022: Aputure’s New Full Color Point-Source 600c Pro

Aputure continues to change the game by bringing one of the most powerful point-source RGBWW lights on the market.

NAB 2022: DZOFILM Add 14-35mm Pictor Zoom To Their Cine Zoom Lens Line-Up

DZOFILM's third Pictor zoom lens covers the wide-angle range within the three lenses currently offered. Let's get into some specs.

NAB 2022: Can Bosma Succeed with Their New 8K Cameras?

US home security company Bosma launched three new 8K cameras for content creation and broadcast markets at NAB 2022. Let's take a look.

NAB 2022: Canon C300 Mk III and C500 Mk II Receive C2C Firmware Updates

If you can’t make it to NAB in person, don't worry, we've got you covered with exciting firmware updates on Canon C300 Mk III and C500 Mk …

NAB 2022: ATOMOS Launches Their Cloud Studio

Exciting news from ATOMOS with their launch of the Cloud Studio. Let's take a look at some of these details and specs now.

Is Rotoscope Animation Back? (And How to Get Started Today)

From Tron to Apollo 10 ½, let’s explore the fascinating history of rotoscoping, a classic and achievable animation technique.

Best Video Drones Under $1000

Capture amazing footage without the price tag. We've put together a list of stellar, affordable drones for your next filmmaking endeavor.

DIY: How to DIY a Green Screen on a Budget

With tips on setting, lighting, and more, learn how to create your own green screen background—without breaking the bank.

Making Your Own Fantasy Film: A Field Guide

So you want to make a fantasy movie? Here's what you need to know about working in the genre (or its sub-genres).

The Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $5000: A Complete Guide

In this guide, we look at which mirrorless cameras are available under $5000, and why you should consider them.

Download Now: 20 FREE Holographic Video Loops

Download these 20 iridescent video elements to use in your next project. Free to use in any personal or commercial projects. Need to add some creative flair …

Master the Hollywood Technique of Parallel Editing

Parallel editing is a powerful tool for film editors. Here are some classic Hollywood examples of the technique that will show you how to pull it off.

9 FREE After Effects Templates

These templates include hundreds of free elements to use in any project. Combine for even more options, and some you can use in any NLE!

How to Speak Science Fiction: A Field Guide

So you want to make a sci-fi movie? Here's your field guide to the tricks, tropes, and tribulations of the genre.

Remove Objects from a Video with One Brush Stroke?

In this tutorial, I'm testing out a tool that claims to make objects magically vanish with the simple stroke of a brush.

Is Greig Fraser The New Roger Deakins?

We all know Deakins is the best, but has Greig Fraser quietly become the next most inspirational cinematographer in the business?

How I Got a Gig Making Maps for Johnny Harris

The advantages of becoming a specialist in your field, and why that could end up being a game-changer for your career.

How to Actually Bring Your Storyboards to Life

Let’s go over some tips and tricks for turning your rough sketches into practical and helpful guides that you can creatively follow.

The 3 Easiest Ways to Cut Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this walkthrough, we'll cover how to use the razor tool, the ctrl+K/⌘+K shortcut, and Ripple and Trim editing techniques in Premiere Pro.

Pro Tip: Exporting a Finished Video in Premiere Pro

Now that your edit is complete and ready for delivery, there's one step left. Exporting a finished video with Premiere Pro.

Exploring Audio with Robert Mackenzie in “The Power of the Dog”

We chatted with supervising sound editor Robert Mackenzie to talk about what makes The Power of the Dog so auditorily unique.

10 FREE Film Grains for Video Editors

Par : Caleb Ward

Give your video project an organic, 'analog' effect with these 10 free film grains.

How to Make a Portable Voiceover Studio with No Computer

This budget audio recording setup can easily be stuffed in a backpack and deployed anywhere. Here's how to make one for yourself.