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Added a block noise glitch effect to the custom post processing...

Added a block noise glitch effect to the custom post processing effect collection

Added a block noise glitch effect to the custom post processing...

Added a block noise glitch effect to the custom post processing effect collection

Shoeg (AKA Carlos Martorell)

Par Hayley Cantor

Carlos Martorell is a sound and visual artist based in a small Catalan town called Torelló, near Girona. His work focuses on the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology. He uses his programming skills and knowledge of new technologies to explore the visual and audio through the creation of experimental music and live AV.

Carlos Martorell by Xavi Casanueva

He creates sumptious virtual worlds through programming language such as Unity, as well as with 3D scans. It’s not uncommon to see him performing with non-traditional MIDI equipment, using apparatus such as gloves and hand-held technology, which as an adds a peculiar physical dimension to his live shows.

SHOEG: Website
LINK BOX: Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Instagram / Youtube / Resonate

Header photo © Hayley Cantor

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How to create content for video mapping?

Par Mapping News

Video projection mapping has been around for a long time now. Advances in technology are enabling more and more people to artistically project content onto any surface. Creating live, interactive augmented reality projections. In this article lets look at how to create content for video mapping?

It can be both creative and excruciating to create content for video projection mapping. The best way to start is to have an end in sight.

First create a mood board for your animation, take clips from YouTube, look at other amazing works online to get inspired. Once you have a fair idea of the style you want to create, you can start creating scenes.

Video projection mapping is such a vast field that it’s hard to nail down one tool or one method as the best method for creating content. Every artist has their own set of tools and their own techniques for creating content.

A lot depends on your existing skillset if you are a complete beginner I recommend you learn a little about photo editing, video editing & video compositing in general. This will help you get your feet wet and make it easier to create content for video mapping.

If you are someone who creates motion graphics or 3D animations, you will find it easy to create 3D projection mapping content. You can use stock video mapping footage to Create Video Mapping Show 90% faster.

Steps to an accurate 3D projection mapping video.

The idea of projection mapping is to create content based on an existing structure. You then take that content on-site to project it onto the actual surface and use a software to map the projected output onto the surface. Thus creating an illusion of augmenting reality with projections.

Get a 3D model of the actual surface. (building/car/object you want to map) If you cant get a 3D model and can’t create one, then you need a flat frontal image of the object.

Determine the number of projectors you will use to cover the object. (a building usually has more projectors than a car). Based on that calculate your final pixel resolution. (your canvas)

Use the 3D model or frontal image, as the base plate of your canvas. Create your animations on top of that plate. When you render, you remove the background plate and render with alpha channel.

Tools to create content for video projection mapping.

Use these to practice and hone your skills, until you find your own workflow and methods. 

  1. After Effects (Adobe)

By far one of the easiest ways to get started with projection mapping. You can create a lot of interesting animations with AE. A vast library of plugins allows you to create animations with particles, 3D elements, motion shapes and more. After Effects is almost like a one-stop tool for creating projection mapping content.

  1. Cinema4D (3D Animation)

Cinema4D is a great tool to have in your arsenal. One of the easiest 3D animation software in the market, specially designed for people who create motion graphics. You won’t find cinema4d interface daunting or clunky, unlike most 3D animation software, Cinema4d is clean, minimal and gets your creating interesting animation within minutes.

  1. Blender (3D Animation)

Blender is a free 3D animation software. Equally powerful to most professional 3D animation tools. Blender can have a bit of learning curve for some people, but once you get around the interface it allows your to create powerfull motion graphics.

  1. NotchVFX (Live VFX)

NotchVFX is great if you are looking to create content for live performance. It’s a new tool that has a different approach to motion graphic production. Using a node-based environment NotchVFX allows you to create dynamic content that you can edit and push live during a show. This give you the added advantage of saving render time and being able to adjust your mapping content on-site.

  1. HeavyM (Live animations)

HeavyM is not a full-blown motion graphic software, unlike the others listed above, HeavyM aims to target a niche market of live visual artists. Making it easy for small mapping projects to create content on the fly. 2D shapes are used to create content like outlines, fills etc. This could be a tool you can use to create some quick video mapping setups.

