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6 New Features In Resolume 6 Beta

Par : Ryan Dejaegher — 21 septembre 2017 à 02:28

The Resolume team dropped some exciting news earlier this week, Resolume 6 is currently in beta and it’s available to download now. There’s a lot of new improvements but today I’m going to focus on 6 new features that I think are really sweet for Resolume VJs. New Features In Resolume 6 Beta 1. 64-Bit […]

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Lines A/V Architectural Mapping Performance

Par : Eva Fechten — 18 décembre 2017 à 12:26

Lines is an abstract architectural mapping show which took place on the facade of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, which is the second largest administrative building in the world, with usage of more than 104 projectors over 2.000.000 ANSI lumens, on 23.000 square meters of projection surface. It has been billed as the biggest projection […]

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MP-STUDIO – Rebirth / Bolshoi Theatre

Par : Eva Fechten — 19 décembre 2017 à 12:29

Due to contemporary life dynamics we all get bored very quickly. That’s why we are always looking for something new. We like to challenge ourselves and experiment with new ideas, that not only demonstrate graphic excellence, but create one of a kind experience for the audience. An adventure in the depths of the mind. Our […]

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Bio-inspire A/V Dome Performance

Par : Eva Fechten — 20 décembre 2017 à 13:32

IAIA | Institute of American Indian Arts in New Mexico, USA, 2015 Fiske Planetarium – University of Colorado Boulder in Colorado, USA, 2015 BioInspire is an A/V dome performance which has screened in the Institute of American Indian Arts(New Mexico, USA) and Fiske Planetarium – University of Colorado Boulder(Colorado, USA). Artificial neural networks(ANNs), a largely […]

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Crimson, Artvision Modern Moscow 2017

Par : Eva Fechten — 21 décembre 2017 à 12:35

This is the A/V mapping piece we made for the Artvision Modern in Moscow. This project was inspired by the study “The colour currency of nature” by the scientist Nicholas Humphrey and the experiments he made according to the red colour. “Colour vision can and almost surely has evolved alongside signal colouration to enable animals […]

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Hong Kong PULSE

Par : Eva Fechten — 25 décembre 2017 à 14:22

Hong Kong Tourism board annual summer show PULSE. The show’s family focused story is a unique take on how much fun and excitement can be had in the city of Hong Kong in the Summer. With iconic characters inspired by traditional local food favourites such as the Pineapple Bun, the Egg Tart and Dim Sum […]

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Par : Eva Fechten — 27 décembre 2017 à 14:28

KEEP YOUR SHOW LIVE, WITH GENERATIVE GRAPHICS, AUDIO REACTIVITY, AND RESPONSIVE TRIGGERS. Get up and running in minutes with 40+ built-in scenes. Built-in audio algorithms automatically turn music into visual action. Powerful, midi mappable controls over visual effects. Import your own images and videos to transform with shaders. Shader importing to add fresh content to […]


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STARDUST – Video mapping on Berlin Cathedral

Par : Eva Fechten — 28 décembre 2017 à 14:41

STARDUST – Video mapping on Berlin Cathedral, Festival of Lights 2017. Between 6th and 15th of October we had the honour to be selected at one of the biggest festivals of the genre, Festival of Lights Berlin. The theme of this year’s contest for the Berliner Dom was “Creating Tomorrow”, and through our project, STARDUST, we wanted to emphasize […]

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Zhee-Shee production | Festival of Lights Berlin 2017

Par : Eva Fechten — 2 janvier 2018 à 14:44

Zhee-Shee production 13-th Festival of lights in Berlin 1-st place, winner of the jury award Second place by public voiting Zhee-Shee production | Festival of Lights Berlin 2017 from zhee shee production on Vimeo. Our best team: Director: Artem Shcherbakov Sound: Gleb Mordovtzev CG-arists: Lenar Singatullov, Nail Gaynullov, Alex Orlov, Alexander Korshakov, Petr Shkolniy, Alexander […]

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mayer+empl . DL . interactive audiovisual installation . detroit . 2017

Par : Eva Fechten — 4 janvier 2018 à 15:38

DL interactive audiovisual installation Dlectricity Festival 2017 | Detroit | September 2017 mayer+empl project 2017_099 mayer+empl . DL . interactive audiovisual installation . detroit . 2017 from sinsynplus on Vimeo. mayer+empl architectural space intervention

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Mapio 2.2.9 update changelog

Par : super — 17 février 2017 à 10:50

We have two news for You.

