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e.d. films Receives Epic MegaGrant for Animated Shorts and Musical VR Experience

Par : Ricky Grove — 20 novembre 2019 à 13:00
Animation Studio Exploring New Real-Time Production Methods with Help of Epic Games MONTREAL, Canada – November 19, 2019 – Today, e.d. films announce three projects currently in product...
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JoeQuick returns to Renderosity with a vengeance.

Par : Lynn Czerniawski — 20 novembre 2019 à 17:00
JoeQuick is coming back into our vendor lineup, Renderosity excitedly announced. Over the years, JoeQuick has released many sci-fi, superhero, and clothing products as well as real-world face shapes,...
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How to fix Reallusion's Hub Update Problem

Par : M.D. McCallum — 20 novembre 2019 à 18:38
If you are one of the unlucky few that ends up with the Reallusion Hub hang up… with all buttons grayed out then don’t fret. Follow some simple troubleshooting steps INCLUDING the obvious...
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Boiling Point Media Renders Otherworldly Creatures with Conductor

Par : Press Release — 20 novembre 2019 à 19:00
Oklahoma City, OK-based boutique creative studio Boiling Point Media is equal parts marketing agency and feature film production company. Through its production arm, Boiling Point develops and produc...
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Terragen 4.4 Now Released Marks Major Step Forward

Par : Nick Charles — 21 novembre 2019 à 03:30
Terragen was one of the first digital programs I tried out many years ago with the classic version (before Terragen 2 was released). It impressed me immensely back then, and now in version 4, it has c...
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AI Driven Headshot - New Character Creator Plugin

Par : M.D. McCallum — 21 novembre 2019 à 17:00
Ah… nothing like this time of year and I don't mean the holidays. However, it is an early Christmas for a lot of digital artists out there as our creative products get multiple updates and new...
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Free digital painting on the web: Pixlr Photo Editor

Par : Sergio Rosa — 21 novembre 2019 à 19:00
Pixlr Editor is another free tool from Pixlr. While Pixlr X was a simpler, easier to use online photo editing tool, Pixlr Editor is a fully featured online photo editor that is more similar to Photosh...
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Gallery: Elf on Battle by Pepsel

Par : Ricky Grove — 21 novembre 2019 à 20:03
Elf on Battle by Pepsel is our choice for a Renderosity Magazine gallery image. What makes this image so special is that it captures the spirit of the character and its amazing texture details. Pepsel...
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Deadly animals stalk Nicolas Cage with help from Ziva VFX

Par : Press Release — 21 novembre 2019 à 21:00
In Primal, death lurks around every corner. An assassin is on the loose and vicious animals are too, putting an entire ship on the defensive as an apex predator stalks its halls. To help create this C...
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What about InstaLOD Studio XL, the Heavy Duty Poly Cruncher?

Par : M.D. McCallum — 22 novembre 2019 à 17:00
A few weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to add InstaLOD Studio XL to my 3D creation pipeline. This is the big brother, standalone version of InstaLOD that is integrated into Ch...
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iPi Soft Advances Capabilities For iPi Motion Capture

Par : Press Release — 23 novembre 2019 à 10:45
Live Feedback And Integration With Unity Game Engine Among Latest Improvements;  30% Discount Available Through Holidays   MOSCOW, RUSSIA -- iPi Soft, LLC, developers of the marker-less m...
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AMD releases Ryzen 9 3950X

Par : Press Release — 25 novembre 2019 à 15:59
Enthusiasts, gamers, and creative professionals around the world can now experience the pinnacle of processing performance with the newest additions to the AMD Ryzen family. Featuring 16-cores and AM...
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Terminator: Dark Fate meets 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™

Par : Press Release — 25 novembre 2019 à 19:15

Learn how the processing power of 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ was instrumental in the VFX that Blur Studio delivered for Terminator: Dark Fate

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Introducing: Red Giant Complete for Individuals, Students and Teachers, the All-Access Annual Subscription to Editing, Motion Graphics and VFX Tools

Par : Press Release — 25 novembre 2019 à 21:36
Portland, OR – November 25, 2019 – Red Giant today announced the availability of Red Giant Complete for individuals, students and teachers. Expanding its software licensing options, Red Gi...
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Motion Weekly 36

Par : Nick Charles — 26 novembre 2019 à 04:00
The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may b...
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SIGGRAPH Asia 2019: Reports from the 'Dream Zone'

Par : Press Release — 27 novembre 2019 à 00:50

This year's edition of SIGGRAPH Asia, themed 'Dream Zone', featured eminent industry figureheads who are at the cutting-edge of the CGI, FX and Animation industries. They inspired continuing dialogue...

