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Top 10 Paid and Free Scripts and Plugins for After Effects

Par : John Rodriguez — 26 mai 2020 à 13:00

Utilizing the functionality of After Effects scripts and plugins is one of the best ways to improve your motion graphics skills. Here are our top ten.

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Take a Look at gridRig, a Plugin from Ordinary Folk

Par : John Rodriguez — 12 mai 2020 à 14:24

Let's examine the advantages of gridRig, a plugin from Ordinary Folk. It's an impressive tool for complex animations, allowing for some serious time-saving.

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5 Time-Saving After Effects Tips for Motion Designers

Par : John Rodriguez — 9 mars 2020 à 12:00

There’s always something else to learn when creating motion graphics in After Effects. Here are 5 workflow tips to prove it. Motion graphics are hard — I’ll ...

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Artificial Intelligence and the World of Motion Design

Par : John Rodriguez — 11 octobre 2019 à 14:00

Motion design is already a tough industry to conquer, and now there's a new threat on the horizon — artificial Intelligence.