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Short Film, Big Ideas: Combining 2D and 3D to Visualize a Complex Issue

Par : Meleah Maynard — 22 mai 2020 à 13:00

For his latest film, "Disorder," Director Robert Grieves utilized a multi-media approach to tell a multi-dimensional story. Here’s how he did it.

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Best FREE Animation Software — Ready to Download Right Now

Par : Charles Yeager — 14 mai 2020 à 18:05

Let's take a look at the best FREE animation software that you can download and start using today, with over ten software options listed here.

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Z-CAM: Affordable Cinema Cameras You Might Not Know About

Par : Caleb Stephens — 6 janvier 2020 à 14:00

Let's take an in-depth look at the Z-CAM lineup for a better understanding on the capability — and affordability — each camera delivers.

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Capturing Sound with the New 32-Bit Floating Audio

Par : Rubidium Wu — 2 janvier 2020 à 13:00

Cameras that shoot RAW are more forgiving for new shooters. This new audio format — a 32-bit floating point — promises to do the same for sound ...