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Artist of the Week - Dmsstudio

Par : Ricky Grove — 27 novembre 2019 à 11:15

Our Nov 25, 2019, Renderosity Magazine Artist of the Week is Dmsstudio. If you like this artist's work, please visit their gallery at Unlike many landscape artists who create their sc...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Versus the Puget Workstation

Par : M.D. McCallum — 27 novembre 2019 à 17:00
This isn't going to be your usual review about gameplay but rather about installing Red Dead Redemption 2 PC (RDR2) on a pc and how it handles it. The gaming news is full of RDR2 installation and oper...
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Anjeli93 creates exotically diverse items for the Renderosity Marketplace

Par : Lynn Czerniawski — 27 novembre 2019 à 21:00
The diversity of the Renderosity marketplace is astounding. One vendor brings the beauty and allure of Nepal to runtimes everywhere. Anjeli93 has been a member since 2017. She happened upon our littl...
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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Par : Ricky Grove — 28 novembre 2019 à 11:30
When the night winds whistle through the trees and blow the crisp brown leaves a-crackling down,When the autumn moon is big and yellow-orange and round,When old Jack Frost is sparkling on the grou...
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FXHome Adds Sophisticated Effects with Release of Imerge Pro 5

Par : Press Release — 29 novembre 2019 à 19:39
FXhome Adds Sophisticated Effects to its Non-Destructive RAW Image Compositor with the Release of Imerge Pro 5  FXhome ( announced today it is adding a number of sophisticated vis...
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Black Friday Deals for CG Artists

Par : Ricky Grove — 29 novembre 2019 à 20:44
No doubt you are being deluged with Black Friday deals online and in your email inbox. However, if you aren't interested in buying a new toaster oven or heated socks, we want to steer you toward some...
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Motion Weekly 37

Par : Nick Charles — 30 novembre 2019 à 03:36
The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may b...
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Book Review - Stop Motion Filmmaking: The Complete Guide to Fabrication and Animation

Par : Nick Charles — 30 novembre 2019 à 04:10
If you've ever considered delving into stop motion filmmaking, or even if you just have a fascination for the craft, you would be hard-pressed to find a more complete and detailed book than Stop Motio...
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Interview with Michael Nikonov, Founder of iPi Soft

Par : Ricky Grove — 30 novembre 2019 à 19:30
Michael Nikonov - iPi Soft, Founder/Chief Technology Officer Renderosity Q&A Exclusive:    How has iPi Soft grown over the years from appealing to an indie market to larger production...
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Varjo’s XR-1 Developer Edition VR Headset Now Available

Par : Press Release — 2 décembre 2019 à 19:54
Industry-first photorealistic mixed reality headset allows professionals in engineering, design, and simulation to blend the real world with the virtual world like never before   Orlando,...
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Reallusion's Animation At Work Contest 2019 - Winner Announcement

Par : Ricky Grove — 28 novembre 2019 à 15:00
Cartoon Animator Contest 2019 "Animation At Work" has finally completed after three months of exciting competition. With the participation of dozens of amazing animators, Cartoon Animator has proved o...
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Tutorial: How to create mist in Unity

Par : Sergio Rosa — 3 décembre 2019 à 17:00
Welcome to another short tutorial. This time we will make a quick mist effect. In some languages (including my very own, Spanish), things like mist and fog can be confused because we use the same wor...
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Beeple uses Cinema 4D for short film 'Manifest Destiny'

Par : Press Release — 3 décembre 2019 à 19:00
Maxon announced internationally acclaimed 3D artist, motion designer and filmmaker Mike Winkelmann, known professionally as Beeple, has deployed the company's Cinema 4D software toolset in his most am...
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Materialize: a free texture creation tool

Par : Sergio Rosa — 4 décembre 2019 à 17:00
Materialize is a free and easy to use (yet, very good) tool to create texture channels from a single image. The basic idea is this: you import your diffuse map (also known as color map in some applica...