Learn After Effects and Cinema4D if you want to master the art of creating video projection mapping content. These 2 tools alone will allow you to make any kind of content you can imagine. Keep in mind, the more complex and bigger your animation is, the more processing and graphics power you need on your machine.

Lime Art Group has a collection of video projection mapping content, that you can use to plug into your own creations, these royalty-free loops make it easier for you to create content. As the age-old saying goes “why reinvent the wheel?”  visit Video Mapping Store to get a head start on your creation.

Thanks for reading!

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Types of 3D projection mapping content

Par Mapping News

Types of 3D projection mapping content

3D video projection mapping is all the rage now. Every project show can be enhanced with the use of 3D video mapping content. Even though it’s been done for a while now, each show has unique effects that make it a novelty for viewers. That’s why there are different types of 3D projection mapping content.

There are multiple ways to play with content and that’s what keeps it fresh and new for viewers. Even though it may be the same building that’s been projected on over and over again, content is what makes it new every time you run the show.

If we broadly divide the types of content that can be used, we can come up with 4 broad bases of types of 3D video mapping content.

video mapping

1. Architectural mapping.

By far this is one of the most sought after content for video projection mapping. Not only does the size of the building create a larger than life effect. It also allows you to experiment more and more due to the large pixel sizes available.

For architectural video projection mapping. You need content that is made specifically for such effects. Especially the pillars, arches, windows are elements that you can easily highlight.

The best part about architectural mapping is that you can change the face of the building just by using the content. Showcase a history of the building or take the audience into a futuristic world. Mega buildings allow for mega shows.

When looking to create or buy content for building projection mapping. You want to look for something that has unique outlines, massive 3D extrusions, glow effects and other such elements that can highlight the unique aspects of the building.

You can look at LimeArtGroup for effects that are specially designed for such building mapping shows. Get that perfect arch animation or 3D extrusion that will leave your audience wanting more.


2. Object projection mapping.

The second type is object projection mapping. This can be a product like a car, landscape model, product or any other object you can think of.

Can be used for permanent mapping installs or for that one-time event. The idea behind augmenting a product with video mapping is similar to building mapping. To bring out its unique features and wow the audience with creative visuals.

However there needs to be more attention to detail as the surface area of projection is limited and usually, the audience is close to the object.

At times it can be about highlighting unique features of a product or just creating a wow factor that can bring attention towards the object or product.

Video projection mapping is one of the most effective ways to inspire and create awe-inspiring shows.

LimeArtGroup is a place where you can find great content to inspire and motivate you to create unique content for your projection mapping shows.


3. Interior projection mapping

There is nothing better than creating an immersive projection environment, transporting the viewers into a dimension that is beyond the usual.

Immersive projection mapping is the perfect solution when you want to show the audience the interiors of a new real estate project, or take them into a view of the galaxy, basically something that is closer to virtual reality but in a more organic way.

Interior projection mapping engulfs the user into a world they have not seen before. If done correctly the experience can be one of a kind.

For inspiration have a look at what TeamLabs have done and the Paris digital museum Atelier des Lumières. These kind of spaces are one of a kind and constantly transforming.


4. Full Dome Projection mapping.

Arguably one of the most extensive projection mapping formats. This generally requires a big pixel map and including the curves/edge blending it can be tedious to setup.

But there is nothing like hosting a party inside a dome. Engulfing viewers with mind-blowing content, creating an environment that is fully immersive.

You may find it difficult to create content for dome projection mapping, that’s when you can head to places like LimeArtGroup & VJ LoopsFarm, where they have specially created content for dome projections.

Specially made visuals by VJs for VJs they know what works for audiences. They have all types of 3D projection mapping content that you can incorporate in your shows. Saving you both render time and money in the long run.

There can be a few other use cases for 3D projection mapping content, which I have not included here. I find these are the 4 broad categories of projection/video mapping project that you can expect to work in.


Happy Video Projection Mapping 🙂


Follow LimeArtGroup for more interesting articles.

