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Unreal Engine 4.23 released!

Par Press Release — 5 septembre 2019 à 18:25
WHAT'S NEW Thanks to our next-gen virtual production tools and enhanced real-time ray tracing, film and TV production is transformed. Now you can achieve final shots live on set, with LED walls...
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Artist Profile - Photographer/Digital Artist dbWalton

Par Ricky Grove — 5 septembre 2019 à 07:54
dbwalton   dbWalton, is a retired professional portrait artist. Some serious medical issues left him looking for new ways to express himself. He started working with Daz and Poser a year ago...
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NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 Powers World’s Fastest Laptop

Par Ricky Grove — 4 septembre 2019 à 19:32
First Ever Laptop with Quadro RTX 6000 Graphics Joins 11 New RTX Studio Systems from Acer, ASUS, HP, MSI   NVIDIA and ASUS today announced that the Quadro RTX™ 6000 GPU will pow...
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Maxon Cinema 4D Release 21 Available Immediately

Par Press Release — 3 septembre 2019 à 22:33
New Features and Enhancements Innovate 3D Content Creation Workflows   FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Maxon, the leading developer of professional 3D modeling, animation and re...
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Tutorial: Animation retargeting in Maya LT - part 2

Par Sergio Rosa — 3 septembre 2019 à 21:00
In part 1, I described a workflow that you can use to retarget a pre-made animation onto another character using HumanIK. Now, I will discuss how you can modify the animation using animation layers. P...
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5 Ways to Combat the Digital Creative Block

Par Barbara Din — 3 septembre 2019 à 17:00
Creatives of all types often find themselves in the dreaded creative block, and digital artists are no exception. The blank page for this kind of artist is even glowing, all those bright photons hitti...
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Video: The Bone Mother by Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouvé

Par Ricky Grove — 2 septembre 2019 à 18:41
I attended a short presentation by the director(s) of this marvelous stop-motion film at Siggraph. The careful planning and the sheer amount of work that went into construction and design made me tire...
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Motion Weekly 30

Par Nick Charles — 1 septembre 2019 à 04:44
The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may b...
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MAGIX releases the new SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite

Par Press Release — 31 août 2019 à 17:00
Together with a free update for SOUND FORGE Pro 13, released in April 2019, MAGIX is proud to introduce the eagerly anticipated SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite. This professional software package for record...
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Gallery: Prog Art V2 by DigitalDream666

Par Ricky Grove — 30 août 2019 à 20:00
DigitalDream666 is an artist who hails from Germany. He creates remarkable images that are often dark and moody. His work is highly detailed and often quite unique. He often designs jewelry as well. O...
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Supersampling - The Unknown SuperHero of VR

Par M.D. McCallum — 29 août 2019 à 17:00
A funny thing happened on the way to reviewing VR flight simulators. I got sidetracked into the dark side of gaming and VR, looking… nay… praying for a way to actually be able to READ al...
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Art and AI: Can Machines Create Art?

Par Ricky Grove — 29 août 2019 à 15:00
Art and AI is a new series of articles that will focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence and the art world.  Let's begin with some definitions. The first is from Oxford,...
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Focus Unreal Engine - Blueprints and Content

Par Ricky Grove — 29 août 2019 à 05:26
Focus: Unreal Engine is a series of posts where I’ll share my experience and discoveries working with Epic’s free Unreal Engine 4 for video game creation. There will is no set time...
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Unreal Marketplace 5-year Anniversary Sale

Par Press Release — 28 août 2019 à 00:08
It’s officially the 5-year anniversary of the Unreal Engine Marketplace!Celebrate with us by saving up to 50% on select products. Over 4,000 fantastic products have been discounted, rangi...
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Tutorial: Animation retargeting in Maya LT - part 1

Par Sergio Rosa — 27 août 2019 à 21:00
Maya or Maya LT are very good tools for character animation. However, if you’ve used Maya in the past, and are now moving to Maya LT, you will see some things are different. For my projects, I...
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Top 6 sites that offer free textures

Par Barbara Din — 27 août 2019 à 17:00
As digital artists or hobbyists, we often find ourselves in need of texture images, be it to use as a background, to finish a concept art piece, or as a material for a 3D model. There are a lot of si...
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Cinema 4D R21 - Top Five New Features

Par Press Release — 26 août 2019 à 20:49

In This Cinema 4D R21 tutorial video, get a sneak peak of my Top 5 new features for Cinema 4D R21. There are a lot of updates and new features for Cinema 4D R21, including the new new Maxon subscripti...