First, Mapio has been updated to version 2.2.9.

Second, very soon will be available Mapio 2.3 Beta. These are some of the new features: synchronized video playback local and across multiple machines in a network; Customized Keyboard and MIDI control; Snapshots of mapping configuration; Audio files support; Free-form sensor based on lines and bezier curves (for pixel-mapping); Mixer with crossfader; NDI support; Kinect 2 support.

At the moment, will be available Windows version only. There is a desire at all stop supporting macOS platform.Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources to provide proper quality on both platforms. What do you think? Please vote here, it will help us make the right decision.

Changelog 2.2.9:

-removed support for hardware acceleration of DXV codec.
*fixed vertical flipped video files with raw codecs (not compressed).
*fixed multi-segment output for one strip of Pixelpusher.
*fixed auto-pixel-mapping with some skipped pixels when scanning.
*fixed duplication of pixels number in auto-sensors after each loading or refresh state of UI.
*fixed preset’s loading of matrix sensors in Pixel-Mapping panel.
*fixed rare QML crash (more accurate sync of threads).
*fixed copy&past elements in a group and added “copy” word for the name of elements
*fixed network video stream did not resume after stopping.
*fixed ALT and SHIFT modifier for the transform tool.
*fixed a white rectangle on a label of the slice when enter name shorter than 3-4 symbols. Added check on the empty name of the slice.
*fixed antialiasing of slices.
*tuned the timing of loops (time between the last and the first frame)
*fixed crash on DX/GL interop feature testing for DXVA codec and AMD GPUs
*fixed GUI playing state in the playlist after loading and in some other cases.
*fixed in performance settings window the default number of decoding threads for the video file. And was set the max value equals to the number of logical cores minus one.
*the window of Multi-Display and Pixel-mapping do not show now after loading a project.
*fixed behavior of tools with hidden slices.
*fixed mouse hover detection of masks contour.
*fixed muted sound on the first start of a clip in some cases.
*fixed muted sound of new network source.
*fixed muted clips starting with sound.
*fixed media files buffering and audio playing sub-system(it fixed sound clicks in some cases) [win] *fixed aspect ratio in 3d import.
*fixed hang of sending a feedback report in some cases.
*fixed leak of mutex in syphon source [mac os] *fixed lost FFGL [mac os] *fixed multi-display window is not topmost window[mac os] *changed FPS count behavior (side effects – FPS is not displayed if there is no output.)
*updated Qt to 5.6.2
*updated Decklink SDK to 10.7

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Mapio 2.3.0 huge update released

Par : super — 21 janvier 2018 à 18:05

Hi all!

After a long (or, rather, far too long) period of beta testing, we are happy to introduce you our new 2.3.0 release. It contains a bunch of new features, important changes, and improvements, so we´d better name it the new major 3.0 version. However, we value our users. Especially as for the 3.0 version we have planned even more awesome changes. That’s why this is the 2.3.0 version.

Crucially, this release includes full documentation for the software both in English and in Russian. It has so badly lacked it since the first releases!

Unfortunately, the new version is released for Windows platform only. We had to focus on one platform to be able to provide the highest quality product. Furthermore, the news on Apple’s professional hardware haven’t been optimistic in recent years, and this became an extra push to stop supporting macOS platform (probably, temporarily).

Before long we are going to share several video clips to conveniently show you all the new features. Stay tuned!

