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Panasonic Bets Big on Connected Living Solutions in India; Expands Miraie Range

— 17 février 2021 à 03:00

Unveils smart and connected range of Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Fans, Plugs & Switches under Miraie platform Introduces Miraie application in Hindi and Tamil to enhance consumer experience; will be available in Telugu, Marathi and Bengali in the coming weeks New De...

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VIXELL™ - A Vacuum-insulated Cooling Box for -70ºC Storage

— 16 février 2021 à 16:00

Panasonic Corporation has developed VIXELL™, a vacuum-insulated box that can store items in a -70ºC environment for up to 18 days using refrigerants such as dry ice. Inside VIXELL™ boxes are thermal storage units, and the temperature is maintained by filling the inside and outside of these units wi...

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Panasonic Apparatus Enables Nonstop iPS Cell Culture

— 10 février 2021 à 02:00

Panasonic has combined its extensive know-how with the highly specialized cell culture process developed by experts at the Kyoto University Institute for Frontier Medical Science to build an automated system for iPS cell culture. It can work day and night, every day of the year, thereby accelerati...

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January 2021 TOP 5 Engagement

— 9 février 2021 à 09:15

Have you missed any popular Panasonic news? Here are the TOP 5 most engaged posts for January 2021.

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Panasonic Announces to have Revised the Consolidated Financial Forecasts

— 2 février 2021 à 07:30

Panasonic Corporation today announced to have revised its financial forecasts for the fiscal 2021 from the forecasts announced on July 30, 2020.

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Consolidated Financial Results and Supplemental Financial Data for Third Quarter and the Nine Months ended December 31, 2020

— 2 février 2021 à 07:30

Panasonic Corporation today reported its consolidated financial results for third quarter and the nine months ended December 31, 2020.

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Panasonic to Withdraw from Production of Photovoltaic Products

— 1 février 2021 à 06:30

Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has decided to cease the production of photovoltaic products at its factories in Malaysia and Shimane Prefecture, Japan.The sales of photovoltaic modules in and outside Japan will continue.

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Panasonic "Annual Report 2020" Published

— 29 janvier 2021 à 05:40

Osaka, Japan - On January 20, 2021, Panasonic Corporation published the second part of its "Annual Report 2020" to complete the first part published in September 2020. This year's Annual Report is published in a series of two parts to provide up-to-date information. The report ...

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The Make-up Sheet: An Innovative Contribution to the World of Beauty

— 29 janvier 2021 à 02:00

Conventional makeup cannot relieve the anxiety of people with skin issues, such as freckles, large pores, skin discoloration, and birthmarks. Panasonic came up with an ideal solution, the Make-up Sheet. This customized "print-and-paste" product is made through integrating breakthrough technologies...

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Panasonic Develops VIXELL™ - A Vacuum-insulated Cooling Box for -70ºC Storage

— 26 janvier 2021 à 10:00

Video added on Feb 17, 2021. Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation has developed VIXELL™, a vacuum-insulated box that can store items in a -70ºC environment for up to 18 days*1 using refrigerants such as dry ice. The transport of vaccines and other medical supplies requires strict t...

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Lights That Protect the Starry Nights in Japan

— 22 janvier 2021 à 06:00

Bisei in Okayama Prefecture, a Japanese town known for starry nights, is aiming to become Asia's first "Dark Sky Community" by obtaining international certification from the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). Responding to the town's request, Panasonic initiated and succeeded in the develop...

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Panasonic's Large-screen HUD Incorporated in the Nissan Rogue

— 19 janvier 2021 à 03:30

Osaka/Tokyo - The large-screen HUD (Head-Up Display) developed by Automotive Company, Panasonic Corporation is installed in a new model crossover SUV, the Rogue (released for the North American market in October 2020) from Nissan Motor Corporation.

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Strategic Move to Ensure a Prosperous Future: Panasonic's Carbon Neutral Challenge

— 18 janvier 2021 à 07:00

The creation of a decarbonized society is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, increasingly more companies are attempting to become carbon neutral. Panasonic has been addressing environmental issues for quite some time. Its factories in four countries around th...

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For Peaceful Enjoyment of Exciting Games: Facial Recognition System at Danish Football Stadium

— 15 janvier 2021 à 08:25

Football is a sport full of emotion. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can lead to extreme behavior, creating an atmosphere that scares away normal fans and families. Panasonic was able to provide a solution that helps create safety and provide peace of mind for all the fans.

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Panasonic's nanoe(TM) X Air Quality Solution Creates Comfortable Travel Space for Grabs' Premium Vehicles

— 14 janvier 2021 à 06:00

Panasonic Corporation today announced, in collaboration with Grab Holdings Inc. (Grab), the leading everyday superapp in Southeast Asia, to further raise GrabCar Premium standards by providing cleaner and more comfortable travelling experience for GrabCar Premium passengers using nanoe(TM) X.

