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Is it Safe Yet? Has Windows Update time passed?

Par M.D. McCallum — 20 février 2020 à 17:00
It's February 2020 and people all over the world people are starting to peek out from their bunkers, all with the same question? Is it safe to come out yet? Has the dreaded cyber demon come once again...
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Happy 30th Birthday, Photoshop!

Par Press Release — 20 février 2020 à 11:00
  From the Adobe Blog by Pam Clark Introducing more Content-Aware Fill, Lens Blur, Type, Selections... Today is Photoshop’s 30th birthday! For 10,950 days, artist...
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Maxon and Red Giant complete merger

Par Press Release — 18 février 2020 à 16:12
Maxon and Red Giant announced the completion of all financial and regulatory agreements required to complete their merger. Additionally, key appointments in executive leadership have been re...
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Artist of the Week - Prutzworks

Par Ricky Grove — 17 février 2020 à 20:52
Renderosity artist prutzworks is a talented creator of fractal and landscape art. He uses Mojoworld, an older application, to create fascinating scenes. prutzworks gallery is large and filled with exc...
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Cinema 4D Tutorial - Train on Tracks or Rails

Par Ricky Grove — 14 février 2020 à 17:00
In this tutorial, I will show you how to get a carriage to follow a spline realistically In cinema 4D. I will explain what is wrong with the default spline and how to fix it.
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Blender releases version 2.82

Par Michelle Willard — 14 février 2020 à 16:33
Blender Chairman Ton Roosendaal gave Blender users a valentine's Day gift when he announced the release of Blender 2.82. Here's what he said: The second update of the Blender 2.80 milestone rele...
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Primal - The Best Animation of 2019

Par Ricky Grove — 13 février 2020 à 21:37
Sources/Further Reading: Tartakovsky explains how he created Primal's ferocious fantasy world by Cheryl Eddy - Tartakovsky interviewed by Polygon writer Chelsea Stark - http:...
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Unity user explores Unreal Engine 4: Part 1

Par Sergio Rosa — 13 février 2020 à 21:00
In the past I've covered different game development engines, but this time I'm doing something different, as I will go through the experiment of moving from Unity to Unreal. I should mention that I do...
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Ottawa International Animation Festival opens to submissions for 2020 on Feb. 14

Par Press Release — 13 février 2020 à 19:00
The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF20), North America’s largest and oldest animation event, will start accepting entries on Valentine’s Day (Friday, February 14). From Septe...
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The Movies is so much more than a game 

Par M.D. McCallum — 13 février 2020 à 17:00
Its Wikipedia page starts with the simple statement: "The Movies is a business simulation game created by Lionhead Studios ... released in 2005." The business simulation part was something o...
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Introducing AMD Radeon™ Pro W5500 Workstation Graphics Card

Par Submitted — 13 février 2020 à 13:30
Our first enterprise driver of the new decade, AMD Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 20.Q1, is now available to kickstart your professional workflows with significant one-year performance i...
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Studio Telescope Animation launches with multi-platform project

Par Submitted — 12 février 2020 à 19:00
Transmedia production company Telescope Animation announces its first slate of upcoming projects, with several releases across multiple platforms, all centered on an original new concept. Utilizing cr...
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Cinema 4D powers The Lion King, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home

Par Submitted — 12 février 2020 à 17:49
Maxon, the leading technology developer of professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution, congratulates its Cinema 4D customers Territory Studio, Perception, Cantina Creative and KTM Prod...
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Maya LT 2020 is 'one of the best 3D modeling and animation packages out there'

Par Sergio Rosa — 11 février 2020 à 17:00
Last December, Autodesk released Maya LT 2020, and, as always, I am curious to see what's new and what has improved from the previous version. A while ago, my main focus was purely animation, and cha...
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Artist of the Week - Tobiasbruckner

Par Ricky Grove — 10 février 2020 à 19:43
Tobiasbruckner is a very special artist. He works in a style that is entirely black & white. This means his work has very high contrast. He manages to create one compelling image after another wit...
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Find out What's Next for Unreal at GDC 2020

Par Ricky Grove — 6 février 2020 à 19:41
In less than two months, this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) will kick off in San Francisco, and with the next generation of consoles on their way, we couldn’t be more e...
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GeForce NOW Open for All

Par Ricky Grove — 6 février 2020 à 18:18
Waitlist removed, memberships are now available for everyone. Today we’re making GeForce NOW — and PC gaming — accessible to more gamers. More than 1.2 billion pl...
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Is LiveLink\Unreal Worth the Time to Learn?