“Exclusive Video Mapping Store” – wide range of visuals

“For VJs by VJs”

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Meilleur drone compact 2019 : Mavic Mini VS Mantis G VS Anafi FPV

Par Guillaume

Cette fin d’année 2019 fait la part belle aux drones de petit format. Avec l’annonce du Mavic Mini fin octobre, DJI pousse encore plus loin la compacité de ses drones grand public. Nous avons fait le choix de le comparer au Yuneec Mantis G sorti début septembre, et au Parrot Anafi dévoilé mi 2018 mais […]

Nina Verhagen

Par Nina Verhagen

film-aestheticNina Verhagen a twenty-one-year-old translating student. I’m a writer and a film enthusiast.

Fascinated by music, video, photo, and film- I dive into everything regarding audiovisual that interests me or sparks my interest. Same thing.

Social media is amazingit is a way to connect and speak to people all over the world. One image can go through so many countries. It’s fascinating!

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Unity rachète le français Obvioos et sa plateforme de streaming 3D

Par Shadows

Unity Technologies annonce le rachat de l’entreprise française Obvioos, basée à Lille. Cette dernière proposait principalement jusqu’ici des services de visualisation architecturale mais aussi une plateforme de streaming 3D nommée Furioos que nous vous avions déjà présentée. C’est évidemment cette dernière qui a motivé cette transaction.

Pour rappel, Furioos permet d’héberger dans le cloud une application 3D ; un utilisateur peut alors exécuter l’application à distance et sans installation locale, les images étant calculées sur les serveurs de Furioos. En clair, il s’agit de l’équivalent du cloud gaming mais pour des usages 3D plus généralistes, par exemple pour une visite virtuelle.
Furioos permet aux applications de s’adapter au nombre de visiteurs en temps réel, et s’insère dans un site web aussi simplement qu’une vidéo Youtube, ce qui facilite grandement le déploiement.

Il est à noter que Furioos avait aussi suscité l’intérêt d’Epic Games : la plateforme avait même bénéficié du programme de bourses de l’éditeur.

Présentation vidéo de Furioos, mise en ligne il y a un an environ.
Ci-dessous : exemple d’intégration Furioos. La démo tourne sur les serveurs du service, et non sur votre GPU.

Christophe Robert, cofondateur et président d’Obvioos, nous confirme que malgré ce rachat la plateforme restera agnostique : pas question de fermer la porte aux applications Unreal, par exemple. Inversement, rejoindre Unity permettra à la plateforme de prendre son envol, nous explique-t-il.
Si, comme la tradition l’exige, il n’a pas pu nous donner de détails sur le montant du rachat, il nous a en revanche indiqué que pour le moment, rien ne change concernant Furioos : prix, intégrations restent identiques.
Par ailleurs, les équipes d’Obvioos resteront à Lille mais vont déménager pour disposer de plus de place. Enfin, même si Furioos sera au coeur des préoccupations de l’équipe, cette dernière continuera à travailler sur de la visualisation architecturale, mais sans doute sous une autre forme.

Nous vous tiendrons évidemment informés des futures avancées de Furioos.

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Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ: Two Decks Standalone, Two Other Channels As Inputs

Par Dan White
Pioneer DJ's XDJ-XZ

We’ve been staring down the barrel of a new Pioneer DJ piece of gear for the last few weeks. Today we finally are getting to see the XDJ-XZ, a brand new standalone and controller hybrid unit. The big surprise: instead of being 4 decks standalone, this unit runs as two decks standalone, and two as […]

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DJ Fundamentals: How Phrasing Can Make or Break a DJ Mix

Par Ean Golden

For new DJs, phrasing is a challenging concept to grasp. Even for practiced musicians, the idea of layering songs on top of one another isn’t the easiest to explain, so in today’s video, Ean breaks it down. Learn how to count phrases, and how to practically apply them in different genres for creative results. In […]

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Added VFX property/event binder classes for the new Input System...

Added VFX property/event binder classes for the new Input System to the VfxExtra repository.

Sienna Presents NDI Access Manager for Linux

Par livepad
Sienna Presents NDI v4.0 Access Manager for Linux
Translated into 11 languages, with pop up help for each field.
Most likely will be a free download.

Coming soon....

I also added a MIDI-out sample script to the RtMidi repository...

