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Hier — 18 juin 2019COLLASPHERE

NOMAD live (extract)

Audio-visual generative laser projection live performance.

Inspired by the concept of digital nomads of 21st-century TUNDRA team delivers their first live performance based on various pieces and algorithms from their previous highly acclaimed audio-visual installations premiered across the globe from USA to China.

NOMAD brings the polar atmosphere of different TUNDRA site-specific installations into a randomly changing sequence of visual themes and patterns triggered by live-performed sound.

#wearetundra #nomadlive #avlive #audiovisualart #avperformance #touchdesigner

Camera & editing: Michael Kroz

© 2019 TUNDRA collective


À partir d’avant-hierCOLLASPHERE

FLIGHTGRAF / THE GATE – The former Nara prison festival 2018


Music,Concept,Art direction,design and animation

Lazer programming : Ryo Chigira(SIGNIF)
Animation : Shoichi Kita
Event producer : Projection Mapping Association of Japan(PMAJ)

The former Nara prison festival 2018

The Gate is the art work presented on the former Nara Prison ( and then the Nara Juvenile Prison). It was the last installation projected on the buildings used as a prison. Narrating Habiland system, the former Nara Prison buildings radiate in all directions from the lookout tower as the hub. This art work was projected onto the center lookout tower which commands a sweeping view of all the detention houses.

Considering the building is in a special purpose as “a prison”, we choose to use abstracted images rather than direct references. To etch the structure of the building, there is a scene projecting lazer beam onto a 80 meter hall of a detention house. The beam deflects and is pregnant with blurry chase. Though it can be suggestive of the test of its time and changes of its history and the punitive suffering, it still points in one direction and conceives a silver lining.

The former Nara Prison was completed in 1908. It was one of “the five major prisons in Meiji Era” designed by Yamashita Keijiro. This prison is the only one extant as it used to be. Because of the problem of its durability, it was designated among the cultural assets and closed on 31st of March in 2017. And there is a plan that it will be rebuilt as a hotel in 2020.


THE GATE は旧奈良監獄(現・奈良少年刑務所)で発表した作品である。この建築が監獄という状態で存在する最後のインスタレーションとなった。 旧奈良監獄は見張台を中心に放射状に収容棟を配置した「ハビランド・システム」が採用されており、この作品は、すべての収容棟を一望できる中央監視所で発表された。

この建物が”刑務所である”という特殊な状況であることを鑑み、直接的な表現ではなく抽象的なイメージを主に用いている。 また建築の構造を活かし、80mを越す収容棟の廊下に向けてレーザー光を投射する場面がある。光線は歪みやブレを孕み、それはこの建物が晒された時代の変遷や罪による苦悩を彷彿とさせるが、それでもなお一つの方向を指し示し、未来への希望を描き出す。

旧奈良監獄は1908年に竣工した、山下啓次郎設計による「明治の五大監獄」の一つ。ほぼ当時のまま現存する唯一の刑務所である。 残念ながら耐久性の問題により、2017年に重要文化財に指定されると同時に3月31日の廃庁(閉鎖)が決定した。2020年にはホテルとしての再建が計画されている。


Tags: animation, art, nara, prison, video mapping and projection mapping

Mamos Beer - Collage Animation Campaign

We had the amazing opportunity to pitch, design and produce the relaunching campaign of Mamos Beer.
The hero spot tells the beautiful real story of Petros Mamos, a Greek brewer and entrepreneur that built his own label and factory from scratch. Foss Productions came to us asking for some animations with collage technique, Tigrelab designed a brand-friendly style with simple compositions and minimal color palette. We played with images adding vintage pictures into fantastic environments with a pinch of contemporary elements and collage extravaganza.


Client: Mamos Beer
Production company: Foss productions
Executive Producer: Michael Alexakis

Advertising Agency: Soho Square Athens
Creative Group Head: Kallina Kyratsouli
Creative Director: Alex Esslin
Associate Creative Director: Gianna Katopodi
Art Director: Vicky Kalafati
Digital Design Director: Nestoras Kechagias
Business Unit Director: Fani Papadopoulou
Account Director: Theodore Kechaidis
Account Manager: Yiannis Exarchos
Innovation Strategy Director: Yannis Christopoulos
Music: Lefteris Sampson
Sound design: Rabbeats
Tigrelab team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Antonio Nieto
Camila Araujo
Guillaume Caron
Lucía Suarez
Carlos Arandia
Daniel Gomez
Michelle Planes
Andrea Stinga
Felipe Mejía

Cast: Tigrelab


I played with reflections completing and augmenting patterns for the ENTER THE WOODS event in Johannesburg. Playing with the ripples and distortions of the reflections because of water has long fascinated me. It was such fun to see that people interacted with the installation beyond what I had imagined… immersing themselves completely in the projections and filming and photographing away, splashing water and jumping around. Playing with light and water…so great.

Cast: Inka Kendzia

Teaser - Les Nouveaux Mondes - Vidéomapping - Rouen - COSMO AV

Les Nouveaux Mondes

Spectacle de vidéomapping par Cosmo AV sur la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen

Production : Métropole Rouen Normandie
Vidéomapping : COSMO AV
Technique : ETC - Whatsit


ex(O) / Official Teaser

Audiovisual Performance
Coproduction : Arcadi, L.E.V Festival
Executive production : La Muse en Circuit

Film by Mind The Film

Cast: alexaugier

BTS Love Yourself World Tour - Augmented Reality Stage, Wembley Stadium, London, U.K.

All of it Now has designed a live AR stage for track “Trivia: Love” using Stype RedSpy and Vinten fluid head camera tracking systems, Notch, and disguise media servers.


Lumings by WHATSIT

Lumings is a plug-in for the design and 3D modeling application Sketchup.
Its purpose is to simulate in the most realistic way possible the technical rendering side of video mapping.

For more informations :

For all commercial enquiries, please contact us at

Cast: Whatsit


R&D with Notch VFX, inspired by Tokyo city
Track - Modeselektor -Kalif Storch

Cast: ArminWerx

Vertical Dancing x Projection Mapping for Gala De Danza

Dancers: Maggie Andriani, Channel Pepper
Projection Design + Creative Direction: Anthony Magliano
Executive Producer: Mica Thomas
Music: The Earth Harp Collective
Rigging: Tommy Hester
Technical Projection Mapping: Will Funk

Cast: Quixotic

Tags: walldance, verticaldance, quixotic, dance and aerial

Room of digital subspace

In this “documentation” I’m playing with installation, which I did for Devouted and couldn’t document it on video. It’s takes point cloud data from Kinect and using in u nity’s vfx graph. Not enough place in my home for good placing Kinect, but I still like it.

Music: Steve Reich and Musicians - Music for 18 Musicians: Section II

Cast: pronoun.m