Par M.D. McCallum — 6 février 2020 à 17:00
It wasn't that long ago that Reallusion released its Unreal Engine tool LiveLink to indie devs for free and since that time I keep getting the question of how hard it is to use LiveLink and Unreal Eng...
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How To Amplify Your Online Business With 3D Art

Par Submitted — 5 février 2020 à 18:17
Digital imagery is a significant component of a marketing campaign. It helps businesses to get past the typical text-style format and communicate their ideas, products, feelings, and brand image in pi...
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The Exigency: Interview with Cody Vibbart - Part 2

Par Sergio Rosa — 5 février 2020 à 17:00
This is part 2 of the interview with Cody Vibbart, the creator of The Exigency. If you haven't read part 1 yet, feel free to do it now. What shot or sequence of the movie you'd say was the most chall...
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Toolfarm releases its annual Top 10

Par Submitted — 4 février 2020 à 23:00
The votes are counted and 2019 Toolfarm Top 10 results are tallied. These are the tools that Toolfarm customers voted for in our Toolfarm Top 10. Thank you to everyone that participated. There were...
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AMD continues focus on delivering the best driver possible in 2020

Par Submitted — 4 février 2020 à 21:00
Radeon Software had a very eventful 2019. We introduced 20 new or improved features including game changing technologies like Radeon Image Sharpening, Radeon Anti-Lag and Radeon Bo...
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The Exigency: Interview with Cody Vibbart - Part 1

Par Sergio Rosa — 4 février 2020 à 18:09
You may have noticed I've written twice about The Exigency, including my movie review a couple of weeks ago. In this two-part interview, I would like to bring you the man behind the movie: Cody Vibbar...
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Blender for C4D Artists: Working with Cameras in Blender 2.8x

Par Ricky Grove — 4 février 2020 à 12:15

Blender for C4D Artists - 01_01 Working with Cameras in Blender 2.8x from Helge Maus / pixeltrain on Vimeo. In this tutorial you will learn how to create and manage Blender Cameras, Align Views, h...

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Artist of the Week - Demonika

Par Ricky Grove — 3 février 2020 à 17:52
DEMONIKA is our choice for the Renderosity Magazine Artist of the Week. Her work is bold and edgy. We love her ability to focus on the emotion of her characters in portraits. Her use of bright colors...
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5 Simple Tips On Becoming More Creative

Par Ricky Grove — 31 janvier 2020 à 12:00
Creativity is something that we all want to be better at. When you finish creating something you often feel better about yourself. There’s a sense of pride in knowing “I made this”....
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Getting (back) into Poser content creation

Par Sergio Rosa — 30 janvier 2020 à 17:00
If you have been following my articles for a long time (at least 10 years), you are likely to know how I got into computer graphics. However, it is very likely you don't, so I will give you the quick...
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Unity switches to two releases in the 2020 TECH stream

Par Press Release — 29 janvier 2020 à 22:00
With Unity's evolution to a package-based feature-delivery system, the game engine will reduce the number of TECH stream releases in 2020, while delivering continuous updates for all feature area...
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Review: KeyShot 9 is an amazing rendering application

Par Sergio Rosa — 29 janvier 2020 à 18:00
KeyShot 9 is a real time ray-tracing rendering software developed by Luxion. KeyShot uses a physically correct render engine to accurately replicate the materials from the real world, resulting in ve...
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Digital Nirvana in Super Wide Format

Par M.D. McCallum — 29 janvier 2020 à 17:00
Last week I wrote about my search for a new monitor. Specifically, a large, super-wide format, digital beast that could replace two aging monitors.  I also wrote about my concerns about switching...