Highlights of the 2.3.0 version:

  • Network support — MAPIO can run as a single synchronized and distributed video/audio system on tens of machines (PRO)
  • Snapshots — fast choice of slice geometry and parameters
  • New UI to assign control by Keyboard, MIDI, OSC
  • “MediaManager” has been reworked to a “Console” that contains Decks for playing and Mixer for video mixing(PRO)
  • Mixer and Deck have got some automation and quick keyboard/midi control(PRO)
  • Video/Audio playing is now possible in two or more Decks with “Frame-to-Frame” synchronization(PRO)
  • Audio files support(PRO)
  • Dynamic playlist — change your playlist file externally, and MAPIO will automatically reload this playlist on-the-fly(PRO)
  • New vector/curves-based sensor for the pixel-mapping feature(PRO)
  • Art-Net auto-grouping of universes for pixel-mapping devices(PRO)
  • Brand new WARP tool: saving of all steps of warping operations for independent editing
  • NDI and Kinect 2 support
  • Full-screen mode for QML UI window has been added
  • Preset feature for QML sketches
  • New QML sketch “Pattern generator” to facilitate blending and warping
  • Supports sending and receiving of OSC in QML sketches (this feature is useful for controlling other MAPIO features)
  • FFGL 64-bit support
  • Shows information about a movie file in MediaInfo format
  • Full User manual, finally
  • Auto-update via MAPIO Observer (PRO)
  • And hundreds of other fixes and improvements!
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Mapio 2.3.1 update changelog

Par : super — 18 avril 2018 à 21:59
  • Changed: Algorithm for Warp tool (the old method is also available)
  • Added: “Show Bezier Rules” and offset parameters in pixels features
  • Added: OSC commands to the Mixer to set auto modes [PRO only]
  • Added: OSC “jumprelative”, “pausetoggle”, “tobeginning” and a group of OSC commands for selected clips [PRO only]
  • Added: Now you can switch between clip playback modes by clicking on the icon [PRO only]
  • Added: Command-line option to disable the confirmation message before exit
  • Added: Refresh rate parameter for SPOUT sources; it is by default equal to display rate [PRO only]
  • Added: Resolution info for Spout sources
  • Changed: Now MAPIO doesn’t automatically start Spout and NDI media after adding
  • Changed: Simultaneous installation of x32 and x64 versions is now unavailable
  • Changed: Now, when auto stop is running via Mixer, moving to the next clip is done under the “Next” rule of the clip. Before, it used to be through selecting the next clip [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Snapshot order
  • Fixed: Potential crash when using ArtNet [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Name of Spout sources
  • Fixed: Starting all media via main menu item
  • Fixed: Editing of slave names in the Network [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Kinect 1 issues [PRO only]
  • Fixed: F2F sync operation [PRO only]
  • Fixed: SPOUT issues on some Intel GPU
  • Fixed: Rare clip freezing at the last frame
  • Fixed: Сrash when reinitializing the project in the Input mode
  • Fixed: Pixel-mapping issues after copying and pasting the sources [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Rare crashes when deleting the vector sensor figure [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Logic for lost media file resolving
  • Fixed: Wrong value in the OSC “jump” command
  • Fixed: Some OSC aliases
  • Fixed: Observer behavior that leads to multiple starts [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Unable to save project file name in Observer [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Default auto-start delay value in MAPIO Observer now increased [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Auto-crossfading state in the mixer after loading the project [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Mixer auto-crossfading if crossfade time is set to zero [PRO only]
  • Fixed: Not showing help for some OSC control items
  • Fixed: White screen on weak/old Intel GPU
  • Fixed: Issues with smooth video playing
  • Fixed: Display window position restoring
  • Fixed: Bug in canvas rendering (glitch)
  • Fixed: Resetting of multi-selection when clicking on the slice’s edge
  • Fixed: Resetting of selections when the Transform tool is active
  • Fixed: Resetting of anchor point in the Transform tool after switching the selected slices
  • Fixed: Removing of shortcuts after uninstalling
  • Removed: Keyboard reaction for some buttons in the Console has been disabled [PRO only]
  • Removed: Big text “MAPIO” in the Console has been removed [PRO only]
  • Added: MS VC 141 CRT libs
  • Updated: OpenSSL to 1.0.2n, Qt to 5.9.5
  • And other improvements and UI fixes
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New Resolume Tutorial: Remix Content with Alpha Channels

Par : docoptic — 13 juillet 2017 à 18:37

Resolume Tutorial - Remix Content with Alpha Channels

Get the most out of your content with alpha channels with our latest Resolume tutorial. Let us show you how to create new shapes, formations, and interesting backgrounds using loops that have transparency. If you own Shapeshifters, this can provide you with new ways to create custom loop all within Resolume.