I also added a MIDI-out sample script to the RtMidi repository (a MIDI backend used in the MIDI input plugin). So now, you can not only receive input but also control external MIDI devices from Unity.

New NDI 4.0 version of NDI Monitor for iOS now available.

Par livepad
Sienna released a new version of the NDI Monitor for iOS today.

The new app adds support for NDI4 sources (the previous version did not support NDI4 sources), NDI 4.0 discovery server, enhanced support for NDI Routing.

The biggest news is performance - the new version has much better performance, and now adds the option to enable full resolution NDI display - provided your device and your network connection can deliver that.

Its a great refresh for a unique and really useful app.

Currently still at the existing v1.0 price - but it will probably increase shortly - so if you don't already have it - there is a heads up.

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @desilence_⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣We have been...

⁣#repost @desilence_⁣
⁣We have been creating visual scenography for theatre, musicals and dance performances with love and passion for the last 15 years -⁣
⁣In our latest showreel you can see excerpts from most recent shows. Give it a look.⁣
⁣🎶 @desertgrup .⁣
⁣#visualscenography #theatre #dance #musicaltheatre #visualarts #visualartists #scenography #millumin #unrealengine4 #stage #stagedesign #showreel2018

I implemented a custom VFX property binder that binds an input...

I implemented a custom VFX property binder that binds an input action to a VFX property. Now you can control a VFX from a MIDI controller without scripting.

Imagine Communications Updates Core Truck Technology for NEP Belgium

Par Caroline Shawley

Major truck refurbishment with only five weeks off the road   MUNICH, 5 November 2019 – Imagine Communications has delivered core technology for a major refresh of an outside broadcast truck for NEP Belgium. As well as providing state-of-the-art and future-proofed solutions, a key part of the challenge was the very tight timescale allocated to ...

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Minis: MIDI Input for Unity New Input System. Now I’m...

Minis: MIDI Input for Unity New Input System. Now I’m testing it with VFX graphs.

Minis: MIDI Input for Unity New Input System. Now I’m...

Minis: MIDI Input for Unity New Input System. Now I’m testing it with VFX graphs.

Iliad : le futur outil créatif présenté en détail

Par Shadows

La startup française Praxinos a présenté le 31 octobre son futur outil Iliad, une solution de texturing avancé pour Unreal Engine.

L’enregistrement est désormais disponible ci-dessous ou directement sur Twitch, en anglais. A partir de 8 minutes 40, la présentation débute : Praxinos souligne notamment que son objectif final est de créer un outil d’animation à part entière, et qu’Iliad était une étape nécessaire pour y parvenir. L’équipe nous propose ensuite une démonstration de l’outil avec tout d’abord du texturing basique. Mais Iliad ne s’arrête pas là : son moteur de brosses bâti avec Blueprints permet d’envisager des outils poussés, comme on peut le voir à partir de 27 minutes 43 avec une sorte de brosse-kaléidoscope. Plus loin (31 minutes 30) est abordé la création de sprites, puis (40 min) le texturing de personnages ou encore (54 minutes) la mise en place de textures bouclables.

Le plugin Iliad dépasse donc clairement le simple outil de peinture 2D, et son puissant moteur de brosse ouvre des perspectives intéressantes. Encore en développement, l’outil sera bientôt disponible.

D’ici là, nous vous invitons à découvrir notre interview de l’éditeur Praxinos, qui ne porte pas sur Iliad mais sur le fonctionnement atypique de l’entreprise (une SCOP). N’hésitez pas également à faire un tour dans les commentaires : Praxinos et Les Fées Spéciales (studio lui aussi organisé en SCOP) ont apporté de nombreuses précisions et répondent aux questions posées.

Regardez Unreal Engine – ILIAD (Intelligent Layered Imaging Architecture for Drawing) de UnrealEngine sur

L’article Iliad : le futur outil créatif présenté en détail est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

DJ Fundamentals: Using Reverb To Make A DJ Mix Sing

Par Ean Golden

Ean returns with yet another video in his series on YouTube that’s focused on the fundamentals of DJ effects. This time, he’s focused in on reverb effects, and how – if used properly – they can make magic happen in your DJ mixes. Watch the video below to learn how reverb works in DJ software, […]

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