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Hier — 16 août 2019COLLASPHERE

Cashmere Cat 'Emotions' | Behind The Scenes

Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Rauri Cantelo

Production: Mill+
Director of Photography: Rauri Cantelo

Cast: The Mill

Controlling Ableton Live and Notch with a MIDI Controller

Controlling Ableton Live and Notch with a MIDI Controller.
I converted midi to osc in Ableton using connection kit. And then sent the osc to Notch.

Cast: Tetsuya Kubota / Chef Grafixx

Tags: Notch, Notch vfx, Real-time and Motion Graphics

Volumen - Genius Loci Weimar 2019

Volumen (Latin word for volume – quantity of three-dimensional space) is an audiovisual installation that revolves around three-dimensional forms contained in a defined space. Their nature and behavior unfold through the fusion made of light and sound, generating optical illusions and unknown spaces that play with the perception of the viewer.
Using the technique of projection mapping this installation aims to break the connection between real and virtual space and create a uniquely immersive experience.

Cast: Filip Roca and Relja Cupic

Tags: space, av, installation, sound, light, 3d, projection, mapping, optical illusion, projection mapping, op art, filip roca, regis, regis original, media and media art

À partir d’avant-hierCOLLASPHERE

Infinite Laurel & Hardy Hologram

Holotronica are now creating chimera holograms, and we are working in unique ways with the medium. Contact us to find out more:

Cast: Holotronica

Live Paintmapping Ozora 2019 - Microbes & other Shamanic Beings

This is our second Live Paintmapping at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2019 featuring jonathan Ouisse, J-A Dupont, Jumu Monster, ilhack and Wally Pearce. The composition is a tribute to Cesar E. Giraldo Herrera’s book Microbes & other Shamanic Beings.

Cast: Jacques-André Dupont

VJYourself! // Interactive Dance Installation

VJYourself! it’s an interactive dance installation, a magic mirror of the XXIst century or a Eadweard Muybridge crazy live machine. Audience dances with theirselves in the past, repeated, composed and choreographed by time and repetition effects. A real-time software developed with Openframeworks by Playmodes Studio.

Music: Bump by Ramacod.

VJYourself is permanently installed at WNDR Museum in Chicago.

Cast: Playmodes Studio

Tags: playmodes, playmodes studio, installation, interactive, openframeworks, vj, capture, vjyourself and vjyourself!

Digital Distortions

As part of the 2019 San Francisco Design Week, All of it Now invited the SF design community to come to our studio and explore the frontiers of experiential design and interactive motion graphics. Using our expansive knowledge of digital and physical tools, we crafted several installations that highlighted our skills and ambitions as an experiential design studio.

Digital Distortions used a combination of Notch, Kinect, and a simple webcam to create a real-time interactive video display, taking the classic fun-house mirror to the next level.


Club des DA x Les Vandales - Show immersif @l'Atelier des Lumières

Pour sa deuxième année de collaboration avec l’Atelier des Lumières, Les Vandales offrent au Club des Directeurs Artistiques un show immersif dédié au reveal de la nouvelle identité du club.
« Pour cette 50ème cérémonie nous avons pu donner vie à la nouvelle identité du Club à travers un show graphique et immersif. Cette invitation à « vandaliser » l’Atelier des Lumières fut un espace de liberté et d’exigence dont nous nous sommes emparés avec un réel plaisir. »

Cast: Les Vandales