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— 23 mai 2020 à 08:14

“Call For Dreams” takes part in official selection of Cannes Art Film Festival and will be streaming free here during May 21-22
Don’t miss ✨no registration. share.

In the scene: Oleg Levin, Olga Kurkulina, Mami Shimazaki
Music: Greenmachine

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Le Radeau

— 13 mai 2020 à 08:39

“Collaborations Confites ”
Mai 2020

Photographies // Vanda Spengler
Vidéo et musique // Julien Appert

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DJ Pone “1978” - Official Music Video

— 12 mai 2020 à 12:25

DJ Pone’s “1978” official music video.
Directed by François Ferracci & Thibault de Carvalho aka Tibz & Ferratche

You can see the creative process here:

Cinematographer: Maurizio Tiella

Cast: Dj Pone
Sonor, Geko, Gash, Gringe, Salim, Mofo, Blasé, Boogie Vice, Panagol, Kirby, Grain

Gaspar, Louis, Matt, Stan, Adèle, Nélio, Paul, Issac, Camilo

Produced by Quad & Wizz
Producers: François Brun, Amanda Stubbs and Karen Barel

1st Assistant Camera: Marine Roinsard
2nd Assistant Camera: Emile Cardiegue
2nd Assistant Camera (tests): Ella Dancette
1st Assistant Director: Virgile Olive
Location Manager: Louis Arnoux
Location: Kelly Verny, Lucas Stephanik
Gaffer: Thomas Veyssière
Gaffer Assistant: Lida Sahakian
Key Grip: Bruno Dransart
Grip: Alexandre Gandibleu
Makeup: Marie Guillon
On-set VFX supervisor: Agathe Ricard

AD, Storyboards, Editing, VFX Supervision: Tibz & Ferratche

Studio VFX: Fix Studio
Lead 3D: Ewald Aloeboetoe
Composting: Tibz, Ferratche, Benjamen Laborde, Thibault Martegani, Anne Georges, Marilou Villaumey, Ewald Aloeboetoe
3D Artists: Jean Hubert, Arturo Monceau

Coloring: Gabriel Porier
VFX Producer: Cédric Herbet
VFX Coordinators: Pauline Bouyer, Agathe Ricart
Planning: Stéphanie Hilbert
On-set Photographer: Emilie Desir

Special Thanks:
Julie Bellegarde, Michel Fajardo, Maryanne Demange, Kidzy, Isakin, Fred Gehant, Nataly Aveillan, Léo Souffrice.

Big up to Arthur Maillard, and most of all to Mimo aka the plug.

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— 9 mai 2020 à 09:39


La crise actuelle laisse des milliers d’artistes du spectacle vivant dans l’incapacité de pouvoir produire des œuvres. Ce film a été pensé et réalisé à la maison, en réaction à cette situation.
Nous voulions parler de notre confinement, du rapport au corps qui a disparu de nos routines quotidiennes, mais aussi partager notre frustration due au manque total d’interactions physiques essentielles à notre métier de danseur.
Un témoignage dansé tourné vers une destination inconnue!


The current crisis leaves thousands of performing artists unable to produce works. This film was thought and made at home, in reaction to this situation.
We wanted to talk about our containment, the relationship with the body that has disappeared from our daily routines, but also to share our frustration due to the total lack of physical interactions essential to our profession as a dancer.
A dance testimony turned towards an unknown destination !

Creation and realisation :
Fabien Prioville & Azusa Prioville Seyama

#destinationinconnue #tetro #danse #fabienprioville #azusaseyama

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Dance on Plants - Sunset (Feat. des hume)

— 4 mai 2020 à 11:11

A collaboration between Dance on Plants (Stephen Clarke) and Des Hume (Thom Kolb). Stephen creates the instrumentals for Thom, who writes and sings the vocals.

In keeping with this collaborative process and due to the restrictions presented by the recent pandemic, we decided to get Thom to perform the vocals on a webcam and send it to Stephen (who I live with) to perform.

We put the video on an iPad and went out to empty parking lots in the evening to make this social distancing friendly video.

Tags: music, electronic, pocket 4k, blackmagic, ipad, vancouver, social distancing, web cam, indie, fashion, quasar, des hume, performance, canada, music video and dance

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— 4 mai 2020 à 11:11

Some experiments with Trace Skeleton by LingDong Huang (2020) .
Capturing in realtime the skeleton of a running cat from E. Muybridge “Plate 720 ‘Cat galloping” (1887), and exploring abstract movement visualisations.

Made with Processing using: TraceSkeleton by Lingdong Huang (2020)
“A new algorithm for retrieving topological skeleton as a set of polylines from binary images.”

Tags: processing, cat, running, movement, tracking, visualization, lines and points

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— 29 mars 2020 à 11:58

This video is influenced by an architectural movement called Holo-metabolism. It derives from the ideas of the Japanese metalbolism movement in the 60’s initiated by Kenzo Tange; but adds influences from certain insects and their metamorphosis. Especially by the 4 life stages that goes from Egg, Larv, Pupa to Imago/Adult. Holo-metabolism strives to adapt that process in to how architectural bodies gradually will evolve according to the nature that surrounds it. The structures will eventually intertwine with the soil, rocks and vegetation and create a symbiosis. With Holo-metabolism there’s no intention to make it practical and functional for inhabitants. Instead the primary objective is to let the chaotic aspects of nature create unique Imago’s.
This video depicts several results of that process during the four seasons.


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— 22 mars 2020 à 10:36


Facing Extinction is about the Anthropocene and Earths sixth mass extinction event
- this time caused by us humans.
More than 30,000 species are threatened with extinction.