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Artist of the Week: Jmattatall

Par Ricky Grove — 26 août 2019 à 20:24
Our artist of the week for August 26, 2019, is Jmattatall. This talented artist has a real talent for creating scenes filled with emotion and style. Color is also shown to great effect in this artist'...
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Miss Nikol by virtual_world

Par Ricky Grove — 22 août 2019 à 20:02
What stands out in this wonderful 3D portrait is the body language of the character (the pose). Her face is caught in the middle of an expression as if she is going to greet someone who has just come...
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Maxon to unveil Cinema 4D Release 21 at IBC 2019

Par Press Release — 22 août 2019 à 17:00
Maxon, the leading developer of professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering solutions, is excited to return as an exhibitor to the annual IBC Show, the most influential European show in the medi...
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Alienbrain 2019 introduces Unreal Engine integration and new subscription pricing model

Par Press Release — 21 août 2019 à 19:00
Alienbrain 2019, the latest iteration of its popular version control software for artists and designers, was released Wednesday, Aug. 21, according to a press release. Alienbrain 2019 is a major upda...
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Review of FLYINSIDE VR Flight Simulator

Par M.D. McCallum — 21 août 2019 à 17:00
A couple of weeks ago I reviewed a simple, budget-priced virtual reality flight sim, the Cessna VR Flight Simulator. It is a nice introduction to VR flight sims if one is not already smitten by that w...
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Artist of the Week - Lyndseyh

Par Ricky Grove — 21 août 2019 à 12:30
This week we chose artist Lyndseyh because their work is so well-composed and rendered. There is a lot of emotion in Lyndseyh's work as well. Check out the 8 works from her gallery we are profiling in...
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Where to go after Reallusion announces unreal price tag for Unreal plugin

Par Benjamin Tuttle — 20 août 2019 à 17:00
Quite recently, Reallusion announced a new plugin for a live link to the Unreal Engine. They had videos and demos showcasing it since GDC in San Francisco not too long ago. It had great access to a n...
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No Man's Sky: Beyond is now available

Par Press Release — 19 août 2019 à 20:29
I've played No Man's Sky from the beginning and have enjoyed every minute of it. Despite problems in development (and perhaps over-hyping the first game), the NMS team has consistently improved upon a...
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Turn your footage into digital paintings with EbSynth

Par Sergio Rosa — 19 août 2019 à 16:38
EbSynth is a nice small tool that can help you create stylized versions of your videos with the help of one or more reference keyframes made from a still frame of your video. Right now, EbSynth is in...
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Watch the Unreal User Group Presentations from Siggraph

Par Ricky Grove — 19 août 2019 à 14:00
For those of you who were not able to attend in person, or if you’d just like to relive the experience, the event is now available for viewing online.    After opening statements b...
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The Fusion of iClone Creativity & Unreal Engine at SIGGRAPH 2019

Par Press Release — 17 août 2019 à 19:14
Its been a week since SIGGRAPH 2019, and Reallusion would like to thank all our fans, friends and partners who visited our booth to experience the latest in realtime technology for virtual produc...
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3D Design + Motion Tour goes global

Par Press Release — 16 août 2019 à 19:00
The 3D Design + Motion Tour, an unprecedented global learning event, will hit the road September 2 – December 10, 2019, making stops in 26 cities throughout North America and Europe. The unique...
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New York City Sketchbook by Willy Hartland

Par Ricky Grove — 16 août 2019 à 17:30
Sketchbook drawings come to life in this poetic expression of New York City. Working from observation in a form of visual journalism, this unusual hand-drawn animation attempts to document New Yorkers...