→ Resolume – Remix Content with Alpha Channels Tutorial

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ArKaos GrandVJ Basics Tutorial Now Available

Par : docoptic — 7 août 2017 à 00:11

GrandVJ Tutorial - Basics To Mixing Live Visuals

The DocOptic team just released our first ever tutorial for ArKaos GrandVJ, a software of choice for many VJs and audio-visual professionals. This tutorial gets you up and running by explaining fundamental features and the basic functions of this VJ software.

→ GrandVJ – Basics to Mixing Live Visuals

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New Free VJ Loop “Textilized”

Par : docoptic — 15 août 2017 à 18:00

Free VJ Loops / Live Visuals - Textilized

We just released a new freebie called “Textilized” to coincide with the release of Chromacurrents. Grab this glitchy, multicolored visual and use it on the big screen or in your video projects.

→ Textilized (Free VJ Loop)

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Chromacurrents Visuals Now Available

Par : docoptic — 15 août 2017 à 18:07

Live Visuals / VJ Loops - Chromacurrents

The DocOptic team has released another new set of visuals called Chromacurrents! This pack of 12 blended VJ loops provides multicolor digital noise to dirty up LED screens and stage projections, or pixelated textures for your video art projects. We added layers of glitches and artifcats to provide a chaotic, hypontic feel for the eyes. This was fun to make and we hope you have the same fun displaying them.

→ Chromacurrents (Set)

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New Tutorial for Resolume 6: New Workflow Features

Par : docoptic — 8 novembre 2017 à 22:11

Resolume 6 Tutorial - New Workflow Features

We’re happy to bring you our first tutorial for Resolume 6. We dive into the newest features that Arena & Avenue have to offer with a focus on enhancements for workflow and efficiency. Get up to speed on the new release today.

→ Resolume 6 – New Workflow Features Tutorial

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Resgen 3 Generative Visuals for Resolume 6 Out Now

Par : docoptic — 4 mai 2018 à 01:03

Resgen 3 Generative Visuals for Resolume |

We’re ecstatic to announce the release of Resgen 3 exclusively for Resolume 6! This set of 60 visuals consists of an entirely new batch of generative clips that you can customize and tweak live from Resolume Avenue or Arena 6. We crafted Resgen 3 from the ground up using Resolume 6’s new features and sources to guarantee full compatibility. We hope you enjoy creating new works with this set and hope your live events and projects look amazing.

→ Resgen 3 (Generative Set) for Resolume 6

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Modulo Pi — ISE 2018

Par : yannickkohn — 17 janvier 2018 à 22:50

Modulo Pi offers a sneak peek at major new features of its media server solutions at ISE 2018- Booth 14-K135 –

January 2018, Paris – France

Exhibiting in Amsterdam at ISE 2018, Modulo Pi will give a sneak preview of the major new features for its media server solutions. Demos of the extensive capabilities of both Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic, alongside a live-interactive experience, will be showing in booth K135, Hall 14, from February 6th to February 9th.

Modulo Pi will give a preview of the upcoming versions of Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic, the full-spectrum media server solutions designed to create stunning visual experiences within a variety of applications, from everyday shows to the most demanding productions.

Modulo Player, the user-friendly media server ideal for everyday projects, offers an intuitive interface and simple-to-use workflow, for fast and easy set-up and operation. Modulo Player was designed to process media seamlessly and provide the best possible quality, while running on a streamlined hardware configuration.
Thanks to exclusive features such as the unique XMAP for advanced 2D warping, its playlist management, and powerful embedded show control capabilities, Modulo Player is a versatile and cost-effective solution that will fit the needs of a variety of projects.