Initially exhibited as a Projection Mapping at the Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main:

Take Action:

Gestaltet und produziert von m box,
Mit Beratung und Archivmaterial von:
Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung
Joel Sartore / National Geographic Photo Ark
Louie Psihoyos, Oceanic Preservation Society

Mit Unterstützung von:
Stadt Frankfurt am Main,
Messe Frankfurt,
Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main,
Okeanos - Foundation Of The Sea,
Molco - Cling Film Experts


Tags: installation, projection, mapping, c animals, nature, species, climate change, habitat loss, extinction, biodiversity, animals, flora, fauna and threat

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We Will Kaleid - Lingual (official video)

— 22 mars 2020 à 10:36

Stream & download “Lingual”:

Performance: Loby Lam (Kahbam)
Forklift Operator: Jasmina de Boer
Drummer: Lukas Streich
Director: Bennet Seuss
DOP: Benjamin Weu
Music Production: we will kaleid
Lyrics: Jasmina de Boer
Mix / Master: Lukas Streich
Special thanks to Sinus Event-Technik GmbH

Cast: Sinnbus

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AudioReactive Deformers on some spheres

— 13 mars 2020 à 13:48

Attempted realtime capture of the pre Alpha version of my interactive Audio-Reactive visualizers .

This will get flagged for copyright but… The audio is super important to this as it shows the reactivity.

Music by Anup Sastry

Made in Unity

Cast: Matt Brooks

Tags: Unity and VJ

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GCC Awards - Multimedia show

— 11 mars 2020 à 20:10

More than a few projects created by Mindscape Studio involve multimedia shows. We do custom video content synchronized with the choreography. These kinds of projects are really interesting and bring a new approach to events.

Cast: Mindscape Studio

Tags: contemporary, choreography, videomapping, dance, projectionmapping, animation, motiondesign, motiongraphics, artofvisuals, visualart, multimedia, events, multimediashow, mocap, mindscape, motioncapture, creativetechnology, creativestudio and MindscapeStudio

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"Lo Tèxtil" - Alba G. Corral + Desilence

— 9 mars 2020 à 09:24

Alba G. Corral:


Music By Namba:

Audio Mastered By Clara Brea


Based on the images from the Poblenou Historical Archive, this experimental generative installation pays homage to all the women who worked at the Ca l'Aranyó textile factory since its inauguration in 1877. On the façade of the old factory, this audiovisual display depicts an account of women and machines that gave life to a fabric that is not only material, but also social and part of a struggle for their labour rights. Acknowledgements: Pompeu Fabra University, Poblenou Campus

A partir de las imágenes del Archivo Histórico del Poblenou, esta instalación generativa experimental rinde un homenaje a todas las mujeres que trabajaron en la fábrica textil de Ca l'Aranyó desde su inauguración en 1877. Sobre la fachada de la antigua fábrica, este audiovisual plasma un relato de mujeres y máquinas que daban vida a un tejido no solo material, sino también social y de lucha por sus derechos laborales. Agradecimientos: Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Campus del Poblenou

A partir de les imatges de l’Arxiu Històric del Poblenou, aquesta instal·lació generativa experimental ret un homenatge a totes les dones que van treballar a la fàbrica tèxtil de Ca l’Aranyó des de la seva inauguració el 1877. Sobre la façana de l’antiga fàbrica, aquest audiovisual plasma un relat de dones i màquines que donaven vida a un teixit no només material, sinó també social i de lluita pels seus drets laborals. Agraïments: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Campus del Poblenou

Cast: Desilence and Alba G. Corral

Tags: llumm, llummbcn, ligh festival, mapping, video mapping, projection mapping, mad mapper, lo textil, alba g. corral, desilence, dslnc, namba, nambabcn, clara brea and sonic pi

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Portal 2222 - A meditative audiovisual journey

— 3 mars 2020 à 20:10

This mixed media piece explored the relation between painted elements and projection-mapping visuals. How will the painted areas be affected by the projection and what kind of new shapes will emerge.
The aim was to create a relaxing and mediative atmosphere within a beautiful setting. Spectators enjoyed the 7:47 min long show, diving into a deep state of contemplation and calmness.

This Installation was created 2020 for an exclusive venue and is available for rent now.

Mural painting and Visuals. Philipp Frank
Music: Man of no Ego „The Continuum“

Cast: Philipp Frank

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MAD: Legend of the Light

— 3 mars 2020 à 20:10

presented by the MAD Company, the first WindBallet Theatre on Earth.
Atmodancers: Inka Tiitto, Kyra Poh, Coralie Boudreault
Dancers: Dancer Laura Allonen and Minttu Pietilä
Music: Kai Engel
Visuals: Laszlo Zsolt Bordos
Directed by: Laszlo Laki
presented by the MAD Company, the first wind theatre on Earth.
More on our website:

Cast: Bordos.ArtWorks / LaszloZsBordos

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Visual Arts Battle

— 21 février 2020 à 09:29

Axe, Beyung, Fred Tetout, Noyl, 2018

Performance immersive et collaborative dans la Satosphère par des maîtres du dessin utilisant MasterpieceVR. Cet outil de création 3D puissant et intuitif permet à des participants distants de dessiner et modéliser collaborativement des objets et des environnements comme s’ils y étaient physiquement. Cette performance de dessin en direct dans le dôme sera la première qui invite des spectateurs !


Immersive collaborative performance in the Satosphere by drawing masters using MasterpieceVR. With this powerful and intuitive live 3D content creation tool, remote participants are able to collaboratively sketch objects and environments as if they were physically together. This live drawing performance in the dome will be the first inviting spectators.

Cast: Society for Arts and Technology