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AkeruE, a Museum Dedicated to Creative Learning Experiences for Children Set to Open in the Panasonic Center Tokyo in April 2021

— 12 janvier 2021 à 02:00

Panasonic Corporation announced today the future opening of AkeruE, a new center dedicated to providing creative learning experiences for children.

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— 12 janvier 2021 à 02:00

As CES 2021 makes a historic shift to an all-digital format, Panasonic brings its latest products and solutions to the world inside the Panasonic CES 2021 Digital Experience.

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Creating "Sustainable Water" in a Water Plant Located Amid Nature's Embrace

— 11 janvier 2021 à 03:11

"Suntory Tennensui" is one of the top mineral water brands in Japan. At the end of 2018, one of its water plants, the "Suntory Okudaisen Bunanomori Water Plant" located in Tottori Prefecture became the first plant in Japan to be certified by the international standard, Alliance for Water Stewardsh...

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Panasonic's Seekit Helps Indian Parents Breathe Easy on Children's Safety

— 8 janvier 2021 à 06:00

Panasonic India has developed an IoT tracking product called Seekit, knowing that every parent wants to keep their child near to them. Seekit is helping give parents peace of mind on the whereabouts of their children.

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December 2020 TOP 5 Engagement

— 7 janvier 2021 à 05:40

Have you missed any popular Panasonic news? Here are the TOP 5 most engaged posts for December 2020.

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Meet Mr. Matsushita

— 28 décembre 2020 à 08:00

Panasonic's roots trace back to its founder, Konosuke Matsushita, and his vision to create what would benefit the greater good. Let's look at how the business he started to build a better light socket a century ago with just three workers has grown into a global company with over 250,000 employees...

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Panasonic Announces Personnel Changes

— 28 décembre 2020 à 06:00

Panasonic Announces Personnel Changes

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2020 TOP 3 Engagement on Panasonic Corp. Social Media

— 28 décembre 2020 à 04:40

Have you missed any popular Panasonic news in 2020? Here are the TOP 3 most engaged posts for 2020 on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.

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Panasonic to Demonstrate `(MU) ROOM' Mindfulness-Based Accommodation Experience Solution at HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO

— 25 décembre 2020 à 09:00

Panasonic Corporation has developed a new accommodation experience solution for lodging operators, called "(MU) ROOM," that is designed to stimulate various human senses and offer optimal mindfulness activities.

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住宅分電盤 スマートコスモ[マルチ通信型]|Panasonic

— 22 décembre 2020 à 16:00

HEMS(ヘムス)対応住宅分電盤「スマートコスモ[マルチ通信型]」のご紹介です。 【施工がもっとカンタン・シンプルに】  ・電圧100V、200Vの計測設定を、全回路で自動化。現場での設定作業が不要です。  ・新設計の計測アダプタへ分電盤から直接電源供給します。 【通信機能が集約】  ・特定小電力無線タイプと有線LANタイプの両機能がこれ1台で対応可能。 【コストダウン】  ・太陽光発電遠隔出力制御に標準対応して、システム納入価格のコストダウンを実現。 新設計の計測アダプタ(別売・スマートコスモ用エコーネットライト対応計測セット)をあとづけできる「レディ型」もあります。

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Zetes Implements a Border Control Solution in Cabo Verde, Including 11 Panasonic e-Gates

— 21 décembre 2020 à 09:00

Zetes' border control solution includes an online visa and security airport fee issuing solution as well as the deployment of 11 Panasonic e-gates featuring facial recognition and is integrated with national and international watch-lists.

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Panasonic to Demonstrate Guidance Service for Priority Elevators in Cooperation with Marui Department Store in Tokyo

— 21 décembre 2020 à 05:00

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation and Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd. (collectively, "Panasonic"), will demonstrate a guidance service for priority elevators in cooperation with Marui, one of Japan's major department stores, from December 22, 2020 to mid-March of 2...

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Panasonic Commercializes a Power Choke Coil Using Low-loss Magnetic Materials for Automotive Use

— 21 décembre 2020 à 03:00

Panasonic Corporation announced today that it has commercialized a surface mounted automotive power choke coil suitable for power circuits in electronic control units installed in vehicles with internal combustion engines.

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Panasonic Wild Knights Announces Business Alliance with Australia's Queensland Reds

— 21 décembre 2020 à 02:00

Panasonic Corporation today announced that its rugby club, Panasonic Wild Knights, has signed a business alliance agreement with the Queensland Reds.