Officially launched at ISE 2017, Modulo Kinetic is the ultimate tool for video playback, real-time 3D, interactivity, and tracking. This super high-end media server offers a state-of-the-art 3D engine for show design and visualization, powerful non-linear real-time compositing, nodal programming, as well as show control and tracking capabilities.
Modulo Kinetic can be used across the complete workflow, including study, simulation, media creation, encoding and playback. Operator-friendly with its intuitive and collaborative user interface, Modulo Kinetic makes projection study and simulation in 3D easy.


After being successfully used within a wide array of applications, including corporate events, theme parks, museums, and touring, new versions of Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic will be previewed at ISE 2018.

Both systems will provide unprecedented live management capabilities thanks to a new innovative “all-in-one” approach. The products will also be presented with a new rugged suspended chassis, as well as professional connectivity for improved durability.

Additional features specific to Modulo Kinetic will include 3D tracking, new real-time 3D features, and higher interactivity. Yannick Kohn, Modulo Pi’s Founder and CEO, explains: “For a live-interactive show, most of the time you will at least need one tracking system, one media server, and one FX add-on,… our vision is to offer one complete solution: Modulo Kinetic embeds real-time 3D, tracking, and video playback, to make the best out of these extensive capabilities through a unique box and user interface.

After starting a collaboration with Allegorithmic last year for the integration of 3D Substance materials, Modulo Pi goes further in real-time management: “We will introduce our new real-time 3D particles engine at ISE. And for the first time on a tradeshow, we will also demonstrate our optical tracking solution”, says Kohn.

These new capabilities of Modulo Kinetic will be highlighted in a unique playful demo experience created in collaboration with Pixel n’Pepper, a creative agency specializing in video scenography, interactivity, and 3D mapping.

Visit Modulo Pi at ISE 2018 in booth K135, hall 14, to find out more.

Click here to schedule a meeting with us !

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ISE 2018 – FR

Par : yannickkohn — 24 janvier 2018 à 22:54

Modulo Pi offre un aperçu des nouvelles fonctionnalités de ses médias serveurs à l’ISE 2018 – Stand 14-K135-

Janvier 2018, Paris – France

Lors de l’ISE 2018 à Amsterdam, Modulo Pi donnera un avant-goût des nouvelles fonctionnalités de sa gamme de médias serveurs. Des démonstrations de Modulo Player et de Modulo Kinetic, ainsi qu’une expérience interactive live, seront présentées au stand K135, Hall 14, du 6 au 9 février.

Modulo Pi proposera un aperçu des prochaines versions de Modulo Player et de Modulo Kinetic. La société présentera une gamme de produits idéale aussi bien pour vos applications de tous les jours que pour les productions les plus exigeantes.

Ainsi Modulo Player, le média serveur adapté pour les projets de tous les jours, allie une interface intuitive, un workflow simple à utiliser, avec une prise en main facile et rapide. Commercialisé à un prix compétitif, Modulo Player est la solution idéale pour diffuser des médias de manière fluide. Grâce à des fonctionnalités exclusives telles que le XMAP pour la déformation 2D avancée, sa gestion des playlists, et de puissantes fonctions de show control, Modulo Player est une solution polyvalente et économique qui répondra à vos multiples besoins.


Officiellement lancé à l’ISE 2017, Modulo Kinetic est l’outil ultime pour la lecture vidéo, la 3D en temps réel, l’interactivité et le tracking 3D. Ce média serveur haut de gamme offre un moteur 3D performant pour la conception et la simulation de vos spectacles, du compositing 2D temps réel sous forme de multi timelines, de la programmation nodale, ainsi que des fonctionnalités de show control. Modulo Kinetic peut être utilisé sur l’ensemble du workflow, y compris l’étude, la simulation, la création de contenu, l’encodage et la restitution du show. Grâce à son interface utilisateur intuitive, Modulo Kinetic vous aide à réaliser facilement des études d’implantation et la simulation de vos projets en 3D.


