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Splitting Focus: Secrets of the Split-Field Diopter

Par : Anthony Najera — 8 mai 2020 à 13:00

The split-field diopter is a practical lens attachment that can add an unusual and visually exciting effect to your movie. Here's what you need to know.

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How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

Par : Robbie Janney — 23 avril 2020 à 17:40

Using subtitles in YouTube videos not only benefits your audience, but also helps your video rank higher. Here are the steps you need to follow to add ...

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5 Tips for Project Managing a Video Edit Remotely

Par : Jourdan Aldredge — 8 avril 2020 à 14:00

From planning your storyboard to collaborative editing apps, here's a guide to navigating the challenges of managing a video editing project remotely.

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What “The Invisible Man” Can Teach Aspiring Suspense Filmmakers

Par : Jourdan Aldredge — 13 mars 2020 à 13:00

Here's a lesson on budget genre-filmmaking done right, and why you should trust your instincts by focusing on the unseen.

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The Importance of Camera Movement in “The Irishman”

Par : Rubidium Wu — 20 novembre 2019 à 13:00

"The Irishman" follows the "heighten naturalism" aesthetic from "The Wolf of Wall Street," injecting a darker, more conspiratorial tone.

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Landscapes of Sound: An Interview with Mandell Winter

Par : Paula Goldberg — 25 septembre 2019 à 14:00

Premium Beat sat down with this seasoned pro to explore his process, working relationships, and the challenges involved in sound design.