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Screen Capture OBS Problems

Par : davdue — 8 janvier 2021 à 23:15
We built a new Ryzen computer and I can't get the NDI to display properly on the new computer. We use NDI to send the song lyrics from EasyWorship V7 from the Ryzen to our streaming computer. We have been doing this before with an older Version of NDI Tools that has Scan Converter in it. This may be an OBS problem but I thought I would start by asking here. Last night when I tried the new computer with the old computer also connected on the network all I could get was monitor 2 of the old computer. When I changed the setting in OBS from the old computer monitor 2 to any other one it didn't change in OBS at all unless saved the properties and came back to the properties screen. Then it would show me what I had last selected but no matter what I did I couldn't get anything by the Old computer monitor 2 to display in OBS. Any help would be appreciated.