Déjà utilisé avec succès dans un large éventail d’applications, aussi bien pour des événements corporate, que dans des parcs à thème, des musées et des tournées, les nouvelles versions de Modulo Player et Modulo Kinetic seront présentées à l’ISE 2018.

Les deux systèmes offriront une gestion des sources live sans précédent grâce à une nouvelle approche ” tout-en-un ” innovante. Les produits seront également présentés avec un nouveau châssis suspendu robuste, ainsi qu’une connectique professionnelle pour une durabilité améliorée.
Les fonctionnalités supplémentaires spécifiques à Modulo Kinetic incluent le tracking 3D, de nouvelles fonctionnalités 3D temps réel et encore plus d’interactivité. Yannick Kohn, fondateur et PDG de Modulo Pi, explique : ” Pour un spectacle interactif, la plupart du temps vous aurez au moins besoin d’un système de tracking, d’un média serveur et d’effets temps réel interactifs. Notre vision est d’offrir une solution complète : Modulo Kinetic intègre la 3D temps réel, le tracking et la restitution de vidéos pré-calculées, tout cela rassemblé dans une unique interface utilisateur “.

Après avoir entamé une collaboration avec Allegorithmic l’année dernière pour l’intégration des matériaux 3D Substance, Modulo Pi va plus loin dans la gestion temps réel : ” Nous présenterons notre nouveau moteur de particules 3D temps réel à l’ISE. Et pour la première fois sur un salon professionnel, nous présenterons également notre solution de tracking optique “, précise Yannick Kohn.
Ces nouvelles fonctionnalités de Modulo Kinetic seront mises en valeur dans une expérience unique de démonstration créée en collaboration avec Pixel n’Pepper, une agence de création spécialisée dans la scénographie vidéo, l’interactivité et le mapping 3D.

Visitez Modulo Pi à l’ISE 2018 au stand K135, hall 14, pour en savoir plus.

Cliquez ici pour prendre rendez-vous avec nous !

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ISE 2018 : Thank You!

Par : yannickkohn — 14 février 2018 à 17:18

ISE 2018 : Thanks for visiting us!

February 2018, Paris – France

For the second year in a row, our stand at ISE 2018 was packed with people. Our interactive demo in collaboration with Pixel N’Pepper, using Modulo Kinetic real-time 3d tracking and the preview of our real-time particle engine on a moving Nao robot, was met with excitement and brought many people to our booth.

With a Media Server, a 3d tracking system, interactive solutions, real time effects and a 3d engine – all integrated into one solution – Modulo Kinetic is much more than a Media Server.

ISE18 was also the opportunity for us to preview our live mixer embedded on both our solutions, Modulo Kinetic and Modulo Player. Coupled with the new Deltacast Flex live Capture card which offers more inputs, our mixer allows a lot more flexibility in live conditions to manage live sources.

Our new rugged suspended chassis, designed to face the harshest conditions when touring or during corporate events, also generated a lot of curiosity.


We are now back in our Parisian office, and the whole team would like to thank you for coming to see us in Amsterdam; your extremely positive feedback on our solutions strengthens our vision for the future of Media Servers. We always strive to bring you the most innovative solutions and are already working on even more amazing & groundbreaking features for next year !

Until then, don’t hesitate to browse our website which we update regularly with our new features, or contact us if you need more information on our solutions.

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Le moniteur Sony 55" PVM-X550 OLED 4K disponible en location chez CTM

Capture_decran_2017-03-03_a_10.30.28Le moniteur 4K OLED de 55 '' PVM-X550 Sony est désormais disponible au parc de location de CTM Solutions. CTM propose aussi un service de calibration en option pour vous accompagner au départ de l'installation. Réservation sur demande auprès de nos services : ou 01 40 85 45 40 :

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Patchs correctifs faille de sécurité WannaCry / validés Avid

alertAvid a qualifié la mise à jour Microsoft 017-010 qui traite du problème actuel avec WannaCrypt ransomware.

