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Everything You Need to Know About Chroma Key and Green Screen Footage

Par Charles Yeager — 29 juillet 2019 à 15:47

In this guide, we'll walk through everything you need to know about green screen backgrounds and achieving a perfect chroma key.

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Crystal Vision unveils 16 more apps at IBC 2019 with IP and SDI video delays and color correctors (Booth 2.B59)

Par Sarah Sales — 29 juillet 2019 à 13:10

On Booth 2.B59 at IBC 2019 Crystal Vision will be rolling out the latest software apps for its flexible MARBLE-V1 media processor hardware, with MARBLE’s mixed SDI and IP I/O making it easy to transition between SDI, ST 2022 and ST 2110. These software apps – which can be replaced as needs change – offer ...

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How to Shoot a Green Screen for Perfect Chroma Keying

Par Todd Blankenship — 19 mars 2019 à 13:00

Shooting video on a blue or green screen can be tricky. We've rounded up some tips to help you successfully pull the cleanest key possible.

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Isolating Image Channels to Work with Chroma and Luma in Premiere

Par Caleb Stephens — 11 janvier 2019 à 14:00

Mastering color correction means understanding the color channels that make a good image. Here's how to isolate the chroma and luma channels in Premiere.

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Post-Production Tip: Isolating and Hiding Noise in Your Footage

Par Caleb Stephens — 27 novembre 2018 à 18:57

There are dozens of ways to reduce noise in your footage, but today, we're diving into DaVinci Resolve for one of the most power noise reduction techniques ...

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Saving Noisy Footage: The Easy Way and the Hard Way

Par Caleb Stephens — 9 novembre 2018 à 13:00

Sometimes you just have to save a shot. Here are two different ways you can clean up noisy footage when you have no other choice.