Comme ce patch a déjà été publié en mars et que toutes les mises à jour de mars et d'avril ont été qualifiées, vous pouvez sans problèmes installer cette mise à jour sur tous les produits Avid Video, Storage et Broadcast, y compris Interplay et ISIS (System Directors) et tous les clients basés sur Windows.

Nous attendons la qualification d'avid sur les mises à jour de mai, sans doute complétées au début de semaine à venir ( ?). Ce package de mise à jour pourra contenir d'autres corrections pour ce problème.


☑ ☆ ✇ CTM Solutions

ROOT6 Technology dévoile la nouvelle version Content Agent V3.7

Par : (Jean-Christophe Perney) — 2 octobre 2017 à 23:41
altL'éditeur britannique ROOT6 technology a dévoilé à l'IBC sa toute nouvelle mouture du gestionnaire de workflow Content Agent version 3.7 : interopérabilité accrue avec les environnements Avid, le moteur Content Agent proposait déjà la solution la plus avancée d'intégration dans un workflow Avid avec la création native des database Avid (fichiers PMR), cette fois ci ROOT6 propose un plug-in Avid compatible Mac et PC (livré avec Content Agent)...
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Tektronix Module de comparaison dans Aurora : truc et astuces

Capture_decran_2018-05-14_a_19.44.57Dans l'industrie du fichier, un logiciel de QC est maintenant un "must have" face à l'incroyable nombre de fichiers créés chaque jour et qui doivent être vérifiés automatiquement en première évaluation, pour aider les opérateurs à identifier rapidement si un fichier doit être rejeté immédiatement ou s'il vaut la peine d'être vérifié visuellement :
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L’impact de l'automatisation sur l’organisation du travail

Capture_decran_2018-05-12_a_22.55.17La vague actuelle d'automatisation et de numérisation de l'économie transforme de façon puissante et rapide l'emploi et le travail. L'ampleur des enjeux justifie un diagnostic documenté et partagé. C'est pourquoi le Conseil d'orientation pour l'emploi, qui réunit notamment les représentants des employeurs et des syndicats, l'Etat, le service public de l'emploi, des économistes et experts du marché du travail a voulu s'en saisir :
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Avid annonce la fin du support ses surfaces Icon au 310818

Capture_decran_2018-05-13_a_22.19.31Avid vous rappelle que la date officielle de la fin de support pour surfaces de contrôle ICON D-Control et D-Command arrive à échéance le 31 août 2018. Veuillez noter que les pièces détachées sur ces consoles sont maintenant d'un accès trés limitées chez Avid :
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Up-gradez votre console Avid Icon vers la surface Avid | S6 série M40

Avid-S6-iconeÉconomisez jusqu'à 30% lorsque vous échangez votre ancienne surface de mixage Avid ICON D-Command ou D-Control pour une nouvelle surface Avid | S6 série M40. Si vous souhaitez rester à la pointe de l'innovation en matiére de mixage et d'enregistrement, vous pouvez étendre considérablement vos capacités avec cette nouvelle surface de mixage. Economisez jusqu'à 20 000 € HT grâce à cette opération commercialle, valable jusqu'au 15 juin 2018 :
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Evénement Post-NAB 2018 organisé à Paris le 6 Juin par CTM Solutions

Capture_decran_2018-05-16_a_00.16.39 CTM Solutions et ses partenaires technologiques (Avid, ROOT6 Technology, Object Matrix, Cantemo, AWS) ont le plaisir de vous convier à une Journée Post-NAB 2018 qui aura lieu le 6 Juin 2018 à Paris 10. Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, Private-Cloud, Intelligence Artificielle. Venez décrypter ces sujets avec nous et découvrir les bénéfices pour nos métiers. Mercredi 6 Juin - Espace REMIX 24 Cour des Petites Ecuries, PARIS 10 de 10:00 à 21:00, inscription gratuite sur notre site :